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WiV Technology brings fine wine trading to the Arkane Network

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WiV Technology

WiV Technology brings fine wine trading to Arkane Network's 200,000 users, investigates the potential of the metaverse to help vineyards with pandemic recovery.

Arkane’s tools make it simple for people to trade wine on the blockchain... Their metaverse development is also very interesting, because we believe that it’s a perfect fit for tokenised fine wine.”

— Håkon Harberg, co-founder of WiV Technology

OSLO, NORWAY, May 13, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ -- WiV Technology, a blockchain-based trading platform for unique assets, has added the Arkane Network to the growing list of marketplaces where people can access tokenised fine wine. The addition of Arkane’s capabilities to the WiV platform makes it simple for wine collectors to create wallets and access a marketplace of 200,000 other Arkane wallet users globally, even if they have no prior experience of the blockchain or the crypto sector.

WiV offers a fast-going platform for tokenised fine wine. Bottles or cases of wine are allocated an exclusive non-fungible token (NFT) which can then be traded at a growing number of blockchain enabled marketplaces. The physical wine is stored at professionally managed wine cellars globally, protecting the investment, while the use of the blockchain-based NFTs makes wine trading quicker, cheaper and more transparent. As a result, WiV is an attractive entry point to the wine sector which has traditionally had high barriers to entry but consistently out-performed many other asset classes.

Arkane has been developed as a bridge between the complex world of blockchain and the everyday user. It offers wallet solutions, NFT management and an NFT market and aims to simplify the development of blockchain-related products and services.

“Joining the Arkane Network is a natural development of our multichain strategy,” observes Håkon Harberg, co-founder of WiV Technology. “Arkane’s tools make it simple for people to trade wine on the blockchain even if they haven’t been involved in the crypto sector before. Their metaverse development is also very interesting, because we believe that it’s a perfect fit for tokenised fine wine. With the metaverse, you can have a virtual cellar full of fine wines represented by unique NFT art even if you don’t have space for a wine cellar in the real world. We’ve also found that the team behind Arkane has a superb vision for the future and their blockchain-agnostic approach dovetails neatly with how we are developing the WiV platform.”

WiV’s first drops on the Arkane Network offer a beautiful representation of the world of modern wines, with a rare kvevri wine from Georgia, a lovely certified organic Spanish red, and a superb Pinot Noir from Argentina.

You can find more details about the wines here.

About WiV Technology
WiV Technology is a blockchain-based unique asset technology designed for wine producers and merchants. With offices in London, Oslo and Singapore, the WiV blockchain technology issues non-fungible tokens to create a secure global asset register and decentralised financial marketplace for fine wine and spirits. WiV facilitates provenance record-keeping, trading liquidity, geolocation and market assurance. For further information, go to www.wiv.io

About Arkane Network
The Arkane Network was founded in 2018 to solve the complexity of blockchain technology and make it ready for mainstream adoption. Arkane’s digital wallet and NFT services help Rest-API developers create blockchain-based products and popular blockchain games. It recently celebrated its 200,000th wallet. For further information go to arkane.market

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WiV Technology
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