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What’s Your Whiskey? [Infographic]

What’s Your Whiskey? [Infographic]
What's Your Whiskey? [Infographic] | Palms

What's your type of whiskey? For all walks of life, whiskey is a perfect choice of drink. It is considered as a drink for men, women, any occasion and any season. No wonder why there are varied types of whiskey flavors to suit every need. When you drink, drink good. Pick your best whiskey pal.

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The Single Malt Whisky Flavor Map


Getting too many infographics? Well this one is really worth taking a look at since it helps clearly map out some well known brands of whisky and classify the tastes according to certain criteria.

The axes are from smoky to delicate and from light to rich. You should recognize your favorites and find your spot on the map.

Click on the image below for a full size version suitable for printing.

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