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Drinking Games for Geeks

Drinking Games for Geeks Infographic

Comic book-loving college students can have as much fun as their Greek counterparts – and the rise of geek culture continues to impress itself upon the party-going masses.

One popular geek get-together is the Scott Pilgrim vs. The World party, a drinking game that must be played in front of a Scott Pilgrim DVD, alongside four shot glasses, a double shot glass and two beer glasses.

Seven different drinks must be made and consumed after each ex has been defeated. These include the Fireball – a drink to the defeat of Matthew Patell – a shot of spiced rum and Bacardi 151; the Grind, a shot of Jager dropped inside a cup of Red Bull; and the Fair Trade Blend, a concoction made from soy milk, Kahlua, Bailey’s and vodka. The game wraps up when players consume a Coke Zero in honor of Scott Pilgrim, who doesn’t drink alcohol. Think of it as a way to re-hydrate yourself after a long movie of cocktails.

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Source: Geek's Party Guide

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The Causes of Blackouts While Drinking and How to Avoid Them

The Causes of Blackouts While Drinking and How to Avoid Them

Have you ever had a night out and woken the next day with little to no memories of the previous night? This is a common problem that many drinkers have after drinking heavily. Since blackouts from drinking can be scary and unsafe, it is wise to try and avoid these occurrences.

In order to avoid drinking blackouts, you first have to know how and why they occur. Surprisingly enough, there are no clear scientific reasons for blackouts-only several theories. The most likely theories are listed below:

  • Drinking too quickly: A 1970 study by Ryback RS showed that blackouts are probably caused by drinking excessive amounts quickly. The faster your blood alcohol concentration rises, the more likely you are to black out. If you drink alcohol slowly, even if you end up just as intoxicated, you are less likely to black out.
  • Alcoholism: According to a 2004 study published in European Addiction Research magazine, showed that blackouts are associated with loss of control and withdrawal symptoms from alcohol abuse. Individuals who drank compulsively tended to black out more than individuals who could control their drinking throughout the night.
  • Past trauma: Strangely enough, past trauma can be an indicator for how likely you are to black out. A 2008 study published in The American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse showed that individuals who suffered from childhood sexual abuse, PTSD, and other past traumas were more likely to black out from excessive drinking episodes.

How to stop blackouts

Obviously, there is no way to stop blackouts from drinking due to trauma, and if you are addicted to drinking, you probably shouldn’t be drinking anyway. However, there is one easy way to reduce the amount of blackouts that you get from increasing your blood alcohol too quickly. Here are some easy steps you can take to reduce your chances of blacking out while drinking:

Fill your stomach: Everyone knows you’re not supposed to drink on an empty stomach, but thousands of people do it anyway. Food helps slow the speed of your blood alcohol concentration, which will help reduce your chances of blacking out.

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I am not drunk, am I?

Alcohol is one of those tricky things in life. Found almost everywhere and enjoyed for a variety of reasons. Most people think of “being drunk” when they are partying, out with friends or just downing alcohol because of sorrow.

What about that after-work happy hour cocktail, the two glasses of red wine with a fancy steak dinner, the local art show champagne reception, the two tall beers washing down the chicken wings on game night? These alcohol amounts are definitely not topping the charts, and when you factor in age, weight, sex, food eaten driving should be safe, right? WRONG. While these factors play a role in the overall picture, alcohol still influences you and your system no matter the amount. No one is immune to its effects, coffee isn’t going to sober you up as it takes time to fully leave your system.

How much time?

It takes about an hour for one unit of alcohol to leave your system, give or take. To be honest, a unit isn’t that much. For example, one shot of tequila is a rough unit. So that means one shot takes one hour to leave your system. Think about that before taking another sip.

Can you drive?

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What's Your Poison: 5 Famous Writers and Their Drink of Choice

What's Your Poison: 5 Famous Writers and Their Drink of Choice

Many famous writers throughout history are known to have abused substances as a means of fueling their continuous and, most obviously, brilliant creativity - or perhaps, simply their own personal life problems. The number one substance here, however, has always been alcohol. Alcoholics and writers have become synonymous with each other, and some of the greatest were also some of the hardest binge drinkers. The following is a compilation of five of these writers and their individual drink of choice. Note: since alcoholism is a serious issue, no matter who you are, please consider this list in light of how it can be recognized, especially if you or someone you know is in need of DUI help in San Diego or anywhere else.

1. F. Scott Fitzgerald and Gin Rickeys

The Princeton boy behind The Great Gatsby and other novels during the Roaring Twenties was notorious for hosting lavish and rowdy parties with his wife, Zelda, at which he was frequently seen with his favorite cocktail, the gin rickey, which is said to be rooted in his belief that the drink could not be detected on the breath.

Quote from The Great Gatsby: "preceding four gin rickeys that clicked full of ice. Gatsby took up his drink. 'They certainly look cool,' Gatsby said with visible tension. We drank in long, greedy swallows."

2. William Faulkner and Mint Juleps

As both a Nobel Laureate and opponent of prohibition in the South, the novelist was famous for his whiskey bouts while working, but also for his life-long love for the Mint Julep, a mix of mint syrup and bourbon.

“I usually write at night. I always keep my whiskey within reach.”

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We Are The Nightlife: Entertainment + Service Industry Trade Show

We Are The Nightlife: Entertainment + Service Industry Trade Show

The Perfect Mix of Business + Pleasure

When most people think of mixing business with pleasure, the first thought that comes to mind is “trouble”. Well, the people behind the We Are The Nightlife trade show think much more differently and so do the industries behind them. Anyone who has worked in entertainment [or service] can attest to how fun it is but that does not mean there isn’t work to be done. The event, scheduled to take place in Atlanta, GA on September 7, 2013, inside of the historic Georgia Freight Depot is bringing change to the Southeast faster than expected.

“There is a demand for events that cater solely to professionals within the entertainment and service industries. A lot of business owners that I’ve met at other events are eager to tap into the market down here [Atlanta].” says creative director, TaRon Joyner. So what do you do when there is high demand and low supply? You go into business and meet the demand. That is how We Are The Nightlife was born. The trade show will feature vendors from all over the nation, ranging from DJs, to POS systems, PR companies, A/V and Lighting specialists, Graphic designers and the list goes on.  We Are The Nightlife will be open to all professionals as well as those who are working towards becoming professionals within either industry [entertainment or service]. They will be offering a student discount to those who show proof of enrollment. However, students MUST be 21 or over to attend.

Advertised in Jezebel Magazine and Chilled Magazine the trade show is becoming one of the industry’s most anticipated events of the year. The team is working on getting as much exposure as possible to maximize attendee presence for their vendors this year. Brands such as Clique Vodka, DrinkedIn.net, MJE Business and Accounting Services, Brand702.com are just a few listed partners and vendors. In addition to the trade show, there are other events going on that weekend as well.  Friday, September 6, 2013 is the ‘Welcome to Atlanta’ pre-party. This soiree is the OFFICIAL launch party for the 2013 We Are The Nightlife trade show. During the event, there will be a ‘DJSpin Off’. On Saturday, there will be the “Master of Mixology’ Bartending Competition. This will take place LIVE on the main stage, sponsored by Clique Vodka and boasts a cash prize to the winner. Also, an industry discussion panel will take place. This is where industry professionals with years of education and experience will speak on the newer trends, industry news and more! Vendors will be doing live product demonstrations as well as tastings. So, get ready to be feeling a little good by the time midday rolls around!

Make sure that you mark your calendar, book your flights and make reservations. We Are The Nightlife is bound to be one of the most influential events to take place in Atlanta. Visit the official website for information on booths, registration, hotels and more. Also, be sure to follow their Twitter page and ‘LIKE’ them on Facebook!

Twitter @wearetheNL
Instagram @wearethenightlife

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Hangover-Free Merrymaking

Hangover-Free Merrymaking

We all know the price for crazy funny night. “The morning after,” or a hangover is the result of intoxication of alcohol degradation products. How alcohol affects your body and what is a hangover?

When alcohol is consumed, the pituitary gland in the brain blocks the creation of vasopressin, which means the kidneys send the water straight to thebladder, instead of reabsorbing the water. This can impact your body so greatly that you could expel four times as much liquid as you’re taking in.

The next morning, a dry mouth signals that the body’s water supply needs to be replenished. Headaches are the result of the body trying to steal water from the brain, which causes a pull on the brain’s membranes.

Frequent urination also rids the body of necessary salts and potassium, which are needed for muscle and nerve function. Without them, headaches, exhaustion and nausea can occur. Potassium and magnesium may also be expelled from the body, which are needed for cell function.

Causes of hangover

  1. Impact on brain cells (sound or light hypersensitivity). Alcohol namely acetaldehyde, its most toxic degradation product, makes the nervous system hypersensitive.
  2. Sleep disorder (apathy, lack of vivacity). Alcohol complicates REM sleep, which is why a drunken person cannot get enough sleep even if sleeping for 8-9 hours.
  3. Dehydration (thirst, dry mouth, headache). Alcohol subdues the production of hormone vasopressin, responsible for the repeated absorption of liquid by kidneys.
  4. Reduction of magnesium ions in blood (headache). It causes heart malfunction and impedes blood circulation to the brain.
  5. Stomach and bowel malfunction (flatulence and diarrhea). Alcohol damages the walls of the upper bowels disturbing the activity of beneficial microorganisms, which results in excessive gas production, stomachache and diarrhea.
  6. Acid-base balance disturbance (nausea). Alcohol degradation products are mainly acidic, and include acetaldehyde, acetic acid and lactic acid.
  7. Metabolic disturbance (weakness). Alcohol oxidation requires a lot of vitamins and microelements, resulting in cellular nutrition malfunction and asthenia.

How to cure a hangover

  • If dehydrated, drink mineral water, vegetable juices and dairy products. The fructose in juice helps to increase the body’s energy, and helps get rid of toxins faster. And adding salt and sugar to water helps replenish lost sodium and glycogen.
  • To wake up, take a contrast shower and go for a walk.
  • To cure a headache, take aspirin or ibuprofen. Go for something that is non-caffeinated and acetaminophen-free.
  • In case of nausea, drink hot chicken or beef broth and take activated carbon.
  • Bananas replenish lost potassium, as well as provide electrolytes.
  • Eat eggs. Eggs contain cysteine, which helps break down hangover-causing toxins.

How not to get too drunk

  • Eating fatty foods and carbohydrates before eating slows the absorption of alcohol, which gives your body more time to process it. Also drink lots of water.
  • Don’t mix liquors, especially those with different alcoholic content
  • Don’t drink carbonated beverages after consuming
  • Drink a glass of water or lemon juice after alcohol intake and take activated carbon. Some suggest taking two aspirins and drinking a full glass of water before you head to bed. This will keep you hydrated and decrease the severity of the hangover.

What happens with alcohol in your body

  • 80% - 90% of alcohol metabolizes in the liver, a process that kills liver calls.
  • 5% - 15% of alcohol is expelled in the breath and urine
  • About 5 % of alcohol is not metabolized and leaves the body after 7 – 12 hours

So the hangover, of course, is unpleasant, but it can be controlled and defeated.

AuAuthor bio: Korah Morrison, writer on online essay writing service that helps students to write essays of any complexity.

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Great Gifts for the Wine Lover in Your Life

Great Gifts for the Wine Lover in Your Life

Finding the perfect gift means knowing your recipient and understanding exactly what they like. It also means knowing what they want but have been reluctant to buy for themselves. If someone on your gift list is a lover of fine wine, there are a number of gifts that are sure to delight their palettes and their passions.

Give a Great Experience – Give a Custom Tour of the Wine Country

It just may be the ultimate gift for any wine lover – a custom tour of the local wine country. You can choose a package tour, complete with stops at all the local wineries and tastings of their latest harvests. Or you can go one step further and create your own tour, designed just for the wine lover in your life. Start by finding those favorite wineries on a map, then create a customized route through the wine country. No matter what type of wine they prefer, that wine lover is sure to be touched by your generosity and caring.

Engraved Wine Glasses

A set of custom engraved wine glasses makes the perfect gift for the wine lover on your gift list. You can find some great wine glasses online, and have them engraved for a custom look. Top the whole thing off with a set of wine charms and a bottle of their favorite red or white.

Give a Wine Gift Basket

A wine gift basket makes the perfect gift for the wine lover on your list. Start with an attractive basket, then fill it with all the accessories a wine lover could want, from corkscrews and stoppers to wine glasses and cookbooks. The great thing about a gift basket is that it can be endlessly customized to create the perfect gift for any wine lover.

Custom Corkscrews

Every wine lover needs a quality corkscrew, but even wine aficionados often have trouble finding the right one. You can give a great gift to your favorite wine lover by choosing a great corkscrew that will stand up to hard use. Start by going online and shopping for the best corkscrews, then read the reviews to make sure you have made the right decision. You an include the corkscrew as the topper to a great gift basket, or give it by itself as a great gift.

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Ways To Treat And Prevent Alcohol Poisoning

Ways To Treat And Prevent Alcohol Poisoning

When a person suffers from alcohol poisoning, they've drunk too much alcohol for his or her system in too short a period of time. The dose of alcohol that leads to alcohol poisoning is different for different people. What happens is that the amount of alcohol the person has ingested is so great that it suppresses the reticular activating system of the brain. The RAS controls wakefulness and bodily coordination, which includes breathing. As those functions become more impaired, the patient starts experiencing symptoms like staggering, lack of balance, slurred speech, hypothermia, breathing that becomes irregular, pallor and blurry vision. The symptoms progress to incontinence, drowsiness, vomiting and stupor. Finally, when the RAS’ control of breathing is deeply impaired, the patient can fall into a coma and then into death.

According to expert Michael Myles, “it’s crucial that a person who appears to be suffering from alcohol poisoning be taken to an emergency room or to a physician.” The patient doesn't have to exhibit all of the listed symptoms to have alcohol poisoning.


A person suffering from alcohol poisoning needs to be watched carefully and his or her breathing needs to be supported, sometimes through oxygen therapy. The patient should be positioned in a way that will lower the risk of choking if he or she vomits. If the patient is still awake, he or she shouldn't be allowed to fall asleep or lose consciousness. Some people are also given intravenous fluids to keep them hydrated and given doses of thiamin and glucose. Thiamin is a B vitamin and glucose is a simple sugar. These supplements can help ward off the effects of alcohol poisoning. A great little infographic by TopRehabs.com shows how people can find relief by sitting in a sauna and allowing the heat to draw the toxins out of their bodies.


A person can cut down on their risk of alcohol poisoning by eating before and as they drink alcohol. This slows the rate at which the body absorbs alcohol. Milk and foods high in fat are excellent at slowing down the rate of absorption because they stimulate the body into closing the valves between the stomach and the small intestine. The person should also drink moderately and slowly. Some doctors recommend that a woman shouldn't drink more than one alcoholic drink per day, and a man shouldn’t have more that two drinks per day.

Also, alcoholic beverages aren’t the only things that cause alcohol poisoning. Rubbing alcohol, mouthwash, and other products that contain alcohol should be put out of the reach of children. Even alcoholic beverages in the home should be locked away.

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What Are the Obstacles to Getting an Alcohol License For Your Restaurant or Bar?

What Are the Obstacles to Getting an Alcohol License For Your Restaurant or Bar?

In the United States, opening a restaurant and obtaining a liquor license is often no easy task. There are several barriers to entry for new restaurants or business owners who are applying for a new liquor license. Liquor licenses are a big revenue generator for many localities across the United States, and these localities typically make sure that they are paid for business owners participating in the right to serve alcohol within their jurisdiction.

Understanding Your State and Local Laws

The fist step to opening a bar or restaurant and obtaining a liquor license is to understand all of the state and local laws and how they interact with each other. Alcohol laws are very specific to the state and (sometimes the) locality that you are in. Typically, local liquor laws govern six main areas:

When you can serve alcohol: Many states and counties have rules as to what days and times you can and cannot serve alcohol. Nearly all localities have a time of the day at which you can begin and must stop serving alcohol. Another common restriction revolves around alcohol sales and Sunday. Many counties restrict the times you can sell alcohol on Sunday and some ban it all together.

Where you can serve alcohol: Some localities have restrictions on zones or areas where you cannot serve alcohol. Sometimes these areas revolve around schools or areas where weapons are sold. Some localities even set up zones where restaurants and bars have a different set of rules within. For instance, there may be an entertainment district where restaurants and bars are allowed to serve alcohol much later than elsewhere.

How much liquor you can serve: Some states and counties have rules as to the amount of alcohol you can serve one person. Sometimes these rules take the form of a rule that says a server can only serve a certain amount of drinks per person in your group.

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The Best Alcoholic Drinks for Weight Loss and Maintenance

The Best Alcoholic Drinks for Weight Loss and Maintenance

Everyone has heard of the Freshman 15. Unfortunately, it's not uncommon for this number to balloon into the Freshman 40 or even the Sophomore 60. While factors like easy access to lots of junk food and students getting way less physical activity than they did when they were involved in high school sports do play a role, alcohol is generally the biggest culprit.

Although cold beer may go down as smoothly as water while the music is thumping at a party, that doesn't mean it has the same caloric content as water. It's far easier than most people realize for alcohol to increase someone's caloric intake for the day by over 500 calories!

While some people simply don't know when enough is enough and require the help of an alcohol rehab center, most adults are able to remain responsible as they enjoy a few drinks during a night out. However, just because you'd like to enjoy a drink doesn't mean you want to sacrifice your waistline.

If you want to ensure that your liquid enjoyment doesn't ruin the work you put in at the gym, here are the best drinks to choose:

Guinness Stout

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5 of The Best Bars in Dallas You Won't Find in Uptown

5 of The Best Bars in Dallas You Won't Find in Uptown
The Foundry Dallas

Uptown Dallas is great. Lots of restaurants, great nightlife, lovely place to live. However there are lots of outstanding bars in Dallas that you won’t get to enjoy unless you travel outside of Uptown. The following is a list of five of the best bars that AREN’T in Uptown.


1. Goodfriend Beer Garden - While they don’t have the longest tap list in town they certainly are in the running for the very best. They feature rare, limited availability brews while keeping local favorites on hand. This means that with their 16 taps and over 60 bottled beers there will always be a new beer for you to try. Their wait staff and bartenders’ knowledge is beyond compare and they always manage to recommend precisely the right beer. The fact that their food is incredible is merely a bonus.


2. The Foundry -  A fun eclectic bar that offers simple drinks, strong pours, and an impressive list of on tap and bottled microbrews. This bar has seating in storage containers (fun!) and at picnic tables or you can hang out at the bar. They have a great happy hour that ends later than most at 7pm. A must do is to visit this bar on Wednesday around 5 pm when they tap a limited release beer. On the weekends they often feature great live music.

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Best Cocktail Bars in NYC

Best Cocktail Bars in NYC
The Pegu Club

New York City appears on millions of people’s lists of places that they want to visit and very few are disappointed when they finally make it there. I was lucky enough to take a city break there a few months ago and there is so much to see and do, you almost have to make a decision on whether you have time to sleep at all during your stay. One of my favorite activities though was visiting some of the best cocktail bars in NYC and, believe me, there are plenty of them. Below are some of the best that I found that are definitely worth a visit if you should find yourself in NYC any time soon.

The Pegu Club has to receive a mention on any list of the best cocktail bars in NYC because, as well as delicious cocktails that are carefully and expertly made, you will find spending an hour or two here a really interesting experience. Some of the best cocktails to try here are the Tantris Sidecar, the Earl Grey MarTEAni and the Gin-Gin Mule. They also have lots of lovely nibbles available, too, so you will be able to enjoy plenty of different cocktails without the risk of falling off of your bar stool.

The 1920s speakeasy played a prominent part in American history and visitors to NYC will be able to experience just what they were like with a visit to the Flatiron Lounge. The décor is art deco and it contains an original bar from 1927. The music is jazz and the drinks will make your mouth water just by reading their titles. For something a little different, get one of the expert cocktail makers to mix you a Lychee and Lemongrass Fizz or a Hibiscus Swizzle. One thing that makes this one of the best cocktail bars in NYC for me though is the fact that they have a regular event called the nightly flight (in Denmark we call them flybilletter). These feature 3 mini cocktails based around a central theme or specific ingredient and are a great way for those new to cocktails to dip their toe in the alcoholic water.

And lastly on my list of the best cocktail bars in NYC is Please Don’t Tell or PDT, as it is better known. You enter the bar through a phone booth that is attached to a hot dog stall and straight away you feel like an extra in a James Bond film. When you get into PDT you will find an elegant bar with a cocktail menu, which changes with the seasons. The menu has been created by Jim Meehan, who has a reputation as one of the best mixologists in the city. If you visit in the autumn try the Witch’s Kiss cocktail that includes ingredients such as strega and tequila and comes together to create something truly unique. Of course, while you are here, you should really partake in one of the famous hotdogs that are produced next door, because they are the perfect thing to soak up the delicious alcohol you have just been enjoying.

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Interesting Liqueurs to Try Straight

Interesting Liqueurs to Try Straight

When you're looking at the bottles on a bar's shelves, chances are you actually blank out a good number of them as things you're not interested in. Some of those bottles have good stuff in them though, and the pity is that most people will only ever taste them in mixed drinks and cocktails, where their flavors have to share the stage with a whole lot of other ingredients. Here are five liqueurs you'll want to try straight or on the rocks.

1. Drambuie

This Scottish liqueur isn't shy at 80 proof, and it's made of malt whiskey, honey, herbs, and spices. Legend has it that this Prince Charles Edward Stuart gave the recipe to the Clan MacKinnon in gratitude for their hospitality when he took shelter with them after fleeing to Skye after the Battle of Culloden. Whatever doubters might have to say about this story, they generally agree that the drink tastes good, and we think you will too.

2. Chambord

From Scotland, we move to a traditional French chateau in the Loire valley, where they make a drink that was said to have been introduced by another royal, this time Louis XIV, during a visit to the Chateau de Chambord. It's made from red and black raspberries, Madagascar vanilla, Moroccan citrus peel, honey, and cognac, in a complicated process that results in a raspberry-scented liqueur that clocks in at 33-proof and comes in a distinctive spherical bottle. While it's used in a lot of cocktails, the unmixed liqueur has also won a number of awards over the years and we think it's definitely worth trying.

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Red Wine for Non-Wine Drinkers

Red Wine for Non-Wine Drinkers

There are a lot of reasons why some people who drink alcohol don't drink wine in general and red wine in particular: they think it's for snobs; they don't like it because the ones they've tried were too harsh/sweet/sour/etc.; they think the good stuff's too expensive; they get bad hangovers from red wine; or they simply don't know how to navigate the maze of vintages, locations, producers, and grape types in order to find something they'll like.

There are also a good number of reasons to drink red wine: health, taste, being in the company of wine drinkers, and being at a party when there's just nothing else available to drink. For any of these situations, we've got some help for you.

The basic rule is to avoid extremes:

First off, avoid extremes of age: when a wine's too young – a year old or less – its taste can be too harsh because the tannins haven't softened yet, while if the wine's too old – say 7 years or more – it's either going to be off or too expensive for a newbie who might not yet have the palate to appreciate the things that make old wine good. Some exemptions here are Beaujolais nouveau and Lambrusco, which are made for drinking young.

Secondly, avoid extremes of price: unless an expert you trust recommends something below $10, there's a good chance what you'll get might be nasty, either because of the quality of the product or the poor storage some of the bottles at this price range undergo. Even if the wine is decent, wine at this level can be very inconsistent, and it's no use taking note of labels you like if there's a good chance the next bottle from the same producer won't taste the same. On the other end of the spectrum, as mentioned before, until you've trained your taste buds a bit, anything $50 and above might have some things you can't appreciate yet, and pricier wines tend to need more cellar age.

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Beer - The Next Alternative Fuel?

Beer  - The Next Alternative Fuel?

First we've heard of water and chocolates turned into automotive fuel. Now its beer. Yep, you're not hearing or seeing things. Beer, that sweet nectar of the gods, is now being considered as a potent candidate as an alternative vehicle fuel. I can actually start imagining myself pouring my dad's favorite beer into my car whenever I need to go out with my friends and he won't give me some cash for fuel!

Does this mean that you can now buy beer and use them as cheap fuel? I don't think so. The technology is still limited and it is still being studied. Also, the engines used by most vehicles is still geared towards petroleum, so further studies must be undertaken before beer can be used as alternate fuel.

However, beer fuel is now being used a source for alternative energy. In Europe, beer waste have become such a problem, considering that there are 15 breweries per square meter. The leftover grains coming from the beer making process is what most people would call as beer waste. Back then, these grains were sold to farmers for their livestock and can also be used as fertilizer. However, because of the dwindling business of cattle breeding and strict EU laws about fertilizer materials, the leftover grains accumulate inside breweries.

However, these beer wastes is now being looked at as a valuable commodity, since a joint study by researchers in Poland and Germany have demonstrated that the beer grains can be successfully used as alternate fuel. A man named Wolfgang Bengel, Technical Director of German biomass company BMP Biomasse Projekt. He saw a potential business opportunity with the leftover grains coming from the breweries in Germany and was encouraged to try out the experiment after hearing that rice and sugar cane residues have been used as sources of alternate energy in China and Thailand. Once treated with atmospheric fluidized bed combustion systems inside a broiler, the beer wastes does produce cheap electricity!

He did try it out in Asia and Bengel succeeded in this endeavor. Beer making is an energy intensive activity. The process of boiling the grains with hot water and steam, then cooling down the brew with electric energy uses a lot of power. So if you recovered more than 50 % of your own energy costs, then that's a big help for Mother Nature!

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Brewsters of the Past - Why Women Have All the Reasons to Drink Beer

Brewsters of the Past - Why Women Have All the Reasons to Drink Beer

Nowadays, beer isn't just a guy thing anymore. My friends and I have started getting into the habit of drinking beer every once in awhile after hearing from a doctor-friend that the stuff's supposedly good for you. While it's just fruit beer that we're drinking, it's just the same thing that guys love. Most girls just can't take the bitter taste.

However, not ALL girls are into drinking beer. Some still hold the age-long tradition of beer as a man's drink. As a kid, I've never seen my mother drink beer and my dad never liked the idea of his daughter drinking beer (fortunately for me, he's in Miami). Even if society is slowly accepting the fact that some women really do love to drink beer, tradition still has a firm grasp on people, especially with women.

Well, for girls who strongly believe that beer is only for men, you may want to take at the list below. This will disapprove any notion that says women can't drink beer!

  • Women were considered the ideal workers for a brewery. In fact, ancient civilizations like the Sumerians and the Egyptians adored women who knew how to brew. The word "brewster" came from the term given to women in charge of the brewery. Is it because of our nurturing nature? Or perhaps women are really meticulous in nature, which is why beer brewed by women are sought at by men in the old days. The Egyptians prepare a special place for the women working for the palace brewery while the Sumerian men find a woman working in a brewery very attractive!

  • The greatest works of literature have mentioned women as the best when it comes to making beer. From William Shakespeare to the Song of Songs from Sumeria, these literary masterpieces have described that beer brewed and prepared by the woman of the house are indeed the best.

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At Work with a Hangover? Ease Your Pain With These Tips

At Work with a Hangover? Ease Your Pain With These Tips

Sometimes you wake up in the morning with a though that you would never drink again. It’s a normal reaction to a hangover. It might get even worse if you need to go to work and act normal. There are a lot of ways to ease the hangover effect and get ready quickly. Clearly there is no solution that would work for everyone. That’s why you need to try different things in order to find what works for you.  Next time you end up having too many cocktails in a bar, here is what you can do in the morning:

Drink more water

The first thing you need to do is to drink water. Place a bottle of water next to your bed and drink it when you wake up. Alcohol dehydrates and exhausts your body, that’s why you need to drink several glasses of water before you go to sleep. Next time you go to a bar, try drinking a glass of water with every new drink. This way you will keep a balance of water in your body.

At the same time, you should not drink too much water as it may lower the level of salt in your body thus causing hyponatremia. Do everything in moderation!

Have a cup of coffee

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Taking Pong to New Places

Taking Pong to New Places



Beer Pong is on the move!  As one of the fastest growing sports in the world, beer pong is entering a new era—the dawning of a new age of mobility and possibilities…and fun. 

No longer relegated to dank and seamy fraternity basements, beer pong sportsmen and sportswomen are playing pong at tailgates and tournaments everywhere, in dorm rooms and driveways, at backyard barbeques and on camping trips.  The latest advance in this movement is MegaPongo—a smartly designed, durable, open source, all-in-one beer pong set that collapses for carrying to the size of a case of beer.


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Business Negotiations in Russia - be prepared for some vodka hospitality

Business Negotiations in Russia - be prepared for some vodka hospitality

Russia has for the most part being spared from the economic crisis that has hit most of the western world, so it's a great place to head off to if you want to do some business. The only snag is that you better be able to hold your vodka if you want to get anywhere.

Crisis, what crisis?


The economy and the world banks may be on their knees in the western world, but Russia is enjoying a steady period of growth by comparison. The wild west style days of the early 90s are long gone and Russia, and Moscow in particular, is a place focussed on moving forward as quickly as possible.

Russia is then an increasingly prosperous and dynamic country where communism is now nothing but a distant memory, but some old traditions definitely die hard. If you head there looking to do business, you really better work on more than just your negotiating techniques before you get here. If you can't handle your drink, you may as well not bother getting on the plane.

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Best Drinking Games for St. Patrick's Day

Best Drinking Games for St. Patrick's Day

Saint Patrick’s Day also known as the Feast of Saint Patrick is traditionally a religious holiday. However over recent years it has increasingly become more of a secular celebration, although it is still most commonly associated with Ireland due to Saint Patrick being the patron saint. Nonetheless it is celebrated in numerous different countries and is notoriously known for being a day where drinking is a must do activity. If you are hosting your own Saint Patrick’s Day party or are just having a few friends round these drinking games will make sure everyone has a fun time. But always remember to drink responsibly and know when you need to stop drinking as one drink too many could potentially ruin the entire day and nobody wants that!

The Coin Hunt 

You will need

 - Some coins (either plastic or chocolate ones wrapped in foil)

 - Some sticky notes and a pen

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