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The Exciting History of Mexican Tequila

The Exciting History of Mexican Tequila

If you travel to Mexico, there's absolutely no way you can scape from tequila. That exiting drink is so included in mexican culture that you will find it even when you are not looking for it. I talked with some local people and asked them what they knew about the history of tequila, and I found myself in front of many different and absurd stories. But the ob2ap3_thumbnail_100539_tequila_1.jpgne that they most repeated was related with the aborigens of the Jalisco region.

So I am writing here for you all that history of tequila because I know there are many people in Drinkedin that loves that beverage! Hope you enjoy!

The history of this delicious drink dates several centuries ago, when Indians of Jalisco had retreated to a cave as a result of a storm. Suddenly, a lightning struck a mezcal, which burned for several hours. When the storm passed, the wind carried a pleasant aroma. One of them took a piece of burnt agave and try it felt sweet. Then he offered to others, who thus discovered the usefulness of the plant.

An indigenous forgot the juice for several days and when he came back to his cave, discovered a new scent that filled the room, and it was from the liquid of the plant. He drinked it and the drink motivated a change in the Indian personality, and then they started to take as a present of the gods.

Among the Aztecs, tequila was consumed only by hierarchs and priests in religious festivals and events. After their arrival, the Spaniards decided to purify drinking distilled and get a stronger product, giving way to call mezcal wine or brandy.

In the seventeenth century, with the introduction of Spanish distillation systems, tequila and mezcal became new sources of wealth, whose production was controlled by the conquerors.

In the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, Spanish encouraged the production of agave and laid the foundations for the development of characteristic product of the area.


Did you like it??

I think the best part is that now we can take advantage of all that social knowledge and have fun drinking tequila in those authentic mexican paradises! Cheers!!

Some parts of the history and one pic I took from Alltournative´s blog

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