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Best Coffee In Australia

There are many secrets to a good coffee. Ensuring that the beans are roasted correctly, the coarseness of which they are ground to, and ensuring the water is at the correct temperature. To differentiate from chains, local shops buy wholesale coffee from reputable suppliers who provide high-quality well-sourced beans. This makes all the difference to the taste of the espresso you have in your morning espresso.

Baristas in Australia know better than most that espresso needs to be prepared correctly for it to be enjoyed straight. With the high-quality espresso available, many Australians do not have additives such as sweeteners, syrups, or milk in their espresso. If they do though, it is typical in smaller quantities. Drinks such as the flat white were created in Australia to help select the perfect milk to espresso ratio, with the goal of not overpowering the espresso in the drink. This is why there are so few chain coffee shops in the country.

The coffee produced in Australia is typically a medium or dark roast, while for many in North America and Europe this may mean a more bitter drink, it is actually the opposite for Australians. As baristas have perfected the process the medium roast coffee is actually lighter than the typical American filter coffee.

However, not all coffee in Australia is locally grown. Australia imports massive amounts of green coffee beans every year. Local shops will then roast these beans and create their own blends for your morning espresso. This process allows many smaller cafes and shops to tailor the taste of the coffee and provide a unique experience for their customer.

Below are some of the top Australian coffee shops:

Sensory Lab

Sensory Lab is a coffee shop based in Melbourne with a large following. They have a variety of espressos to try from all over the world with unique and interesting blends.

Blacklist Coffee Roasters

Blacklist coffee gives its customers a unique experience. Much like a wine tasting, Blacklist coffee roasters provide their customers with espresso tastings. Their unique concept store allows its guests to try different blends and methods of coffee to select their favorite. It is a must-try for any coffee aficionado.

Brother Baba Budan

What makes Brother Baba Budan special is that the store has special blends of espresso designed to accompany milk-based beverages. They openly publish the prices they pay their producers in an effort to be transparent. With their strong values and great drinks, it’s no wonder that they have been considered one of the best coffee shops in Australia.

Gumption by Coffee Alchemy

Coffee Alchemy is a local shop and roaster providing fair trade coffee in Sydney. They serve different blends and basic espresso drinks, but that doesn’t mean the quality isn’t outstanding and worth a trip.

The Cupping Room

Another concept store, the cupping room is a great place to try unique blends of coffee crafted for your taste. On their menu, they describe each blend and its origin allowing you to pick your perfect espresso-based drink. Enjoy it on its own or alongside breakfast, but don’t miss out on the handpicked coffees.

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