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Top 5 Bars For After Work Drinks in Oceanside, CA

Top 5 Bars For After Work Drinks in Oceanside, CA

A long day at the office is often best capped with an evening of Netflix in your pajamas, but occasionally, a bit more fun is in the cards. For the lucky residents of Oceanside, California, the city is full of great bars to enjoy an after-work drink with friends or co-workers, from high-end lounges to sports bars where you can grab a burger, a beer, and watch the game. Regardless of your personal style, you won’t have to go far to find the perfect bar for you. Here are our favorites:

Barrel Republic

Craft beer connoisseurs will feel right at home at Barrel Republic on North Coast Highway. Bartenders at this local hotspot pour more than 48 varieties of beer on a daily basis, including a wide variety of local brews. Grab a stool and enjoy some of Orange Blossom Mead from Golden Coast Mead, brewed right in Oceanside, or a glass of Here’s Your Damn Stout from San Diego’s Benchmark Brewing Company. If you’re hungry, you’re in luck, too — from bacon-wrapped pork belly to vegan flatbread, Barrel Republic’s eclectic menu of delicious treats will fill you right up.

Oceanside Sports Bar & Kitchen

Eager to enjoy a stiff drink in a relaxed environment? Look no further than Oceanside Sports Bar & Kitchen. With 25 beers on draft, another 40 in bottles and cans, and a diverse array of wines, ciders, and cocktails, this casual bar is a great place to relax with your friends after a long day. Fortunately, for those who could use a break from the monotony of office life, pool tables and flatscreen TVs provide welcome distractions.

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