Have a Night Out at Home!

Have a Night Out at Home!

If you're anything like me, you'll be most in your element when sat in a classy, trendy bar with super-cool bartenders brimming over with knowledge, and a cocktail list enticing you with every ingredient. I love to while away the hours absorbing their knowledge and pinching any tips and ideas that they'll share. However, the problem arises when reality sinks in that my career sadly doesn't support the lavish lifestyle that my heart and tastebuds crave! Like any normal woman, I refuse to fight my cravings; what my body wants, it must definitely need, and so that's when I began starting my Night Out, In soirees!

A night in doesn't have to consist of beer, wines, and the odd spirit and mixer, nor does it need to break the bank! My advice is to pick three drink recipes (I added a little shot to this night in), try to use a base spirit that is already in the house, or one you can use across the three drinks, and then all you need to buy are the extra flavours to mix up a storm! Your guests will be amazed by your efforts, there won't be any wine or beer to make them sluggish and sleepy, and you'll be booking your next Night Out, In before you know it!

Some of you may be lucky enough to live in the US where flavoured spirits are, as readily available as fish and chips are to England. Unfortunately, I live in the UK, and flavours are few and far between in comparison. After seeing some cocktails on DrinkedIn which included Birthday Cake Vodka, I was desperate not to miss out, and so began infusing my own rum and vodka concoctions.

I started out with just a small test sample.......hah! Yeah, right! I created nine different infusions from sweet candy flavours such as Drumsticks and Toasted Marshmallow, to natural fruit infusions including Vanilla and Blueberries. I am still getting through each of these infusions and slowly adding the drink recipes to my blog (https://infusapalooza.blogspot.com), but here's how our first Night Out, In  went......

First of all, we got the party started in style with some shooters! I graduated over 5yrs ago now, so shots of any form have to be tasty enough to hold my attention, but I still want to stand up at the end of it (Oh, how I've matured!).

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