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Why Drinking Beer Is Good For You


When it comes to beer, a lot has been said and done, and it’s mostly negative. You can find a million articles on why exactly it is bad for you and the damage you’re doing to yourself by sipping that wonderful beverage. Yet, no matter what anyone says, it will never change the fact that there is nothing in this world, nothing, that rivals that feeling when you have a cold one after a long, exhausting day. Believe it or not, beer is not really bad for you as most say. Here is why drinking beer is actually good for you.


Now this one can’t be argued, even by the most vocal beer hater. Ever asked yourself why they call beer the “liquid bread”? Well, it is because it contains a ton of nutrients that are good for your body. Some even consider it to be a food more than a drink. Beer contains proteins, Vitamin B, phosphorus, niacin, fibers, and a host of other substances that your body needs. Granted, that doesn’t mean you should replace your nutritious breakfast for three beers because it also contains calories, but you can definitely drink one or two at lunch basking in the knowledge that it is actually feeding your body a host of useful nutrients. 

Good for your heart

Yes, that is actually another scientific fact about beer. Several major studies have shown that there is a significantly lower risk of a person getting a heart attack if they drink one to two beers daily, in comparison to those who don’t. In short, beer is good for your heart! It lowers the risk of suffering from cardiac problems because it contains polyphenols, which play a significant role in protecting a person from cardiovascular diseases. Most people think that it is just wine that plays a role in protecting your heart, but beer has been shown to have similar effects on cardiovascular health, if not better.

Stronger Bones

One of the most important reasons why beer is good for your body is the fact that it contains silicone, which is essential in building and maintaining healthy and strong bones. Silicone is found in orthosilicic acid in beer, which is very easy for the body to metabolize, thus generating great benefits for your bones. Experts recommend the India pale ale (IPA) as one of the best options if you want to build stronger bones, just like other beers with malted barley. The good news is you can even brew it at home with IPA home brewing kits, which allow you to make your favorite beer at home with ease. It is not actually as difficult as you would think, and the bonus of getting stronger bones is certainly worth the effort.

Lowers diabetes risk 

Diabetes is one of the most serious and common conditions around the world, with millions of people suffering from its different types and all the problems that come with them. Well, beer might just be the answer to avoiding this pesky disease and saving yourself a lifetime of health complications. Some studies have shown that those who drink beer on average for 3 to 6 times a week have a lower chance of getting diabetes than those who don’t. 

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What Are The Secrets To Making Coffee Taste Better?


Coffee has had a major renaissance in the past few decades as consumption increased exponentially across the board and cafes transformed into cultural hubs where people meet, work, find romantic connections, and basically, live out most of their daily routines within the vicinity of a latte. Previously, coffee was strictly viewed in utilitarian terms, poorly roasted and filtered sludge made with the express purpose of waking you up, nothing more.

Over time, we became introduced to different ways of making coffee in other countries such as Italy and Turkey, and the styles heavily influenced everything that came next, from the proliferation of major chains dedicated to putting together all kinds of complicated drinks, to monthly subscription boxes bringing intriguing flavors from the world over. However, coffee is a tricky thing, and it is all too easy to be stuck with a cup that is overly strong and bitter, it's taste necessitating plenty of cream and sugar to make it palatable. If you are interested in making a better cup of coffee at home or are simply curious about how coffee can taste smoother, or more "gourmand," then read on to brush up on your knowledge.

Avoid Ground Coffee

Ground coffee is all well and good, but the secret to producing the intoxicating aroma we always crave is to start by using whole beans. Before making a copy of coffee, place some beans in the grinder, then use that in the drip coffeemaker, or french press. This way you can buy the bean with the sort of roast you like, and customize each cup according to your preference. There are also different flavors you can try. This dark roast coffee guide by Home Grounds can give you better insight so that you have a clear understanding of what suits you best, and which ones will stay fresh for a long while. Just make sure that before you buy whole bean coffee to check that the bag has a roasting date, to give you the freshest option out there.

Another thing to keep in mind is that if you use a french press at home, then the grind can be a bit coarse. However, if you use a drip coffee maker, then a finer grind is widely recommended. There will also be some trial and error in the beginning. If your coffee is a bit bitter, then try to grind it a tad coarser. If, however, it's a bit watery and weak, try a finer grind. After the first try or two, you'll quickly find your rhythm.

Step Away from the Sink

Most of us are tempted to use water from our faucet, which is a fairly regular thing to do. However, if you try making your coffee with filtered water, you will quickly note the difference in taste. Even if the tap water in your area is safe and free of most additives, purer tasting water can make your coffee taste a whole lot better. Try using filtered water and experiment with the ratio of coffee each time until you can tweak and find the flavor that works best for you.

In-Depth Cleaning of Coffee Maker

Whether or not you have a french press or an automatic coffee maker, you will need to clean it often - but this is true especially for the later. The machine tends to get a lot of gunk stuck in places that you don't necessarily see. Once a month, clean the machine by turning it on and running only water and vinegar through it - as though you are brewing coffee - using the carafe to catch the boiling water. Then, clean the carafe with soap and water, and repeat the process once more time. This will get rid of any residual coffee grounds stuck in the machine, which impacts your ability to have a fresh cup of coffee as opposed to one burdened with a strange aftertaste.

Store Your Coffee Properly

Another common mistake people often make regarding their coffee, is not storing it in the proper place. Essentially, you need the coffee beans to be protected from heat, air, and light. Heat can force the coffee to break down, while air leads it to oxidize and thus taste less fresh. Make sure your beans are kept in a dark, cool cabinet - or, if you live in a very warm climate, you can try keeping the sealed bag or tin in the fridge. Also, make sure to use your coffee before three weeks; waiting any later than that can lead to stale coffee.

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Better Understanding of Fermentation and Distillation Processes


Most of us have long had the fascination with wines and spirits or simply alcoholic beverages in general. There’s more to it than just the state of light-headedness and inebriation that these drinks give. We may have often wondered how these sinfully indulgent beverages are created. There is no magic behind these intoxicating elixirs and truth serums. They have long followed the scientific processes of fermentation and distillation for the longest time. To appreciate some of the well-loved alcoholic drinks today, read on as we seek a better understanding of the fermentation and distillation processes below.

Differentiating Between Fermentation and Distillation

People quite often confuse these two processes when it comes to alcoholic beverages. Most often, their distinction is blurred due to the reason that the end products of their processes contain alcohol. Also, some point out that distillation is just a next-level process of fermentation and should not be different from the latter. Technically, these two processes are distinct and have specific products that are only limited to one process and could not be replicated by the other.


Let’s start with the more complex process of distillation. Distilled drinks such as whiskey, brandy, vodka, gin, tequila, etc. are also commonly known as spirits. One distinguishing factor about these drinks is that they all have higher alcohol content or alcohol by volume (ABV) than fermented drinks. One good example we can provide about the distillation process is whisky.


Whisky is one of the most known spirits in the world. Generally, all types of whisky follow the same standard distillation process, but may have varying ingredients, iterations of the process and the amount of the ingredients. The process generally starts with the brewing of a solution that is very close to a beer, but without hops (the ingredient that gives beer its bitterness). Once the solution is fermented, it will be poured into a pot still. This is where the limitations in alcohol content by the fermentation process can be exceeded. Let’s say beer can only have a 5% ABV (5% pure alcohol, 95% water). To extract the 100% ABV pure alcohol, the fermented solution is heated again to concentrate the alcohol content. Water and other unnecessary elements are then eliminated through this process. Inside the pot still, the solution is heated at precisely 78˚C through a pipe. Ethanol (the “good” alcohol) evaporates at this stage and the ethanol steam is quickly cooled down for it to go back to its liquid state. The ethanol drops are then collected and the process can be repeated to obtain ethanol of higher purity.

Speaking of repeating the distillation process, the Scotch whisky undergoes the process twice and is often charcoal filtered, giving a burnt or smoky flavor. The people at Speyside Distilleries in Scotland use the double distillation process to produce a flavor that is characterized by a honeyed and delicate sweetness, without the peaty, smoky or salty taste. Just like other types of whisky, Speyside whiskey has around 40% to 43% ABV, which typically is higher than fermented alcohol ABV.

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Important steps to writing an effective article


Writing an effective article is not easy, as everyone who writes on the Internet knows. A blog can have various objectives: promotion of services, personal branding, and dissemination of information for the pure love of art or, most often, a combination of several of the above. 

Here we will prepare a small guide in which we will guide you about how to write best articles for websites. If you have a good budget, you can also use different writing services for article writing, WritingCheap is one of the best website that provides quality content with proper optimization.

Find a tone

Regardless of who we address, we must do so in our voice. No item that sounds like a washing machine manual will succeed. We should always try to speak clearly and consistently, of course, but our particular tone is what will make our posts different.

How to find that tone? The more we write, the more comfortable we will be, and the less we will be tempted (understandable) to imitate others.

Use short sentences and paragraphs

The Internet is saturated with content, and we'll be lucky if users spend more than a couple of minutes on our post. If it offers an intimidating aspect (huge paragraphs, one after the other) or is difficult to understand, they will run away.

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How to write academic essay by using few tips


An academic essay is the base of the study of the humanities. It's a format that you'll have to master throughout the race (and the faster, the better). Of course, there's always the old reliable option to throw up a cluster of words the night before delivery. But if you want to ensure a good grade, and, more importantly, a good job, here are some tips. If you are a college student, you can use a different website that provides essay writers for college students.

It should be noted that each teacher will have their ideas about what the essay expects of you entails. Some teachers seek few textual references to the primary source; others demand many, some expected more knowledge of secondary literature, others less. The first step is to pay attention to what you are asked to do in the classroom when you are assigned the job for the first time. If you're not sure, ask, a good teacher will usually want to help you.


Define the research question


When setting up the topic of your essay, it's important to define the research question. You also have to think about how you will use the number of words assigned to address the topic. In an academic essay, you can critically evaluate a concept, compare and contrast different approaches to a problem, analyze a critical approach to a topic etc. 

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Improving Wine Knowledge: How To Identify Wine Quality


History has it that the wine was first discovered when an ancient man collected some grapes and stored them in a jar. Since there was an abundance in harvest, these jars of grapes were left to ferment for quite some time. When the ancient man went back to check the jar he was surprised about its taste and its mood-altering effect. The earliest evidence of wine production can be found in Armenia where storage jars dated 4,000 BC.

Today, the wine industry has become a significant business sector. The most established wine markets can be found in France, Portugal, and Italy while Europe still remains to be the wine consumption center all over the world. For 7,000 years, the winemaking industry remained unchanged. However, in 2002, the wine industry in the United States was just around $30 billion, but as of 2019, it has reached $60 billion.

Although some wine companies have redefined what it takes to be a great wine, much like how Starbucks redefined great coffee, the basics of identifying wine quality still remains the same. Brian from Old Friends Wine suggests that for one to be able to identify wine quality he or she has to know the basics. Once you have learned these basics, you will eventually become a wine-savvy who knows exactly the kind of wine to choose for different occasions and be able to differentiate the taste of each type of wine with much confidence. Read further to get you started.


When a wine is in balance, it would mean that no alcohol, acid, fruit or tannin components overpower each other. If any of these components go out of balance, chances are high that you will not like it. For it to become balanced, you should be able to taste the freshness of the fruit, the imperceptibility of alcohol, and the suppleness of the tannins.

Acid and tannins serve as the hardening elements of a wine. The presence of these two components makes wine taste firmer. Not to mention they also tend to be less giving in to the mouth. On the other hand, alcohol and sugar give the wine its softening elements. Wine can be deemed as balance when there is a perfect interrelationship of these hard and soft components.

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Learn How To Choose The Perfect Wine Cooler - A Buying Guide

Whether you're just sitting down for a nice, cozy meal with your family or if it's a special occasion - Wine is the perfect beverage that helps you to unwind and enjoy yourself.

It doesn't even have to be a special occasion, you can just pour yourself a glass, sit down, and enjoy some Netflix by yourself.

However, when it comes to storing wine, most people have little to no clue at all. It's essential you store your wine in the right environment and at the right temperature to get the most out of your wine.

However, there's no need to worry, this is where wine coolers and we step in. we're providing a detailed guide about the different kinds of wine coolers and how that can help you in storing wine.

So, if you want to preserve your collection, grab yourself a glass, and read on!

Freestanding or Built-in?  

Freestanding wine coolers can be placed literally anywhere. Provided there is an electric outlet nearby. They sit on the floor and their sides are finished,  which makes them look amazing no matter where it is placed.

Countertop models let you keep a small collection and it's always within your reach and at eye level. Built-in coolers are integrated into cabinets. Besides, they give off the custom vibe and look very sleek as well.

They are equipped with ventilation at the front, which allows them to function efficiently despite being in an enclosed space. Built-in coolers are an ideal choice for completely finished kitchens.
They really do not have to be built-in into anything, these coolers come with finished sides and tops, and function just the same as a freestanding cooler and are a very flexible choice.

Here's a link to some of the Best Wine Coolers & Wine Refrigerators

Figuring Out the Capacity  

It doesn't matter if you have just a dozen of your favorite wines or if you're planning to start your own collection, rest assured there are wine coolers that will hold all your vintages.

There are some coolers that are designed specifically to hold only wine and there are some which can store other canned beverages as well. Whether it's soft drinks, beer, or even bottled water, these units hold both!

The reason behind the wine shelves being horizontal is because it allows the liquid to float toward the neck, which in turn helps to keep the cork wet and prevents it from cracking or drying out. Which can cause air to enter the bottle and damage your wine.

Most wine coolers have separate temperature zones that help to keep your drinks ready to be served at their most ideal temperature. This makes it perfect for s parties as well as for small get-togethers.

Controlling the Temperature    

Wine coolers are such a blessing when it comes to storing wines. To bring out the best flavor in your wine, temperature plays a very big role. Obviously, an exact temperature will always differ by the specific type of wine you have.

However, the general rule for red wine is 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit, for sparkling wine, it's 40-50 degrees and for white wine, it's 50-60 degrees.

There are some wine coolers or refrigerators that let you store both red and white wines at their distinctive temperature. You can even store other beverages in another zone if you like.

This is called a dual-zone model. A single-zone will only let you keep one type of wine. There are also 3 and even 4-zone wine coolers available if you're looking for flexibility. 

Wine Cooler Features

Here are some wine cooler features that might come handy when you're out buying for one!

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CBD 101: Cannabidiol, Hemp & CBD Oil Differences Explained

For many years has been the case that the cannabis industry has taken over the natural remedy market to the point where very few people in the world have not heard of CBD oil and its proponent great uses.  As such, there are plenty of people that do know about the properties that cannabis and CBD oil can offer but the problem is that there are still many myths and legends that need exploring. the classic one being that having or consuming CBD oil will make you high.  this is certainly not the case as CBD oil is one of the elements which make up that of the cannabis plant or hemp plant. The element within these plants that offer the high feeling that many people associate with cannabis is that of the element THC. For many products that are CBD based they extract the THC from the plant and separate it from the CBD therefore there is minimal amounts of THC contained within the CBD oil if any at all.  so so what do we call CBD oil and how does it work?

What is Cannabidiol? 

Cannabinol is another name for CBD oil,  in the sense that this is its scientific name which has not been shortened.  as previously mentioned CBD oil or cannabidiol is found in either hemp or cannabis plants. Cannabinol is extracted from a plant's leaves during a manufacturing process in order to create the oil that we know and love today.  it seems to be the case that many do you get confused and seem to differentiate cannabidiol from CBD but this could be further from the truth as suggested in this paragraph. As a result, all you need to know is that they are the same product and the same element

What is Hemp Oil? 

Hemp oil is produced by manufacturing plants into making a product that contains a reasonably high level of CBD. similar to that of cannabinol the process is the same in which the CBD is extracted from the leaves or the seeds Of the hemp plant.  this can then be utilized into producing many products including hemp gummies or hemp edibles. Another great thing about using hemp is that has physical properties as well in that it can be utilized for making rope or even clothing making it a very versatile product

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How Frozen Carbonated Beverage Machines Work


A lot of people are constantly searching for the best business opportunities to invest in. Even if they have regular jobs, having a secondary income has become a necessity for many who are concerned about their financial security in the years to come. While there are plenty of interesting ventures out there, the frozen beverage industry has been and will always be one of the best investment opportunities. Why? Well, because people love them, and they're not just popular in the summer. These carbonated beverages are even quite popular in the winter and every time of the year for that matter. Before you can invest in this business, you need to understand just how a frozen carbonated beverage machine works.

How Does the Machine Work?

You have probably had frozen carbonated beverages a million times, but you rarely stop to ask what exactly is in them. This beverage is basically a mixture of frozen water, flavoring in the form of syrup, and carbon dioxide. What you get eventually is a slush of ice and liquid that tastes delicious. So, how exactly do those machines produce the beverage?


The first thing that happens inside the machine is that the syrup is mixed with filtered water. This operational process is pretty similar to a regular soda machine you see in fast food chains. But the main difference is in the following steps.


After the water is mixed with the flavored syrup, the mixture is carbonated. This happens when the liquid goes through a built-in cylinder that is engulfed by freezing coils. The mixture starts to freeze inside the cylinder, and it sticks to the walls. Then, a rotating dasher starts scraping the frozen bits, even mixing them further. The machine itself often freezes the mixture well beyond the freezing point of water, which is necessary to make that slush that people enjoy so much. So, why doesn't it become frozen solid? It's because of the constant stirring and mixing, in addition to the pressure and carbon dioxide, prevent the mix from reaching that freezing point.


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Perfect Drinks To Pair With BBQ Party


There is nothing that says summertime more than barbeque parties and cool drinks. Being out there in the sun, enjoying the hot weather surrounded by your friends and family is the perfect way of spending the summer. Preparing for a BBQ party is one thing, and playing bartender all day is another. That’s why it’s better to prepare the drinks beforehand for all your guests to be able to enjoy them on the spot. If you would like to save yourself the time and effort, it’s better to look for drinks that could be made in pitchers in advance just for people to pour them whenever they want. Just make sure that keeping your guests hydrated should be taken into account when you are thinking of the added ingredients; you can add ice and soda water for example. So, what are your options when it comes to refreshing cocktails and drinks that would go well with your BBQ party? 

Beer Before Eating

With all the delicious meat and chicken you are planning to grill, beer comes as the most popular drink to pair with your grilled goods. Cracking a cold one with the boys while you are having your favorite food is the perfect choice for the summer. Before you start getting confused between the endless recipes that you can make, you will need some tips and tricks on choosing the perfect grilling gear that will help you in making these delicious recipes. BBQ parties’ enthusiasts at BroBBQ have reviewed different grilling and smoking gear to help you decide between electric or regular smokers. Finding and researching all the information you need to know before you start preparing for your party is essential. Yet, regardless of the smoker or the recipe, you have decided to go for -- whether you have decided to go for pork dressed in vinegar-based sauce, steak with soya sauce, or even a slow-cooked beef brisket -- beer is a perfect choice. You will just need to make sure that you have different types of cold beers available for guests with different tastes. 

Wine With Food 

There is no question that wine is the perfect companion to meat. The point of arguing won’t be whether wine goes with the type of food you have cooked. It's the type of wine to choose to go perfectly with every food option. The best out there for red meat are the Cabernet Sauvignons, Merlots, Pinot Noirs, and Sangiovese. The taste of chocolate, plum, and different spice flavors really point up the taste of your steak. Yet, this is just not a matter of good taste. One doctor has researched the combination of meat and red wine and found that this mix even has some health benefits. Usually, when the meat is digested, it releases some harmful chemicals in the stomach, yet, following the meat with wine stands in the way of the formation of these chemicals. 

Rum Punch

You can make rum punch for a stronger kick after people have enjoyed their food. There are many options such as cider rum punch which you might think sounds better for fall. When the cider is combined with rum, it makes the perfect summer drink to enjoy at BBQ parties. All you need is to mix some thyme simple syrup, with two cups of sugar, and then add 4 fluid ounces of water. Then you can boil them until the sugar has completely dissolved. After the mix cools, you can add apple cider, club soda, Angostura Bitters, lemon juice, and dark rum. Then stir and serve with ice for perfection.

Or you can go for ginger-pineapple rum punch if you feel like spicing up the usual sweet taste. You will need fresh lime juice, ginger beer, dark Jamaican rum and pineapple juice mixed together in a bowl to be able to stir the ingredients. With this cocktail, you can add a more carbonated touch to your drink with some club soda.

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Fun Word-Based Drinking Games to Play


Do you and your friends enjoy getting together and playing drinking games? Have you run out of good drinking games to play? Fortunately for you and your friends, there are plenty of different new and innovative drinking games that you can play to keep your parties fresh and eventful.

While most people do not consider them, simple word games can be transformed into drinking games and liven up any party. Add twists to the games to ensure that you and your friends, add even the simplest word games to your drinking game library. You can now start showing off your vocabulary to your friends while making them pay the consequences for knowing more. Soon you'll be laughing as all your friends have had one too many and you're sitting back a champion.

Here are some fun word-based drinking games that you can play to liven up your party.

Lyrical based drinking games

No party is complete without good music, however, loud music can become an annoyance for many people because they cannot talk to other people. Now you guys can turn the music into your own drinking game. How do you play this game? Each of you will write a common phrase or word that you know will appear in the song and then put it into a hat. One by one, you each grab a word out of the hat and when you hear that word in the song, you must take a drink.

One example could be taking a drink whenever you hear the word 'Thunder' in the song 'Thunderstruck' by ACDC. The person who ends up grabbing that word from the hat will definitely end up having a bad time as the rest of you watch on and life. The game not only encourages knowing the song that you are about to hear, but also encourages knowing common words and phrases that you know appear in almost every song. Take your vocabulary to the next level by studying these words and phrases and watch as your friends end up paying the price. Adding any lyrical based drinking game to a party is sure to get everyone laughing and get the party going in the right direction.


Any party can benefit from a good game of Scrabble. Designate a space at the party for this game to be played. How can you turn it into a fun drinking game though? You can designate drinks to other players based on the amount of points your word scores. If your word scored eight points, you can distribute eight drinks out to the other players. If that seems like too much, you can divide that number by two to keep it more manageable. If unscrambling letters isn't and making words isn't your thing, you can use online tools to help you. Unscrambling tools, while they might not be the most fair, will ensure that you are assigning everyone as many drinks as possible at this party, and what is a party without people having drinks. Pull Scrabble out and watch the fun continue!

Word twists

Word unscrambling games are very simple, but can be a lot of fun for everyone involved. The beautiful thing about these games is how little room they take up. When mentioning games that involve unscrambling, most people will gravitate towards Scrabble, however Scrabble not only requires a decent bit of space to play, but also requires a large period of time to play. At a party, no one wants to commit too much time to one activity, therefore short to the point games are the best to play. To make this game work, all you will need is the bag of letter tiles from the Scrabble game. Give everyone a pen and paper, and then from the bag of letter tiles, pull out eight.

Players must then go about creating words from those eight tiles and the person who can create the most within a given period of time wins and then can assign drinks to the others in the group. Playing any word based unscrambling game is sure to be a ton of fun while getting people to have drinks at a party.


Pictionary is another great word and picture game that can be played at parties and turned into a drinking game. The way Pictionary works, is one person is given a random word and from there, they must draw it for the rest of the group to see. People shout out guesses as the person draws and the first person to correctly guess the chosen word wins. Once again, the winner can assign drinks or everyone who did not guess the word correctly has to take a drink. This game brings in a lot of laughs and can be a party favourite for hours.

Any word-based game can be turned into a drinking game if you examine the rules. Most people seem to think that word-based games will not be fun at a party, however with some slight modifications they can become the life of the party. Taking song lyrics and phrases and turning them into a drinking game is a creative method to get everyone to pay attention and listen up. Getting people to unscramble words or guess words is another way to build your vocabulary while drinking. The possibilities are endless. What word-based games are you going to add to your party?

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6 Fool-Proof Gifts for Your Girlfriend on Her Birthday

Giving her a gift is one thing, but getting her the perfect gift is another thing. You don't want to get her a gift that she won't like, especially on her birthday. Well, worry not because we got you covered. There are several unique gifts you can give to your better half and leave her wowed. If you aren't sure of the perfect gift for her birthday, here is a list of brilliant gifts that will make her birthday memorable.

1. Flowers and balloons

Do you want to make your birthday message memorable? Flowers and balloons are the way to go. Seemingly, flowers are common, but the craft behind the gift makes all the difference. All you need is to make the ordinary gift appear outstanding and unique. Get customized flowers and balloons delivered to your girlfriend on her birthday from https://www.gifttree.com/v3/balloon-bouquets.

2. A giant teddy bear

Well, no man would find carrying a giant teddy bear around pleasant. But hey, you will be pleased you got her a giant teddy bear when you get it to her. Girls love teddy bears, especially the giant ones. A teddy bear is a brilliant birthday gift for your girlfriend. Why not get it for her?

3. A necklace

A necklace is a super gift to show love and that you care. A good number of ornaments come at a pocket-friendly price, but there are expensive ones if you can afford it. Just check from stores and you will find an excellent chain for her birthday.

4. A ring

You likely have plans for a future with your girlfriend. Why not propose on her birthday? You can consider it a day to mark the difference in your love journey by gifting her modish ring while on your knee. Sounds perfect, right?

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5 Savory Recipes to Prepare This Valentine's Day


Valentine’s Day is drawing near and by now, many of us are thinking of special ways to celebrate this day with our loved ones. Nothing beats having a special meal with your loved one at home. It’s simple, economical and romantic. While a romantic dinner is the usual star of Valentine’s Day, lunch and breakfast should also be extra special for this day. Here are several savory recipes that you can prepare for your loved one this day of hearts:

  1. Sunny Heart Toast

Make Valentine’s Day breakfast extra special by fusing together two breakfast favorites: toasted bread and sunny-side up. It’s easy to make, and your significant other will surely love it. For the ingredients you’ll need: 

  • Mayonnaise (4 tsp)
  • Sandwich Bread (4 slices)
  • Butter (1 tbsp.) 
  • Salt
  • Pepper and;
  • Finely chopped fresh herbs (optional)

Spread mayonnaise on the 2 sides of the 4 slices of sandwich bread. Cut the center of the bread with a medium-sized heart-shaped cookie cutter. Melt 1 tbsp. butter in a frying pan and add the bread and cut centers. Cook for 3-5 minutes until golden brown. Turn the bread over and pour the contents of 1 egg into the heart-shaped hole. Sprinkle the egg with salt and pepper. Reduce heat and cook for 5-7 minutes until the egg whites set. For additional flavor and visual appeal, sprinkle with finely chopped chives, basil or parsley.

  1. Chicken with Stewed Peppers and Tomatoes

The red tomatoes and bell peppers in this recipe not only signify the day of hearts they also contain lycopene, a powerful antioxidant that promotes heart health and reduces the risk of heart disease and some cancers. Making healthy chicken recipes is such as this delectable meal is something worth cooking not just on Valentine’s Day, but on a regular basis. Here’s what you’ll need: 

  • Boneless chicken breasts (4 pcs, 100 g each) 
  • Smoked paprika (1 tbsp.)
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Olive oil (1 tbsp.)
  • Small red onions (2 pcs, cut into thick wedges)
  • Red bell peppers (2 pcs, quartered and sliced crosswise, ½ in. thick)
  • Cherry tomatoes (1/2 lb.)
  • Garlic (2 cloves, thinly sliced) and;
  • Parsley

Heat oven to 450°F. Pat chicken dry with a paper towel, then rub paprika and ½ tsp each salt and pepper. Heat oil in a large skillet on medium flame cook chicken until brown on one side, for 4-5 minutes. Turn chicken over and add onions, bell peppers, tomatoes and garlic to the skillet and season with ½ tsp each salt and pepper. Transfer skillet to oven and roast for 14-16 minutes, stirring vegetables once until chicken is cooked through and vegetables are tender. Serve sprinkled with parsley if desired.

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Where to find contemporary furniture design in London

If you are seeking classy pieces to complement your style at the office or at home or as a gift then Aria Collections is your go-to stop. With fresh designs and unrivaled craftsmanship and quality embodying the products offered you will certainly find what you look for. With a wide catalogue including furniture, lighting, home fittings, and audio systems, tableware, bathroom accessories to mention a few you can design and plan out your living room, bathroom, or even the whole house of office and space it out in your design of choice. These wide ranges of products offered to ensure that Aria Shop is a one-stop shop and will sort all your design and fashion needs. 

Modern design and an uncompromising, adamant and contemporary outlook on good quality finishing are hallmarks of the Aria Shop London with sophisticated, refined pieces that offer the best in contemporary design. With a wide array of merchandise available with unique and class-leading design language, exemplary artistry and skill and an emphasis on using the best material makes our British Furniture the best in class. An unrelenting, unwavering and resolute to perfection in our contemporary design furniture shop ensures that you get the best and only the best in furniture. Both indoor and outdoor furniture is catered for in the store and our forward-looking approach ensures that the finest furniture and fittings are offered. 

With products that also incorporate outdoor furniture and lighting with the best in class and best practices used to develop the furniture, you can be sure to look chic and sophisticated with our design choices when you decide to put up a gazebo or garden in the backyard. Using recycled materials and applying various eco-design principles to bring the best out of the products offered, the outdoor furniture is exquisite and tasteful. This ensures that your taste and choices indoors are extended outdoors and the unsurpassed quality and craftsmanship offered in our matchless furniture are shown outdoors too.

With products that are at the forefront of design language and culture, you are sure to get what you want and what you need when you browse our extensive and handpicked catalogue. Not only are the items sourced practical and timeless, but they are also sourced from the best materials. Constructed with cutting edge technology underpinned by the finest of traditions in craftsmanship, the products are all the rage and sold with your best needs and want in mind. 

With an experience of serving the needs of our clientele going back three decades, and the same drive and passion to aid you underpinning our business since we opened doors in September 1989. With two stores in Islington and opened every day of the week we still strive in our endeavour to offer you the best in furniture. An ambition not dimmed and still burning as bright and fiercely as ever to offer the best and only the best in-home and office design.

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Things to Know Before Opening a Restaurant in Singapore


Singapore is a colorful country that offers a myriad of cultures and races. It is also among the top destinations for tourists. With spectacular high rise buildings and striking infrastructure, you’re left in awe thinking about the dedication and the uphill battle that was put towards this country’s development. Another conspicuous facet to Singapore is its food scenes, so much so, that it’s famously called the Food Capital of Asia. With multiple cuisines like Italian, Japanese, Indian, Chinese and several others, there seems to be no interruption in the growth of Singapore’s food industry. If you’ve always wanted to open a restaurant overseas, Singapore is definitely one of the places to go. People are open to new cultures and diversity and accept them easily. You’d definitely not be disappointed.  


If we’ve convinced you, here are a few facts that you need to know before putting the plan in action because opening a restaurant in Singapore has its own challenges. 

Choose your location wisely

Singapore has a lot of nooks and areas that could be potentially popular selling locations. To select an appropriate location for your restaurant, you need to chart out three main factors, which are your customers or audience, your competition and your USP. Even if you see that there is minimum or no competition in your selected location, look for the reason behind it and understand the potentiality of your restaurant in its premises. As you must’ve witnessed, any restaurant requires an apt location. It’s the key to bring more customers. Don’t choose a location that doesn’t show promise. Skimping on rent or the buying price will bring nothing but regret in the longer run. Trust us, securing the right location would be worth it. 


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Not A Good Cook? Here’s What You Can Contribute to A Dinner Party...

Ahh, the dinner party: an evening of friends, food, laughter, games, drinks. What a great way to spend t. You’ve been invited, you’re excited to go, but now you’re wondering: do I need to bring something? 

If you haven’t been specifically asked to bring food- DON’T. You do not want to interfere with the host’s menu, they could’ve been perfecting their menu for weeks. However, if you really love cooking or baking and have the opportunity to ask the host, you can offer to bring an appetizer or dessert. Leave the decision up to the host, that way they can control the flavors of the evening.

Aside from food, it is always nice to bring a gift especially since they are cleaning their home, feeding, and entertaining you for the evening. A gift shows you are appreciative of the invite and all the work they’re doing.

A bottle of wine is always a great gift whether the host is your best friend or someone you hardly know from work. If you like wine, but don’t know much about it- leave the guesswork to We Ship Wines. You’ll be able to snag a limited release or even a bottle from a small winery in Argentina that you wouldn’t be able to find at a store. They offer fast shipping so if your dinner party is tomorrow night, you’re in luck, they can still ship to you. There is also a sommelier on staff & who has pairing suggestions, you’ll be able to impress the party host and guests with a perfect pairing and your knowledge on the bottle or two you bring.

Kitchen towels are a fun and customizable gift you can bring to a dinner party. If you have time to shop locally, find a store in town that has home goods. If you would rather not leave the comfort of your own home or office, that’s what Etsy is for. Do a quick search for handmade, funny, or cute kitchen towels and you’ll get plenty of options to choose from. 

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Food and Drink Ideas to Serve This Holiday Season


With the holidays ahead of us, it is a good time to discuss some of the delicious food and drinks you’ll be serving up to your guests! The holidays are great. You get to spend quality time with family and loved ones, set up the Christmas tree with the grandchildren, and cozy up to the fire with some eggnog and rum of course. It is also a great time to show off the cooking skills and techniques you mastered over the years, and who better else to test this on than your family. Since it’s the holidays, they would be in a festive mood and ready to feast on your mouth-watering creations. 

Below are some food and drink ideas that can help fuel your creativity!

Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies With a Twist 

What is one cookie that everyone loves and is very simple to make? The chocolate chip cookie, of course! Try adding some crushed up candy cane pieces and use white chocolate in your cookies to make them sweet and minty. The white chocolate chips will make the cookie sweeter and the crushed candy canes will add a fresh minty touch. This is one of my family’s favorite holiday snacks and I bet they are waiting for me to bake the next batch of mint chocolate chip cookies, right now. 

Grilled Salad

If you love BBQ's or knows someone who does, then this idea from the grill masters at Ktchndad will be perfect for you. Salad is a great side dish to add to any meal to help make it healthier, but have you ever tried grilled lettuce? I know, I know. It sounds crazy doesn’t it? But honestly, you should be sparking up the BBQ and heating up that grill so you can throw on a big fat head of lettuce. Grilling the lettuce will give it a nice grilled flavor and it will enhance the flavor of any salad, especially if you add a little salt and pepper to the lettuce before grilling. 

Eggnog and Coffee

If you have never tried this, then you definitely need to go and make yourself one right now! Go grab some eggnog from the store and try adding a bit to your coffee.  The eggnog will make your coffee thicker and sweeter, giving you a warm and silky feeling. The combination is perfect for the holiday seasons because it incorporates the classic drink of Christmas, which is eggnog and combines it with warm coffee, to make for one super special treat. This drink is perfect for cozying up to the fire and once you try it you may never go back! An extra tip I suggest is adding some cinnamon to the mixture to give the coffee and eggnog drink a special flavor. 

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What Are the Benefits of Drinking Coffee?

Robust flavor, rich aroma, increased energy, and alertness are the usual benefits of drinking coffee. We all love our Starbucks coffee. After years of medical studies, it's possible to also add prevention of cancer, liver disease, and several other severe illnesses to that list.

It may sound strange to think of coffee as a provider of significant health benefits, considering that coffee and its high caffeine content are usually associated with adverse side effects. But then, the truth is that moderate daily coffee intake is good for you.

There are lots of components in coffee that act as natural shields against the development of these conditions. For instance, caffeine is known to help prevent liver cancer, and the many antioxidants found in coffee reduce the chances of developing cancer. Antioxidants of all types are widely believed to protect cells and tissues in our bodies from oxidative damage. Oxidative damage to these cells often results in the development of cancerous cells. Also, antioxidants are known to help prevent heart disease - another major killer.

Two antioxidants found in coffee beans are caffeic acid and chlorogenic acid. The oil in coffee beans also contains anti-carcinogenic agents, further helping to reduce the chances of developing cancer.

The benefits of drinking coffee regarding bowel cancer lie explicitly in the mounting evidence that coffee reduces the output of bile acids, which play an active role in promoting cancer in the colon.

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3 Reasons You Need a Gooseneck Kettle for Pour over Coffee Brewing

You’ve probably seen someone use pour-over coffee, and that made you realize how they utilize a special kind of kettle to pour the water. The kettle is designed with a long neck, which is narrow to help pour out, and that kettle is known as gooseneck kettle or, in other words, a pour-over-kettle.

This kettle boils water normally as any other kettle would, but this one has a long narrow spout that resembles a gooseneck. It looks funny, but it is such a powerful tool in the coffee lover’s arsenal.

Why Use a Gooseneck Kettle?

The gooseneck kettle was explicitly designed for use for pour-over coffee preparation. If you are still using that traditional kettle for coffee preparation, here is the reason you should switch to using a gooseneck kettle.

The gooseneck kettle handle is designed to help you pour the water slowly with a comfortable grip. The kettle has enough space in between the handle and the kettle to allow you comfortably hold it.

When preparing pour-over, it is advisable to pour down slowly in a circular motion. The curved neck of the gooseneck kettle helps you to control the speed of which the water flows out with ease.

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Bouncy Castle Fun For Family Friendly Pubs


Pubs are the ideal place for grown-ups to let loose and relax after a hectic week; however, sadly, not all grownups are able to leave their children on a Friday night or Saturday evening. This is why family-friendly pubs are essential for these families. There are several family-friendly pubs that exist, but a few of them are missing something a bit bouncy. Bouncy castles are going to be the perfect addition to your pub, you can have all kinds of entertainment, but a bouncy house is going to be the crème de la crème of the whole place.

More Customers

Having a bouncy castle in your tub might seem like an odd idea at first, but the more you think about it, the less weird it will become. All you need to think about is how it is going to affect your business. It will increase your customers, for starters, especially if you live in a large city like Perth. Think about it, there are lots of families who might like to relax for an hour or two in a pub, but they won’t be able to unless it is a great family-friendly place. Experts from  Perth Bouncy Castle Hire found that a lot of family actually wants to own one but don’t have space for it. That is the main reason your bouncy castle will attract these families right to your place. Parents will be eating good food and having a casual drink, while their children are playing in the bouncy house.


You probably don’t know it yet, but your business is already unique in the market. That’s right! There might be plenty of pubs, but there aren’t as many pubs with bouncy houses as you might think. With that being said, your place will gradually have a reputation for being an awesome family-friendly place. It also might be known later as the bouncy house place. This kind of reputation is essential for you because it will only drag in more customers, which also means more income for you. 

More Income

The more customers you get, the higher your income will be. And since your income is going to drastically increase, you might want to use part of it to upgrade the place. You can start by upgrading your bouncy house, if it’s worn out or if you want to add another one. After having a bouncy castle in your pub for a while, you will notice that your place has regulars now. Parents are usually tired, they don’t have the time or the energy to look for a new family place, which means that they will revisit the same place over and over again. Having regular customers is reassuring because it only means that you will have the regular income that you are used to.

Adding a bouncy castle to your pub might seem a bit outlandish, and even though it is a bit strange, it will only bring you more success. A lot of families will be attracted to your pub once their children notice the big inflatable castle at your pub. Slowly but surely, you will be watching your place maintain a relationship with a few regular customers, you will also notice how your income is going to increase bit by bit.  

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