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Just in Time for Summer: Ku Cha House of Tea Introduces New Iced Tea, Kombucha Flavors & Outlets


Ku Cha House or Tea is the leading importer of traditional, whole-leaf artisan teas in the Rocky Mountain West.

Sakura Cherry kombucha tantalizes with flavors of cherry and premium Japanese green tea.

Sakura Cherry kombucha tantalizes with flavors of cherry and premium Japanese green tea.

New ready-to-drink teas and kombuchas crafted from artisan whole-leaf teas offer Front Range and online consumers true beverage artisanship

People responded with immense enthusiasm to our initial line of premium iced teas & kombuchas. As we move into new markets, we now offer fresh flavors. We anticipate growing our line across 2021.”

— Rong Pan, co-founder, Ku Cha House of Tea

BOULDER, CO, UNITED STATES, May 13, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ -- The backyard cookout. The long-awaited family reunion in a city park, after more than a year of COVID. The perfect accompaniment to sushi and ramen, pizza and hot dogs, deviled eggs and grilled steaks and fried chicken.

Iced tea and kombucha complement most foods. Savoring styles of the beverages crafted from artisan, whole-leaf teas, however, has not been an option, unless they were homemade.

No more. As demand for Ku Cha House of Tea’s premium iced teas and kombuchas has spiked, the Colorado tea importer and retailer has broadened its line of beverages and expanded into fresh markets, including Mondo Market in Aurora’s excellent Stanley Marketplace and Denver Milk Market, an outstanding food hall in downtown Denver.

“Commercial iced teas are almost uniformly poor in quality. While artisanship does figure into the work of some kombucha brands, few turn to high-quality, whole-leaf tea for their fermentation foundation,” says Ku Cha co-founder Rong Pan. “People responded with immense enthusiasm to our initial line of premium, ready-to-drink iced teas and kombuchas. As we move into new markets and reach increasingly more consumers, we now offer fresh flavors. We anticipate growing our line across 2021.”

Today, Ku Cha announces Sakura Cherry to its existing line of iced teas crafted from Golden Monkey, Summer Tranquility and Jasmine Oolong whole-leaf teas. On the kombucha front, Ku Cha adds Lemon Blossom and Sakura Cherry beverages. Previously, Ku Cha only offered Jasmine kombucha.

Cherry is such a wonderful and versatile flavor. It pairs majestically with many savory dishes, and rarely overpowers. Instead, it complements whatever it butts up against. Almond and cherry flavors, for example, are classic in baking.

The tea is a blend of superb Japanese green teas, which stand apart from Chinese green teas for their more herbal and grassy profiles. To this Ku Cha adds cherry blossoms and dried pieces of fruit. This ready-to-drink iced tea complements a wide range of dishes. In addition, it is thirst-quenching and extremely satisfying on its own.

People love kombucha for its health-promoting properties, its bracing tang, and the way in which it so deeply satisfies thirst and even hunger.

Ku Cha’s whole-leaf lemon blossom tea is based on a Chinese oolong that is blended with lemon, heather flowers and red cornflower blossoms. The tea provides the backbone. The lemon lashes the tea with bright flavors. And the flowers infuses it with subtle floral perfumes and flavors. It is a unique and beautiful kombucha.

As Ku Cha played with different teas for kombucha, some were duds, others just adequate. Whole-leaf sakura cherry kombucha immediately stood apart. This tea ferments into an arresting kombucha, shot through with cherry flavors and green tea’s herbal qualities.

“Passion for our beverages among chefs, market buyers and consumers compels us to continue experimenting with the nearly 250 varieties of premium, whole-leaf tea that we import from Asia and around the world,” says Qin Liu, Ku Ch co-founder. “As we enter the summer of 2021, which holds so much promise for gatherings and just having fun (finally), we are thrilled to introduce new flavors and markets for our teas.”

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