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Introduction to Valhalla Legend - Warrior Grade Products for the Modern Day Viking - Beard and Skin Care

Valhalla Legend - Viking Beard and Skin Care - Raven in flight behind a beard balm and beard oil. Landscape behind the raven is a norse landscape with viking ship.

Valhalla Legend - Viking Beard and Skin Care

Providing Premium Viking-Inspired Warrior Grade Products to the Modern Day Viking.

ONTARIO, CANADA, May 22, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Valhalla Legend officially opened its doors in 2015, when a U.S. Veteran debuted the company. In 2020, amid the coronavirus pandemic, new owners acquired the company and have been working to share Valhalla Legend’s Warrior Grade products from men's beard oils, beard balms, beard butters to the newValkyrie Editionline for Women containing body oils and body butters.

“We are providing warrior grade products for the Modern Day Viking,” said the team at Valhalla Legend. “Live the legend and follow the Raven Code!”

In today's world a Warrior is described as a person who is very strong and doesn't give up easily. Long ago, the Vikings were known and famous for being fierce warriors. They would set sail from their homes and raid other societies across Europe with sudden and daring attacks. To a Viking warrior, honor and glory in battle were the only things that lasted forever. Warriors who died bravely were believed to go to Valhalla, the Viking heaven.

"We embrace that mindset of being a warrior and will Live for the honour and glory of providing Warrior Grade items to you!"

The Three Triangles in the logo represent the valknut which basically means slain warriors – the heart of Valhalla. Warriors who died bravely were believed to go to Valhalla, the Viking heaven. This belief made them fearless opponents. Just like the products themselves...Be fearless, be adventurous, Live the Legend, be a Warrior!

The mission at the very core of Valhalla Legend is to create legendary quality products that help people embrace the warrior in them. In the beginning, Valhalla Legend drew popularity for its flagship collection of exceptional men’s products. These include beard oil in eight varieties including Loki’s Havoc and Thor’s Hammer, beard balms, beard butters, hair care, shaving products, and more. Valhalla Legend decided to carry this unique and strong philosophy into even more products for more people and recently debuted their Valkyrie Edition for women. This collection emphasizes the “Beauty of a Goddess, Strength of a Warrior” and includes items such as a selection of body oils and body butter balms.

Valhalla Legend’s team has worked diligently to continue to grow this brand in tandem with its original mission, and they are proud to spread this culture with beardsmen and now women through the Valkyrie Edition.

Individuals can go online to place their orders, and Valhalla Legend also offers an ambassador program and wholesale opportunities. All customers receive legendary customer care, and orders over $49 in the USA receive free shipping.

James Comber
Valhalla Legend
+1 705-245-8811
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