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Top 5 Bajan Bars in Christ Church, Barbados

Top 5 Bajan Bars in Christ Church, Barbados

Barbados has often been described as a melting pot. Its history has entwined many cultures, including Africa and Britain, and embraced a mix of laid back lifestyles and easy going attitudes. It’s a fabulous island that embraces diversity. And there’s no better place to show this than Friday night in Oistins Town and the neighbourhood of St Lawrence Gap (also known as the Gap). Both areas are located in Christ Church, on the southern coast of the tear drop shaped island. Whether you’re looking for a delicious food and dancing, Reggae rhythms or mellow blues bar, you’ll find the vibes along Christ Church’s vibrant neighbourhoods. Check out the following bars in St. Lawrence Gap:

Party All Night Long at the Gap Bar

The Gap Bar

Music players and music lovers, this is the bar to check out in the Gap. Top acoustic Bajan bands perform every single night of the week. The place is small but has a lot of character with drinks and food served throughout the night. The bar is open 24 hours so it’s perfect for those party animals who plan to dance the night away until the sun rises.

Shuttle Bus On Over to Oistins Fish Fry

Oistins Fishing Complex

Less than ten minute drive away from the Gap is the For most of the week, Oistins is a peaceful fishing village, but on a Friday night that all changes and the sleepy Oistins residents wake up and get ready to join visitors for the Friday Fish Fry night – a weekly street party with singing, dancing and of course food. Fishermen sell their daily catch to street vendors who in turn cook the fish for thousands of Friday night diners, drinkers and dancers. A lot of resorts relish the chance to take their guests to this special weekly gathering and offer a shuttle bus service.

Make Yours a Margarita at Café Sol

Café Sol

This energetic open-air Mexican bar serves the best margaritas on the whole of the island. What makes them so special? The bartender rubs the margarita glasses with Bajan sugar instead of salt. It’s a great rest stop before or after dinner. It attracts a pleasant and social crowd. On site is a local restaurant for those who feel peckish. Open from early evening to midnight it’s a great bar to chill and watch the sunset.

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5 Rooftop Bars in Bangkok

5 Rooftop Bars in Bangkok

If you’re looking for the perfect place to chill out, away from the overwhelming chaos and crowded streets of Bangkok then you’re in luck! This is a city offering an abundance of cool and exciting rooftop bars. Whether you visit in the daytime or hit just as the sun sets, there’s a bar for every budget, giving you the chance to look down over the bustling city with a cold beverage in hand – what more do you need?

Sky Bar at Sirocco

The Dome at Sate Tower 1055 Silom Road, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500

For the utmost in luxury, no night out in Bangkok is complete without enjoying a few cocktails at Sirocco. Perched 64 floors above the busy streets at the top of The Dome at Sate Tower, this rooftop bar boasts an impressive 360° view over the city. With an outdoor staircase, an open-air deck and live jazz floating through the air, this certainly is an unbeatably picturesque slice of luxury.

The Long Table

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5 Budget Bars in San Francisco

5 Budget Bars in San Francisco

If you look hard enough, you can escape the high living costs of San Francisco and ditch the places with prices which make your wallet ache in agony. There are hidden gems in the area which offer great deals on drink specials during happy hours. Here are a few bars in the city where you can booze up without digging deep into your savings. By Sohaib S.


Because of its location to the Financial District and Union Square, Dave’s pulls in businessmen who want to let out some stress during happy hours, local hipsters, wandering tourists and regulars. The venue is a single-room yet cozy, but is a sports bar at heart. The walls are lined with local team pride and flat-screen TV’s to enjoy the games. A Giants game while drinking a cheap beer and munching on affordable nachos or hotdogs makes a great night.

If you’re feeling extra generous, you can open a tab to give your friends a pleasant surprise—put their names on the board right behind the bar. When they arrive, they will be greeted with a frothy glass ready for the night ahead.

Barracuda Sushi

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