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Drinking Games and Hangover Cures from Around the Globe

Drinking Games and Hangover Cures from Around the Globe
Efficient German medicine
Your drunkenness is decided on the flip of a coin.

I couldn't find a picture of people playing Bear Paw - presumably there are never any survivors

With the 180th Oktoberfest set to kick off on September 21st thousands of revellers from across the world will descend on Munich to celebrate German culture (drinking). If you’re looking to expand your cultural horizons through inebriation we’ve compiled a list of country-specific drinking games for you to try. What’s more, for that added authenticity we’ve included international hangover cures to deal with the after-effects. You’ll look really cosmopolitan. Honest.

Germany – Hammerschlagen & Rollmops

Just so you don’t embarrass yourself with your lack of German drinking game knowledge we’ll start with a classic and Oktoberfest-related drinking game: hammerschlagen.

Reportedly started at the very first Oktoberfest in 1810, hammerschlagen involves a group standing around a tree stump and taking turns to hammer their nail into the wood. The first person to achieve this (the nail must be flushed or under the surface of the wood) is rewarded with a shot; the last must buy the next round.

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Hangover-Free Merrymaking

Hangover-Free Merrymaking

We all know the price for crazy funny night. “The morning after,” or a hangover is the result of intoxication of alcohol degradation products. How alcohol affects your body and what is a hangover?

When alcohol is consumed, the pituitary gland in the brain blocks the creation of vasopressin, which means the kidneys send the water straight to thebladder, instead of reabsorbing the water. This can impact your body so greatly that you could expel four times as much liquid as you’re taking in.

The next morning, a dry mouth signals that the body’s water supply needs to be replenished. Headaches are the result of the body trying to steal water from the brain, which causes a pull on the brain’s membranes.

Frequent urination also rids the body of necessary salts and potassium, which are needed for muscle and nerve function. Without them, headaches, exhaustion and nausea can occur. Potassium and magnesium may also be expelled from the body, which are needed for cell function.

Causes of hangover

  1. Impact on brain cells (sound or light hypersensitivity). Alcohol namely acetaldehyde, its most toxic degradation product, makes the nervous system hypersensitive.
  2. Sleep disorder (apathy, lack of vivacity). Alcohol complicates REM sleep, which is why a drunken person cannot get enough sleep even if sleeping for 8-9 hours.
  3. Dehydration (thirst, dry mouth, headache). Alcohol subdues the production of hormone vasopressin, responsible for the repeated absorption of liquid by kidneys.
  4. Reduction of magnesium ions in blood (headache). It causes heart malfunction and impedes blood circulation to the brain.
  5. Stomach and bowel malfunction (flatulence and diarrhea). Alcohol damages the walls of the upper bowels disturbing the activity of beneficial microorganisms, which results in excessive gas production, stomachache and diarrhea.
  6. Acid-base balance disturbance (nausea). Alcohol degradation products are mainly acidic, and include acetaldehyde, acetic acid and lactic acid.
  7. Metabolic disturbance (weakness). Alcohol oxidation requires a lot of vitamins and microelements, resulting in cellular nutrition malfunction and asthenia.

How to cure a hangover

  • If dehydrated, drink mineral water, vegetable juices and dairy products. The fructose in juice helps to increase the body’s energy, and helps get rid of toxins faster. And adding salt and sugar to water helps replenish lost sodium and glycogen.
  • To wake up, take a contrast shower and go for a walk.
  • To cure a headache, take aspirin or ibuprofen. Go for something that is non-caffeinated and acetaminophen-free.
  • In case of nausea, drink hot chicken or beef broth and take activated carbon.
  • Bananas replenish lost potassium, as well as provide electrolytes.
  • Eat eggs. Eggs contain cysteine, which helps break down hangover-causing toxins.

How not to get too drunk

  • Eating fatty foods and carbohydrates before eating slows the absorption of alcohol, which gives your body more time to process it. Also drink lots of water.
  • Don’t mix liquors, especially those with different alcoholic content
  • Don’t drink carbonated beverages after consuming
  • Drink a glass of water or lemon juice after alcohol intake and take activated carbon. Some suggest taking two aspirins and drinking a full glass of water before you head to bed. This will keep you hydrated and decrease the severity of the hangover.

What happens with alcohol in your body

  • 80% - 90% of alcohol metabolizes in the liver, a process that kills liver calls.
  • 5% - 15% of alcohol is expelled in the breath and urine
  • About 5 % of alcohol is not metabolized and leaves the body after 7 – 12 hours

So the hangover, of course, is unpleasant, but it can be controlled and defeated.

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