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The Best Cocktail Apps for the Budding Mixologist

The Best Cocktail Apps for the Budding Mixologist

Going out to a bar or lounge for a martini is getting expensive! I couldn’t help but notice this the other night when I met my girlfriends for a drink and was slapped with a $25 tab—and that was just for my two cosmopolitans. And that doesn’t even take into consideration cover at the bar, any appetizers you might want, and of course a cab home if you drink a little too much!

The life of a liquor enthusiast really adds up!

However, thanks to some really cool cell phone apps—I’ve found a way to enjoy a few fancy cocktails with my friends without the bill hangover at the end of the evening. The following five cocktail apps will ensure you impress with a hand blender and sizzle with a cocktail shaker. They’ll also provide a full list of drinks you probably haven’t tried, for a fun, cheap night or dinner party in…

1. DrinkedIn (Free – for Android and iPhone)

Welcome to the world’s largest community of all things liquor, wine, and spirits! The DrinkedIn app is kind of like LinkedIn is for professionals—but this app is specifically for lovers of the alcoholic beverage. Here you’ll find all things thirst-quenching and inebriating, over 9,000 cocktail recipes with high resolution photos and also includes listings & reviews for over 150,000 bars and show-stopping drinks from establishments from all around the globe. Plus, a rebellious social network of like-minded imbibers from just about everywhere! Support Android and iPhone/iPad.

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13 of Technology’s Best Alcohol Resources Available!

13 of Technology’s Best Alcohol Resources Available!

DrinkedIn BarFinder

What is it? A bar/pub locator - it's a free mobile app available for iPhone/iPad and Android.

What does it do? Find bars near your location from the largest database of over 150,000 bars worldwide. Soon to include a database of close to 10,000 mixed drink recipes as a bonus!

How can I get it? This app is available on the Apple iTunes app-store and Google Play

BAC Alcohol Calculator

What is it? An iPhone App.

What does it do? A fun and interactive way of keeping track of how much you are drinking and its effects on you is by downloading this Blood-Alcohol Calculator. Simple to use and highly rated, this app uses gender, weight and consumption to generate a rough calculation.

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5 Apps for Craft Beer Lovers

5 Apps for Craft Beer Lovers

These days everyone is a craft beer lover—enjoying the lesser known brands from micro breweries, maybe dipping your lips in an organic beverage or two, and even taking the reins and attempting to brew your own beer.

But if you’re rather new to craft beer, there are an abundance of apps for your smart phone that can get rather overwhelming if you don’t know what you’re looking for. The good news is that the following beer apps can help you discover your own love of craft beers…

1. DrinkedIn (Free – for iPhone & Android)

Drinkedin is like a social networking app for beer lovers and the online designation for lovers of all things alcoholic. This app is a fun version of the professional network with the similar name, but this one features a detailed listing of pubs and liquor establishments worldwide, as well as reviews from real beer lovers from folks all around the world.

2. Beer Cloud (Free – for iPhone & Android)

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