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'Sommelier: Don't Try This at Home' Wins Wine Spectator's 2021 Video Contest

What happens when you try to act like a sommelier? For Wine Spectator's 15th annual Video Contest, Italian winery Caviro, along with Volio Imports, brought together Italian wine professionals and a comedian to show what happens when we attempt to seem like an expert instead of just being ourselves. Following last year's "Wine at Home" theme, this year's contest encouraged entrants to explore their love of wine and how they are enjoying it in creative and heartfelt ways. Out of the many films submitted from all over the world, Caviro's "Sommelier: Don't Try This at Home" proved to be a favorite among WineSpectator.com voters, taking first place.

The video shows the main character, played by Italian comedian Maccio Capatonda, as he tries to judge a glass of wine at a friendly gathering. Instead of just saying what he feels, he chases his version of a sommelier's description, descending into madness.

Caviro, which produces the Tavernello wine label imported by Volio Imports, partnered with Ciaopeople Media Group to target younger drinkers with a short film, shot in two days in summer 2020 and completed that fall. When Caviro brand manager Anna Casodi found out about the video contest while browsing WineSpectator.com, she decided to submit a version for an American audience and spread the message of the story.

"The aim of this video is to talk about wine in an easy way, without prejudice and too many complications," Casodi told Wine Spectator. Joining Capatonda, Italian wine experts Luca Gardini, Andrea Gori and Alessandro Pipero also make brief appearances to help demolish clichés related to wine consumption in a provocative and entertaining way. "You don't need to be a wine critic or expert to enjoy a glass of wine, but you can simply enjoy the moment and promote wine consumption, without being swayed by appearances such as price, trends and labels, or by other people's opinions."

Casodi's Grand Prize includes two full weekend passes to Wine Spectator’s New York Wine Experience next month or in 2022.

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Exclusive: Haut-Brion Owners Expand Plans on Bordeaux’s Right Bank, Buy Château Grand-Pontet

Domaine Clarence Dillon (DCD), the family firm that owns Château Haut-Brion and La Mission Haut-Brion, has acquired St.-Emilion Grand Cru Classé Château Grand-Pontet from the Pourquet-Bécot family for an undisclosed sum. Prince Robert de Luxembourg, DCD chairman, tells Wine Spectator that the property will be combined with Château Quintus, giving DCD one of St.-Emilion's largest estates on prime terroir.

"We have long been looking for opportunities to add good vineyards to Quintus, de Luxembourg said. "We've been close on a few other properties and lost out at the last minute." Adding the nearly 37 acres of Grand-Pontet to Quintus "would produce one of the largest of the great growths of St.-Emilion."

Grand-Pontet's vineyards are near Quintus, and de Luxembourg is convinced of their similarity to the Quintus terroir. He anticipates a harmonious integration. "It's less than a kilometer from Quintus. Grand-Pontet is surrounded by parcels of other classified growths. It's pretty much one big parcel, mainly north-facing, and historically hasn't really changed."

The family began their Right Bank project in 2011 when they purchased Château Tertre Daugay, renaming it Quintus. In 2013, they acquired their neighbor Château L'Arrosée and integrated the two properties. The DCD team plans to use the various Grand-Pontet plots to contribute to the four different wines already produced at Quintus. For the upcoming harvest, Quintus will also have a new technical director, Mariette Veyssiere, who has worked for DCD for five years.

Château Grand-Pontet was created in the early 20th century and classified in the 1955 ranking. In 1980, it came under the ownership of the Pourquet and Bécot families, managed by the same team as Château Beau-Séjour Bécot. Sylvie Pourquet-Bécot has run the estate since 2000.

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Chefs Rally to Help Louisiana After Hurricane Ida

New Orleans restaurateurs felt a mix of relief and despair after Hurricane Ida passed through the city, devastating southern Louisiana and causing widespread damage from the Gulf of Mexico to New England. The city’s protective levee system held during what was the biggest storm to come so close since Hurricane Katrina made landfall 16 years earlier to the day.

But the category 4 storm struck another economic blow on restaurants after more than a year of pandemic-inflicted pain. Business was halted, and chefs were forced to throw away huge amounts of spoiled food after the storm knocked out electricity to the entire city and staffs were scattered by evacuations.

And the damage to other parts of Louisiana, many outside the protective levee system, was unfathomable, with entire communities wiped off the map and people struggling to find food, clean water and shelter. Many chefs decided to put aside their own economic pain and work toward providing relief for their neighbors.

Most restaurants in the city suffered only minor damage—wind-impacted roofs and falling trees caused most of the destruction. The more immediate challenge was the loss of electricity, which took more than a week to restore for most neighborhoods. Ti Martin, co-owner of Wine Spectator Grand Award winner Commander’s Palace, said the old Victorian mansion the restaurant calls home did just fine. Her cousin Lally Brennan and chef Meg Bickford weathered the storm and spent the following week supervising gas runs to Mississippi so they could fuel up restaurant generators and keep the wine cellar from getting too warm.

It was a similar story at Brennan’s, the city’s newest Grand Award winner. Co-owner Ralph Brennan had installed generators after buying the restaurant a few years ago. (As Ida approached, he also shifted his payroll a few days early, so staff would get paid before the storm arrived.) Once the power was out, a skeleton crew tending the French Quarter landmark asked wine director Braithe Tidwell if they could sleep in the cellar, since it was the only comfortable room. “Just keep any empty bottles, so I know what you drank,” she told them.

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Frescobaldi Buys Montepulciano’s Corte alla Flora

Marchesi di Frescobaldi has added another estate to its Tuscany portfolio, buying Corte alla Flora in Montepulciano. The purchase price was not disclosed.

The owner, Sergio Cragnotti, a businessman from Rome and former owner of the Società Sportiva Lazio, the most famous soccer team in Lazio, decided to retire and contacted Marchesi de’ Frescobaldi president Lamberto Frescobaldi.

“It happened that this gentleman wanted to sell, so we decided to buy it,” Frescobaldi told Wine Spectator. “This came to us and we grabbed it.” The deal was completed in less than two weeks; after the 30-day regulation to satisfy any neighbors’ first right of refusal, Frescobaldi took control Sept. 10.

Located in the Cervognano zone of Montepulciano, one of its best areas, the property, which makes about 23,000 cases a year, consists of 148 acres, of which 75 acres are planted to Sangiovese, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pugnitello and Petit Verdot. There is also Syrah, however, those vines will be pulled up according to Frescobaldi. “We want to focus on what does best in that place and make a wine that is not just good, but engaging,” said Frescobaldi.

The purchase includes a relatively new winery and the 2020 and 2019 vintages in cask that Frescobaldi is happy with. “The wines in the cellar are very good. We’ll make some selections, but we’re very happy.” They have also started picking the grapes for the 2021 harvest. “We are picking right now and the fruit is excellent.”

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NBA Star CJ McCollum Buys 318-Acre Oregon Property for Vineyard

When it comes to his wine brand, NBA star and vintner CJ McCollum and his wife, Elise, came to play. The couple have purchased a 318-acre property, located in Oregon's Yamhill-Carlton appellation, for the Portland Trail Blazer's McCollum Heritage 91 wine label. The purchase price and identity of the seller were not disclosed.

The deal is part of the McCollums' long-term commitment to making world-class wines in Oregon, a process they started when they partnered with Adelsheim Vineyard to produce McCollum Heritage 91, which debuted last year with a 2018 Chehalem Mountains Pinot Noir.

"After careful consideration and learning throughout my time at Adelsheim, it felt like it was the right decision and the next step in our progression to grow and leave our lasting legacy here," McCollum told Wine Spectator. "We'll be meeting with architects and going over vineyard management plans in terms of what we want to plant first and what our future looks like, but the goal is to turn it into a vineyard property."

McCollum consulted his trusted wine circle before making the purchase, including Stoller president Gary Mortensen, Corner 103 founder Lloyd Davis, Adelsheim winemaker Gina Hennen and Adelsheim CEO Rob Alstrin. He aims to start planting in 2022.

"When you hear that innovative, giving, talented and creative people like CJ and Elise make a commitment to the Willamette Valley, it just further affirms the region's reputation for quality," said Morgen McLaughlin, executive director of the Willamette Valley Wineries Association. "CJ has been a wonderful ambassador for Oregon, through basketball, his local philanthropic efforts and now his interest in making top-quality wines from the Willamette Valley."

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Why Don’t CBD Drinks Work for Everyone?


Have your initial CBD experience got tarnished? Or do you think all this CBD hype is a scam? A majority of people find CBD ineffective. If you have tried cannabidiol without any peculiar result, you are not alone. Well, it doesn’t mean that the CBD industry is a scam.

Cannabidiol is an active cannabinoid of the cannabis plant that has been studied for its potential health benefits. Contrary to THC, CBD does not get you high as it is non-hallucinogenic.

People take CBD products to manage some health ailments, such as:

  • Pain
  • Anxiety
  • Inflammation
  • Insomnia
  • Seizures

And more!

You might have heard your friends raving about pain managing properties of CBD. So before giving up CBD, check up on the reasons why CBD products like drinks do not work for everyone.

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Italian Eateries in Brisbane That You Need to Know About


If you are a huge fan of Italian food and find yourself in Brisbane this summer, then you are in for a treat. Whether you are a tourist visiting the area for a holiday or are local to Brisbane, there are many different Italian eateries to enjoy. From delicious pasta to some of the best pizza that has ever passed your lips, you will not be disappointed. So, with that in mind, we have put together this guide on the best Italian eateries in Brisbane that you need to not only know about but also visit - Bon Appetit!


If you have been unable to take a trip to Italy itself this year, then taking a trip to Beccofino is the next best thing. It is well-known throughout Brisbane and attracts both tourists and locals for its duck ragu. But don’t worry if you prefer a pizza as they also offer woodfired authentic pizzas that taste amazing. This is the perfect venue for a chilled afternoon meal with a glass of wine in hand. But also, be sure to try the tiramisu for dessert if you aren’t too full.  

Factory 51  

Situated in inner-city Coorparoo, this stylish and sophisticated restaurant not only looks great but also offers delicious cuisine. Factory 51 is well-known for its friendly staff, and can currently host up to 100 guests, which makes it very popular amongst events, such as weddings. Yes, we said it, you can get married in this Italian food haven. From homemade gnocchi to deliciously stuffed cannelloni, you will struggle to pick only one dish at Factory 51. Oh, and did we mention that they have an industrial-chic function room which is the perfect venue for a birthday celebration?  


Bucci is the perfect combination of modern dining and delicious Italian cuisine and is located within Fortitude Valley. The main attraction at Bucci includes the seafood and pasta, but you will also find more modern twists on some of the classic Italian dishes we have all come to know and love. Though it is also important to mention that the signature cocktails at Bucci are always a welcome addition to a meal with family and friends.

Bar Alto

If you are looking for some entertainment and culture when wining and dining in Brisbane, then Bar Alto is a must-visit. This popular hotspot looks out on the Brisbane River and is in the Brisbane Powerhouse area. Bar Alto has recently been refurbished so it is now the ultimate dining and arts experience - well you are in the right neighbourhood for it! One of the most popular dishes on the menu includes the grilled wagyu striploin and their wine list is one of the most extensive in the area.

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5 Most Exclusive Wines in the World


Ever wondered how much wine fanatics who enjoy the exquisite wines could pay for a bottle? The prices of the most expensive wine could really astonish you. Wine collectors enjoy the thrill of scouting for the most exclusive and rare bottles of wine and pay an extravagant amount for them. These wine enthusiasts sometimes spend decades trying to find a rare bottle that is one of a kind.

In this write-up, we have shortlisted the top 5 most expensive wines all over the globe. So, without holding on longer to the secret list, let’s pursue further sections to check the most exclusive wines.

Domaine de la Romanee-Conti or “Romanee-Conti”

Let us start the list with the most expensive wine in the world, Romanee-Conti. It costs around USD 19000 per bottle and is made from a single vineyard. It is produced from a small vineyard of Cote d’Or, Burgundy, where low-yield but high-quality grapes are used to manufacture this exclusive wine.

An astonishing fact about the sale of this bottle is that in 2018 two bottles were sold for close to USD 5,00,000. The limited manufacture of 600 bottles per year makes it too exclusive.

1796 Lenox Madeira

This is probably the oldest wine for sale in the world, and it dates back to 1796. One could imagine why it is on the list of our most exclusive wines in the world. It is put in the collection in the Liberty Hall Museum, where it was a part of a larger collection of wines from prohibition years. Fancy to taste something that rarely anyone would have? Try bidding for 1796 Lenox Madeira.

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4 Of The World’s Best Wine Regions All Wine Lovers Need To Visit


Are you a wine connoisseur? Can you tell your merlot from your pinot noir? If that’s the case, then pour yourself a glass and get to know four amazing wine regions that you simply have to add to your bucket list. Forget beach holidays and city breaks, the best way to relax and recharge is with a wine tour of some of the best wineries in the world.

4. Soak up the sun and enjoy a Tuscan wine experience

Number four on our list is Tuscany. Tasting wine in the Tuscan countryside; life doesn’t get much better, does it? You’ll find an amazing range of wine experiences in this breathtaking slice of heaven at the heart of Italy. Visit the world famous Chianti region, famous for its sunny charm and wash down your delicious Tuscan wine with local Italian delicacies like bruschetta, cured meats, and, of course, cheese. Perfect for a long weekend or as part of a longer Italian vacation, a Tuscan wine experience should be high on every wine lover’s wish list.

With bustling Florence nearby, the Tuscan countryside offers a perfect blend of culture and city with countryside and gastronomy. If you are looking for a wine experience that is jam packed with history, cuisine, culture, and excellent wine, then this wine tour departing from Florence could be just what you’re looking for.  Not only will you get an insight into its rich winemaking history and a three-course Italian meal, but you’ll also get to wander around a Chianti cellar and wine estate and embrace the laid back Italian lifestyle.

3. Explore the breathtaking Portuguese Douro Valley

In third place, we have one of the world’s oldest wine regions, Douro Valley in Portugal. Located in the north of Portugal, the Douro Valley is often described as one of the most beautiful wine regions around and has been declared a World Heritage Site. With impossibly steep vineyards, beautiful villages, cobbled streets, and the meandering Douro river, there’s more to do here than just sample the local wine. Situated close to the pretty city of Porto, be sure to also sample the local port which is said to be some of the finest in the world.

This wine tour of the Douro Valley departs from Porto and will take your tastebuds on a journey of Portuguese delicacies. You’ll sample local olive oil and honey as well as wines, making your way through the heart of the Douro Valley and stopping off at wineries in Pinhão and Régua. You can even take a boat tour along the Douro river and soak up the stunning countryside as you sip on the best local wines.

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6 Worth –Seeing Tourist Destinations in Mexico


Mexico has become one of the best tourist attractions from all around Europe. Its interminable daylight, staggering landscape, and charming seashores attract tourists' attraction. Apart from all that, it is incredibly rich in its social legacy. So significant places are Mexico's old Aztec and Mayan locales and memorable pioneer urban areas. All that has become a part of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Take a glance at our top picks for Best All-Inclusive Resorts in Mexico and get motivated for your next excursion at present.

1.     Cherished Playa Mujeres

A shop option in contrast to considerable comprehensive resorts in Cancun. Beloved Playa Mujeres is an upscale alternative on tranquil, white-sand seashore. The offices are great. Particularly for a more modest property, with an immense spa highlighting hydrotherapy administrations. Other advantages include free non-mechanized water sports and three exquisite open-air pools.

One of the famous worth visiting sites in Mexico is Golf Course Designed by Greg Norman. This fabulous 18 opening golf is situated in the restrictive Playa Mujeres complex. It is on the territory part of Isla Mujeres. Also well known as extraordinary compared to other fairways in Mexico. Settled in a pristine regular scene, it is encircled by mangroves, sand rises and waterways, and various species.

2.     Zoëtry Paraiso de la Bonita Riviera Maya

This 90-room, 14-section of the land oceanfront resort may not eclipse the lay on this rundown. However, it follows through on each trustworthy detail you'd need in a comprehensive. The stylistic layout has designed Mayan engineering from the wood shafts to covered rooftops. While rooms have a significant outlook with a new organic product, a welcome jug of tequila. If the three-times-every day housekeeping doesn't place you in the all-out excursion, the harpist at breakfast will definitely do it.

3.     Fairmont Mayakoba

You'll be unable to discover anything other than a sparkling audit of Fairmont Mayakoba. Here's the reason: despite the inn's size the spot feels joyfully segregated. Moreover, it has concealed in a 240-section of land tropical backwoods that visitors explore by golf trucks. Book an oceanfront suite, or, for extreme security, a tidal pond or mangrove-see casita. It will be ideal for natural life spotting.

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Diabetes body urges Pakistan to raise taxes on sugar beverages

… the taxes on Sugar-Sweetened Beverages (SSBs) in forthcoming … increased taxation on sugar-sweetened beverages (SSBs). We support … 2020) shows that carbonated beverages have become an integral part … income is spent on carbonated beverages – income that could …

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"The Pub" podcast features food & beverage businesses in Happy Valley

… passion for the food and beverage industry is connecting thousands of … another outlet for food and beverage news: “The Pub” podcast. “One …

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NCDFI moves Delhi HC on ‘beverages being labelled as milk’

… business of selling plant-based beverages like soy drinks and almond … for plant-based foods/beverages, the use of which is …

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Rubens and Avirtech are partnering to deliver solutions for supply chain resilience

RubensCheck rolls out with Avirtech
Avirtech, the crop intelligence heavyweight transforming crop intelligence for regional food security.

Daniel Pelliccia, CEO and Cofounder, Rubens Technologies

RubensCheck rolls out on pineapple plantations across ASEAN

Avirtech Team

Rubens Technologies’ regulatory intelligence reduces specialty crop waste under new ASEAN partnership with Avirtech

Resilience in production and distribution is key to global food security. RubensCheck crop intelligence and Avirtech's plantation scale insights minimise the risks of supply chain disruptions.”

— Daniel Pelliccia, CEO and Cofounder, Rubens Technologies

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Golden Ratio Launching Anti-inflammatory Morning Beverage, Golden Milk

… , anti-inflammatory and nourishing morning beverage with the caffeine and lower … single-serving of the traditional beverage. For additional background on gold …

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Southern Beverage Company opening new distribution facility in Ridgeland

… (AP) — Southern Beverage Company says it is opening … to the area. Southern Beverage Company, a wholesaler … owner and president of Southern Beverage Company, told the television … through the years, Southern Beverage has strategically grown throughout …

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Chocolatiers in Northwest Michigan survive COVID with special local lending support and a delicious partnership with Ecuadorian experts.

EMPIRE, MICHIGAN, UNITED STATES, May 25, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Ecuador’s history seems shrouded in a foggy jungle tangle as confusing as the trails of their rain forests that are shouldered by the Andes Mountains. It is thought that Asian nomads reached the South American continent around 12,000 BC, joined by Polynesian colonization followed by a Duchicela lineage for 150 years, then Spaniards and Pizzaro and the spread of terror among the Indians. The history of this vibrant, beautiful country has been marked by fierce rivalry, occasional warfare and political instability. Today, though, Ecuador is peaceful and a safe country to visit.

Over 3,000 miles north of Ecuador, an entrepreneurial business, nestled in dune land in Empire, Michigan, is supported by a nonprofit lending institution to create an added slice of history dependent upon one of Ecuador’s riches: extraordinarily fine chocolate. So good, in fact, that it was common practice in Mayan communities for people to exchange a cacao-based beverage as they cemented an engagement between man or woman. Pure chocolate for pure love.

With $144,500 in lending support from Venture North Funding and Development, the Empire enterprise, Grocer’s Daughter Chocolate, purchased 12 metric tons or over 26,000 pounds of organic direct trade chocolate from Ecuadorian farms. The inventory provides 24 months of production for Grocer’s Daughter.

“We are one of the few chocolate businesses in the nation that offers delectable treats made only from premium quality, traceable cocoa,” said Jody Hayden who has owned Grocer’s Daughter Chocolates since 2013 along with spouse DC Hayden. “Ecuador is the top producer of fine cocoa in the world.”

“A great company,” says Laura Galbraith, president of Venture North. “Between 2019 and 2021, their revenues jumped 100 percent. By buying chocolate in this volume, they have a big savings. The project will save five jobs, create two new positions and 8-10 part-time positions in the Empire area. Galbraith said that profits and savings will also support a new building to accommodate new business and production and warehouse facilities.

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Review: 2019 Eisacktaler Kellerei Cantina Valle Isarco Kerner Alto Adige

Eisacktaler Kellerei’s 2019 bottling of kerner features a crisp lemon backbone and some bright salinity, backed up by a fresh bouquet of flowers and a gentle layering of fresh herbs — rosemary, thyme, maybe some oregano — all of which works delightfully well together. This is on one hand a delicious throw-it-back porch pounder wine, on the other a complex and well-crafted exploration of perfumed herbaceousness. Best value.



Original author: Christopher Null

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GRAZIA by ONEHOPE embodies the effortless luxury associated with summer in the global enclaves and getaway destinations of the world’s tastemakers—such as the birthplace of the Grazia brand, Italy.

GRAZIA by ONEHOPE will support Project Zero, a global movement supported by renowned scientists, business leaders, campaigners, culture makers and ocean experts, who are all working together to awaken the fight for the ocean.


As our first major publication partner, Grazia truly aligns with our goal to create unique, impactful and innovative experiences customers can enjoy."”

— Brandon Hall, Chief Brand Officer and Co-Founder of ONEHOPE Wine

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, May 25, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Pantheon Media Group, the U.S. publisher of the Italian fashion and cultural authority Grazia from theMondadori Group, is pleased to announce a partnership with ONEHOPE Wine to releaseGRAZIA by ONEHOPE, a rosé to celebrate summer.

GRAZIA by ONEHOPE is a Vintner Collection California Rosé from the popular Napa Valley brand, which integrates positive community impact into every bottle.

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Journey to the Jewel of Jordan: Bayt Sara, BeVeg certified vegan cuisine.


Carissa Kranz, Beveg CEO and Chef Sara Banna at Bayt Sara, the first Certified Vegan Restaurant in Jordan.

Carissa Kranz, travels to Amman to meet with the founder of the first Beveg Certified Vegan Restaurant in Jordan, Chef Sara Banna!

AMMAN, AMMAN, JORDAN, May 25, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Did you know there’s only one vegan restaurant in the country of Jordan?

Jane Unchained contributor and anchor, Carissa Kranz, travels to Amman to meet with the founder of the first Beveg Certified Vegan Restaurant in Jordan, Chef Sara Banna!

Born in Romania, Chef Sara grew up in Italy and moved to Jordan a few years back with her family. When she first founded Bayt Sara, it was an empty garage that she has since renovated to make a charming vegan hangout and tourist destination.

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