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Irish Pubs, Cider and Beer…in Vietnam!

Irish Pubs, Cider and Beer…in Vietnam!

You are probably thinking, "Right, how much has this person had to drink?"

To be honest, all too little as of now, but as the night wears on, rest assured I will correct that problem, and then some.

I have a keen interest in Irish Pubs and in Vietnam. I have been an Irish traditional music performer (on the bodhran and tin whistle) since 1983. I speak a small bit of Vietnamese, thanks to several friends I met in high school, college and at work.

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9 Top Bars in Europe

9 Top Bars in Europe
@ la quinta roof bar
Ibiza Sunset

We all know which is our favourite local pub or bar but where should you head when you go a little further afield? From Paris to Prague, Barcelona to London, here is a selection of some of Europe’s best for those who like to spread their wings every once in a while.

Candelaria, Paris: There are not many cities that can beat Paris and this bar makes going there even more appealing. Quality eats and excellent cocktails all served in a chic yet intimate environment. A great place to while away a Saturday night.

Ruby, Copenhagen: You’ll need a good drink in you if you head this far north in the winter and this would be the best place to do so. A beautiful townhouse converted into a bar on a number of levels, it has set the bar high for the region.

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