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What’s Your Whiskey? [Infographic]

What’s Your Whiskey? [Infographic]
What's Your Whiskey? [Infographic] | Palms

What's your type of whiskey? For all walks of life, whiskey is a perfect choice of drink. It is considered as a drink for men, women, any occasion and any season. No wonder why there are varied types of whiskey flavors to suit every need. When you drink, drink good. Pick your best whiskey pal.

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Whisky Infographics for Your Weekend

Whisky Infographics for Your Weekend
Whisky 101 information
whisky world day in numbers
international tartan day
US whiskey map

life of a cask
beer by the numbers

It's almost the weekend. With a week full of useless infographics hitting you daily, I thought I would share some useful infographics - after all, what's more useful than facts about whisky? (beers drinkers should check the end of this post as I threw one in for beer drinkers).

Many thanks to the people at DrinkedIn for posting these on Pinterest.



Let's start with the first one - entitled "Whisky 101" (or whiskey if you dare spell it that way)

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