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The Stress-Free Ways to Plan the Perfect Corporate Event


Corporate events are held for a variety of reasons. Some are conducted to launch a new product, while some are intended for training or team building. Regardless of the purpose of the corporate event that you need to hold, below are some of the stress-free ways on how you will be able to plan for it accordingly.

Set a Realistic Budget

One of the primary ways on how you will be able to plan the perfect corporate event in a stress-free manner is if you set a realistic budget. In this way, you will be able to work with the funds that you have, allowing you to choose the perfect corporate catering partner or the most viable location accordingly. Your budget will most likely dictate the number of people who will be accommodated in such an event. When you know how much money you can work with, you will have a good idea of what type of event you will be able to produce.

Establish a Timeline

Along with setting a budget, also establish a timeline in terms of the tasks that you need to accomplish to come up with a perfect corporate event. In this case, you need to have a master checklist that indicates in detail the specific tasks you need to complete as much as possible, leverage apps and tools that can help you with the planning because there is certain software that you can install to streamline the management of even the tiniest detail.

Select a Theme and Format

If you have a theme and format to follow for your event, then your planning will prove to be a lot easier. However, this entails the need for you to consider the people who will participate in the event, as well as the purpose that you want to achieve through it. This is because once you can identify your audience, you will be able to create a program that will pique their interest. Nonetheless, consider an interactive theme because this tends to keep your audience engaged more than having to sit for hours listening to a speaker.

Choose an Appropriate Location

Lastly, make sure to choose an appropriate location for your corporate event. Again, make sure that the location you select is suitable for your event, as well as your event’s theme and format. It should also be able to accommodate the number of participants that you are expecting. In this case, book a venue that is located in a convenient area, making your participants willing to make the commute to get there. In parallel to this, also keep in mind to plan the logistics or all the other things that you need on the day of the event.

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Enjoy Your Caffeine Boost With A Little Kick With These Coffee Cocktails


Drinking a warm cup of coffee in the morning is for many people their favorite way to start the day. It wakes you up and gives you a boost to get your day going. But how about enjoying your coffee throughout the day? We’re not talking about the afternoon latte while you catch up with a friend, we’re talking about some fun late-night cocktails that have a kick of caffeine like you’ve never tried it before. Here are a few fun coffee cocktails to wake up your taste buds:

Let’s Talk Coffee

No matter what cocktail you’re making, you’ll want to start with some high-quality coffee. There’s a common myth that the ingredients you put in a cocktail can be lower quality than the ones you drink pure, but this is simply not true. The quality of the individual ingredients determines the quality of the cocktails, so make sure you’re using good ingredients. The best way to make coffee is with an espresso machine, and the experts of CoffeeDino.com have a bunch of reviews to help you choose the best one to fit your budget. In addition, make sure you read the recipe through before starting because some will call for coffee already added to the milk, while others will call for just pure espresso shots.

Irish Coffee

Let’s start with a classic most people probably know: the Irish coffee. It’s a simple mix: brew your coffee as you normally would and add a splash of good whiskey into the mix. If you prefer it creamier, you can add milk to the coffee and substitute the whiskey for something like Bailey’s - the really Irish part of the drink. Remember that the cream is quite sweet, so don’t sweeten your coffee like you normally would if you want all your teeth to stay in place. Once you master this, you can easily flip it into a summer iced cocktail by pouring the whole thing over ice and topping it with some cold whipped cream.

Milky Coffee Cocktail

Okay, let’s get shaking. Firstly, you’ll want to brew some coffee with half water and half milk. Allow it to cool down slightly and add it to a shaker over ice. Then, add a splash of plain vodka and a splash of chocolate liqueur of your choice. Close it up and get shaking. If you want to make the drink thicker, you can add a milkshake powder to make it into a boozy coffee milkshake. Strain out the ice through the sieve of the shaker into a tall glass and serve cold.

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How Breathalysers Work In Detecting Blood Alcohol Content


A person under the influence of alcohol is not suitable to perform a variety of tasks such as driving. This is because intoxication causes a person to lose control over his or her focus and locomotor skills. However, an urinalysis or a blood test is not a practical way to determine the level of a person’s alcohol intoxication in case he is suspected of driving under the influence (DUI). This can be attributed to the fact that the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) results may be inaccurate because of the long duration of these testing processes.

Rather than an urinalysis or a blood test, the use of breath alcohol testing devices proves to be more effective to immediately determine whether a person driving had too much to drink. In line with this, it can be interesting to note how these devices work in detecting blood alcohol content.

Semiconductor Oxide

Semiconductor oxide-based testers are known to perform well and provide reliable readings, particularly for low-volume professional testing. In this case, a tin oxide material and an ethanol-specific sensor are used to measure the BAC of the person under test. Because the use of semiconductor oxides are relatively new, it may come as no surprise that they are quite affordable.

Fuel Cell Technology

Fuel cell testers are considered as the most accurate testers because of their sensitivity and a high degree of reliability. The breathalysers powered by advanced fuel cell technology are usually handheld and portable, making them a convenient device for roadside testing. For this reason, you will find that policemen usually utilize fuel cell testers.

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People Going Back to Work Need Caffeine to Work Faster and Catch Up for the Loss of Money in 2020


A fine quality of caffeine is an integral piece of workplace cultural puzzle, imagine for a minute, people going to back work without caffeine. And their energy, mood, and productivity will soon decline and before long the basis of the culture you have spent years to achieve will begin crumbling.

Not only does caffeine in Help energy Drink keep you during work wide awake on the job, but it also provides several advantages that’ll make sure they remain healthy and alert. Apart from decreasing the risk of Parkinson’s disease and type 2 diabetes, caffeinated Help energy drinks have several health advantages that’ll boost work performance to catch up for lost money in the 2020 crises.

Caffeinated drink enhances work energy level and focus

The caffeinated drink looks to affect areas of the mind that are mainly responsible for concentration and memory. Therefore, a moderate amount (300mg Caffeine in Help Energy Drink) of caffeine each day can help you in working remain alter and highly focused.  Research has shown that caffeine enhances improves mind features in terms of memory, reaction times, mood, focus, and alertness. Caffeine also stimulates the central nervous system of the body and boosts the production level of the mood-elevating neurotransmitters serotonin, dopamine, and noradrenalin.

Caffeinated Help Energy Drink contains Essential antioxidants and nutrients

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Six Cocktails That Go Well With Dessert


Eating while sipping wine instead of water or juice is a common thing in some countries. They drink wine as an aperitif before the meal and to rinse their palate after eating.

While eating and drinking wine is quite common, do you know that pairing cocktails with your dessert is a growing trend nowadays? It is said that an effective drink pairing can complement the flavor of your after-dinner indulgences.

With this in mind, continue to learn about dessert pairing.

Mint Julep and Pumpkin or Fruit Pie

Whiskey is the primary ingredient of this cocktail. Whiskey is a type of distilled alcoholic beverage out of fermented grain like barley, corn rye, and wheat. Put together bourbon, sugar water, and crushed ice, and you now have a mint julep.

It paired well with a dessert like a pumpkin pie, the sweet creaminess of the cake is cut by sharp baking spices that will overpower most of the scotch or malt whiskey. Another dessert you can pair is apple pie or crumble. When combined with a mint julep, the lingering taste of apples makes your whole mouth water.

Sherry Cobbler and Mooncakes

Sherry is a fortified wine of Spanish origin and is made from white grapes. A sherry cobbler is one kind of sherry mixture. It has orange, sugar and of course sherry. This cocktail tastes bone dry to dessert sweet.

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What to Look for in a Medical Cannabis Dispensary


If you use cannabis for medicinal or recreational purposes, you must look for a dispensary to supply you with the product and meet your needs. Many dispensaries are opening following the growth of the cannabis industry. The extensive information and choices can sometimes be overwhelming. Thus, it would help if you had a dispensary that will also act as a guideline in the way you consume the product. This article highlights the things you should look for in a medical cannabis dispensary.

Knowledgeable Staff 

You need to know the dispensary staff and determine whether they are knowledgeable about their specialization area. It would be best if you walked into a cannabis dispensary confidently, knowing that the information you are getting from the attendant is practical. As explained by the people at satorimj.com, the dispensary staff should know everything there is to do with cannabis, from the various types to the difference between the different edibles, oils, and flowers. The dealers should also be friendly to you as a customer and make you feel comfortable once you enter the dispensary.


It is vital to consider the health standards and safety of the dispensary you want to purchase cannabis. It would be best if you were sure that the dispensary environment is clean for your product. It is always best to ensure the cleanliness of the product by inspecting the manufacturer or the source of cannabis. There are cases of customers and patients getting robbed at gunpoint every other day. Such incidents can expose you to risks. It is therefore vital to inquire and know whether the dispensary has security measures in place. 


There are various strains of cannabis, and all need to be of high quality for maximum benefits. You need to understand that the Marijuana laws prohibit the return of cannabis products to stores once you purchase them. It is therefore vital to make sure you get the best quality for your needs. One way to determine whether the products are of good quality is by testing them. It is always good to research before going to make a purchase. With the necessary knowledge, you can determine whether cannabis is of high quality or not. Good Stuff at the dispensary should also assist you in getting the right product you want.

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Top Alcohol Brands from the 2020 Social Media Industry Report


Alcohol brands have enjoyed social media presence for some time now to the extent that it called for industry ranking. The brands had mixed fortunes on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram platforms, with the last providing a favorable engagement rating. 

Alcohol brands are successfully using these platforms to drive visual engagement with, especially generation Y and generation Z of consumers. Separate metrics may have to apply in rating drinks for college students on social media.

[Note: cover photo created by jcomp - www.freepik.com]

Top brands on Instagram


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What You Need To Know About The Traditional Desserts In Singapore


Singapore is a melting pot of different cultures. There are so many different cultures and societies influencing things, and this diversity is clearly reflected in the local cuisine. There are strong hints of Chinese influence, fused with local Malay trends and even some imported Western flavours.

This is reflected in the use of spices, proteins and colours in the dishes. Of course, distinctive cuisine is found in every part of the meal, from starters and aperitifs right through to desserts. If you really want to get a feel for authentic Singapore food, then make sure that you try some singapore local desserts.

In fact, most residents of Singapore consider food to be integral to their national identity. They are justifiably proud of their cuisine and food heritage, and they are always delighted to share it with visitors. Food is so important in Singapore that eating has been officially declared to be a national pastime! Of course, there are many restaurants specializing in other types of cuisine, especially other Asian cuisine, but pride of place is usually reserved for local dishes.

It might amaze you to learn that the phrase “Have you eaten?” is actually a common greeting in Singapore. This shows how much care and attention that locals pay to their consumption. This care and love is reflected in the final products of their cooking.

Singapore cuisine is famous for a number of things. For example, it is regularly commended for its great seafood dishes. As a seaside city deeply connected with maritime trade, this is not surprising. For instance, chilli crab and black pepper crab are two very popular dishes that both locals and tourists love to devour. Hainanese chicken rice is the most popular meat based dish in the country, and it is a firm favourite among visitors as well. The other dishes are often takes or variants on traditional Chinese dishes, with a slightly westernised feel. This tempering of Oriental influences is something that many visitors appreciate, as the food can feel exotic and interesting, without being totally alien to them. In this way, local Singapore cuisine fills an important niche.

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What You Need To Upgrade Your Restaurant


Adapting to constant changes and advancement is part of handling and growing your own restaurant business. Whether you own a small or big chain, upgrading how your restaurant conducts business, reaching new customers, and retaining frequent guests is important to keep your business in the long run. Developing the skills and how your staff functions are also included in the total progress of your food establishment.

Most people think that restaurant upgrading is daunting. True enough, you have to consider a lot of changes if you want to try something new. Nowadays, customers expect a more high-tech dining experience and a study shows that technological advancement improves the customer’s dining experience.

Listed below are the most common things you need to upgrade for your restaurant’s advancement.

Menu Board

In upgrading your establishment, you may consider upgrading to the newest technology and provide digital signage boards. This is a good option for a more flexible advantage with digital content. In this way, you make it easier for customers to read your menu and it also allows you to quickly change something when you have to make adjustments to items or their prices. Digital menu boards can constantly update content with better layouts. This allows your brand to constantly improve for better patronage. An iPad or tablet can also be part of your guest’s ordering experience. This allows your staff to attend to your guests more efficiently and less waiting time for the customers.


The most common reason why restaurants need to upgrade the equipment is that advanced equipment has a lower maintenance cost. Older ones operate less efficiently and new equipment increases the level of efficiency of an employee's task. Over time, you have to upgrade your restaurant equipment like a food processor, or bar equipment to boost the quality of the service you provide. Most of the fine dining restaurants offer drinks such as wine as it perfectly matches the fine dining menu like a lamb, steak, or fish. The US and France are major trading partners when it comes to wine, and sales of wine in the US are still growing. A restaurant that offers wine should have a wine preservation system to help preserve opened wine bottles and protect them from oxidation. This equipment can be made by a vacuum system that prevents the wine from getting fusty or argon gas capsules that further extends the shelf life.

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Great Wines to Drink at a Barbecue


There is nothing more tempting than to take a sip from an excellent glass of wine while having a main course of a BBQ meal.

Wines enhance the flavor of the food and also add attraction to your weekend barbecue parties.

Unlike past, you get to pick from a wide range of wines that go along well with burgers, steaks, pork chops, veggie skewers, etc.

Basics that you need to follow

You can easily find specific wine flavor as per the texture of the barbecue sauce.

Some of the best BBQ wines that you can purchase at a pocket-economic price range are as follows Gamay, Riesling, Pinot Noir, etc.

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An Ultimate Guide to Bangkok's Vigorous Nightlife Scene


One of the liveliest and most visited capital in Southeast-Asia is Bangkok, Thailand. It is known for its party streets defined with its own unique personality when it comes to nightlife. As the sun goes down, the temperature drops to a cooler degree and starts to come alive as bars and clubs start to open. An electrifying environment starts to wake each street with lights, music, and party craze. So if this is your first time to experience the nightlife, here are some insights to guide you.

Beer Bars

Bars are known to be the best run-to places when a person wants to relax and unwind. The atmosphere in Thailand’s beer bars is light and easy. People come here to watch people, play pool, and meet Thai bar girls and enjoy a drink with them. These beer bars are situated on Sukhumvit Soi 4 and Soi 22. As the night deepens, more attractive girls can be found in many bars. Beers usually range 90-100 Baht while liquors are 120-140 Baht, ladies drinks range from 120-180 Baht and if you wish to take a lady outside you will need to pay a bar fine around 500-700 Baht but the price of the lady is not yet included, which usually costs around 1000 to 2500 depending on whether it is for short or long hours.

Night Clubs

In Bangkok, you will discover two types of night clubs. The Thai club and the Tourist clubs. In Thai clubs, you would normally see people in groups drinking liquor around a table, and together with them are attractive ladies who look so difficult to approach because they really can not speak English fluently. While in tourist clubs, you will see a typical western club set up, with a dance area and seating arrangements for people to get easily acquainted.  If you are planning to meet a lady in Bangkok’s nightlife and enjoy the world’s best nightclub parties, it is strongly suggested to stay in tourist night clubs located in Sukhumvit and Khaosan, The best clubs in the capital are found in these nightlife spots. Usually, you would be charged around 200Baht inclusive of a drink when you enter a nightclub. 

Go-Go Bars

Go-Go bars are fun if you know how it works. Be watchful as these bars usually trap tourists and make money out from you if you will allow them to. When you visit one go-go bar, like Soi Cowboy, Nana Plaza, or Patpong, take note that the ladies here are only taken for a short time unless you are willing to pay more, then you can be with here for a longer period of time. There is no entrance just pay for the beer or liquor at around 140-180 Baht and a short time ranges between 2000-2500 Baht and for a long time it around 3000 to 3500 Baht.

Massage Salons

In Bangkok, you will see many massage salons, especially downtown Sukhumvit 4 and Soi 5 or 23. These massage salons are more than a spa, but they actually end up with happy ending massage salons. You will notice ladies who will be waiting outside the spa and offering you a massage. Massage salons usually range from 200 Baht for Thais massage and an additional of 100 Baht with oil massage, and another 100 Baht additional for extra services.

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How to Correctly Store Your Wine at Home to Ensure Quality


It is widely believed that wine gets better with age and you can enjoy the great taste and quality decades later. To achieve this, you need to preserve your wine correctly so that it can last, even for centuries, and you can pass it on to next generations. Poor storage can affect even the best wine, so you need to know certain things to ensure great value.

Read on to learn how to correctly store your wine at home to ensure quality. 

Build a Wine Cellar

The goal of building a wine cellar in your home is to provide storage for your collection. There are different types of cellars that you can consider but your choice should depend on the function of the cellar. If you want to preserve your wine correctly, this detailed guide can give you the information that you need to choose the right cellar for optimum preservation. A wine cellar is a great way of showing off your wine collections as well as entertaining your guests. You can build the wine cellar yourself depending on the type that you want. You need the right racks and cooling systems to get started in creating the wine cellar that you can use for storage of your favorite wines.

Maintain the Right Temperature

You need to maintain the right temperature for your wine in the cellar to ensure that it lasts longer. Temperature fluctuations can ruin your wine collection so you need to make sure that your cellar can maintain the temperature at the desired level. For instance, the temperature in your cellar should neither be very warm or cold since it can spoil your wine. In most cases, maintaining room temperature is ideal for correct storage of your wine at home.

A properly constructed wine cellar consists of a moderate temperature around 13 degrees Celsius depending on the type of wine. As a rule of thumb, no wine should be stored 25 °F (-4ºC) which can lead to freezing or above 68°F (20°C). Warm temperature accelerates the aging process of your wine, which leads to the destruction of the volatile compounds. Temperature fluctuations can also lead to expansion and contraction of the corks which leads to seepage of wine out and air in. Therefore, make sure that the storage temperature of your wine has been stable always. Above all, you should also remember to serve your wine at the right temperature. This normally depends on the type of wine that you are serving at that particular moment.

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SBV CEO Amit Raizada Shares Six SoCal Restaurants to Support as Social-Distancing Restrictions are Eased


We’re seeing signs that America is ready to get back to normal:  Lines for In-N-Out are around the block again, and toilet paper can be found on the shelves of most grocery stores. But ask anyone what they are most excited to do once cities reopen and you will likely hear a response about going back to the restaurants they love for a meal with their friends and family. Supporting your community and the restaurants you love has never been easier: just eat out as much as you can…safely, of course!

We talked to Spectrum Business Ventures CEO Amit Raizada, who has backed game-changing restaurant ventures like Tocaya Organica, about restaurants to support as restrictions are listed across Southern California.

La Pergoletta                                      

If you’re a pasta-lover (and who isn’t?), you’ll want to make the trip to either Silver Lake or Los Feliz to taste the simple-yet-amazing dishes at La Pergoletta. As soon as you walk into this family owned and operated restaurant, you know you’ll be taking part in a definitively Italian dining experience.

“With homemade Italian food,” Raizada said, “it’s all about the family-owned feeling.”

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Why Drinking Beer Is Good For You


When it comes to beer, a lot has been said and done, and it’s mostly negative. You can find a million articles on why exactly it is bad for you and the damage you’re doing to yourself by sipping that wonderful beverage. Yet, no matter what anyone says, it will never change the fact that there is nothing in this world, nothing, that rivals that feeling when you have a cold one after a long, exhausting day. Believe it or not, beer is not really bad for you as most say. Here is why drinking beer is actually good for you.


Now this one can’t be argued, even by the most vocal beer hater. Ever asked yourself why they call beer the “liquid bread”? Well, it is because it contains a ton of nutrients that are good for your body. Some even consider it to be a food more than a drink. Beer contains proteins, Vitamin B, phosphorus, niacin, fibers, and a host of other substances that your body needs. Granted, that doesn’t mean you should replace your nutritious breakfast for three beers because it also contains calories, but you can definitely drink one or two at lunch basking in the knowledge that it is actually feeding your body a host of useful nutrients. 

Good for your heart

Yes, that is actually another scientific fact about beer. Several major studies have shown that there is a significantly lower risk of a person getting a heart attack if they drink one to two beers daily, in comparison to those who don’t. In short, beer is good for your heart! It lowers the risk of suffering from cardiac problems because it contains polyphenols, which play a significant role in protecting a person from cardiovascular diseases. Most people think that it is just wine that plays a role in protecting your heart, but beer has been shown to have similar effects on cardiovascular health, if not better.

Stronger Bones

One of the most important reasons why beer is good for your body is the fact that it contains silicone, which is essential in building and maintaining healthy and strong bones. Silicone is found in orthosilicic acid in beer, which is very easy for the body to metabolize, thus generating great benefits for your bones. Experts recommend the India pale ale (IPA) as one of the best options if you want to build stronger bones, just like other beers with malted barley. The good news is you can even brew it at home with IPA home brewing kits, which allow you to make your favorite beer at home with ease. It is not actually as difficult as you would think, and the bonus of getting stronger bones is certainly worth the effort.

Lowers diabetes risk 

Diabetes is one of the most serious and common conditions around the world, with millions of people suffering from its different types and all the problems that come with them. Well, beer might just be the answer to avoiding this pesky disease and saving yourself a lifetime of health complications. Some studies have shown that those who drink beer on average for 3 to 6 times a week have a lower chance of getting diabetes than those who don’t. 

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What Are The Secrets To Making Coffee Taste Better?


Coffee has had a major renaissance in the past few decades as consumption increased exponentially across the board and cafes transformed into cultural hubs where people meet, work, find romantic connections, and basically, live out most of their daily routines within the vicinity of a latte. Previously, coffee was strictly viewed in utilitarian terms, poorly roasted and filtered sludge made with the express purpose of waking you up, nothing more.

Over time, we became introduced to different ways of making coffee in other countries such as Italy and Turkey, and the styles heavily influenced everything that came next, from the proliferation of major chains dedicated to putting together all kinds of complicated drinks, to monthly subscription boxes bringing intriguing flavors from the world over. However, coffee is a tricky thing, and it is all too easy to be stuck with a cup that is overly strong and bitter, it's taste necessitating plenty of cream and sugar to make it palatable. If you are interested in making a better cup of coffee at home or are simply curious about how coffee can taste smoother, or more "gourmand," then read on to brush up on your knowledge.

Avoid Ground Coffee

Ground coffee is all well and good, but the secret to producing the intoxicating aroma we always crave is to start by using whole beans. Before making a copy of coffee, place some beans in the grinder, then use that in the drip coffeemaker, or french press. This way you can buy the bean with the sort of roast you like, and customize each cup according to your preference. There are also different flavors you can try. This dark roast coffee guide by Home Grounds can give you better insight so that you have a clear understanding of what suits you best, and which ones will stay fresh for a long while. Just make sure that before you buy whole bean coffee to check that the bag has a roasting date, to give you the freshest option out there.

Another thing to keep in mind is that if you use a french press at home, then the grind can be a bit coarse. However, if you use a drip coffee maker, then a finer grind is widely recommended. There will also be some trial and error in the beginning. If your coffee is a bit bitter, then try to grind it a tad coarser. If, however, it's a bit watery and weak, try a finer grind. After the first try or two, you'll quickly find your rhythm.

Step Away from the Sink

Most of us are tempted to use water from our faucet, which is a fairly regular thing to do. However, if you try making your coffee with filtered water, you will quickly note the difference in taste. Even if the tap water in your area is safe and free of most additives, purer tasting water can make your coffee taste a whole lot better. Try using filtered water and experiment with the ratio of coffee each time until you can tweak and find the flavor that works best for you.

In-Depth Cleaning of Coffee Maker

Whether or not you have a french press or an automatic coffee maker, you will need to clean it often - but this is true especially for the later. The machine tends to get a lot of gunk stuck in places that you don't necessarily see. Once a month, clean the machine by turning it on and running only water and vinegar through it - as though you are brewing coffee - using the carafe to catch the boiling water. Then, clean the carafe with soap and water, and repeat the process once more time. This will get rid of any residual coffee grounds stuck in the machine, which impacts your ability to have a fresh cup of coffee as opposed to one burdened with a strange aftertaste.

Store Your Coffee Properly

Another common mistake people often make regarding their coffee, is not storing it in the proper place. Essentially, you need the coffee beans to be protected from heat, air, and light. Heat can force the coffee to break down, while air leads it to oxidize and thus taste less fresh. Make sure your beans are kept in a dark, cool cabinet - or, if you live in a very warm climate, you can try keeping the sealed bag or tin in the fridge. Also, make sure to use your coffee before three weeks; waiting any later than that can lead to stale coffee.

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Better Understanding of Fermentation and Distillation Processes


Most of us have long had the fascination with wines and spirits or simply alcoholic beverages in general. There’s more to it than just the state of light-headedness and inebriation that these drinks give. We may have often wondered how these sinfully indulgent beverages are created. There is no magic behind these intoxicating elixirs and truth serums. They have long followed the scientific processes of fermentation and distillation for the longest time. To appreciate some of the well-loved alcoholic drinks today, read on as we seek a better understanding of the fermentation and distillation processes below.

Differentiating Between Fermentation and Distillation

People quite often confuse these two processes when it comes to alcoholic beverages. Most often, their distinction is blurred due to the reason that the end products of their processes contain alcohol. Also, some point out that distillation is just a next-level process of fermentation and should not be different from the latter. Technically, these two processes are distinct and have specific products that are only limited to one process and could not be replicated by the other.


Let’s start with the more complex process of distillation. Distilled drinks such as whiskey, brandy, vodka, gin, tequila, etc. are also commonly known as spirits. One distinguishing factor about these drinks is that they all have higher alcohol content or alcohol by volume (ABV) than fermented drinks. One good example we can provide about the distillation process is whisky.


Whisky is one of the most known spirits in the world. Generally, all types of whisky follow the same standard distillation process, but may have varying ingredients, iterations of the process and the amount of the ingredients. The process generally starts with the brewing of a solution that is very close to a beer, but without hops (the ingredient that gives beer its bitterness). Once the solution is fermented, it will be poured into a pot still. This is where the limitations in alcohol content by the fermentation process can be exceeded. Let’s say beer can only have a 5% ABV (5% pure alcohol, 95% water). To extract the 100% ABV pure alcohol, the fermented solution is heated again to concentrate the alcohol content. Water and other unnecessary elements are then eliminated through this process. Inside the pot still, the solution is heated at precisely 78˚C through a pipe. Ethanol (the “good” alcohol) evaporates at this stage and the ethanol steam is quickly cooled down for it to go back to its liquid state. The ethanol drops are then collected and the process can be repeated to obtain ethanol of higher purity.

Speaking of repeating the distillation process, the Scotch whisky undergoes the process twice and is often charcoal filtered, giving a burnt or smoky flavor. The people at Speyside Distilleries in Scotland use the double distillation process to produce a flavor that is characterized by a honeyed and delicate sweetness, without the peaty, smoky or salty taste. Just like other types of whisky, Speyside whiskey has around 40% to 43% ABV, which typically is higher than fermented alcohol ABV.

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Important steps to writing an effective article


Writing an effective article is not easy, as everyone who writes on the Internet knows. A blog can have various objectives: promotion of services, personal branding, and dissemination of information for the pure love of art or, most often, a combination of several of the above. 

Here we will prepare a small guide in which we will guide you about how to write best articles for websites. If you have a good budget, you can also use different writing services for article writing, WritingCheap is one of the best website that provides quality content with proper optimization.

Find a tone

Regardless of who we address, we must do so in our voice. No item that sounds like a washing machine manual will succeed. We should always try to speak clearly and consistently, of course, but our particular tone is what will make our posts different.

How to find that tone? The more we write, the more comfortable we will be, and the less we will be tempted (understandable) to imitate others.

Use short sentences and paragraphs

The Internet is saturated with content, and we'll be lucky if users spend more than a couple of minutes on our post. If it offers an intimidating aspect (huge paragraphs, one after the other) or is difficult to understand, they will run away.

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How to write academic essay by using few tips


An academic essay is the base of the study of the humanities. It's a format that you'll have to master throughout the race (and the faster, the better). Of course, there's always the old reliable option to throw up a cluster of words the night before delivery. But if you want to ensure a good grade, and, more importantly, a good job, here are some tips. If you are a college student, you can use a different website that provides essay writers for college students.

It should be noted that each teacher will have their ideas about what the essay expects of you entails. Some teachers seek few textual references to the primary source; others demand many, some expected more knowledge of secondary literature, others less. The first step is to pay attention to what you are asked to do in the classroom when you are assigned the job for the first time. If you're not sure, ask, a good teacher will usually want to help you.


Define the research question


When setting up the topic of your essay, it's important to define the research question. You also have to think about how you will use the number of words assigned to address the topic. In an academic essay, you can critically evaluate a concept, compare and contrast different approaches to a problem, analyze a critical approach to a topic etc. 

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Improving Wine Knowledge: How To Identify Wine Quality


History has it that the wine was first discovered when an ancient man collected some grapes and stored them in a jar. Since there was an abundance in harvest, these jars of grapes were left to ferment for quite some time. When the ancient man went back to check the jar he was surprised about its taste and its mood-altering effect. The earliest evidence of wine production can be found in Armenia where storage jars dated 4,000 BC.

Today, the wine industry has become a significant business sector. The most established wine markets can be found in France, Portugal, and Italy while Europe still remains to be the wine consumption center all over the world. For 7,000 years, the winemaking industry remained unchanged. However, in 2002, the wine industry in the United States was just around $30 billion, but as of 2019, it has reached $60 billion.

Although some wine companies have redefined what it takes to be a great wine, much like how Starbucks redefined great coffee, the basics of identifying wine quality still remains the same. Brian from Old Friends Wine suggests that for one to be able to identify wine quality he or she has to know the basics. Once you have learned these basics, you will eventually become a wine-savvy who knows exactly the kind of wine to choose for different occasions and be able to differentiate the taste of each type of wine with much confidence. Read further to get you started.


When a wine is in balance, it would mean that no alcohol, acid, fruit or tannin components overpower each other. If any of these components go out of balance, chances are high that you will not like it. For it to become balanced, you should be able to taste the freshness of the fruit, the imperceptibility of alcohol, and the suppleness of the tannins.

Acid and tannins serve as the hardening elements of a wine. The presence of these two components makes wine taste firmer. Not to mention they also tend to be less giving in to the mouth. On the other hand, alcohol and sugar give the wine its softening elements. Wine can be deemed as balance when there is a perfect interrelationship of these hard and soft components.

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