Campari Group Launches Rare Super-premium Division

The Campari Group has created a new Rare Division to will focus on Campari Group’s super-premium and above offering.  The New York-based incubator division will be led by Julka Villa, who will retain her role as global strategic marketing spirits managing director, and will operate distinct from Campari America under the direct aegis of the Group CMO. 

Rare aims to unlock and accelerate the growth potential  of a select range of super-premium and above brands and individual expressions in the U.S. market, by creating a bespoke business and brand building model. The division will pilot across an ensemble of brands including Champagne, Cognac, rum, bourbon, single malt Scotch and white spirits. Rare will kick-off in June with the relaunch of the Cognac brand Bisquit & Dubouché, and later in the year, the group’s first French Champagne acquisition, Lallier fine Champagne.

The program will launch in the U.S. beginning with a select number of states where the premium plus and super-premium business is concentrated. In the first year, the Rare division will concentrate on California, Texas, and Florida to develop a specific company approach on brand equity building and route-to-market for other markets to adopt and implement in the future. 

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Original author: Melissa Dowling
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