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10 Simple Lunch Ideas for Healthy Eating


For most people, lunch is the most challenging meal prep job. We can easily make overnight oats or baked muffins for breakfast the next day. These recipes help save time in the kitchen on busy weekdays when you only have time to heat up dinner. But lunch? What is that? Meetings and deadlines are often obstacles to sitting down to lunch, so we eat lunch instead. The key to brown bagging is to use simple, low-irritant ingredients so the habit sticks. These delicious soups, sandwiches, and salads are so easy to make and full of flavor you'll be looking forward to enjoying. From pesto pasta to buffalo tempeh rolls, these tabletop snacks are creative, delicious, and super quick to make.

First easy and healthy lunch idea is kale walnut pesto pasta with blistered tomatoes

If you have 20 minutes at home, the best option is pasta for lunch! To make a delicious kale walnut pesto, simply combine some kale leaves, fresh basil, walnuts, grated Parmesan, garlic, and olive oil in a food processor. Roasted grape tomatoes add a sweet smoky flavor to delicious pasta.

Second is Asian noodle bowl with ginger peanut dressing

This recipe is so quick you don't even have to cook the sauce. Peanut butter has an umami flavor that ranges from salty soy sauce to sweet peanut butter and spicy ginger. Rice noodles add rich flavor to the green onions, carrots, and tofu.

Best combo: cucumber avocado sandwich

Swap your cucumber and cream cheese sauce for these avocado and goat cheese piles. Garlic powder, smoked paprika, basil, and oregano enhance the goat cheese's smooth, buttery flavor. Plus, a chunk of chèvre is half the fat of a tub of full-fat cream cheese.

Healthy option is vegetarian spring rolls

Takeout has nothing to do with these colorful vegan spring rolls. These vegetarian spring rolls are a lifesaver from one session to the next. Crispy carrots, cucumbers, bean sprouts and lettuce nestle perfectly in the thin rice paper. Sprinkle with mashed nori flakes and sesame seeds for extra fiber and flavor. Do you need something to recover from your lunch break? Mustard garlic soy sauce will do just fine.

Delicious and healthy one pot tomato lentil pasta

You'll love the fiber and protein of lentil pasta, minus the bloating you get from regular high-carb pasta. This recipe not only saves cooking time, but also dishwashing time. Just add all the ingredients—lentil pasta, diced tomatoes, vegetable stock, onion, garlic, and fresh basil—to a saucepan, add a pinch of oregano, salt and pepper, and toss.

Vegan option: vegan buffalo tempeh wrap

Cashew Ranch and Buffalo Tempeh keep the recipe vegan. Adding nutritional yeast to ranch sauce can enhance the health benefits of this dish. Keep ingredients as fresh as possible by separating ingredients and assembling packages before eating.

Protein for your day: chicken quinoa bowl

Add this to your list of delicious ways to serve cereal bowls. Quinoa, orange and spinach aren't an obvious combination, but the honey-lime vinaigrette brings them together perfectly. You can save even more time by opting for store-bought roast chicken.

If you like salad, you should try pad thai zoodle salad

We have a type of vegetable noodles (aka "zoodles") and this Thai bowl shows that you can use a spiralizer to make any dish. Not only will you significantly lower your carbs, but you'll also get powerful protein from peanuts, tofu, and eggs to get you through the day.

Chocolate lowers should try cayenne chocolate chili

Chocolate lovers will love the rich Southwestern flavor of this chili dish. You'll feel like you're eating a hot bowl of Mexican cocoa for lunch. This recipe calls for some dark chocolate crust and chiles for a delicious broth. Its earthy yet subtle sweetness enhances paprika, cumin and smoked paprika.

What is chickpea caesar collard wrap?

Vegan Caesar dressing is a huge game changer. This version uses capers instead of anchovies for the same savory flavor. Greek yogurt boosts the protein and cuts the fat, but the freshly grated Parmesan still comes in for a deliciously cheesy blend. Collards provide a healthy alternative to typical tortilla wraps and are an excellent source of vitamin K, which is great for bone health.

You should choose easy and healthy recipes, because it's easy to make and good for your wallet and health. Homemade food is healthier and can be delicious too, you should try these 10 recipes for your work lunches. Together, we can make your diet healthier and more sustainable without making major changes to your habits.Small changes can make a regular diet a little bit healthier. Just remember you don’t need to try to do them all at once. Instead, you may want to add these changes into your life over time.





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