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Beer for the Rich and Famous - The Top Five Most Expensive Beer in the World

Beer for the Rich and Famous - The Top Five Most Expensive Beer in the World

As a beer-loving individual, I find it hard not to indulge myself in the finest beers that my money can buy inside a convenience store. However, I don't think I'll be able to spend a thousand dollars or plus on just one particular type or brand of beer. Unfortunately, some beers costs thousands of dollars or even more than that. Perhaps its because these are the type of alcoholic beverage that you won't see anywhere else.

Well, it has to. There's no other rational explanation why these beers are so expensive!

Nevertheless, there are hundreds of beers that are ridiculously priced, but none can match the top five beer that I've included in this article. Whether you like it or not, these highly-priced (and highly prized) drink of the gods will forever haunt my memory. Unless I win the lottery tomorrow and I get a billion dollars, then I'll probably buy one or two.

Yes, that's exactly how most people would want it. Bathing in expensive beer.

5. The Tutankhamun Ale

Let's start off with the least expensive beer. The Tutankhamun Ale costs around $52 per bottle, which is kinda insane because you wouldn't pay that amount for a good old Jack Daniels beer. Brewed inside a Cambridge laboratory, its said that the recipe actually came from Queen Nefertiti's temple in Egypt. Queen Nefertiti was the very first female Pharaoh of Egypt (the second female is the deadly Cleopatra) and her stepson, Tutankhamun, was the basis as to why the formula was called Tutankhamun Ale.

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Beer - Bringing Back the Real Men

Beer - Bringing Back the Real Men

As a woman, I'm known to be very traditional when it comes to dating guys. While most women nowadays drool and worship guys like Edward from the Twilight series (shudder), I like to date with traditional guys. And when I say traditional guys, I like them tall, strong and rugged.

And preferably someone who drinks beer.

Don't get me wrong; I would want my date to smell good and look really neat and all. I just want them to appear like a real man. My ideal image of a traditional man would be someone like James Dean or Roger Moore. A guy who values the importance of hard work, facial hair and treating the ladies right. I'm someone who loves the idea of getting married someday to a gruff, yet dependable and loving man who loves sporting a full beard and mustache  I guess it has something to do with my Dad, who refuses to leave his traditional manly ways just because he sees most of his neighbors adopting what seems to be the age of modern men.

According to dating websites and experts, a lot of women lose interest in a man because of their inability to think and decide for themselves. I blame one simple dating advice that I always see in dating websites and magazines everywhere. The dating advice goes like this:

"Try to be inside the mind of a woman. Be good friends with girls and learn how they choose the winners from the losers. This way, you'll learn their secrets and be able to tune your own self when asking the girl of your dreams out on a date."

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Oktoberfest: The History and Influence of the Biggest Beer-Drinking Festival

Oktoberfest: The History and Influence of the Biggest Beer-Drinking Festival

Yes, I know that it's still far, but a few days from now, it'll be the end of the month of May. You'd be shocked as to how fast time really flies!

I think it's safe to say that even the United States and in other parts of the world, Oktoberfest is now widely accepted as a holiday. Well, it's actually a holiday that a lot of guys would appreciate. Oktoberfest originated in the lovely city of Munich, Germany. Considered as the largest festival in the world, Oktoberfest is held for 16 days every year in Munich and is attended by 5-6 million people every year. I had the chance to attend last year's Oktoberfest and it was indeed one huge fair attended by both men and women alike. Strange actually, since I thought that it's just a holiday in favor of men, since it's usually guys who love beer. I am probably but a few of the girls who love drinking beer, but when I got to visit Munich, I was very much mistaken.

The people who visit Munich for the Oktoberfest are actually there for the beer. I later found out that Oktoberfest has strict rules regarding the beers being served for the festivities. Beers that conform to the Reinheitsgebot are allowed to be served during the festivities. What Reinheitsgebot means is "German Beer Purity Law". It could also be translated as the "Bavarian Purity Law".

Here's a little history lesson.Prince Ludwig of Bavaria, who is later to become King Ludwig I, wanted his people to celebrate his marriage to Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen. The marriage was on October 12, 1810, so Ludwig held a horse race and invited all the residents of Munich. Of course, beer was served as part of the celebration and this beer followed the Bavarian Purity Law. According to the original text, the Bavarian Purity Law only allows water, barley, and hops as ingredients in beer production. Now, the Reinheitsgebot has been replaced by the Provisional German Beer Law. This time, it allowed some of the components that were not allowed within the original law, like yeast, wheat malt and cane sugar. However, unmalted barley is still not allowed.

Alright, so that's enough with the blast from the past. There are only a few breweries allowed to serve beer on Oktoberfest. Asides from that, the beer must also be made in a brewery within Munich. The best brewed beer is proclaimed "Oktoberfest Beer." Here's the top breweries that competed for years.

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Beer: The Ultimate Confidence Booster?

Beer: The Ultimate Confidence Booster?

I'm sure you are all aware of how guys who are obviously timid and shy become loud and brave the moment they're drunk. Without a doubt, most people believe that beer is the ultimate confidence booster. But is this really the absolute truth?

I love beer and I've been drinking the stuff since I was legal enough to start drinking it (don't ask). I have to say that it's during those times when you're intoxicated that makes you do something that you would feel really awkward of doing when your state of mind is working normally. So, based on my experience, it's not exactly confidence, but more like being intoxicated by alcohol that makes guys do something that requires bravery on their part.

However, some experts dare to differ. There is proof that beer does give people the confidence to be winners. One researcher states that people who drink alcohol are most likely to solve difficult problems because of creativity. Jennifer Wiley proves that people with the right amount of alcohol content in their bloodstream are worse at solving memory tasks, but are quite excellent when it comes to creative tasks. It is later explained that the alcohol actually allowed the subjects to use constructive logic rather than linear analysis.

Some of the other great benefits from drinking beer are as follows:

  • Consuming moderate amounts of beer reduces the risk of heart disease by 30%. Of course, the word "moderate" should be a good enough warning for all drunkards out there.

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Beer - Removing Heartaches since Time Immemorial

Beer - Removing Heartaches since Time Immemorial

While I was growing up, I've seen a lot of movies where heartbroken guys or problematic teenage girls grab a bottle of their favorite beer and start gorging up the whole bottle until they got too drunk to even stand up. Fortunately, my parents were kind enough to explain to me that drinking booze does not solve all of life's problems. Or does it?

I guess, without fail, that this is the reason why a lot of people go out to drink their favorite beer after a whole day of work. And it's not just in our time; back in the Medieval days, men from all walks of life would come marching inside the tavern to get into high spirits. Or so they say. And during the Renaissance period, this was the time when broken hearted nobles and peasants would gather and drink all their heartaches away!

I guess it's no different from what is happening today. People are proud to be drinking beer. I know I am; my growing collection of beer shirts can attest to that.

In any case, what is it in beer that makes people feel a bit better the next day? I guess it may have something to do with its relaxing and refreshing taste. Even doctors believe that drinking beer at a moderate pace can help with certain body processes as well as act as an anti-depressant. For those who are not exactly familiar with how beer is made, it is made from a process called brewing. Ingredients like malt, yeast and hops are mixed together and eventually becomes the beverage most guys love. You'll probably have a problem choosing which particular brand of beer you like, since there are lots available in the market. Carlsberg and Budweiser are just a few of the most popular beer brands that are popular in the States.

Moderate alcohol consumption is indeed good for the heart. Literally speaking though, beer consumption is good for the cardiovascular system since it is associated with elevated levels of high-density lipoprotens or HDL. HDL is the healthy part of cholesterol. Beer drinkers also have lower levels of fibrinogen, a protein that is associated with stroke. Beer also lowers insulin and the risk of atherosclerosis, otherwise known as the hardening of your arteries. Therefore, if you want to keep a healthy heart, you may want a couple of cans of beer inside your refrigerator every once in awhile. But keep in mind that although beer is healthy, drinking should be done moderately. I don't think it takes a genius to understand as to what happens when people drink too much beer!

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Medieval Beers and Wines - How is it Made?

Medieval Beers and Wines - How is it Made?

I have always loved the medieval era. It was a time when people enjoyed the simple pleasures in life. It was the time when people didn't have to eat all that processed meat and the vegetables were not filled with pesticides and synthesized fertilizers. In simple words, food was fresh and healthy. Most people either lived as farmers, fishermen, or merchants during this time. Maybe if I was living in the medieval times, I would like to live either as a princess or a part of nobility.

Back in the Medieval times, people raised pigs, sheep, horses, and cattle. Even with the peasants, there's always a few chickens and ducks to raise, since most of these people really have to raise and grow their own food. It's the nobles and the kings who live an easy life. In any case, everyone's rather healthy, provided that there's no famine or plague within their community!

And then you have the nobility. Kings, queens, princes and princesses go about with their everyday duties, always making sure that their land and coin are kept secure. The knights and squires go about with their sacred duties as well, which is defending the royalty and making sure that the kingdom is at peace. When war comes, they brave the front with their swords and shields. I fail to recount the numerous battles that took place in Medieval Europe. The most popular would have to be the Battle of Agincourt. But that's another story.

In any case, after a long day of work, the men would go to their favorite taverns to drink their favorite alcoholic drinks. If there's something that a guy looks forward to after all that farming, hunting, and working, it's a nice glass of ale or beer. Well, even with today, men still love their beer; however, these alcoholic drinks are a far cry compared to those made in the medieval times. Which is sensible, since there were no automatic brewing machines back then. Everything had to be made by hand or with the help of very simple tools made from iron and steel.

So, how did the people from the medieval ages prepare and make their alcoholic drinks? It actually depends on what kind of drink you're looking for. Most of the common alcoholic drinks at that time were beer, ale, mead, and cider. It's interesting to note that the taverns of the Medieval ages actually did not buy beer or ale from someone, but rather, the back room of the tavern is where the wine, beer, and ale are made. During the Roman era, the real beer was made from barley but as time passed, all other types of grain was acceptable. It wasn't until the 16th century where the seed of hops coming from oats and barley were used.

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The Traveling Beer - Choosing the Right Alcoholic Beverage When Traveling Abroad

The Traveling Beer - Choosing the Right Alcoholic Beverage When Traveling Abroad

My love for beer is eternal. Yes, it's no joke. Whether I'm relaxing inside my house or going out with my friends for a night out, I always make it a point to order a nice, cold glass of beer. While I can easily buy a can of Budweiser or a nice bottle of Jack Daniels from a local convenience store, it's a whole different story when I'm traveling to another country. Of course, I can still get my favorite drinks from the supermarket, but when I think about it, I might as well try the best that international liquor has to offer.

Germany - Well, let's start with Europe. It's always been my favorite continent, since Germany's there. Germany boasts of certain beers that were made centuries ago. Besides, German beers have quite a unique taste in them. It's probably because breweries follow a very strict rule about the ingredients used for brewing. Some of the best German beers I enjoy so far are Bitburger and Warsteiner. However, Bitburger is the only one that's gotten me hooked on German Beer.

Bitburger has three unique variations, which is called beer mixes. My choice would have to "Bit Sun", which has low on calories.

And who can forget about Oktoberfest? I always make it a point to visit Germany during this occasion. Asides from beer, I also love buying beer shirt a day and Oktoberfest is the perfect time to buy them cheap! It's a drink-till-you drop marathon for me and my friends (along with a few friendly Germans, of course!

Japan - I've been to Japan three times already and it's a Wonderland for beer aficionados. Yes, I've already tasted sake, but you're dead wrong if you think that Japan doesn't have it's own brand of beer. Asahi Beer is one of the most popular beer brands in the Land of the Rising Sun. There's Suntory Beer as well as Hop Aka; these are just a few of the many beer brands available there. One particular Asahi beer, which is the Asahi Funwari, costs around 140 yen. With an alcohol content of 2-3%, it's something I don't mind drinking when walking around Tokyo.

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Beer - The Next Alternative Fuel?

Beer  - The Next Alternative Fuel?

First we've heard of water and chocolates turned into automotive fuel. Now its beer. Yep, you're not hearing or seeing things. Beer, that sweet nectar of the gods, is now being considered as a potent candidate as an alternative vehicle fuel. I can actually start imagining myself pouring my dad's favorite beer into my car whenever I need to go out with my friends and he won't give me some cash for fuel!

Does this mean that you can now buy beer and use them as cheap fuel? I don't think so. The technology is still limited and it is still being studied. Also, the engines used by most vehicles is still geared towards petroleum, so further studies must be undertaken before beer can be used as alternate fuel.

However, beer fuel is now being used a source for alternative energy. In Europe, beer waste have become such a problem, considering that there are 15 breweries per square meter. The leftover grains coming from the beer making process is what most people would call as beer waste. Back then, these grains were sold to farmers for their livestock and can also be used as fertilizer. However, because of the dwindling business of cattle breeding and strict EU laws about fertilizer materials, the leftover grains accumulate inside breweries.

However, these beer wastes is now being looked at as a valuable commodity, since a joint study by researchers in Poland and Germany have demonstrated that the beer grains can be successfully used as alternate fuel. A man named Wolfgang Bengel, Technical Director of German biomass company BMP Biomasse Projekt. He saw a potential business opportunity with the leftover grains coming from the breweries in Germany and was encouraged to try out the experiment after hearing that rice and sugar cane residues have been used as sources of alternate energy in China and Thailand. Once treated with atmospheric fluidized bed combustion systems inside a broiler, the beer wastes does produce cheap electricity!

He did try it out in Asia and Bengel succeeded in this endeavor. Beer making is an energy intensive activity. The process of boiling the grains with hot water and steam, then cooling down the brew with electric energy uses a lot of power. So if you recovered more than 50 % of your own energy costs, then that's a big help for Mother Nature!

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Brewsters of the Past - Why Women Have All the Reasons to Drink Beer

Brewsters of the Past - Why Women Have All the Reasons to Drink Beer

Nowadays, beer isn't just a guy thing anymore. My friends and I have started getting into the habit of drinking beer every once in awhile after hearing from a doctor-friend that the stuff's supposedly good for you. While it's just fruit beer that we're drinking, it's just the same thing that guys love. Most girls just can't take the bitter taste.

However, not ALL girls are into drinking beer. Some still hold the age-long tradition of beer as a man's drink. As a kid, I've never seen my mother drink beer and my dad never liked the idea of his daughter drinking beer (fortunately for me, he's in Miami). Even if society is slowly accepting the fact that some women really do love to drink beer, tradition still has a firm grasp on people, especially with women.

Well, for girls who strongly believe that beer is only for men, you may want to take at the list below. This will disapprove any notion that says women can't drink beer!

  • Women were considered the ideal workers for a brewery. In fact, ancient civilizations like the Sumerians and the Egyptians adored women who knew how to brew. The word "brewster" came from the term given to women in charge of the brewery. Is it because of our nurturing nature? Or perhaps women are really meticulous in nature, which is why beer brewed by women are sought at by men in the old days. The Egyptians prepare a special place for the women working for the palace brewery while the Sumerian men find a woman working in a brewery very attractive!

  • The greatest works of literature have mentioned women as the best when it comes to making beer. From William Shakespeare to the Song of Songs from Sumeria, these literary masterpieces have described that beer brewed and prepared by the woman of the house are indeed the best.

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