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San Francisco World Spirits Competition Recognizes Our Liquid Gold! – Whisky News

Awards are always appreciated!

We are so pleased to announce the 2021 winners of this prestigious competition from our portfolio.  Some you may know well, while others may be new friends… all of them are delicious experiences!

SFWSC medal winners range from some of the most renowned international distillers to small-batch producers. Not only is an SFWSC medal a testament to your hard work, it’s a universally recognized indicator of exceptional quality and craftsmanship.

Awarded to the entries that receive a Gold medal rating by all members of the judging panel; these are among the finest products in the world.

Exceptional spirits that are near the pinnacle of achievement; these products set the standard for their categories.


MacNair’s Mastered the Double Gold Medals

Ne’er happier than when exploring the globe or the spirit from the golden still, Harvey MacNair was – in the parlance of his native Glasgow – a man or ‘lad o’pairts’: a true Victorian entrepreneur. A trader, thereby a traveler, an inventor of all sorts of mechanical contraptions, his genius lay in the blending of fine whiskies. He loved and championed the natural, unadulterated color of whisky. “Pure gold’ he said with a wink.

Today’s Lum Reek is the creation of Master Blender Billy Walker, raising his hat to the top hatted Victorian. It’s a peated malt, marrying Islay & Speyside whiskies with rich GlenAllachie, to extend the flavour profile. Lum Reek is matured in GlenAllachie’s warehouses, bottled at 46% (and above) and unchilfiltered, allowing its natural colour to shine like those golden autumns Harvey MacNair enjoyed decked out in his waders.

‘Lang may yer lum reek’, literally meaning ‘long may your chimney smoke’, is a traditional Scots way to wish someone a long and healthy life.

Introducing the first age range statement from MacNair’s, the Lum Reek 12 years old, bottled at 46% ABV, reflects Billy Walker’s vast experience as a blender, his creative skills and his expert knowledge of wood management. A combination of whiskies from first fill Bourbon, Red Wine and Pedro Ximenez casks were blended together to produce this smoky malt.

COLOR: Copper Bronze.
NOSE: Sweet peat reek combining with butterscotch and mocha.
TASTE: Lashings of rich peat reek with mature heather notes, bog myrtle, butterscotch, toffee and sweet spices.

A blend of some of the finest Islay and Speyside peated malts combined with richer, older GlenAllachie, the Lum Reek 21 years old, voted Worlds Best Blended Malt 2020, was aged in Oloroso, Virgin Oak and Red Wine casks. Non chill filtered, natural colour and bottled at 48% ABV, Billy Walker has recreated the peated whiskies of 100 years ago for the modern-day palate.

COLOR: Butterscotch.
NOSE: Aristocratic peat smoke with dark chocolate and fudge.
TASTE: Tobacco, leather, cedar wood and waves of peat reek with oodles of cocoa, vanilla, honey and spices.

M&H Shocked the Judges with a Vision of Things to Come

While this exciting Double Gold Winner is not available in the US, it is a true testament of the quality that M&H Distillery delivers.  This expression is a reflection of the difference that maturation at the Dead Sea can make in the hot climate of Tel Aviv, Israel and is a truly unique and special whisky.

To learn more about the M&H Apex Expression that are available here in the US you can visit our Bottle Images and More here.

For other M&H Expressions and content you can view our product page here.

Kurayoshi Crushed It

Kurayoshi 18yr Malt Whisky – 50% abv, 750ml – A deep and rich fragrance of the highest quality makes you feel the long-term maturation of over 18 years. The complex and deep flavor profile joins the sweet taste of honey mixed with smoke and spice, a mellow sweetness of vanilla, and a refreshing touch of mint. It is a drink that can satisfy the best whiskey enthusiasts.

It was so exciting to see Kurayoshi be so well received by the judges this year earning them these medals:

Gold – Kurayoshi Pure Malt
Gold – Kurayoshi Sherry Cask
Gold – Kurayoshi 8 yr
Gold – Kurayoshi 12 yr
Double Gold – Kurayoshi 18 yr

For more information on these and other expressions from Kurayoshi, you can visit our product page here.

Meet Matsui Umetsu

Matsui Umeshu Whisky

The Matsui Whisky based Umeshu Plum Liqueurs have been meticulously produced at the Kurayoshi Distillery using Japanese plums and water from Mount Daisen to make for a mellow, delicious liqueur.

Umeshu Whisky 700 ml, 14% alc.

The refreshing sweetness of Umeshu is made from the finest Japanese plums and is combined with perfectly balanced, Matsui Whisky made from the underground mineral water of Mount Daisen is added.

Rich and refreshing with a luxurious and lingering aftertaste, Japanese plum liqueur can be enjoyed with ice or soda water.

Tottori is the line of sourced blended whiskies brought together by the Kurayoshi distillery in Tottori, Japan. Kurayoshi is known for its fresh spring water which is best-suited for producing whisky. The name “Kurayoshi” in Japanese was originated from the phrase “Kurashiyoshi”, which is translated to “Good Living” in English.

This whisky is characterized by mellow sweetness and aroma. The mouth feel is refreshing with a faint fruity sweetness and an ornate finish. The finish is soft and lasting. Perfect for any style of drink, on the rocks, High Ball, and soon.

Thank you all so much!  We will be in touch as the year drinks on �ƒ

If you have any questions or would like any additional information, please don’t hesitate to email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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