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Drinking Pills and Islay Mist Revisited

Drinking Pills and Islay Mist Revisited

I’m sure many of you will have seen the news item last week that UK residents who drink half a bottle of wine every night, or more than three pints of beer, will be offered a pill to help reduce their alcohol consumption.

According to research this pill, nalmefene, cut drinking by 61% over 6 months when combined with counselling. Apparently it blocks the part of the brain which gives us pleasure from alcohol and hence stops us wanting more than one drink.

Obviously this could be of great help to those that do have problems with drinking. But I have to admit the first thought that sprung to mind is what happens if you combine nalmefene with a pill recently developed by Professor David Nutt.

A number of years ago Professor Nutt was the UK chief drug advisor; however, he has spent the last few years developing a pill that mimics the effects of alcohol in the body, i.e. it makes you drunk. Unfortunately the pill isn’t yet available commercially (as far as I can tell); otherwise I would’ve definitely tried it by now.

What do you think? Could the combination of the two be the perfect solution for those of us that don’t have a drinking problem but do like to get drunk once in a while without having to break the bank? Go out, buy one drink, and then take one of each pill. Would one still enjoy being drunk but lose the urge to drink more (and hence spend more money)?

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This Beer Might Cause Erectile Dysfunction?!

This Beer Might Cause Erectile Dysfunction?!

Alcohol is good for your sex life, right? It gives you the confidence you would otherwise lack. Chatting up that hot blonde at the bar is way easier after a drink or two.

That may be true, but that’s where the positive side effects end. In general, booze is bad for your sex life.

Alcohol Causes Erectile Dysfunction

We all laugh at those commercials advertising little blue pills for old guys. But sadly, erectile dysfunction doesn’t just plague the older population. Many men as young as 30 struggle with impotence.

There are many things that can lead to erectile dysfunction—poorly executed exercises, low testosterone, obesity, heart problems. Some of the causes of erectile dysfunction are psychological or stress-induced. However, one of the most common instigators of ED is alcohol.

We all know alcohol affects our brain. But did you know it affects your penis too?!

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Drink Alcohol? You’re Going to Need a Vitamin B12 Injection!

Drink Alcohol? You’re Going to Need a Vitamin B12 Injection!

Alcohol often gets a bad rap. In some cases, it’s well deserved. If we drink too much, we do stupid things – and our body suffers quite a bit.

But not all alcohol consumption is bad. Most people won’t go running through the streets naked after drinking a single glass of wine. Your liver won’t shrivel up and die if you drink a beer at the ball game.

While its true alcohol isn’t as terrible as some people make it out to be, it is wise to take a few precautions. Just like you plan ahead and arrange for a designated driver, you must also make arrangements to keep your health in check.

One of the best things recreational drinkers can do is use vitamin B12 injections.

What is Vitamin B12?

Vitamin B12 is an essential nutrient. It is part of the B vitamin complex (along with several other nutrients). Like all essential vitamins, B12 plays an important role in your health.

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6 Super Cool Gadgets for the Manly Drinker

6 Super Cool Gadgets for the Manly Drinker

Men love to drink, and can you blame us? After a hard day at work, there’s nothing like unwinding with a nice cold one. And what better way to enjoy the weekend than with a few tasty adult beverages?

But the old way of drinking just doesn’t cut it anymore. Walking to the fridge to fish out of a beer every time you need a fresh one is so retro. Thankfully, alcohol and ingenuity go hand in hand. Some of us get our best ideas after a couple of drinks. That’s why it comes as no surprise that some insanely cool and innovative drinking gadgets have been invented over the years.

If you’re a guy who likes to drink, these are 6 gadgets you need to get in your life ASAP.

The Beer Holster

Image source: http://www.waycoolgadgets.com/beer-holster/

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Alcohol, The Creatives' Best Friend

Alcohol, The Creatives' Best Friend

Ernest Hemingway, literature's resident drunk, can attest to the theory that the alcohol really fuels the creative juices of writers and artists. Though he didn't write while being crazy drunk, he sure has a few anecdotes about this drunken adventures.

There's no concrete evidence on how alcohol boosts a person's creativity. But there's a theory that since drinking lowers inhibitions, an individual's thought process is freed from any restrictions. Alcohol is a depressant that lowers the judgement and inhibition of a person. So in a sense, science exists behind the claims that having a drink can make a person braver. When it comes to being creative, it works the same way. Words will flow more freely when writers stop thinking about petty concerns such as readers' criticisms. When inhibitions are lowered, writers are less self-conscious, leading to a more natural and honest writing.

However, there's also the argument that alcohol actually hinders productivity. Though it triggers people to be more creative, the other effect of alcohol stops them from delivering. It disinherits a person's capability to actually get out what's on their minds. But it always depends on the amount of alcohol consumed. With just the right amount, creatives can get the help of alcohol to create a master piece.

In a study conducted by psychologists from The University of Illinois, 40 male participants are subjected to a test that challenges their creativity. The men who had drinks performed better on tests and showed sudden insights compared to those who are sober. The research concludes that alcohol relaxes the brain and causes it to see things in a bigger picture. And through this effect, the brain manages to analyse and connects the dots easily. Alcohol can make motor skills and focused action a lot more difficult, but it has a positive effect on the thinking process.

The key here is in the moderation. There's no point in denying the debilitating short-term and long-term effects of alcohol. When taken in staggering amount over the course of years, it can affect the liver and the heart. Alcohol poisoning is even possible. Renowned artists like Kurt Cobain and Amy Winehouse, both creatives, are just two of the thousands of people who reached their demise due to alcohol. But with the right amount of alcohol in your system, you can free yourself from the limits that your sober self struggles with.

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Can Different Types of Alcohol Affect My Body Differently?

Can Different Types of Alcohol Affect My Body Differently?

Any experienced drinker knows that no two nights of drinking lead to an identical morning after. Some mornings it may feel like you simply didn’t log enough sleep, while others like a truck ran over your head… twice. But do you know why? Modern science claims that “alcohol is alcohol,” yet many who drink swear different alcoholic beverages cause significantly different reactions in their mental and physical state. The truth, as always, is not black and white.  While the way alcohol is metabolized in the body is consistent no matter what you are drinking, different people drinking the same thing may react differently and the same people drinking different things may also react differently. So what gives?  The way you feel after drinking depends on a variety of factors, including who you are, what you drink and how you drink it.

First, it is important to note that the body does technically metabolize all alcohol the same way. To put it simply, once a drink enters the stomach it will be carried by blood vessels to the blood stream. There, about 20% of the alcohol is absorbed while the remaining 80% is absorbed through the small intestine. Once there, the alcohol will enter the blood stream through the small intestine walls and then be metabolized by the liver. On average, the liver can process one ounce of liquor per hour. When you consume alcohol at a faster rate, your system becomes saturated and the additional alcohol will accumulate in your blood stream until it can become metabolized. This is where feeling drunk begins.

Your body metabolizes all alcohol this way, from a pint of beer to a glass of wine to a shot of vodka. So what leads to different outcomes? First of all, women metabolize alcohol at a different rate than men. This has been attributed to women having less body water, so the percentage of alcohol entering their blood stream is a higher, leading them to become drunk more quickly. Additionally, things like body weight, medications and how much food you’ve eaten that day can all affect how quickly you become intoxicated by affecting the alcohol absorption in the stomach.  This is why smaller women tend may be considered “lightweights” and why you should always eat dinner before drinking.

It may not be a surprise to you that a cheerleader becomes drunk more quickly than a husky football player, but the content of a drink and your mindset during drinking can affect your degree of intoxication as well. If you’re drinking a mixed drink, it likely includes soda or fruit juice. Soda, or any other carbonated beverage, speeds up the absorption of alcohol into the bloodstream and will leave you feeling drunker faster. Not only that, the caffeine present in soda will keep you alert, meaning you may not realize how significantly the alcohol is affecting you until you are already too drunk. Likewise, using a fruit juice as a mixer masks the taste of alcohol due to the acidity and sugar. Not being able to taste the alcohol in a drink will lead to drinking faster which leads to – you guessed it – becoming drunk more quickly than if you were drinking, say, a vodka on the rocks where you can taste how strong it is.

Perhaps you have heard someone claim “tequila makes me crazy” or “whiskey makes me mean.” When considering that all alcohol is metabolized the same way, it might lead you to believe that these differences aren’t possible. If you took two people of identical gender, height and weight and gave one an ounce of whiskey and one an ounce of tequila and asked them to drink at the same rate, they would likely have identical reactions. However, in reality this is not how people drink.

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Around the World in Signature Drinks

Around the World in Signature Drinks

No matter where we go, where we are, what we do, cocktails are definitely one way that has proved itself over and over which can calm us down and relax us. There are so many cocktails today, and each and every one of them is completely unique with its own story, driving us in its world and let us experience the excitement it brings. Now, with so many special tastes, how can we pass on that, that would be such a waste? In order to avoid that, you should try out different cocktails whenever you get a chance, not only you will enjoy, but you will also give yourself the opportunity to experience stuff you couldn't before, you will be able to "travel around the world" on completely different way. Trying out different cocktails is really exciting and it can open us new paths, new understandings and one more way to look at the country cocktail is coming from. Each cocktail with its taste is telling us something, just taste it, relax and the story will begin....

Brandy Crusta

This cocktail was created in 1840s/50s by Joseph Santini. If you ever happen to be in New Orleans, you should definitely try this cocktail, since it has magnificent taste, especially when you order it from its hometown. With this cocktail you will be able to experience the fascinating combination of tastes, just close your eyes and imagine how would sugar syrup, lemon juice, Angostura bitters, cognac and superfine sugar taste together, combined, served in champagne flute for the most exciting experience!

East India House

Another amazing cocktail, with a long history, had a few incarnations since Charles H Baker tried it out in Royal Bombay Yacht Club in year 1932. Today, you can get the best East India House cocktail in hotel in Delphi. Served in martini coupe, you will be able to experience the arousing taste of orange curacao, cognac, maraschino liqueur, Angostura bitters and pineapple syrup.


Cocktail, created after the work, during one night by bartender Brian Miller. He had combined few of his favourite brown spirits and one of the most popular drinks created by him was finished. This is certainly the incredible combination worth of trying, this is the taste of Hine H cognac, Buffalo Trace bourbon whiskey, Rittenhouse Rye 100 proof whiskey, Busnel VSOP Calvados, Angosture bitters, chocolate bitters and raw brown sugar syrup. You should definitely try this one in New York!

Cocktail Oz

If you ever happen to be in Chicago do not miss under any circumstances the opportunity to try out this cocktail. Lynn M House, the creator of this cocktail has seriously made the amazing thing by combining such the interesting ingredients: Pierre Ferrand Ambre cognac, plum wine, lemon juice and apple cider vinegar gastrique.

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France Needs to do More to Protect its Wine Culture

France Needs to do More to Protect its Wine Culture

As the French government is being urged to ban all online promotion of alcohol, attention is being drawn to the wine-making capital and the confused relationship with its leading product.

France already has strict laws governing the sale and advertising of alcohol, last week though , a report suggested that it should be removed from social media sites. The report’s author, Professor Michel Reynaud, believes that social media glamorises alcohol in the eyes of young people.

This be difficult to enforce though, firstly the scale of the operation would be huge, the report wants to go so far as to ban blog mentions. Secondly, it has stirred a strong sense of defiance, angry winemakers have staged protests across the country.

France has become a European leader in forcing its population to get back on the wagon. The Loi Evin law, named after health secretary Claude Evin, was initiated in the early nineties and has since seen alcohol removed from cinema and TV,  as well as place harsh restrictions on bars, restaurants and tobacco companies.

Why is there a need for these server measures though? When the UK introduced 24 hour licencing, the appeared intention was to encourage a continental style café culture. Lighter regulation aimed to promoted responsible drinking, but based on France, surely the opposite is true?

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Top Bars and Hangouts in Atlanta

Top Bars and Hangouts in Atlanta

There’s plenty to do when the sun goes down in Atlanta, Georgia. The local nightlife is buzzing across the cities neighborhoods, but what else is expected from a city whose nickname is ‘Hotlanta’. This southern town knows how to enjoy itself, with nostalgic restaurants, swanky clubs and premiere jazz bars, to name just a few of it’s unmatched dining and entertainment options.

Whether you are looking to relax and casually kick back, dance the night away or slowly sip on an exquisite cocktail, Atlanta boasts a wide-variety of bars, nightclubs, lounges and general hangouts to fit any style.

Let’s explore a few of the top bars and hangouts to visit in Atlanta:

The Sound Table

In the Old Fourth Ward you’ll find this restaurant-club that has a drink for everyone. With an extensive wine list and craft spirits for any taste, this is one place where you can’t go wrong. So go ahead and order that classic cocktail you’ve wanted to try.

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Beer for the Rich and Famous - The Top Five Most Expensive Beer in the World

Beer for the Rich and Famous - The Top Five Most Expensive Beer in the World

As a beer-loving individual, I find it hard not to indulge myself in the finest beers that my money can buy inside a convenience store. However, I don't think I'll be able to spend a thousand dollars or plus on just one particular type or brand of beer. Unfortunately, some beers costs thousands of dollars or even more than that. Perhaps its because these are the type of alcoholic beverage that you won't see anywhere else.

Well, it has to. There's no other rational explanation why these beers are so expensive!

Nevertheless, there are hundreds of beers that are ridiculously priced, but none can match the top five beer that I've included in this article. Whether you like it or not, these highly-priced (and highly prized) drink of the gods will forever haunt my memory. Unless I win the lottery tomorrow and I get a billion dollars, then I'll probably buy one or two.

Yes, that's exactly how most people would want it. Bathing in expensive beer.

5. The Tutankhamun Ale

Let's start off with the least expensive beer. The Tutankhamun Ale costs around $52 per bottle, which is kinda insane because you wouldn't pay that amount for a good old Jack Daniels beer. Brewed inside a Cambridge laboratory, its said that the recipe actually came from Queen Nefertiti's temple in Egypt. Queen Nefertiti was the very first female Pharaoh of Egypt (the second female is the deadly Cleopatra) and her stepson, Tutankhamun, was the basis as to why the formula was called Tutankhamun Ale.

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Does Mixing Alcohol with Diet Soda Get You More Drunk?

Does Mixing Alcohol with Diet Soda Get You More Drunk?

If you’re fond of cutting calories and sugar in your mixed drinks by combining alcohol with diet soda, you may be in for a bigger drunk than you expected. Research determined that mixed drinks that contain artificial sweeteners have a more powerful impact than those mixed with regular soda containing sugar. While the study results are harrowing enough on their own, the artificial sweeter and alcohol combination can come with additional detrimental effects.

The Diet Soda + Alcohol Study

A study published in Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research aimed to find out if a drink mixing alcohol and diet soda had any different effect on participants than those who consumed a drink mixed with alcohol and a beverage containing sugar. It did.

Those who drank alcohol mixed with diet soda, specifically diet Sprite, had higher breath alcohol concentrations (BrACs) than those who drank alcohol mixed with regular Sprite. Those who consumed diet soda in their drink also performed much more poorly than their regular soda drinking counterparts when faced with a task that gauged their reaction time. Researchers asked participants to “go” or “not go” on a computer when cued, and the diet soda bunch was less adept at reacting to the cues.

The study objectively showed those who mixed diet soda in their alcoholic drink were more impaired than those who mixed in sugar-based soda. While that may be disturbing enough if you regularly mix drinks using diet soda, the subjective results of the study may be scarier still.

Although the BrACs were clearly higher for those who consumed diet soda and alcohol, the diet-soda drinkers did not report feeling any more fatigued, impaired or intoxicated than those who imbibed in the sugary soda drink. The diet-soda group also had the same level of willingness to drive a vehicle than their counterparts even though their BrAC readings were indeed higher.

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Binge Drinking and Your College Freshman

Binge Drinking and Your College Freshman

Binge drinking is a normal part of college life for many students, and even if your child did not drink much, or at all in high school, there's still a good chance that he or she will get involved in binge drinking. Generally, binge drinking is defined as consuming consuming a large number of drinks in two hours or less, typically five drinks or more for men and four or more for women.

Research varies on the exact number of freshmen involved in binge drinking,[http://www.bestdrugrehabilitation.com/blog/infographics/infographic-binge-drinking/] and it often varies from one campus to another, but one commonly cited statistic is that half of college students report binge drinking in the past two weeks. College freshmen who did not drink heavily, or at all, during high school are not exempt from the phenomenon either, as half of these students reported binge drinking at least once during their first semester of college.

Understand the Risks of Binge Drinking

Some parents think of binge drinking as just a normal part of college life, but the truth is that it is risky behavior that may lead to a wide range of undesirable consequences:

  • Academic difficulties as students spend less time and attention on classwork and more on social activities and drinking.
  • Health problems, including trips to the hospital because of excessive blood alcohol content, injuries because of falls while under the influence of alcohol, and injuries due to drunk driving accidents.
  • Assault and unwanted sexual advances as students' own inhibitions are down and they are around others who are in a similar state.

Environmental Factors that Affect Binge Drinking

Although educating students about the risks of binge drinking may play a small role in helping prevent it, some of the biggest contributors to binge drinking are environmental factors. For example, college freshmen who have easy access to inexpensive alcohol, perhaps through older students, and who live in dorms that permit alcohol, are more likely to binge drink than those who don't. The drinking behaviors of friends, and even parents, also had an effect on whether students engaged in binge drinking.

Importance of Talking About Drinking Before College

As a parent, you probably want to do everything you can to protect your college freshman from the harmful effects of binge drinking. You're best off getting started before your child enters college. The more you talk about drinking and your expectations while your child is still at home, the more likely your child will be to maintain these after going away to college.

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Beer: The Ultimate Confidence Booster?

Beer: The Ultimate Confidence Booster?

I'm sure you are all aware of how guys who are obviously timid and shy become loud and brave the moment they're drunk. Without a doubt, most people believe that beer is the ultimate confidence booster. But is this really the absolute truth?

I love beer and I've been drinking the stuff since I was legal enough to start drinking it (don't ask). I have to say that it's during those times when you're intoxicated that makes you do something that you would feel really awkward of doing when your state of mind is working normally. So, based on my experience, it's not exactly confidence, but more like being intoxicated by alcohol that makes guys do something that requires bravery on their part.

However, some experts dare to differ. There is proof that beer does give people the confidence to be winners. One researcher states that people who drink alcohol are most likely to solve difficult problems because of creativity. Jennifer Wiley proves that people with the right amount of alcohol content in their bloodstream are worse at solving memory tasks, but are quite excellent when it comes to creative tasks. It is later explained that the alcohol actually allowed the subjects to use constructive logic rather than linear analysis.

Some of the other great benefits from drinking beer are as follows:

  • Consuming moderate amounts of beer reduces the risk of heart disease by 30%. Of course, the word "moderate" should be a good enough warning for all drunkards out there.

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Beer - Removing Heartaches since Time Immemorial

Beer - Removing Heartaches since Time Immemorial

While I was growing up, I've seen a lot of movies where heartbroken guys or problematic teenage girls grab a bottle of their favorite beer and start gorging up the whole bottle until they got too drunk to even stand up. Fortunately, my parents were kind enough to explain to me that drinking booze does not solve all of life's problems. Or does it?

I guess, without fail, that this is the reason why a lot of people go out to drink their favorite beer after a whole day of work. And it's not just in our time; back in the Medieval days, men from all walks of life would come marching inside the tavern to get into high spirits. Or so they say. And during the Renaissance period, this was the time when broken hearted nobles and peasants would gather and drink all their heartaches away!

I guess it's no different from what is happening today. People are proud to be drinking beer. I know I am; my growing collection of beer shirts can attest to that.

In any case, what is it in beer that makes people feel a bit better the next day? I guess it may have something to do with its relaxing and refreshing taste. Even doctors believe that drinking beer at a moderate pace can help with certain body processes as well as act as an anti-depressant. For those who are not exactly familiar with how beer is made, it is made from a process called brewing. Ingredients like malt, yeast and hops are mixed together and eventually becomes the beverage most guys love. You'll probably have a problem choosing which particular brand of beer you like, since there are lots available in the market. Carlsberg and Budweiser are just a few of the most popular beer brands that are popular in the States.

Moderate alcohol consumption is indeed good for the heart. Literally speaking though, beer consumption is good for the cardiovascular system since it is associated with elevated levels of high-density lipoprotens or HDL. HDL is the healthy part of cholesterol. Beer drinkers also have lower levels of fibrinogen, a protein that is associated with stroke. Beer also lowers insulin and the risk of atherosclerosis, otherwise known as the hardening of your arteries. Therefore, if you want to keep a healthy heart, you may want a couple of cans of beer inside your refrigerator every once in awhile. But keep in mind that although beer is healthy, drinking should be done moderately. I don't think it takes a genius to understand as to what happens when people drink too much beer!

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The Traveling Beer - Choosing the Right Alcoholic Beverage When Traveling Abroad

The Traveling Beer - Choosing the Right Alcoholic Beverage When Traveling Abroad

My love for beer is eternal. Yes, it's no joke. Whether I'm relaxing inside my house or going out with my friends for a night out, I always make it a point to order a nice, cold glass of beer. While I can easily buy a can of Budweiser or a nice bottle of Jack Daniels from a local convenience store, it's a whole different story when I'm traveling to another country. Of course, I can still get my favorite drinks from the supermarket, but when I think about it, I might as well try the best that international liquor has to offer.

Germany - Well, let's start with Europe. It's always been my favorite continent, since Germany's there. Germany boasts of certain beers that were made centuries ago. Besides, German beers have quite a unique taste in them. It's probably because breweries follow a very strict rule about the ingredients used for brewing. Some of the best German beers I enjoy so far are Bitburger and Warsteiner. However, Bitburger is the only one that's gotten me hooked on German Beer.

Bitburger has three unique variations, which is called beer mixes. My choice would have to "Bit Sun", which has low on calories.

And who can forget about Oktoberfest? I always make it a point to visit Germany during this occasion. Asides from beer, I also love buying beer shirt a day and Oktoberfest is the perfect time to buy them cheap! It's a drink-till-you drop marathon for me and my friends (along with a few friendly Germans, of course!

Japan - I've been to Japan three times already and it's a Wonderland for beer aficionados. Yes, I've already tasted sake, but you're dead wrong if you think that Japan doesn't have it's own brand of beer. Asahi Beer is one of the most popular beer brands in the Land of the Rising Sun. There's Suntory Beer as well as Hop Aka; these are just a few of the many beer brands available there. One particular Asahi beer, which is the Asahi Funwari, costs around 140 yen. With an alcohol content of 2-3%, it's something I don't mind drinking when walking around Tokyo.

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9 Things to Know About Playing Pool at a Bar

9 Things to Know About Playing Pool at a Bar

Playing pool at a bar is the best way to play pool because it makes your stay at the bar a fun experience and is also very exciting for both new and old pool players. Pool tables at bars operate on coins, so that means that anyone can play as long as they have some change in their pockets.

Those are the basic rules of bar pool, but to fully understand how to approach the game when you walk into your local watering hole, I have compiled a list of the things that you should know to get the most out of the experience.

1. Rules Depend on Where You Play

It's important that you know your setting, which means that you know how the bar works and how people play pool in the that area. The basic rules of 8-ball and 9-ball always apply, but there are some small differences that can make the game very different for someone accustomed to certain rules that make the game all the more fun specially in a bar where you have your favorite beer mug in hand.

Racking can also be different than you're used to. While it's typical to go stripes/solids/stripes/solids in a home game, this is not always the case in bars. Just make sure that the 8-ball is on the middle of the rack every game that you play in.

2. You Have to Call Your Shot

Your opponent should know what you're trying to do every time it is your turn to shoot. If the ball bounces around for a while and then happens to knock one of your balls in, the shot counts, but it is your opponent's turn because you didn't call that shot.

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The Causes of Blackouts While Drinking and How to Avoid Them

The Causes of Blackouts While Drinking and How to Avoid Them

Have you ever had a night out and woken the next day with little to no memories of the previous night? This is a common problem that many drinkers have after drinking heavily. Since blackouts from drinking can be scary and unsafe, it is wise to try and avoid these occurrences.

In order to avoid drinking blackouts, you first have to know how and why they occur. Surprisingly enough, there are no clear scientific reasons for blackouts-only several theories. The most likely theories are listed below:

  • Drinking too quickly: A 1970 study by Ryback RS showed that blackouts are probably caused by drinking excessive amounts quickly. The faster your blood alcohol concentration rises, the more likely you are to black out. If you drink alcohol slowly, even if you end up just as intoxicated, you are less likely to black out.
  • Alcoholism: According to a 2004 study published in European Addiction Research magazine, showed that blackouts are associated with loss of control and withdrawal symptoms from alcohol abuse. Individuals who drank compulsively tended to black out more than individuals who could control their drinking throughout the night.
  • Past trauma: Strangely enough, past trauma can be an indicator for how likely you are to black out. A 2008 study published in The American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse showed that individuals who suffered from childhood sexual abuse, PTSD, and other past traumas were more likely to black out from excessive drinking episodes.

How to stop blackouts

Obviously, there is no way to stop blackouts from drinking due to trauma, and if you are addicted to drinking, you probably shouldn’t be drinking anyway. However, there is one easy way to reduce the amount of blackouts that you get from increasing your blood alcohol too quickly. Here are some easy steps you can take to reduce your chances of blacking out while drinking:

Fill your stomach: Everyone knows you’re not supposed to drink on an empty stomach, but thousands of people do it anyway. Food helps slow the speed of your blood alcohol concentration, which will help reduce your chances of blacking out.

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I am not drunk, am I?

Alcohol is one of those tricky things in life. Found almost everywhere and enjoyed for a variety of reasons. Most people think of “being drunk” when they are partying, out with friends or just downing alcohol because of sorrow.

What about that after-work happy hour cocktail, the two glasses of red wine with a fancy steak dinner, the local art show champagne reception, the two tall beers washing down the chicken wings on game night? These alcohol amounts are definitely not topping the charts, and when you factor in age, weight, sex, food eaten driving should be safe, right? WRONG. While these factors play a role in the overall picture, alcohol still influences you and your system no matter the amount. No one is immune to its effects, coffee isn’t going to sober you up as it takes time to fully leave your system.

How much time?

It takes about an hour for one unit of alcohol to leave your system, give or take. To be honest, a unit isn’t that much. For example, one shot of tequila is a rough unit. So that means one shot takes one hour to leave your system. Think about that before taking another sip.

Can you drive?

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Ways To Treat And Prevent Alcohol Poisoning

Ways To Treat And Prevent Alcohol Poisoning

When a person suffers from alcohol poisoning, they've drunk too much alcohol for his or her system in too short a period of time. The dose of alcohol that leads to alcohol poisoning is different for different people. What happens is that the amount of alcohol the person has ingested is so great that it suppresses the reticular activating system of the brain. The RAS controls wakefulness and bodily coordination, which includes breathing. As those functions become more impaired, the patient starts experiencing symptoms like staggering, lack of balance, slurred speech, hypothermia, breathing that becomes irregular, pallor and blurry vision. The symptoms progress to incontinence, drowsiness, vomiting and stupor. Finally, when the RAS’ control of breathing is deeply impaired, the patient can fall into a coma and then into death.

According to expert Michael Myles, “it’s crucial that a person who appears to be suffering from alcohol poisoning be taken to an emergency room or to a physician.” The patient doesn't have to exhibit all of the listed symptoms to have alcohol poisoning.


A person suffering from alcohol poisoning needs to be watched carefully and his or her breathing needs to be supported, sometimes through oxygen therapy. The patient should be positioned in a way that will lower the risk of choking if he or she vomits. If the patient is still awake, he or she shouldn't be allowed to fall asleep or lose consciousness. Some people are also given intravenous fluids to keep them hydrated and given doses of thiamin and glucose. Thiamin is a B vitamin and glucose is a simple sugar. These supplements can help ward off the effects of alcohol poisoning. A great little infographic by TopRehabs.com shows how people can find relief by sitting in a sauna and allowing the heat to draw the toxins out of their bodies.


A person can cut down on their risk of alcohol poisoning by eating before and as they drink alcohol. This slows the rate at which the body absorbs alcohol. Milk and foods high in fat are excellent at slowing down the rate of absorption because they stimulate the body into closing the valves between the stomach and the small intestine. The person should also drink moderately and slowly. Some doctors recommend that a woman shouldn't drink more than one alcoholic drink per day, and a man shouldn’t have more that two drinks per day.

Also, alcoholic beverages aren’t the only things that cause alcohol poisoning. Rubbing alcohol, mouthwash, and other products that contain alcohol should be put out of the reach of children. Even alcoholic beverages in the home should be locked away.

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Business Negotiations in Russia - be prepared for some vodka hospitality

Business Negotiations in Russia - be prepared for some vodka hospitality

Russia has for the most part being spared from the economic crisis that has hit most of the western world, so it's a great place to head off to if you want to do some business. The only snag is that you better be able to hold your vodka if you want to get anywhere.

Crisis, what crisis?


The economy and the world banks may be on their knees in the western world, but Russia is enjoying a steady period of growth by comparison. The wild west style days of the early 90s are long gone and Russia, and Moscow in particular, is a place focussed on moving forward as quickly as possible.

Russia is then an increasingly prosperous and dynamic country where communism is now nothing but a distant memory, but some old traditions definitely die hard. If you head there looking to do business, you really better work on more than just your negotiating techniques before you get here. If you can't handle your drink, you may as well not bother getting on the plane.

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