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Experience The Delight Of Dubai Nightlife

Dubai is one of the best places for a holiday destinations. There is no doubt of course in the way Dubai entertains and welcomes the people. The arrangements, here is awesome to experience. When I first experienced this place I thought that this place is yet another business cum financial centre which experiences the boom in investments and economy and that is the reason it has made remarkable infrastructure. In the day light, the situation seems al right but it is the night life of Dubai which enhances the ambience and beauty of this place. Yes, it is true and you too would experience the same when you come here. Trust me, the correct explanation about this place can’t go with text, images or any other media. You must personally visit the place so as to have the look over this place.

Winters are the best season to visit this place. Even, after a lot of research and suggestions I went for a holiday tour in the month of January which is the best time for this place. Again, you should take your camera that is capable to take night time pictures excellently. Because, I assure that most of your outings would be in the night time only. I thought the opposite, which depresses me a lot and for which I am planning to have a second visit to this place with my full family and full preparations also. This time I will ensure to make it the most memorable visit. You might be wondering about why I am giving tips when I failed? Yes, it is obvious but when you have Dubai as your holiday destination then you would have to take a long vacation so as to cover up all the attractions and that too in an optimized way.

So, you might have got the idea about the fact that is takes a large preparation before going to Dubai. Now, coming to the Dubai night life, which is something really interesting to talk of. Dubai is a new personality when it comes to the night life and is completely opposite to the day times. It is because Dubai is ready to welcome tourists and celebrities from all around the world. The beauty is enhanced by the lighting and the patterns of lighting which would make you amazed. Unlike the traditional lighting, this place seems to have beautiful, luxurious and marvellous patterns of lights which help the city to have glaze and shine during the nights.

Again, if enjoyment is concerned then there are certain restrictions. Yes, I went to this place when I was 25 and you know what I tried to get into some night clubs where I was restricted. Actually, there is a strict law for the nightclubs where the minimum restriction for the entrant is 25 and more. I was 25, but probably they might have confused themselves considering I don’t look so matured. Well, jokes apart, but on a serious note, this is a law and it is certainly correct considering many youth going into wrong ways. Again, one more interesting thing is the roadside restaurant or any other hotels, where you are not checked in, won’t allow or are prohibited to serve alcohols or any other relevant products. Hence, in the night time as well, you are free to roam with your family without any tension. The Yacht Rental Dubai and the Dhow Dubai Cruise are one of the best things available for ultimate enjoyment in the evening and night times. The Yacht Rental Dubai, have some of the state-of-the-art designed and decorated Yachts which is rented for hours or full night as well. Hence, the place is full of options. I would suggest you to go to this place and please share whatever your experience is.

Author Bio:
I am Nadia Quraishi, Team Lead at one of the leading Dubai based company which specialize in Yacht Rental Dubai service. I am also a Web Enthusiast and blogger who love to write on travelling experience. Follow her on Google+

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Bars in Tel Aviv - Finding the Best

Bar Rafeli might be the most famous bar from Israel... ;) but we want to drink... we want bars and pubs serving a variety of beer, wine, whisky, vodka and more.

Tel Aviv - Bar Capital of the Middle East

In fact, except for the balmy weather, you hardly notice that you are in an area of the world where the bar to person ratio is probably the lowest in the world. Not so in Tel Aviv. Bars and Pubs are everywhere to be found ranging from Irish Pubs, Rock Bars, Wine Bars and all sorts of watering holes spread out between the beach and the center of the city.

Personally, I prefer pubs that are not too noisy and with a great selection of whisky and beer. I think that's why Irish Pubs are so popular - the Irish have invented the perfect hang-out place... joyful background music, the ambient hum of background conversations about the football games and the aroma of beer is what heaven must look like, eh?

Finding Bars & Pubs in Tel Aviv

Any finding the best bars in Tel Aviv couldn't be easier. It seems like every Israeli has more than one cellphone and I'm sure that at least one of them has the DrinkedIn mobile app on it. Standing in Deizengoff or near the beach, you'll be able to find close to 500 bars and pubs in the Tel Aviv and Jaffa area.

Let's take a quick look at some of the best bars in Tel Aviv. My personal favorite is Norma Jean's with probably the biggest whisky selection in the Middle East. Norma Jean's is almost always crowded - even getting a seat at the bar requires a reservation.

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Finding Reasonably Priced Bars in New York City

Trying to find places that are reasonably priced for the traveling visitor to the big city is sometime difficult. We…my sweetheart and I find it easier to plan out our trips to New York and so each year we pick places to visit. We look at things such as bars, lounges, pubs, and restaurants in New York City. Our first place we begin our search is on DrinkedIn. This is a great site that shows a variety of bars, lounges, pubs, taverns, and restaurants. DrinkedIn now has made it even easier for us to look into and search for our favorite places while we are on the go, with the new mobile applications, and other things such as chat, group, friend forums, and blogs to look at and get advice as to which places to go. So we decided to choose a few that not only appeal to the eye, but also will not have someone spending a small fortune just to relax and take in the atmosphere. DrinkedIn makes this easy for us because it allows us to view the location of each place, their website, their general information and menus and picture galleries.

The Landmark Tavern would be a great place to chill out in. It's an excellent Irish Pub and has a great open atmosphere. This looks to be a wonderful place to socialize and relax with friends or even colleagues. It has a very clean look to the place and the website is easy to get around and the menu is priced reasonably. This would be another stop for my sweetheart and I, while we do some shopping in New York for Christmas.

The Killarney Rose a traditional Irish pub, with upstairs lounge comfy sofas great friendly people good variety of domestic and imported beers and ciders, it looks like a place where if you were to go there frequently everyone would know everyone. I love pub food and just hanging out with friends and relax after a hard day at work or after doing some shopping. Usually we go and say we are only staying for one drink and end up being there for hours, because time just flies by while we are all catching up and chilling out. This is how we know that it’s a great place to be is when we forget the time and just enjoy our time there. My sweetheart only likes Magner’s, because he’s from Ireland/London/UK so we are constantly looking for this cider near us and the only place we seem to find them is at Traditional Irish Pubs. This Pub has a nice lunch and dinner menu that is simple, as well as, the bar snacks we all are familiar with.

Being from New Hampshire we expect the prices to be more expensive and of course we have different taxes, however these items are reasonably priced for a pub. We will definitely be visiting and taking in this harmonious atmosphere.

Then there is Foley’s Pub and Restaurant conveniently located across the street from the Empire State Building, this pub seems like it’s in a great spot. It’s a great tourist pub. It’s not too expensive and it’s in a location, which most individuals go to when they go to New York. My sweetheart and I like going to pubs, since he is an Irishman and I love pub foods we love going to see the atmosphere of each of the different pubs. And of course it has Magner’s which is the best Cider I have ever tasted. Then it seems that many celebrities come into Foley’s Pub and Restaurant as special guests, I would love to be there and someone I admire come into it. It’s a great sports bar, it has tons of memorabilia they even have a web site that you can go to and look at their menu so you can know what you want when you get there. We are so going to this pub the next time we are in New York.

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Caipirinha, a Brazilian National pride

Caipirinha, a Brazilian National pride
Brazilian Caipirinha

Caipirinha (Portuguese pronunciation: is Brazil's national cocktail, made with cachaça (sugar cane rum),  sugar (preferably white powdered sugar, or any other sugar, even honey) and lime. Cachaça is Brazil's most common  distilled alcoholic beverage (also known as Pinga or Caninha). Both rum and cachaça are made from sugarcane-derived products. Specifically with cachaça, the alcohol results from the fermentation of sugarcane juice that is afterwards distilled. (from Wikipedia)

Tell me if you ever tried a Caipinha before!!



To make a nice and truly Brazilian caipirinha you first need to learn how to cut the lime properly[video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hNjYzMm8kWQ 100x100]!!!

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Pub reviews are helpful to find beer & food at your favorite Irish bar

Writing bar & pub reviews shouldn't be a too much work. After a long day's work, finding a great pub serving your favorite beers and delicious food in the restaurant is something to look forward to. My favorite are the Irish pubs with an unparalleled selection of beer (check the drink menu) and a great atmosphere in the bar. Dining and having a few drinks with the food is a perfect way to relex.

DrinkedIn has the largest selection of pub listings/reviews with over 150,000 in about a dozen countries in several languages. The pub reviews are generated by users and are good sources of independent opinions on various bars. Together with DrinkedIn's mobile apps, a thirsty traveler is now well armed to find a watering hole suitable for his tastes in beer, wine, whisky, mixed drinks or whatever will satisfy his thirst.

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Getting bars and pubs directly involved with DrinkedIn

Many people have asked me about getting others involved in DrinkedIn. In particular, I want to write a bit about bar & pub owners and their management. It's really important for them to be involved for the following reasons:

  • Bar and pub management can "own" their listing - what this means is that they will be able to edit the listing and have it reflect the information they want. This includes updating even for weekly/monthly specials, hours of operation, specialty drinks, events (including entertainers) and more.
  • Very important is a pointer back to their own website. A link from DrinkedIn to their own website helps their ranking in the search engines (i.e. it promotes their own business)
  • Groups - Each bar should create groups of their fans to enhance this visibility. It's another great way to keep the clientele involved and easy to post messages to members and keep them informed of events, contents, specials and any bits of news they want to send on...
  • Blogs - While most bars have invested money in a website, very few have blogs associated with them. Every DrinkedIn member can have a free blog and this gives the bar managers another opportunity to promote the bar.
  • Location finder - DrinkedIn's listing have the addresses of the bars and make use of Google's mapping API to show the location so DrinkedIn users can find their bar. Owners and managers can make sure that the address is accurate.
  • Visibility - I sort of mentioned this above with regards to the pointer back to the website. In general, DrinkedIn's pages are scanned very frequently by search engine robots due to DrinkedIn's sheer size (i.e. massive database of bars and pubs) - because of this, the bar owner can use this for frequent updates (specials, winners of contests, pictures, videos, and so on).
  • Relationship with DrinkedIn - DrinkedIn has started a free beer giveaway (see forum announcements for lists of winners from time to time) and will have other giveaways as well (e.g. sponsor keg parties and so on... we'll provide more information soon). By establishing a relationship with DrinkedIn, the bar owner can be a local point for DrinkedIn's giveaways (hey, we could buy the winner beers anywhere... why not at their favorite bar!) and parties.

I'll be providing more updates soon. But the bottom line is that it's in everyone's interest that bar owner's be made aware of DrinkedIn's service - after all, it's free and helps their business. The bar owner should be so happy you made him aware of it... hey, he should buy you a drink!


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The Ace Hotel Lobby Bar

It seems that all the hot bars are now in hotels or call themselves hotels or inns (see earlier posts). Maybe it’s a good thing to have beds in such proximity to drunkenness (or maybe not, insert your most awful one-night stand story here). Well, now we can add the Ace bar/hotel to the list, which was previously an SRO (a homeless housing program) in the old Breslin hotel and now home to the hot restaurant with the same name (more on that to come). Beers are tad pricey at $7-8. But the rooms are pretty inexpensive (for NYC) starting at $170. So finally, a hip hotel hip middle class people can afford -a noble cause no doubt, almost as noble as housing for the homeless. As for the bar, rather being the typical trendy uptight hotel bar trying really hard to seem laid-back, this one is the real thing, the crowd and staff are actually relaxed. Plus, there is free wifi for “guests”, a nice alternative to Starfucks.

read more at my bar blog:


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