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What's Your Poison: 5 Famous Writers and Their Drink of Choice

What's Your Poison: 5 Famous Writers and Their Drink of Choice

Many famous writers throughout history are known to have abused substances as a means of fueling their continuous and, most obviously, brilliant creativity - or perhaps, simply their own personal life problems. The number one substance here, however, has always been alcohol. Alcoholics and writers have become synonymous with each other, and some of the greatest were also some of the hardest binge drinkers. The following is a compilation of five of these writers and their individual drink of choice. Note: since alcoholism is a serious issue, no matter who you are, please consider this list in light of how it can be recognized, especially if you or someone you know is in need of DUI help in San Diego or anywhere else.

1. F. Scott Fitzgerald and Gin Rickeys

The Princeton boy behind The Great Gatsby and other novels during the Roaring Twenties was notorious for hosting lavish and rowdy parties with his wife, Zelda, at which he was frequently seen with his favorite cocktail, the gin rickey, which is said to be rooted in his belief that the drink could not be detected on the breath.

Quote from The Great Gatsby: "preceding four gin rickeys that clicked full of ice. Gatsby took up his drink. 'They certainly look cool,' Gatsby said with visible tension. We drank in long, greedy swallows."

2. William Faulkner and Mint Juleps

As both a Nobel Laureate and opponent of prohibition in the South, the novelist was famous for his whiskey bouts while working, but also for his life-long love for the Mint Julep, a mix of mint syrup and bourbon.

“I usually write at night. I always keep my whiskey within reach.”

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