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Top best cocktails for a perfect party. Easy and yummy!

Top best cocktails for a perfect party. Easy and yummy!
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Classic cocktails are always great, but today we’ll not going to tell you well-known recipes. We’d like to offer you something new. Want to surprise your guests and don’t sure that your cocktails will be tasty? Just read your list and no doubt that your party will be unforgettable!

Red Wine Berry Spritzer

It’s a refreshing and quite an easy wine cocktail for anyone avoiding calories. Some people like to combine there both red and white wines. If you want more experiments, you can try that.

For this cocktail, you’ll need:

  • 1 part red wine
  • frozen red fruits (blueberry, strawberry, cherry)
  • 3 parts mixed berry sparkling water
  • ice cubes

First put some ice cubes at the bottom of the glass, add some berries. Then fill the glass with a wine and complete the drawing with the mixed berries sparkling water.

It’s ready.

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Best Cocktail Bars in Oslo, Norway

Best Cocktail Bars in Oslo, Norway

There is a certain classy feel to Norway that inspires you to dress that bit smarter and take a little bit more time over your makeup and hair. The country is immaculate and something of its appearance always seems to rub off on its visitors. This is truer than ever when you visit the capital city of Oslo as the place is an unbelievably tidy and attractive city, with smart and interesting architecture and a wonderful history. So when you have a night out in Oslo you always want to pamper yourself and make the evening a refined experience and there is no better way to do this than at one of the city’s many fantastic cocktail bars.

Bar Boca might lack a little in size with only enough room for 5 tables but it makes up for it with its marvelous 50’s style décor and great cocktail menu. You should expect standing room only as this is a firm favorite with locals and tourists alike, the friendly atmosphere and cozy surroundings are the perfect place to start your night on the town.

For a bit more room try Hell’s Kitchen and here you can also order a bite to eat to enjoy with your drink. Pizza and cocktails might not sound like the perfect combination but they actually do complement each other quite nicely. This is a trendy place to be that is always popular with the locals, although it does tend to attract a younger crowd. That said the natives are always friendly and if you fancy making some new friends with a bit of local knowledge then this is definitely a good place to start looking.

Whilst we are talking about trendy we have to mention The Sense. This 2 storey cocktail serving wonder bar has award winning bar staff that really knows how to shake a positive drinking experience. So if you like your martini shaken and not stirred then this has to be the right place to order it. Live music is often on the menu and you might get a wonderful rendition of your favorite tune played on the electric piano and accompanied by bongos. They are even available for birthday parties and corporate events and that makes The Sense.

The pizza and cocktail theme continues at Yatzi; a place that describes itself as a club/restaurant. Comfy settees and a happy party vibe are everything here and resident DJs mix the weekday tunes then hand the decks over to guest artists at the weekends. So if you like a Margarita pizza with your, urm, Margarita cocktail in a big comfy seat whilst enjoying the latest tunes then you might have to throw the dice and shout Yatzi.

There are many more places to try and get a Tom Collins or a Screwdriver in Oslo and many of the pubs selling beer and wine will also rustle up a mean cocktail. So after a long day sightseeing around one of Europe’s finest capital cities what better to do stay in your nice hotel in Oslo (in Norwegian they say hotell Oslo) or take the weight off and enjoy a shaken surprise?

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Ice Bar London

Ice Bar London

Ice Bar by Ice Hotel London boasts an exhilarating, unique experience at minus degrees. With only 5 Ice Bar destinations worldwide where better to visit one than the UK capital, London. This niche experience not only appeals to tourists in the capital but to UK socialites wanting an exclusive social encounter at minus 5 degrees.

At the heart of Ice Bar London’s ethos is that everything inside is made out of crystal clear ice imported from Jukkasjärvi in Northern Sweden. Everything from the walls to the floors, the seats and ceiling is handcrafted with chisels and chainsaws to create the frozen layer, guaranteeing visitors an experience to remember.

An addition to the social artifact is the hand-made extras to make the visit an exploration of frozen fantasies. Every autumn Ice hotel’s skilled artists and designers return to create another epic design never seen before through the skill of craftsmanship and creativity.

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