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How to Store Drawings and Plans

Making sure your drawings and plans are preserved can be a hassle. Whether you are a painter, an architect or you deal with industrial types of plans, it is a good idea to consider how to store your drawings and plans so they do not get damaged and remain in optimal condition. Here is our guide to storage for drawings and plans.

Flat print storage

If you prefer, however, to keep everything flat, there are storage options to suit. Here are some flat storage options:

  • Drawing plan wall racks – space saving, they are vertical, easy and safe to use. Great for organising your work, you can add clips to your wall rack to store as many items as you need. These are a great option where you need to store your drawings flat but have limited space.
  • Storage carts – work the same way as the wall racks. However, they come on a mobile cart with wheels giving you more flexibility about where to keep your items.
  • Flat print racks and cabinets – you can also invest in a tall rack with shelves to store your prints flat or a cabinet with drawers.

Rolled blueprint storage

Rolled blueprint storage options are Ideal for large drawings that need to be kept safe. Rolling storage has compartments so each drawing, blueprint or plan can be safely stored without getting wrinkles and creases. Here are a few roller storage options:

  • Adjustable roller storage – ideal for the painter or planner working with different sized sheets. Usually made from flexible steel, adjustable cabinets store flat canvas or paper alongside your rolled ones. They can come with or without doors. If needed you can also find ones with door locks to keep your blueprints or plans safely.
  • Wood laminate counter cabinets – contain cubbies for your rolled up parchment. Their top can be used to view rolled out plans and blueprints. The wood counter cabinet is designed to fit under a desk or workbench, which gives it a built- in look. It keeps office spaces empty of clutter.
  • Flexible steel rolled counter cabinets – made from steel, these cabinets combine the best parts of adjustable roller storage and wood laminate counter cabinets. They have adjustable spaces for your blueprints, maps and plans. Their top can be used to stack flat pages or unfurl rolled ones when you want to look at them.
  • Rolled plan shelving – these cabinets/ shelves are perfect to store a mix of rolled and flat work. Their top part consists of cubbies for rolled up items and the bottom half has shelves to store flat sheets.

Storing tips

  • Keep plans and artwork away from direct sunlight. UV light can cause fading and make paper/canvas more fragile.
  • Keep in a cool and dry place. Water, and humidity can cause drying colours to bleed together and make paper/canvas more fragile.
  • Avoid storing on the floor where work can get damaged, dusty and dirty.
  • Always handle with clean hands. Oil and grease from dirty hands can damage the paper and cause smudging.


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