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Sports Bars in Chelsea

Sports Bars in Chelsea

Thanks to Chelsea’s close proximity to Madison Square Garden (home to the Rangers and the Knicks,) as well as its closeness to the now sports-focused Chelsea Piers, this art-centric, West-Side neighborhood is far more prone to accommodating a multitude of sports fans than you might expect.  As such, it’s a bonafide hot-spot for sports bars these days—here are five of our favorites.


This isn’t just our favorite sports bar in Chelsea—it’s one of our favorites in the entire city. With three floors to choose from and a multitude of LED HD televisions, you’ll never have to watch your favorite hockey, basketball, football, baseball or soccer game alone, ever again. This bar has such a great rep with the international sporting community, it recently got a visit from Sir Alex Ferguson—manager of Britain’s most famous soccer team, Manchester United. Oh, and by the way? Smithfield’s Happy Hour is all day, every day, until 8 p.m.—it doesn’t get any better than that.

The Flying Puck

You can probably guess from the name which sport The Flying Puck favors most—hockey, of course! This place is Rangers fan heaven—the hottest spot for hockey-lovers to hang out before and after Madison Square Garden games (it’s literally half a block away from the arena, so extraordinarily convenient) and the next-best place to watch all of the action, as it happens, if you couldn’t get a ticket for the game in time.  Far better then watching at home! The drink specials in here are all hockey-themed as well—we recommend the Penalty Shot.  

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Official Cocktails for the World’s Sporting Events

Official Cocktails for the World’s Sporting Events

For most American sporting events, spectators can make due with a round of cold beers or a few fingers of bourbon as they cheer on their favorite team. Certain sporting events, however, require a more refined drink of choice than the average six-pack. So whether you’re cheering on your favorite team in a big game or watching a major tournament, here are a few cocktails that will take your party to the next level.

Honey Deuce – The US Open

It’s a ton of fun to say, but the Grey Goose Honey Deuce is even more fun to drink. The official drink of the US Open since 2007, the Honey Deuce has become a favorite of tennis fans. Combining lemonade, raspberry liquor and vodka, this cocktail will have you hitting aces in no time.

Directions: Fill a highball glass with ice and then add 1.25 oz of Grey Goose vodka. Fill with lemonade below the rim and add a splash of Chambord. If you’re feeling fancy, garnish it with balls of Honeydew melon.

Mint Julep – Kentucky Derby

One of the more storied “official cocktails,” the mint julep has been the drink of choice at the Kentucky Derby since 1938. Each year, nearly 120,000 juleps are served at Churchill Downs during the two-day race. Traditionally, the julep is made with only four ingredients (bourbon, sugar, mint leaf and water) and served in silver julep cup. If you’re mixing at home, feel free to use a highball glass and straw in place of a silver cup.

Directions: Muddle 4 fresh mint sprigs, 1 teaspoon granulated sugar and 2 teaspoons of water in a highball glass. Fill the glass with crushed ice and add 2.5 oz of bourbon. Garnish with a mint sprig and serve.

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