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What To Drink And What To Avoid On Sea Travel


Seasickness is always as a result of the motion reaction in our bodies. Although motion sickness can cause your sea travel a nightmare, there also exist illnesses that are as a result of contaminated water and food that may lead to diarrhea. But to avoid such a situation, most cruise ship owners have identified some reliable dining locations for a sea traveler. They give travelers a better option of dining out to avoid motion reaction sicknesses. Also, eating hot served meals while dining out is safer compared to the vendors' dishes. But you should ensure whatever kind of meal, whether seafood or meat should be served hot. Moreover, some people choose to remain hungry to avoid seasickness, but the fact remains that you should not stay empty stomach while traveling and also not eat excess food.

With different kinds of food in the market, most people have certain beverage or food that they crave for, but if they are at room temperature, as a sea traveler, you should avoid it as much as possible. For a better experience in sea travels, explore transatlantic cruises since cruise ships tend to be the best option for sea travels depending on the cruises policy. Most cruise owners have found out that their travelers have all the reasons to explore the food offered on the cruise until they arrive at their destination.

What drinks are considered safe?

  • Hot tea, water, and soup are safe while traveling as it helps to keep you awake and also most seawater travels are tap water thus not safe for drinking as it may cause diarrhea.
  • Undiluted orange juice. The temperature in cruises tends to make all foods and drinks get contaminated. And since most cruise policy does not allow the usage of tap water, you should have packed water to mix it with the undiluted juice to avoid stomach problems.
  • Bottle non-carbonated water is essential for any travel as some people react to any water and to prevent a medical emergency; non-carbonated water is favorable to any personal health as they are usually pasteurized in bulk even though they do not have spoilage protection.
  • Bottle carbonated beverages like beer, mineral water, and soft drinks are also acceptable. Carbonated drinks tend to have protection against spoilage, that means you can take some and still keep the remaining amount.

What drinks to avoid

  • Tap water and ice are the primary type of drinks to avoid as they may be contaminated. You should not use it even for brushing your teeth as they are not safe. More so, ice may be contaminated due to the temperature at the sea level, thus not fit for your health.
  • Milk and dairy products from unknown sources are harmful to sea travel that is why non-carbonated products and carbonated products are preferable above. Milk can be non-carbonated hence safe for sea travel.

From the article above, cooked food and drinks are essential for sea travels. If you are purchasing beverage or food from a vendor, you should have seen it boiling at least five minutes before being served. All these drinks are to maintain a healthy sea travel experience.

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Online Gambling and Alcohol


Living the whole casino experience in the comfort of your own apartment seemed improbable not that long ago, but nowadays we’re closer than ever to being able to recreate the precise sensations and emotions of this particular event.

Technology made it all possible, seeing how anyone can now access online casinos for real money, making the thrill of the gamble feel quite authentic. You just need to pay attention when choosing the right site to entrust, from a large number of legit online casinos, in order to protect your personal information. Also, the multiple options of gameplay put at the user’s disposal, as the following Sloto Cash casino review is going to reveal, make it almost impossible to fail in finding the right game to draw you in.

The last thing needed to ensure the right mood, is the perfectly chosen drink to help you loosen up and immerse in all that the online gambling sites’ have to offer. Sure, you might miss the cocktail waitresses and all the flashy lights surrounding the slots machine, but otherwise, any reputable online casino goes out of its way to recreate the true casino atmosphere.

Slots in Their Full Glory

First, as the name clearly states, this site is specialized in slots machines. The main software that provides these games is RTG, well-renowned for its rich history in creating and developing online casino games, especially online slots. Here, you can take part in 3 or 5-reel slots, but can also enjoy the more technological advanced video slots, or for those high-rollers, the progressive jackpot games.

Such a wide array of slots machines needs to be seasoned with some of the most complex and fancy cocktails, recipes for which can be easily found online. Humor yourselves by sipping on the sophisticated A Clockwork Tangerine, which requires some Bacardi gold rum, Smirnoff vodka, Kool-Aid Tangerine and Sprite. While on the Bacardi-based drinks, a guaranteed refresher is the Bacardi-ade, an awesome mix of lemonade and rum.

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How to Celebrate Your Graduation from University


Finally, the day has come when you can breathe in the air of freedom. You have successfully completed your graduation course, and it is quite enough time for you to chill and relax. One of the best moments in life for a student when they are done with their examinations. With so many essay topics, essay term papers, case study, and more, all students have had their share of struggle through the graduation period.

Being a student, we encounter a lot of struggles trying to find essays online, essay site, how to write tips, and so much more. All a student can think of is when is this going to be over once for all. Well, if you are also in the moment of immense happiness of having complete graduation, well we have brilliant and creative graduation party ideas for you. Read on to find out ideas for a graduation party.

How to celebrate graduation? Graduation can be celebrated in a number of ways, and we have listed some of them for you!

Booze is much needed

That’s a good start! There is no better way to chill other than having a streamline of alcohol with your friends and family. If you are hosting a graduation party, probably you will be having a round of your favorite drinks. However, it is important to know how much alcohol will be good for you.

If you are too happy to stop, a maximum of three regular drinks will be enough to get you high. Do not try to exceed the limit for yourself. There will be many more parties. Make sure you keep that in mind.

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List of Basic Tools Every Bar Should Have

Bar Tools

With the existence of various styles of bar carts, there are also multiple products to be kept on them. What bar owners do not understand is which product should not miss in their bar and the tools they should consider. In the article below, we focus on some of the necessary tools a bar should have to reduce inconveniences while serving the customers.

There exist various drink glasses and bottles, mixers, juicer and so on described below.

Basic spirits

For a building or a room to be called a bar, there has to be a spirit. You need to begin with, the basic drinks with time. For instance, you can start with whiskey, vodka, a gin, tequila, and a rum. They are the must drink for your cart.


They are alcoholic extracts useful for adding flavor to the cocktails. They help you in bringing the different versions of drinks with the customers demand like spices test and herbs.

Mason jars

It is an essential tool that can perform two different duties. The mason jars work as a mixing jar or shaker implying that you can mix anything in a jar including stirring a drink. Moreover, the Internet is flourishing about the mason jars, and a lot of people propose using it for serving cocktails.

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The Ultimate Guide to Storing Wine at Home


Have you ever wondered what wine cellars were for? Movies constantly show us big houses with huge wine cellars and it often makes people think, “what is wrong with just putting the bottle on a kitchen counter or inside a fridge?” Well, my friend, there are a lot of common mistakes that people do when storing their wine which ultimately affects the taste of wine. When it comes to drinks, wine is one of the most demanding; since it requires a lot of care in order to allow the taste to reach its full potential. Here are some tips on how you can easily store your wine at home while guaranteeing yourself the best tasting experience.

1. Store the Wine in a Cool Place

The perfect temperature to store wine in falls around 55 degrees Fahrenheit; excessive heat might damage the wine bottle in the long run. It is also highly advisable to go for constant temperatures since temperature fluctuations can impact a wine bottle adversely.

One more factor to keep in mind while storing wine is the humidity. Try to maintain a high humidity level to prevent the corks from shrinking and thus not allow the oxygen to go inside which can lead to oxidation of the wine. It would be appropriate to maintain the humidity level between 65% and 75%.

2. Store the Wine in a Dark Place

Most of the colored glass bottles containing wine feature UV filters, however, this does not always offer complete UV protection. If you keep your wine in direct light, this will cause your wine to age prematurely, which can affect the wine’s taste to a great extent. Keep in mind that while the white wines are more sensitive to degradation of light, red wines will also be affected significantly if you keep them exposed to light.

3. Keep Your Wine Sideways

Preventing the cork from shrinking is one of the top priorities of professional wine experts. A moist cork is very unlikely to shrink which consequently means that oxygen is very unlikely to get into the bottle.

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Save Time When Going Grocery Shopping with These Tips

Save Time When Going Grocery Shopping with These Tips

Grocery shopping takes a lot of time and sometimes you can spend more than you should. If you make a plan and a list, you might have some time left for yourself in the night. With this in mind, we’ve written this article to give you some tips on how to save time when going shopping for groceries. If you want to get your groceries delivered right at your door, take a look at mercato.com.

The list should be detailed

Take a piece of paper and write all the things you need to buy. You should start with the essentials. For that, go to the fridge and take a look at what’s inside. See what you’re out of, or almost out and make a list. Then read the list again and see if you did not miss something. If you did, you might have to take another trip to the store, and that’s quite unpleasant.

It’s a good idea to write the list throughout the week, write down the list you notice are going to run low, if not already.

To make your life even easier, you can group the items together, so you won’t go around the supermarket looking for the products.

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Top 5 Countries That Drink The Most

Frank Sinatra once said that “Alcohol may be man's worst enemy, but the bible says love your enemy.”

Indeed, alcohol might be one of the most commonly drunk beverages (note the pun), as well as one of the most expensive one. Hard liquors like vodka are well loved among serious drinkers as well as casual ones with a flair for mixing their drinks. Sweeter ones such as Moscato and other dessert wines are also well loved and are a frequent companion to desserts like cake.

In fact, it is widely known that a glass of red wine could have significant health benefits for a person. However, not all alcohol consumers exercise discretion when dealing with this beverage. One of the most serious problems is Binge drinking. Binge drinking is one of the most serious alcohol related problems that has led to high fatalities in countries around the world. According to a recent World Health Organization (WHO) report, people aged 15 and above has been said to consume approximately 6.2 liters of alcohol per person in 2010.

For students hoping to do a little research on this topic for your upcoming essay, you might be wondering, just who are the people consuming the majority of alcoholic beverages, and where are they from? Well, that is the question that we are trying to answer by writing this article which may act as your thesis writing assistance.


Alcohol per capital consumption: 14.4 liters.

The percentage of younger Romanians drinking is particularly high. Teenagers at the age of 15 to 19 have constantly engaged in binge drinking, with the male population also binge drinking a significant percentage more than their female counterparts. This remains a serious problem in the country as binge drinking may be associated with a large amount of alcohol linked incidents and health problems in the country.

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Be Kind To Each Other: 10 Inspiring Acts Of Kindness


 “One good turn deserves another”

Although there’s a lot of truth in that simple phrase, there’s not much being done daily to put it into practice. The world is steering towards a more ‘self-centered’ approach to deal with their problems. Every day, people are becoming more oriented to focus on themselves than those around them who might require help. The concept of self-welfare, self-appraisal, and self-care is gaining popularity daily.

Hard to say that this concept is wrong. People should always seek out their welfare, and take good care of themselves when necessary. But there should always be a balance. In looking out for themselves, people shouldn’t be oblivious of those around them who might need some help. Every day we meet people that are incapacitated in one way or another, and sometimes all it takes is just a gesture of kindness. However, it is essential to understand that some people still don’t get the true scope of kindness. This can be possible because they haven’t had it explained to them in a different way. Or they had gotten too familiar with the concept over time.

Kindness – how big is it?

The simplest definition of kindness is the act of being good to someone, irrespective of whether they deserve it or not. Kindness is the simplest, most inexpensive good gesture that can be displayed from one human being to another. And the best part? There’s a ton of simple ‘random acts of kindness ideas’ that people can choose from. Because it isn’t always the act – it’s the motive behind the act.

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5 บาร์น่านั่งบรรยากาศดี ดื่มชิลๆที่เชียงใหม่


นอกจากจะเต็มไปด้วยธรรมชาติที่งดงามและวัฒนธรรมล้านนาอันเก่าแก่แล้ว ยังเรียกได้ว่าเป็นเมืองสุดชิค ที่เต็มไปด้วยโรงแรมที่พักสวยๆ คาเฟ่เก๋ๆ และบาร์น่านั่งสำหรับไปดื่มแบบชิลๆ

5 บาร์น่านั่งบรรยากาศดี ดื่มชิลๆที่เชียงใหม่

ถ้าหากพูดถึงเมืองท่องเที่ยวที่เป็นที่ชื่นชอบของชาวไทยและชาวต่างชาติมากที่สุดแห่งหนึ่งในประเทศไทย จังหวัดเชียงใหม่คงจะเป็นสถานที่ที่ใครหลายคนนึกออกแน่นอน และที่นี่ก็เต็มไปด้วยร้านผับและบาร์ ที่ไม่ว่าคุณจะไปกับเพื่อนหรือไปดื่มแบบเหงาๆ ก็เพอร์เฟค เราได้คัดสรร 5 บาร์น่านั่งบรรยากาศดี ดื่มชิลๆ ที่เชียงใหม่ ที่ถ้าหากแวะไปคุณไม่ควรพลาดเลยทีเดียว จะมีที่ไหนบ้าง ไปดูกันเลย

1.Oasis Rooftop Garden Bar
Oasis Rooftop Garden Bar บาร์บนชั้นดาดฟ้าที่ได้รับความนิยมอย่างมาก ตกแต่งแบบร่วมสมัย ขนาดกะทัดรัด เป็นพื้นที่โล่ง สามารถนั่งดื่มชิลๆชมวิวดอยสุเทพในตอนกลางคืน มีเครื่องดื่มมากมายให้คุณเลือกสรร Oasis Rooftop Garden Bar ตั้งอยู่ที่ตัวเมืองเชียงใหม่ เปิดตั้งแต่หกโมงเย็นจนถึงเที่ยงคืน

เป็นบาร์นั่งดื่มที่คนเชียงใหม่และนักท่องเที่ยวมักแวะเวียนไปบ่อยๆ ซึ่งร้าน Vision ได้เปิดมานานกว่า 8 ปี เป็นที่รู้จักกันในคนทำงานชาวเชียงใหม่ที่ขาฝากตัวเป็นลูกค้าประจำกันมากมาย โดยร้าน Vision ตกแต่งร้านแบบสบายๆ มีพื้นที่กว้าง มีทั้งที่นั่งด้านนอกและด้านใน เต็มไปด้วยแสงสีสวยงามสบายตา มาพร้อมกับเพลงเพราะๆที่บรรเลงให้ความรู้สึกผ่อนคลาย เป็นอีกบาร์น่านั่งในเชียงใหม่ที่ไม่ควรพลาดเลยทีเดียว

3.Beer Republic
แค่ชื่อก็น่าสนใจแล้ว สำหรับ Beer Republic บาร์สุดชิคที่รวบรวมเบียร์มากมายจากหลากหลายประเภท มีให้เลือกหลายรูปแบบหลายรสชาติ ไม่ว่าจะเป็นเบียร์แบบเข้มๆสำหรับหนุ่มๆหรือเบียร์ผลไม้สำหรับสาวๆ อีกทั้งยังมีเมนูอาหารอร่อยๆไว้บริการมากมายอีกด้วย Beer Republic เปิดรอคุณทุกวันเวลาสี่โมงเย็นไปจนถึงเที่ยวคืน ตั้งอยู่ที่ถนนนิมมานเหมินทร์ ตัวเมืองเชียงใหม่

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How to Brew Successful Beer Festivals


Craft beer has been around in the Northwest United States for a long time. The brewers there essentially invented the modern IPA (IPA's were actually invented by a British bloke, but we'll never tell.)

As the rest of the nation, and really the rest of the world, catch up, one of the greatest PNW traditions is the beer festival.

And if you want to bring the best in craft beers to your town, you're going to want to throw down a beer festival. Preferably somewhere near downtown if they'll let you.

And if you're looking to head to a craft beer festival, you'll also want to know what a good one looks like.

In the next few paragraphs, whether you're an industry guru or a craft beer lover, you're going to learn how successful beer festivals are made. Bottoms up!

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คุณดื่มเหล้า เพราะอะไร?


นับได้ว่าเป็นสาเหตุแรกที่ทำให้วัยรุ่นทั้งหลายหันมาดื่มเหล้ากันเลยก็ได้ สำหรับเรื่องของการอยากรู้และอยากลอง เพราะแน่นอนว่าพวกเราหลายๆคนก็คงเคยเห็นภาพของการดื่มเหล้ามาตั้งแต่เด็กแล้ว เพราะฉะนั้นก็คงไม่แปลกเมื่อเราถึงวัยที่อยากรู้อยากลองและจะเข้าไปสัมผัสกับสิ่งพวกนี้ ซึ่งผลที่ตามมาก็ขึ้นอยู่กับแต่ละคนว่าจะถอนตัวจากมันได้หรือไม่เท่านั้นเอง


นับได้ว่าเป็นอีกหนึ่งความเชื่อของใครหลายคนเลยก็ว่าได้ที่ว่าการดื่มเหล้าทำให้ความเครียดลดลงไปได้ ซึ่งก็ไม่ได้มีการยืนยันที่แน่นอนว่าการเหล้าสามารถลดความเครียดได้จริงหรือไม่ แต่โดยมากแล้วมักจะยืนยันออกมาแค่ว่าการดื่มเหล้าจะช่วยให้เราสามารถลืมความเครียดช่วงนั้นไปได้เท่านั้นเอง แต่ก็ไม่ทำให้ปัญหาเหล่านั้นหมดไปแต่อย่างใด ซึ่งแม้จะมีคำยืนยันแบบนี้อยู่ไม่น้อย แต่ก็ยังมีคนเป็นจำนวนมากที่หันมาดื่มเพราะอยากหมดปัญหาเรื่องความเครียดไปให้ได้ โดยหากใครที่แม้จะดื่มเหล้าแต่ปัญหาเรื่องนี้ยังไม่หมดไป เราก็ขอแนะนำท่านหันมาพึ่งความบันเทิงจาก คาสิโนออนไลน์น่าเชื่อถือ กันแทน รับรองว่าแก้ปัญหาเรื่องนี้ได้แน่นอน


อีกหนึ่งสาเหตุที่ปฏิเสธไม่ได้ของเหตุผลการดื่มเหล้านั้นก็คงเป็นเรื่องของสังคมและวัฒนธรรมที่สามารถหลอมรวมตัวตนของคนๆ หนึ่งได้อย่างไม่ยากนัก ซึ่งหากคุณอยู่ในสังคมหรือวงการของนักดื่มก็อาจจะไม่แปลกที่คุณจะกลายมาเป็นนักดื่มได้ และในปัจจุบันก็ยังมีสังคมประเภทนี้อยู่ไม่น้อย ซึ่งทำให้เกิดนักดื่มหน้าใหม่ขึ้นมาเรื่อยๆนั่นเอง


สาเหตุสุดท้ายที่สำหรับการเข้ามาสู่วงการของเหล้านั้นก็คงจะเป็นสาเหตุเรื่องเพื่อน ไม่ว่าจะเป็นเพื่อนชวน ชวนเพื่อน กินเป็นเพื่อนเพื่อน หรือกินเพื่อหาเพื่อนก็ตาม ซึ่งมักจะเป็นจุดเริ่มต้นของการดื่มเหล้าของใครหลายคน และยังเป็นสาเหตุที่ทำให้คุณดื่มเหล้ามาจนทุกวันนี้

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Top 5 Work-Friendly Cafes On the Upper East Side

Top 5 Work-Friendly Cafes On the Upper East Side

For many of us, the best workdays are the ones we spend outside the office. While it may not be possible to completely ignore our overflowing inboxes and seemingly never-ending pile of work assignments, getting away from the office can often provide us the mental clarity we need to refocus, reprioritize, and get down to business. If you find yourself on the Upper East Side and in need of an alternative to your office where you can get some work done, here's where to head:

Café Noi | 1465 2nd Avenue

This 2nd Avenue coffee house and eatery has made a name for itself as one of the Upper East Side's most work-friendly destinations. On any given day, you'll find writers working on screenplays, agents taking meetings, and couples meeting up for a quick coffee date while enjoying artfully-prepared lattes and cappuccinos, panini, fresh pastries, and plates of fresh fruit.

Petite Shell | 308 East 78th Street

Plenty of outlets and strong wifi make Petite Shell on 78th Street a great place to get work done. Fortunately, Petite Shell is committed to serving some of the best coffee drinks and pastries in town, like their famous Nutella latte and raspberry cheese croissants.

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The Top 5 Coffee Spots in Davis, CA

The Top 5 Coffee Spots in Davis, CA

A great cup of coffee can get your morning off to a great start, it can provide you a much-needed afternoon pick-me-up, or help keep your energy high through a late night at the office. Fortunately, for those lucky enough to call Davis, California home, there are countless great coffee spots ready to pour you a cup. Check out our top picks:


Temple Coffee Roasters | 239 G Street

Whether you're a coffee aficionado looking to try the latest cold brew or are just grabbing lattes and pastries with friends, you won't go wrong with a trip to Temple Coffee Roasters. Boasting coffee and tea from countries around the world, there's a cup to suit every palate at this charming coffee house.


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Top 5 Places For Chocolate Chip Cookies in Manhattan

Top 5 Places For Chocolate Chip Cookies in Manhattan

Manhattan may be known as the home of countless culinary innovators, but just as many dessert traditionalists call the island home. Case in point: the city is home to a vast array of pastry shops that serve out-of-this-world chocolate chip cookies, from thin and crispy ones to the ooey-gooey melt-in-your-mouth variety. Discover the best chocolate chip cookies the city has to offer at these confectionery castles:

Levain Bakery | 167 West 74th Street

Chocolate chip cookie connoisseurs will melt when they first set food inside Levain Bakery on the Upper West Side. Made famous for their chocolate chip walnut cookies, you may find lines out the door at Levain, but believe us, it's well worth the wait.

City Cakes | 251 West 18th Street

This Chelsea bakery may have cake in its name, but their cookies are every bit as good, if not better. Home to 6-packs of massive half-pound rich chocolate chip cookies, you may leave City Cakes with more than enough cookies to go around, but with treats this good, you may have a hard time convincing yourself to share.

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Top Five NYC Burger Joints Where You Can Enjoy a Beer

Top Five NYC Burger Joints Where You Can Enjoy a Beer

New York just might be the best city in the world for those of us who love a great burger. From Harlem to Hell's Kitchen, New York City is home to countless amazing burger joints where you can indulge your carnivorous cravings alongside some of the city's best beer. When the mood strikes, try out one of these terrific burger and beer restaurants on for size.

PJ Clarke's: PJ Clarke's Midtown location has been a New York institution since it opened its doors in 1884. This charming old-world saloon is known throughout the city and around the world for its perfectly-executed burgers, like the Cadillac, topped with bacon and American cheese, and the Hamburger Au Poivre, slathered in pepper sauce and Vermont cheddar. What's even more impressive than the burgers at PJ Clarke's is the menu of 20-something beers, from craft beers like Left Hand's Milk Stout to Budweiser.

Black Iron Burger: Black Iron Burger does two things, and it does them both exceptionally well: beer and burgers. Whether it's the food or drink that lures you into this Alphabet City eatery, there's something to suit every palate here, including a list of 27 beers from around the world and burgers topped with everything from seaweed and wasabi to hash browns.

Corner Bistro: Widely regarded as the home of Manhattan's best burger, this West Village hotspot has had a well-earned and loyal following for years. However, it's not just the burgers that have patrons coming back for more — Corner Bistro's bohemian atmosphere and lengthy beer list have also made it a hit for everyone from college students to grandparents.

Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer: With burgers and beer advertised right in the name, Black Tap has a lot to live up to. Luckily, this Soho bar and burger haunt serves up plenty of both. You won't find anything too wild on this menu — instead, you can enjoy classic toppings like American cheese, crispy onions, bacon, mushrooms, and chipotle mayo, in addition to dive bar beers like Miller High Life and PBR, Mexican offerings like Tecate and Modelo, and a list of craft beer.

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Top 5 Boston Bars That Students Flock To

Top 5 Boston Bars That Students Flock To

For a major city, Boston certainly has the feel of a college town. We suspect that's largely due to the huge number of top-tier colleges and universities that call Beantown home, from Northeastern to Tufts, but it may also have something to do with the student-heavy bar culture, as well. For college kids looking for a bar where they can enjoy the company of their fellow students, check out these watering holes:

The Wild Rover: Those who enjoy the frenetic energy of the club scene will love The Wild Rover. One part Irish pub, one part dance club, and one part music venue, this eclectic nightspot has become a hit among college students looking to enjoy a wild night on the town.

Biddy Early's: There's no denying that college kids love a dive bar, which is why you'll find Biddy Early's packed with 20-somethings nearly every night of the week. It's not just the long list of beer and cocktails patrons love, however —Biddy Early's also has darts, video games, and a menu full of fried foods that keep their customers coming back for more.

Corner Tavern: Quaint, low-key, and decidedly more upscale than many college bars, Back Bay's Corner Tavern is where you'll find local students when they're eager to impress a date or show their parents their new city. Expertly prepared dishes, like herbed goat cheese with spicy tomato chutney and wild mushroom and truffle flatbread, pair perfectly with the Tavern's long list of specialty beers, ciders, and cocktails.

Bukowski Tavern: Boston college students may have access to the best the world has to offer, from luxury apartments to world-class restaurants, but sometimes, even the most cultured among us just want to enjoy a cheap drink — and that's where Bukowski Tavern comes in. This wallet-friendly hipster dive serves over 100 beers alongside dangerously decadent dishes like chili cheese dog sliders, tater tot poutine, and a lengthy menu of burgers.

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BevSpot: Revolutionizing Bar Management Software

BevSpot: Revolutionizing Bar Management Software
BevSpot Founders
Handheld inventory Bevspot

BevSpot, a software startup based in Boston, is creating technology that’s changing the way restaurants and bars do business.

We recently sat down with Rory Crawford, BevSpot's CEO and co-founder, to chat about the current state of the restaurant and bar industries around the world. Why? These industries are missing out on a crucial aspect needed to run any successful business—great technology.

Two years ago, Rory envisioned a software platform that would fix this, that would revolutionize establishments all over the world.

So he set out to change things.

Before starting the company, Rory says he was just another wannabe entrepreneur with nothing but a good idea and the strong desire to see it through. "BevSpot was just a myth—an idea that I had no ability to build myself. Building a true technology company takes great engineers, who are incredibly hard to find."

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Top 5 Bars for Saturday Brunch Get Togethers in Hell

Top 5 Bars for Saturday Brunch Get Togethers in Hell

New York's nightlife scene is famous around the globe, but equally important, if not as talked about, is how the city recovers from long nights on the town. Throughout Manhattan, Saturday brunch is the cure for all that ails the previous night's weary partiers, and no neighborhood serves up the kind of variety you'll find in Hell's Kitchen. If you want a good excuse to gather your friends for a good meal (and maybe take in a little hair of the dog), these Hell's Kitchen bars have got you covered.

Havana Social

Cuban food aficionados will love this adorable 10th Avenue restaurant and bar. Cuban sandwiches, fried plantains, mac and cheese empanadas, and an extensive menu of tapas pair perfectly with Havana Social's expertly crafted Latin-inspired drinks, like coconut mojitos and mango martinis.

Kashkaval Garden

Your favorite brunch foods are improved with a Mediterranean twist at Kashkaval Garden on 9th Avenue. This intimate bar and restaurant serves up your standard brunch dishes, like egg scrambles and yogurt parfaits, with classic Mediterranean ingredients, from honey and dates to cucumber and feta, added. Their brunch cocktails are just as delicious, from champagne with pomegranate molasses to mimosas and bellinis.

Hourglass Tavern

Hourglass may call itself a tavern, but it serves an expertly prepared brunch menu you're unlikely to find in your average bar. A long list of treats, from scrambled eggs and short rib hash to pumpkin and bacon waffles, are excellent complements to their brunch drinks, like red sangria, cinnamon coffee with whiskey and whipped cream, and bloody marys.

Alfie's Bar & Kitchen

With exposed brick, high-top tables, and a huge array of beer on tap, Alfie's may look like a traditional bar, but its menu tells a different story. Eschewing traditional barroom fare, Alfie's serves an excellent brunch with options like lobster eggs benedict, black kale Caesar salad, and crab and asparagus frittatas. Beer connoisseurs will delight in Alfie's beer menu, which boasts a revolving selection of 35 ciders, ales, pilsners, IPAs, stouts, and fruit beers.

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Bartender Tricks #1: The Cherry Trick

Bartender Tricks #1: The Cherry Trick

A good bartender can be one of the busiest individuals in the bar. Hustling to keep customer happy, they're making cocktails, pouring beers from a tap, constantly cleaning up at the bar and often having to handle payments.

But great bartenders also entertain their customers. This video features bartender Jason Crawley performing and explaining how to do The Cherry Trick.

Enjoy. We'll be posting more tricks soon...

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Tips When Ordering Free Delivery Wine

Tips When Ordering Free Delivery Wine

For wine lovers, the option to purchase their wine online is spectacular. It gives them access to a whole lot of new flavors which otherwise they can’t get. However, there are some terms and conditions for ordering wine online and every person that decides to buy wine online must read through them carefully.

In some cases, retailers offer a no freight charge on wine delivery. This is possible in special promotional offers. A retailer offers free delivery for purchase of more than six bottles or for purchase during holiday season sale. It is always a treat when you get to benefit from such offers! While it is possible to stumble across such cases, you need to be really careful of the source, when you are ordering online so as not to fall prey to a scam.

With more and more retailers setting up online wine businesses, there is a possibility that some wine retailers are fakes. These retailers may be attracting clients and ripping off money by offering to deliver wine for free. Beware of such online wine retailers. For this reason, you should make sure that you thoroughly complete your search before you order wine online.

If you are ordering for the first time, order from a trusted and reliable source which is recommended by a friend or family. Always be sure to read the reviews before placing an order and try to order from an established branded store, so that even if they are offering free delivery or no freight you know that it can be trusted!

There can hardly ever be free delivery wine or wine with no freight charge. Online retailers among other benefits are also able to provide low cost wine. This is because they save on shelf maintenance and wine storage, thus saving on management costs. They deliver wine directly from vineyards, so the extra costs associated with logistics disappears but passes on to clients, as a freight charge for shipment.

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