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2021 Craft Beer Marketing Awards’ “Crushie” Winners Announced


Craft Beer Marketing Awards 2021

Craft Beer Marketing Awards 2021 "Crushies"

Craft Beer Marketing Awards Region Map 2021

Breweries, Designers and Agencies from Around the Globe Recognized in first-of-its-kind global awards program

We were so impressed by the sheer creativity, innovation, and caliber of marketing displayed in entries from around the world in every category”

— CBMAs Co-Founder Jim McCune

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Kendall Jenner’s 818 Tequila Gains Distribution through Southern Glazer’s

Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits has signed a national alignment agreement with 818 Tequila, the brand founded by Kendall Jenner.

The main pillars of 818 are to promote environmental sustainability and support community initiatives that give back to the people of Jalisco, the company says, while protecting the land they rely on for their livelihoods. This includes using recycled agave fibers to create building materials to provide housing for local families in need.

“I’m incredibly proud of the product we have created with our team in Mexico and am honored that they have joined us on this journey,” says Jenner. “Their mentorship and support are important as we build 818 into one of the world’s leading tequila brands. That’s why I am so thrilled to work with Southern Glazer’s and their outstanding sales teams to help introduce these tequilas to both off and on-premise customers. I’m excited for more people to be able to try it in the coming months.”

Southern Glazer’s will launch distribution of 818 in Kendall Jenner’s home state of California, and then continue to roll the brand out across the U.S. throughout the summer and in the months to come.

The 818 portfolio includes three variations, with company-provided tasting notes:

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Heaven’s Door Releases The Master Blenders’ Edition, Finished in Redbreast

Heaven’s Door Whiskey, the brand owned by Bob Dylan, has unveiled a limited-edition 10-year-old bourbon finished in Redbreast Irish whiskey casks.

This first-ever collaboration for both brands was the idea of master blenders Ryan Perry of Heaven’s Door and Billy Leighton of Redbreast Irish Whiskey. Hence, the release’s apt name: The Master Blenders’ Edition.

The Master Blenders’ Edition features Heaven’s Door 10-year straight bourbon finished in Redbreast’s signature single pot still casks for 15 months, extracting flavor from single pot Irish whiskey and former Spanish sherry.

The end result is a taste profile with prominent notes of nuts, spice and leather, the company reports, as well as the influence of sherry, citrus, dark fruit and a subtle sweetness of Yellow Man from the Redbreast casks.

The Master Blenders’ Edition comes in Heaven’s Door’s signature bottle, featuring a new gate design created by Dylan in his Black Buffalo Ironworks studio, as well as Redbreast’s iconic Robin.

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Canadian Wine Lovers To Go Live for Over 4 Hours on World Chardonnay Day

Carl’s Wine Club Hosts Virtual Chardonnay Marathon

WEST KELOWNA, BC, CANADA, May 21, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Are you ready to kick off the weekend? You can tune in virtually to celebrate World Chardonnay Day starting at 4pm PST on May 21, 2021.

Carl Boucher, founder of Carl’s Wine Club, will be live on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube with over 25 Canadian chardonnays. The virtual event aimed at wine lovers across Canada and around the world can only be considered a marathon: over 4 hours of live wine reviews. He will be joined by winemakers, winery owners, and wine influencers from across Canada throughout the evening. The live event will include fun prizes for participants such as wine accessories and wine glasses that will be drawn at random throughout the evening.

“Canadian chardonnay is at a world-class level, and we can’t wait to celebrate this fact on World Chardonnay Day,” says Carl Boucher, Founder and Chief Wine Officer of Carl’s Wine Club.

Wine Lovers Invited to Connect
Anyone can tune in to the virtual event by going to Carl’s Wine Club’s Facebook, Instagram and YouTube channels. Wine lovers are invited to stop by the virtual event to learn more about Canadian chardonnay, represent Canada on World Chardonnay Day, and have a chance to win prizes randomly drawn throughout the evening.

About Carl’s Wine Club
Founded on Canada Day in 2020, Carl’s Wine Club is free to join and features a different Canadian winery each week via social media and e-mail. Members can learn more about each winery and have the option to purchase a tasting pack from that winery. With over 4,000 members across Canada, Carl’s Wine Club is growing quickly and promises to be a game-changer for the Canadian wine industry.

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Budweiser debuts limited-edition patriotic cans to kick off the summer season

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Ardagh Group to invest $195.5 million in Triad beverage can manufacturing plant, add 94 new jobs

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Pacific Highway Wines Reports Healthy FY21 Growth to Date


Mark Giordano, President Pacific Highway Wines

Ten Consecutive Months of Outperforming Goals tributed to Talented Team, Premium Brands, and Innovation

The past fourteen months has shown that Pacific Highway Wines can weather the toughest storms and come out poised and stronger. I’m looking forward to growth and portfolio excitement to come.”

— Mark Giordano

GREENSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA, USA, May 21, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Pacific Highway Wines today announces the tenth consecutive month of total company growth, outperforming both volume and revenue forecasts, from July 2020 through April 2021.

On a company-wide Pacific Highway Wines meeting, President, Mark Giordano, emphasized “If there was ever a year to demonstrate business creativity and talent.…this was it. I’m very proud of this team and our winery partners for our collective success, teamwork and innovative vision.”

Notable brand growth is reported for the company’s largest brand, Giesen from New Zealand, up 32% revenue total brand 52 weeks ending 3.27.21, led by Giesen Estate Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc. Luxury Uruguayan leader, Bodega Garzon, up 78% revenue 52 weeks, has continued its outstanding brand growth led by Tannat Reserve and the Albarino Reserve. Bodegas Faustino growth is being led by their most coveted wines, Gran Reserva I up 30% revenue and Reserva V up 24% revenue, 52 weeks Nielsen 3.27.21. Merryvale Napa Valley Cabernet drives the Merryvale brand growth, up 55% revenue 52 weeks. Santa Ema from Chile continues to show impressive growth with the Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon and the ultra-premium Amplus Cabernet Sauvignon, the latter being up over triple digits.

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Corporate Class Inc. Launches The Centre for Diversity and Inclusion


CCI is committed to furthering diversity and inclusion in the workplace to build a better future for all.

The last few years have demonstrated the heightened need for inclusive leadership, so all voices and marginalized groups are heard and empowered in the workplace...”

— Diane Craig

TORONTO, ON, CANADA, May 21, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Corporate Class Inc. (CCI), founded in 1984, has launched a new division under its brand, the Centre for Diversity and Inclusion (CDI). As the industry experts and thought leaders in the leadership training and coaching space, CCI launched the Centre for Diversity and Inclusion on May 21, 2021, the World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development. This new division will have a more sharpened/targeted focus on Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) training and consulting programs and services for organizations and professionals across levels.

The new division will focus on getting to the root of D&I challenges within organizations and for leaders to help mitigate them in the workspace and create an inclusive environment that enables better performance and employee engagement from a diverse employee workforce. Through effective D&I strategies and implementation, the CDI team will help organizations achieve their overall goals. The CDI team consists of long-term champions for D&I such as Dr. Georgette Zinaty, Practice Lead and Honourable David Onley, Executive in Residence.

Speaking about the launch of the Centre for Diversity and Inclusion, Diane Craig, President & Founder, Corporate Class Inc., said, “The last few years have demonstrated the heightened need for inclusive leadership, so all voices and marginalized groups are heard and empowered in the workplace. We at CCI wanted to help bring diversity and inclusion front and center to conversations about leadership. Having spent over 30 years in the leadership training and coaching space, we knew we had to create more targeted services, led by experts in D&I strategies, as inclusivity plays a critical role in leadership and executive presence.”

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Molson Coors unveils Proof Point Spirited Seltzers in time for summer sipping

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Review: Belfour Special Edition Straight Rye Whiskey

Belfour Special Edition Straight Rye Whiskey

Christopher Null May 21, 2021

Belfour Spirits — founded by hockey player Ed Belfour — has launched a fourth expression of whiskey, a custom version of Belfour Rye which pays homage to the Fighting Sioux, which is the former name of the hockey team of the University of North Dakota. (After a controversy over the name of the team and its logo, the team was renamed the Fighting Hawks in 2015.) Belfour’s Special Edition Rye whiskey features the green team colors and a stylized version of a hawk on the neck. The closure is a special cork that has an inlaid commemorative coin that reads “Ralph Engelstad Arena, Home of the Fighting Sioux,” and has the pre-2015 team logo on it. It’s the first and so far only special edition release from the distillery.

Anyway, say what you will about the team controversy. Meanwhile I’ll be digging into the whiskey itself. I presume it’s made from the same 70% rye, 20% corn, and 10% malted barley by North Carolina-based Southern Distilling; no formal age statement is offered but the distillery says it’s at least 2 years old (which is the requirement to be a straight rye).

Belfour’s spirits tend to be busy, and this one is no exception. The difference, however, should quickly become apparent. The nose is unusual and boldly buttery, with a heavy incense note that really pours on the classic complement of rye spices. The palate is softer than expected, with cereal and spice notes leading the way to a significant sweetness driven by extracted fruit and berry notes. The fruit remains intense for some time until more of that spiced cereal character kicks in, reminding you that you’re drinking rye after all, and not rum. It’s never hot in the slightest despite its oversized abv. Sugar can do that to you, and the finish is so sweet it comes across as a bit saccharine, the fade-out melding the cereal notes to the sugar to approximate a bowl of Frosted Flakes.

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Fun cheers completion of Carlsberg project

Leeds-based creative agency Fun has completed a year-long project for Carlsberg Marton's Brewing Company.

The agency collaborated with Carlsberg Marston's Brewing to create Tetley's No.4, the first premium lager in Tetley's 199-year history.

Initial research, naming and strategic branding all fed into the creation of multi-format packaging, on- and off-trade materials and creative campaign work for the new beer, which Fun designed to have real on-shelf cut through.

Paul Alexander, Fun's creative director, said: "This is the largest project we have done here at Fun Agency and confirms that big global brands see the value and creative expertise in smaller independent agencies such as ours."

Sarah Jarman Alexander, also from Fun, added: "Delivering this project through various lockdowns and restrictions added extra challenges and to finally see the product on shelf is such a great achievement - a proper decent job."

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PepsiCo Beverages North America Becomes Official Partner of FC Cincinnati's New TQL Stadium

"We are proud to partner with FC Cincinnati at TQL Stadium and to be part of the revitalization of the city as Cincinnati continues to grow. The city is important to PepsiCo, home to a manufacturing facility just ten miles from the stadium, and we are excited to expand our presence in the community," said Matthew Gilligan, Sr.Director/General Manager, Ohio Market, PepsiCo Beverages North America, North Division.  

As part of its continued support of the city, PBNA is once again working with Cincinnati's Freestore Foodbank near TQL Stadium and donating 30,000 meals to give back to the local community after a challenging year.

"We're happy to welcome PepsiCo to the stadium for the start of this new season and we look forward to working together to once again unite fans around our matches. This partnership is not only important to the soccer club but to the growth of the surrounding West End community," said Kate Solomon, Vice President, Community Relations and Executive Director, FC Cincinnati Foundation.

As part of the partnership, PBNA will also install branded recycling bins inside the stadium to continue its journey to help build a more sustainable food system.

About PepsiCo
PepsiCo products are enjoyed by consumers more than one billion times a day in more than 200 countries and territories around the world. PepsiCo generated more than $70 billion in net revenue in 2020, driven by a complementary food and beverage portfolio that includes Frito-Lay, Gatorade, Pepsi-Cola, Quaker, Tropicana and SodaStream. PepsiCo's product portfolio includes a wide range of enjoyable foods and beverages, including 23 brands that generate more than $1 billion each in estimated annual retail sales. 

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Loverboy sues Night Shift in latest beverage distribution battle

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Rescuing the Dark ’n’ Stormy

Can a two-ingredient drink be rescued? Typically, straightforward drinks like the vodka-soda or whiskey-ginger escape bartender scrutiny. In such a pared-down composition, the thinking goes, there’s little room for innovation. But sometimes, just a few small tweaks can prove the formula worthy of serious consideration.

At Attaboy, the speakeasy-style New York bar housed in the former Milk & Honey space (and run by the same team), the signature Dark ’n’ Stormy is a prime example.

Typically a two-ingredient recipe consisting of rum and ginger beer, in Attaboy’s version, sweetened, fresh-pressed ginger juice—also used in the bar’s famed Penicillin—is the star ingredient. While it’s not fermented, and therefore not a true ginger beer, it lends the drink its signature spicy intensity.

Sam Ross, co-owner of Attaboy and creator of the Penicillin, estimates that the house Dark ’n’ Stormy was created sometime before 2004. “The Sasha [Petraske], Toby Maloney, Joseph Schwartz era of Milk & Honey,” he says. The bar had always focused on meticulous versions of classic cocktails. Ginger-spiked highballs like Bucks and Mules were part of the roster, with the Presbyterian (whiskey, ginger, club soda) a particularly popular call, so it was only natural to refine the ginger quotient called for in so many drinks.

“It was just us not really finding a good version of ginger beer on the market,” Ross explains. “I assume they would have thought, ‘We can do better than this, let’s make our own version.’”

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LGC named to Forbes America’s Best Temp Staffing Firms list

LGC Forbes top staffing firm

The Forbes America’s Best Temp Staffing Firm list is determined by a survey of 31,000 recruiters and 7,200 job candidates and human resources managers.

The Forbes recognition is a proud milestone for everyone who has participated working on behalf of LGC.”

— George Lessmeister

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA, USA, May 21, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ --LGCHospitality, headquartered in Indianapolis and with offices in nearly 40 U.S. cities, has been named a Forbes America’s Best Temp Staffing Firm. The list, released May 6, was determined by Forbes’ partnership with market research firm Statista. Some 31,000 recruiters and 7,200 job candidates and human resources managers who work with staffing firms across the country were surveyed.

LGC, founded in 2003, has a niche in hospitality temp staffing. CEO and Founder George Lessmeister says, “Attaining a ranking is the cumulative result of many professionals working countless, tireless hours to provide our clients and employees with a positive staffing experience. The Forbes recognition is a proud milestone for everyone who has participated working on behalf of LGC.”

The company’s core business is temporary job placements in the hospitality industry for business clients seeing workers for short-term job assignments. In 2020, LGC expanded staffing services to meet the demands of the pandemic including general labor, customer service, warehouse workers and other industries that required professional temporary staffing.

To learn more about America’s Best Temp Staffing Firms and to view the entire list, click here.

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Watercore has relocated to new premises with better access to Port Botany & Sydney Airport

Watercore - Reverse Osmosis PLC screenshot



Watercore - Reverse Osmosis PLC screenshot

Watercore’s factory has relocated to facilitate access to the main freight network. This is part of Watercore’s strategy to grow its presence in the Asia region

The relocation of the Sydney factory is in line with Watercore’s business development in Australia. I am very happy to be part of this important development”

— David Garcia

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Aldi unveils Scottish Spirits Festival line-up

Budget supermarket Aldi is championing local producers in its in-store Scottish Spirits Festival 2021.

The line-up for the festival, which kicks off on 20 May, includes a host of craft beverage brands from across Scotland.

Among the products launching for the festival are:

Bothy Trading's new Hipflask Sloe Bramble Gin Liqueur, made in the Angus Glens and distilled using fresh Scottish fruitPineapple and Raspberry Crush Gin from Kirkcaldy's Lundin DistillingTwo ready-to-drink products from Stirling-based Boë Gin, Passion Fruit Gin with Sicilian Lemonade and Violet Gin with Rose LemonadeA range of gins from Ellon-based Brewdog's Lone Wolf spirits range, including Cactus and Lime Gin, Peach and Passion Fruit Gin and Cloudy Lemon GinWhite Spiced Rum and Honu Pink Rum with Pineapple and Mango from Aberdeenshire's House of Elrick Distillery

Kim Cameron, founder of Hipflask Spirits, said: "Being selected as one of Aldi's Next Top Product winners has been hugely beneficial in helping to promote our new Hipflask brand on a national scale. We are incredibly excited to be launching in stores across the country as part of Aldi's Scottish Spirits Festival and for its customers to try our unique gin liqueur."

Graham Nicolson, Aldi Scotland group buying director, said: "Scottish spirits are among the highest quality in the world and initiatives such as Aldi's Next Top Product and our Scottish Spirits Festival act as a great platform to bring new spirits created by innovative Scottish distillers to our customers.

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New Texas law allows alcoholic beverages in restaurant pickup, delivery orders

TEXARKANA, Texas (KSLA) - According to the Texas Restaurant Association, 700,000 restaurant employees in Texas lost their jobs in the early days of the pandemic and thousands of businesses shut down. Officials are hoping a new law will help speed up the …

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Blended malt credentials boosted by fresh identity & packaging, showcasing ‘Naked’ first-fill sherry casks to appeal to a new generation of whisky drinkers

Ultra-premium spirits company, Edrington, is re-presenting its Naked brand with a new identity. Embracing its independent spirit and honouring the liquid by placing a first-fill sherry cask centre stage on the bottle, the brand will also evolve to Naked Malt to reinforce its quality credentials and reflect the blend of some of Scotland’s finest single malts.

The launch of Naked Malt, formerly Naked Grouse, will see no change to the award-winning liquid. However, the brand is revealing a new, contemporary design and 100% recyclable packaging. The bottle – which remains transparent to showcase the liquid – will now be embossed with a stunning “Naked” first-fill sherry cask, a homage to the unique process and the delicious flavour it embodies. Each bottle will also carry a signature from Naked Malt Master Blender, Diane Stuart, to acknowledge the meticulous blending, care & craftsmanship that goes into every specially selected cask.

Comprised of world-renowned single malts, Naked Malt’s exceptional flavour is enhanced when the unique blend is extra-matured in first-fill (or naked) Oloroso sherry casks for at least six months. As they’ve never held whisky before, this imparts the best flavour and cask character to create a distinctive taste that is rich and fruity yet versatile for any preferred serve. The brand wants to inspire a new generation of whisky drinkers to celebrate the freedom to drink whisky their way, and ultimately Live Naked, free from traditional constraints.

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Scottish Whisky Distilleries Edited By Matt Falcus – Scotch Whisky News

Scottish Whisky Distilleries
Edited By Matt Falcus

A full colour guide to Scotland’s whisky distilleries across all regions, aimed at whisky fans and the many tourists visiting the country each year.

Whisky is a major industry in Scotland which ties in both with the country’s history and present-day attraction. Thanks to its modern-day surge in interest, there are now more whisky drinkers and enthusiasts than ever.

This book celebrates Scotland’s whisky producing heritage and looks at the current distilleries operating across the country, in the Campbeltown, Highland, Islay, Lowland and Speyside regions.

Each distillery covered in the book features information about its history, important milestones and product ranges. Each is also illustrated with professional photographs of their buildings, location and bottles.

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