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Drinking is not just a past time; it's a passion and art of indulging yourself in alcohol. Ardine loves to book flights and travel to the different parts of Africa; especially in the Rainbow Nation.

South African Nightlife: Bars in Johannesburg

South African Nightlife: Bars in Johannesburg

Johannesburg may have not started smoothly, but this capital of Gauteng is already getting ahead in the past years in terms of population and also in economics. Joburg is the largest metropolitan region in South Africa, and also happens to be the wealthiest city in the country. 

Although there is seriousness in the ambiance of Joburg that tells its tourists that economy is a prominent topic in there, they will be amazed to know that South Africa’s wealthiest city has a lot of extra-curricular activities to offer. Travelers will get to enjoy accommodations from exclusive clubs to the best restos and clubs and dance to the compelling beats thrown by city’s best live bands and DJ’s. 

Here is a list to help you narrow down your choices to some of the best spots to consider when going out at Joburg at night. Go over it and see what may float your boat.

Moyo Market Theatre 

56 Wolhuter St, Johannesburg 2113, South Africa
+27 11 838 1715 ‎ · markettheatre.co.za

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South African Nightlife: Bars in Cape Town

South African Nightlife: Bars in Cape Town

Apart from being the legislative capital of the South Africa, Cape Town is also known as the second most inhabited area second to Johannesburg. It is considered as the top tourist destination in the country, for in addition to the fact that it is included in the Cape Floristic Region, it is also famous for its harbor—Port of Capetown—where many cruise ships moor. 

Cape Town is quintessentially a mixture of different peoples, styles, and theories; you will be surprised with its very alive spirit once you visit this tourist destination. You may enjoy its natural beauty as you stroll along its streets, however, eventually, it will occur to you that it is a perfect place for an enjoyable night life and gimmicks as well. 

To make your itinerary for bar hopping easy, here is a list of places that will give your vacation the boost that you have been looking for. 

1.      The Sand Bar
31 Victoria Road
Camps Bay
021 438 8336

The Sand Bar is your typical go-to place whenever you just want to chill on a hot day—with their grilled calamari, salmon platter, or their steak sandwich. It has a jolly accommodated during the day and implying welcomes party people at night. What also makes this bar land on people’s demand list is its very cool vibe and amiable staff that will never let you leave the place until you have a great time. Its closing due to tough economic conditions this year has saddened the entire Cape Town, but the restaurant next door, which is The Grand, serves its menu every breakfast and lunch. That’s a great manner to resurrect a great restaurant, by the way! Now, every person who has Sand Bar as their favorite place can now meet up in that amazing restaurant! Visit this place, too, if you want to discover the stunning experience everybody is talking about.  

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