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Bread & Butter Prosecco

Bread & Butter Wines has announced its latest release, Bread & Butter Prosecco.

This is the first sparkling wine from the brand.

Bread & Butter Prosecco is an Italian DOC Prosecco. It is available now nationwide with a suggested retail price of $15.99 per 750-ml. bottle.

Bread & Butter Winemaker Linda Trotta worked with a 90-year-old, family-owned winery located in Fossalta di Piave near Venice, Italy, to craft this D.O.C. Extra Dry Prosecco, the company says. The result is notes of floral and ripe fruit, bright acidity and a complement of creamy mouthfeel and layers of soft bubbles, the company says.

Bread & Butter Prosecco is topped with gold foil and has a black and gold label.

“This is one of the few Proseccos you can enjoy unadulterated; orange juice just isn’t necessary,” says Jeff Ngo, SVP of Marketing for Bread & Butter Wines. “Prosecco continues to be at the forefront of the sparkling wine boom in the U.S. Any new entry to the field must deliver style and quality, or as we say, ‘unsubtle notes of delicious’. Our Bread & Butter Prosecco has a persistence on the palate that makes it remarkable.”

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Original author: Kyle Swartz
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