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The Return of the Speakeasy

The Return of the Speakeasy

The owner of a hidden bar in Ft. Lauderdale talks about its success

Speakeasies by their very nature are hard to find, unpublicized, and a club open to only those in the know. Of course, they hit their heyday during Prohibition but in the past year, speakeasies have started coming into their own again, such as Volstead’s Emporium in Minneapolis, The Peterboro in Detroit, Melinda’s Alley in Phoenix and The Hepburn in Springfield, Mo.

With no law against alcohol consumption, why are these bars proliferating, and with no marketing or advertising, how are they surviving?

Nightclub & Bar spoke with Marc Falsetto, co-founder of JEY Hospitality Group, which opened Apothecary 330 in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, last October. Sales are exceeding pre-opening expectations.

“This city’s filled with regular bars and we wanted to do something a little more intriguing, boutique, off the grid,” Falsetto says. “We wanted to make it more accessible and raise the sophistication level. There’s something mysterious about it and Apothecary 330 has a medicinal feel and there are a lot of artifacts and antiques in it.”

Apothecary 330 also fills a void. Falsetto explains that there was a lack of classic and artisanal cocktail bars using fresh ingredients in the city, so he filled that niche.

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What makes a fun bar?

What makes a fun bar?

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Today, the number of pubs, bars and other entertainment places is on the rise. The traditional bar would admit only members and usually it was a place to drink and get social. Many business deals too have been known to be closed in bars. The old style of setting up a bar changed and the clientele too. Over time, the traditional bar has changed into a completely different type of entertainment place and has to compete for clientele with other bars. So, what makes a fun bar, and how will a bar ensure that it is on the scene within local circles?

Pricing is important to attract clientele. Do not go too high and lose the majority of those who would visit your establishment. Do not go too low too and attract patrons from the lower ends of society. Getting the price right is crucial as it determines the social classes that will come to your place.


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Best Beer Destinations This Year

Best Beer Destinations This Year

It is March, and you are already thinking about that summer holiday. If it is a good time you are looking for, why not culture yourself with a craft beer holiday. We’ve put together a quick guide to the best beer destinations you should consider this year. Take a look!

Dublin, Ireland

Never mind your usual golf trip to Ireland, it’s time to hit the pubs and experience Ireland’s famous drinking culture. Dublin is notorious for its pub culture and is unquestionably one of the best destinations to travel to enjoy a few pints. Guinness is Ireland’s most famous export and if you are visiting Dublin, we recommend you take a tour of the Guinness Storehouse and Brewery; you even get a free pint of the black stuff when you reach the gravity bar at the end of the tour. Dublin’s city streets are lined with traditional pubs that serve exclusive beers. Most famous is probably the Porterhouse in the city’s Temple Bar; they serve up nine of their very own exclusive beers. You should also include Dawson’s Lounge, the Long Hall, the Stag’s Head and Solas on your pub crawl, we’re sure you’ll find a few more establishments on your way too. Although Dublin pub prices average a bit higher than their European counterparts with pint prices averaging at €4.50, but hey, we say it’s okay when they taste so good.

Munich, Germany

If it’s beer you’re looking for, surely there’s nowhere better to go than Germany? Munich is home to the famous annual Oktoberfest event that attracts thousands of visitors every year. So, where are the best places to drink when vacating in Munich and what should you indulge in? Savour a classic Munich Helles pale lager in one of the city’s six main breweries. The world’s oldest brewery, Weihenstephan dates from the 11th century and should be on top of your must visit attractions. You should definitely experience the traditional beer garden traditions of the city. There are several locations that are ideal for summer drinking in the city including The Chinese Tower Beer Garden and The English Garden. This is the perfect place to hit up this summer, beer, beer, beer!

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Amsterdam is home to some of the world’s most famous beers including Heineken, Amstel and Grolsh. If that isn’t reason enough to be one of the best beering spots in Europe, than what is? You must pay a trip to the Cracked Kettle, it is a shop that stocks over 500 hundred types of beer, yes five hundred! If you’re want to relax, sit down and enjoy a few drinks, you have to visit Cafe Gollem, offering over 200 varieties. The price of a drink averages at three quid here; we give that the thumbs up.

There you go, your quick guide to the best beer destinations. Wherever you decide to go, we are confident that you will have a brilliant time. Cheers!

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Top best cocktails for a perfect party. Easy and yummy!

Top best cocktails for a perfect party. Easy and yummy!
Red Wine Berry Spritzer Cocktail Recipe
Strawberry Sangria Cocktail Recipe
Frozen Lemonade cocktail recipe
Sex in the driveway
Mulled Pineapple Cocktail
Mint Chocolate Baileys Milkshake

Classic cocktails are always great, but today we’ll not going to tell you well-known recipes. We’d like to offer you something new. Want to surprise your guests and don’t sure that your cocktails will be tasty? Just read your list and no doubt that your party will be unforgettable!

Red Wine Berry Spritzer

It’s a refreshing and quite an easy wine cocktail for anyone avoiding calories. Some people like to combine there both red and white wines. If you want more experiments, you can try that.

For this cocktail, you’ll need:

  • 1 part red wine
  • frozen red fruits (blueberry, strawberry, cherry)
  • 3 parts mixed berry sparkling water
  • ice cubes

First put some ice cubes at the bottom of the glass, add some berries. Then fill the glass with a wine and complete the drawing with the mixed berries sparkling water.

It’s ready.

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5 Of The World's Best Gaming-Themed Bars!

5 Of The World's Best Gaming-Themed Bars!

Wherever your travels take you, it's nice to know that the nerd and geek in everyone can find a great place to relax, have a drink, and play some of the best cabinet and console games around. There is something for everyone at these bars, and they offer a wide range of atmospheres; from upscale tapas to laid back trivia nights.

Player 1, Orlando, Florida, USA

Player 1 offers a unique gaming themed experience. Here you'll find console games, a rotating selection of cabinet games, PC gaming and board games. They have an extensive beer list, both draft and bottled, as well as game inspired cocktails like the "Nuka Cola" and the "Phoenix Down". And it will all be served to you by wait staff dressed in game character costumes!

Pixel Winebar, Brussels, Belgium

Pixel opened its doors in October 2009 with a unique take on decor. The walls and ceilings are completely covered in fabric squares that are arranged to create an 8-bit style landscape. You won't find much here in the way of games to play, but you will find an amazing tapas menu and fabulous wine selection. This is the perfect place to take your gamer for a fancy night out. They are also available for private parties, so if you're looking for a place to host your game themed wedding reception, look no further.

Barcade, Brooklyn, New York, USA

Barcade originally opened in Brooklyn in 2004, and now has locations in Jersey City, New Jersey, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They focus on American craft beer and classic cabinet games. You'll find arcade favorites like Donkey Kong, Asteroids, Frogger, Ms. Pacman, and Final Fight, just to name a few. With over forty games available, you're almost guaranteed to find an old favorite.

8 Bit Cafe, Shinkjuku, Tokyo, Japan

8 Bit Cafe puts a very 1980's twist on their gaming themed experience. They might not have as many games available, but you'll find Game Boys lying around for customer use. The cabinet games are located in tables, so you can sit and play while you drink. And don't forget to take in all the 80's paraphernalia. You'll find magazines, action figures, comic books and more! The drinks are also game inspired and they have great presentation. For anyone traveling from overseas, the menu is entirely in Japanese, so be sure you know what you are ordering.

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Top Five New After-Work Bars in Manhattan

Top Five New After-Work Bars in Manhattan

New York City can be a proverbial paradise for those who prove their mettle and pay their rent by putting in 16-hour days, but even the most diligent dog walkers and committed CEOs need a break once in a while. While some of us are working for the weekend, there are just as many who are working for that sweet moment at the end of the day when colleagues disappear, friends emerge, and the wine starts flowing. So shut down your computer, say goodbye to your boss, and let the stresses of the workday fade away at these lively new watering holes.

Grace 365: In a neighborhood besotted with bars whose clientele reads as distinctly fraternity-chic, Grace is a welcome addition. With an ample selection of wines, craft beers, and a hearty menu, Grace gets high marks for its relaxed, grown-up atmosphere — you won't find anything ending in "bomb" on the menu here.

Golden Cadillac: On the corner of 1st Street and 1st Avenue, there lies a cocktail bar from a bygone era, where necklines were low, hair was high, and wood paneling was the norm. If you're a sucker for a retro vibe, classic cocktails, and enough snacks to keep you around until closing, park yourself by the bar and let the good times roll.

The Dead Rabbit: The Financial District has long been a top destination for high-pressure office jobs and impressive apartments, but it's long had a dearth of bars that mix a good drink and don't pump insufferable club jams. This is where The Dead Rabbit comes in. With leather-upholstered stools, whimsical taxidermy, and a built-in store, this cozy house of spirits is a terrific pick, whether you're in the market for wine, cocktails, or camaraderie.

Attaboy: The Lower East Side may be rife with bars suited to every style, from dressy to dive, but there are few as unpretentious as Attaboy. Tucked away behind an unmarked door on Eldridge Street, this quaint cocktail bar offers up cozy booths, a clean, unimposing bar, and as eclectic a mix of patrons as you'll find anywhere. So whether you're coming to the bar in full work attire or keeping it weekend casual, you'll never feel out of place; just make sure to get there early — they've got a strict no reservations policy.

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Can Different Types of Alcohol Affect My Body Differently?

Can Different Types of Alcohol Affect My Body Differently?

Any experienced drinker knows that no two nights of drinking lead to an identical morning after. Some mornings it may feel like you simply didn’t log enough sleep, while others like a truck ran over your head… twice. But do you know why? Modern science claims that “alcohol is alcohol,” yet many who drink swear different alcoholic beverages cause significantly different reactions in their mental and physical state. The truth, as always, is not black and white.  While the way alcohol is metabolized in the body is consistent no matter what you are drinking, different people drinking the same thing may react differently and the same people drinking different things may also react differently. So what gives?  The way you feel after drinking depends on a variety of factors, including who you are, what you drink and how you drink it.

First, it is important to note that the body does technically metabolize all alcohol the same way. To put it simply, once a drink enters the stomach it will be carried by blood vessels to the blood stream. There, about 20% of the alcohol is absorbed while the remaining 80% is absorbed through the small intestine. Once there, the alcohol will enter the blood stream through the small intestine walls and then be metabolized by the liver. On average, the liver can process one ounce of liquor per hour. When you consume alcohol at a faster rate, your system becomes saturated and the additional alcohol will accumulate in your blood stream until it can become metabolized. This is where feeling drunk begins.

Your body metabolizes all alcohol this way, from a pint of beer to a glass of wine to a shot of vodka. So what leads to different outcomes? First of all, women metabolize alcohol at a different rate than men. This has been attributed to women having less body water, so the percentage of alcohol entering their blood stream is a higher, leading them to become drunk more quickly. Additionally, things like body weight, medications and how much food you’ve eaten that day can all affect how quickly you become intoxicated by affecting the alcohol absorption in the stomach.  This is why smaller women tend may be considered “lightweights” and why you should always eat dinner before drinking.

It may not be a surprise to you that a cheerleader becomes drunk more quickly than a husky football player, but the content of a drink and your mindset during drinking can affect your degree of intoxication as well. If you’re drinking a mixed drink, it likely includes soda or fruit juice. Soda, or any other carbonated beverage, speeds up the absorption of alcohol into the bloodstream and will leave you feeling drunker faster. Not only that, the caffeine present in soda will keep you alert, meaning you may not realize how significantly the alcohol is affecting you until you are already too drunk. Likewise, using a fruit juice as a mixer masks the taste of alcohol due to the acidity and sugar. Not being able to taste the alcohol in a drink will lead to drinking faster which leads to – you guessed it – becoming drunk more quickly than if you were drinking, say, a vodka on the rocks where you can taste how strong it is.

Perhaps you have heard someone claim “tequila makes me crazy” or “whiskey makes me mean.” When considering that all alcohol is metabolized the same way, it might lead you to believe that these differences aren’t possible. If you took two people of identical gender, height and weight and gave one an ounce of whiskey and one an ounce of tequila and asked them to drink at the same rate, they would likely have identical reactions. However, in reality this is not how people drink.

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Around the World in Signature Drinks

Around the World in Signature Drinks

No matter where we go, where we are, what we do, cocktails are definitely one way that has proved itself over and over which can calm us down and relax us. There are so many cocktails today, and each and every one of them is completely unique with its own story, driving us in its world and let us experience the excitement it brings. Now, with so many special tastes, how can we pass on that, that would be such a waste? In order to avoid that, you should try out different cocktails whenever you get a chance, not only you will enjoy, but you will also give yourself the opportunity to experience stuff you couldn't before, you will be able to "travel around the world" on completely different way. Trying out different cocktails is really exciting and it can open us new paths, new understandings and one more way to look at the country cocktail is coming from. Each cocktail with its taste is telling us something, just taste it, relax and the story will begin....

Brandy Crusta

This cocktail was created in 1840s/50s by Joseph Santini. If you ever happen to be in New Orleans, you should definitely try this cocktail, since it has magnificent taste, especially when you order it from its hometown. With this cocktail you will be able to experience the fascinating combination of tastes, just close your eyes and imagine how would sugar syrup, lemon juice, Angostura bitters, cognac and superfine sugar taste together, combined, served in champagne flute for the most exciting experience!

East India House

Another amazing cocktail, with a long history, had a few incarnations since Charles H Baker tried it out in Royal Bombay Yacht Club in year 1932. Today, you can get the best East India House cocktail in hotel in Delphi. Served in martini coupe, you will be able to experience the arousing taste of orange curacao, cognac, maraschino liqueur, Angostura bitters and pineapple syrup.


Cocktail, created after the work, during one night by bartender Brian Miller. He had combined few of his favourite brown spirits and one of the most popular drinks created by him was finished. This is certainly the incredible combination worth of trying, this is the taste of Hine H cognac, Buffalo Trace bourbon whiskey, Rittenhouse Rye 100 proof whiskey, Busnel VSOP Calvados, Angosture bitters, chocolate bitters and raw brown sugar syrup. You should definitely try this one in New York!

Cocktail Oz

If you ever happen to be in Chicago do not miss under any circumstances the opportunity to try out this cocktail. Lynn M House, the creator of this cocktail has seriously made the amazing thing by combining such the interesting ingredients: Pierre Ferrand Ambre cognac, plum wine, lemon juice and apple cider vinegar gastrique.

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Five Countries, Five Days, Five Beers to Remember

Five Countries, Five Days, Five Beers to Remember

A tour of the central region of Europe, to be fair, would take weeks to fully encompass and enjoy the scenic beauty, the wonderful people, the extraordinary food, and some of the finest beers in the world. In a brief five day whirlwind tour in search of some great brews, a few superior examples stand out – partially because of their uniqueness, mostly because of their high quality, but universally because these fine beers are so closely interwoven into the fabric of their places of origin.


Starting from Munich, a visit to Salzburg, Austria, about 90 miles to the east is a must. Considered by many to be one of the most scenic cities in Europe, the Altstadt, or "old town” in Salzburg is a spectacular sight, dominated by baroque towers, church steeples and the famed Mirabell Palace of “Sound of Music” fame. The Stiegl Brewery in Salzburg was established in 1492, and is the largest privately owned brewery in Austria, though all production is at this single location.

Located in a district called the Maxglan, Stiegl uses mostly local ingredients and pristine spring water from the local Untersberg mountain to produce award winning brews. Home to the World of Brewing museum, visitors can experience, and most importantly, taste as many as ten of the beer that keep Stiegl at the top of the Austrian beer consumers’ lists.


A half an hour from Salzburg by train, and back in Germany, is the Bavarian village of Traunstein, home to three local breweries a short walk from the train station.

Dark beer lovers will be in alpine heaven here. The Hofbräuhaus brewery produces outstanding dark beers, but also blends wheat and barly to make one of the best Weiss beers anywhere. Their "Gastro Weiss" is a rich, tasty memorable brew served only at the brewery.

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Great Britain's Backyard Haven: The Rise of the Pub Shed

Great Britain's Backyard Haven: The Rise of the Pub Shed

The latest DIY craze coming out of the UK in the last few years is the pub shed. According to the British Beer & Pub Association (BBPA) in 2010 an average of 39 pubs were closing each week. That is just short of 2,000 in a year! With the number of pubs closing at a steady increase, it's no wonder that people have started building their own garden shed pubs for their enjoyment.

Pub sheds started out simple in design and have become quite impressive with their various installations and accessories.

The design and size of a shed depends on how many people you will want to entertain, how often you will use it (is it just for the warmer summer months or will it also be used in the colder parts of the year?) and your overall budget. This craze has become so popular that official competitions are held to determine a grand prize winner of the best pub shed.

To start, you will need an electrician to come to your home and you may also require running water depending on your demands. Running water is a nice addition to the pub shed, but you must also consider drainage if you decide to include water. An important initial purchase would also be a fridge for keeping your beers cold. If you're planning on throwing loud parties, you might want to insulate the walls so as not to disturb your neighbours. To fulfill all bar functions you will need many supplies. Some of these can be found on eBay, such as beer tins for wall décor, mirrors, beer taps, furniture and lighting. For strictly bar related items, you may be able to salvage used parts from closed pubs. If you really want the ultimate party scene, consider purchasing a juke box for your pub shed to get the party started, a big screen television, or a Nintendo Wii.

Many pub shed enthusiasts built their own bars from scratch, or you may want to purchase a bespoke heavy duty garden shed from a well known manufacturer. There are many shed companies out there, so take your time, read through all product reviews and make sure that you are happy with your decision before you buy your future pub shed!

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Finding Great Bars in Dublin

Finding Great Bars in Dublin

If you are planning a holiday and looking for a great bar, you will be spoiled for choice in Ireland. Ireland is notorious for its drinking culture and there is nothing like sitting in a traditional pub drinking the black stuff, Guinness that is. Planning a holiday can be a stressful task, from booking flights, accommodation and annual holiday insurance, so you deserve to unwind and relax in a bar on arrival at your destination. If Dublin is your city of choice, I am sure that your expectations are high. Here’s a quick guide to finding great bars in Dublin.

Johnnie Foxes

Johnnie Foxes is famous for being Ireland’s highest pub. Steeped high in the Wicklow Mountains just outside Dublin city, it is the perfect place for a tourist to taste Irish tradition. Enjoy live traditional Irish music on Fridays and Saturdays and a dedicated Irish dancing show afterwards. To complement the great entertainment enjoy an array of traditional Irish dishes locally sourced. Since, the bar is located a bit outside of the city you may be worried about transportation. Fear not, there is a regular shuttle bus departing from the city centre for a low fee so you won’t have to worry about huge taxi fares coming to and from the pub.

Vintage Cocktail Club

The Vintage Cocktail Club located in Temple Bar is the perfect location for a quaint night out or a first date. Hidden away in a Temple Bar alleyway it can be difficult to find and this isn't accidental. Most nights you will need a reservation for admittance but its worth it once you walk in, to be welcomed to a bar that resembles somewhere in 1920s New York. Expect the highest quality service, the tastiest cocktails and the most comfortable, glamorous atmosphere in Dublin’s finest hidden gem.

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5 Essential Bars For Your First Visit to New Orleans

5 Essential Bars For Your First Visit to New Orleans

Everyone knows New Orleans is a drinking city. It’s built into our cultures through a number of festivities, holidays, and, frankly, any other excuse to indulge in the sweet elixir known as alcohol.

One of the greatest means of encouraging this happy pastime comes through our plethora of bars and watering holes, which come in every shape, size and atmosphere possible. Some are big, some are small. Some cater to old workers, some to college age students. Some target locals, and some target tourists. Whatever the case, though, there are certain bars that everyone should visit, regardless of age or excuse to drink.

Here are five essential bars that you must try when visiting New Orleans:

Pat O’Briens

Most likely the first bar any tourist will get ushered to, Pat O’Briens is a staple of the Bourbon Street bar scene, and for good reason. Not only does it own claim to New Orleans’ most famous cocktail, the Hurricane, it also contains a variety of bars and atmospheres, each representing a unique aspect of the historic city. Highlights include the Piano Bar and the iconic outdoor courtyard, which can only be seen in New Orleans.

Carrousel Bar

What makes the Carrousel Bar iconic isn’t that it is located in one of the most beautiful hotels in the city, the Monteleone, although that does add to its grandeur. What makes it special is the bar, which will throw you for a loop, both literally and figuratively. Like a typical carrousel, the physical bar and bar stools spin slowly in a circle while the inner part of the bar remains in place. The drinks are top-notch, which adds to the disorienting atmosphere that can only be achieved through a spinning bar.

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PUBlicity: Stand Out Over Other Bars and Pubs

PUBlicity: Stand Out Over Other Bars and Pubs

Owning and running a business is no easy task in itself, especially a bar.  However, owning and running a bar comes with the territory of a fast paced environment that requires constant attention. In the food and drink industry, your customers are your only source of revenue. In order to maximize the people who drink at your bar you need to make sure that your place is standing out over others, most importantly your competition. Below is a little advice on how to accomplish this tough task.

Get Involved in the Local Community

A great way to gain exposure and credibility is to get involved with the local community. A great way to do this is by catering or sponsoring events around town such as golf tournaments, fundraisers for nonprofits, trivia nights and other occasions that members of the community will attend. Doing this will help get your name out there to those who haven’t heard of you and it may even involve some sampling of your famous drinks.

Another great way to get involved is by hosting your own fundraisers or events at your bar. Again, this will help gain visibility of your place while at the same time giving people a chance to come in and get a taste of what you specialize in, while feeling involved in their community. By doing this, it gives people a reason to come to your local pub without much opportunity cost and to have a good time.

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Some of the Best Cocktail Bars in NYC

Some of the Best Cocktail Bars in NYC

Bartenders in New York have a reputation of being experts in cocktail crafting. Cocktail bars in New York are ever competing to see which bar gets to pour its customers with the best stuff. The bars are a place where you can get both old timely drinks and the hush vibes. The first thing you need to think about when planning a trip to the Big Apple is finding a hotel in NYC (in Sweden they say hotell New York) that suits your budget. Then you need to make a good online research and find out which are some of the best bars that you want to visit. To help you out with that below is list of some of the best cocktail bars in New York City that you should consider as your next libation destination.

Pouring Ribbons

Housed at 225 Avenue B, second floor, this cocktail bar is owned by some of the top bartenders in the city. Run by Toby Maloney, Alchemy Consulting, Jason Cott and Troy Sidle, there is no doubt that the Pouring Ribbon is a talent powerhouse. The cocktail bar is found on top of a famous liquor store and this dose provides its customers with a refreshing dosage of unmatched unpretentiousness. The décor of the bar doesn’t seem to make any references to the usual vintage speakeasy trend. Pouring Ribbons largely focuses on the experience of its guests with a two scaled cocktail menu; spirituous to refreshing and adventurous to comforting. You can try their Closing Bell – Palo Cortado, Appelton Reserve Rum, Penunsula Sherry, Green Chartreuse and Batavia Arrack.

Dead Rabbit Grocery and Grog

The Dead Rabbit Grocery and Grog sits on 30 Water Street and is one of the newly established cocktail bars in the city. While New York City seems to comprise numerous speakeasies nowadays, this bar seems to take its visitors to earlier periods as it reinterprets tipples dating back to the 19th century. The main floor of the bar serves craft beer and classic drinks while the more genteel attractive lounge upstairs offers cocktail seated service. The cocktail menu offered by this bar is quite handsome and the booklet menu has over 70 mixed drinks ranging from juleps to cobblers, daisies and fixes, all of which have been researched painstakingly and history has never been as awesome as in this bar.

Evelyn Drinkery

The Evelyn Drinkery is yet another bustling scene in New York City for cocktail parties. The cozy haunt features a spacious attractive backroom and has several categories of drink menu. The spiked phosphates are otherwise referred to as boozy, long drinks, egg creams, twisted classics and house cocktails. Craft beer and daily punches are yet other liquid offerings that you can find at the Evelyn Drinkery. It is one of the best cocktail bars in NYC to go for a date especially if you try their NYC cream that includes cacao milk, 1796 Santa Teresa, seltzer and chocolate syrup.


The Attaboy bar continues the common trend of a bartender becoming a bar owner. Formerly known as the Milk & Honey, Attaboy was opened recently by Michael Mcllroy and Sam Ross, who were both Milk & Honey veterans. Top-notch cocktail drinks are available on request and the bar actually has no menu as such. With louder music and brighter lighting, the Attaboy doesn’t require guests to make a reservation.

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Top 5 Copenhagen Hotel Lobby Bars Offering Great Drinks

Hilton Copenhagen Airport Hotel

Hilton Copenhagen Airport Hotel has been the winner of the ‘Best Business Hotel in Denmark 2012’ for four consecutive years. It is close to the Copenhagen Airport. Ideally, you can take only three minutes to reach the hotel from terminal 3 arrival hall on foot. Within the hotel, there is a lobby bar offering sparkling majitos, sweet and colorful cosmopolitans, not to mention classic martinis. The hotel offers impeccable services, which has placed it ahead of the other hotels around. Besides, it is known for its Green Key Certificate for Environmental Awareness.

Hotel Scandic Copenhagen

Right at the central part of Copenhagen city stands the 18-story hotel with one of the largest modern conference centers as well as a modern bar. The conference center is well furnished and equipped with modern facilities that include modern AVs as well as IT equipment. All the 18 floors of this hotel are fully furnished in a modern, inspiring interior. While at Hotel Scandic, one can experience the stunning views over the water and that of the entire city as one relaxes over a good drink. The placement of the hotel was carefully chosen to enable clients to have easy access to top spots in Copenhagen such as the Tivoli Gardens.

Cabinn Metro Hotel

Cabinn Hotel and Lobby is a designer hotel built near the airport and Bella Centre in Copenhagen. It was designed by one the best American architects, Daniel Libeskind. The hotel is located in the peaceful land of Orestad. From Copenhagen Airport to this hotel, it will only take five minutes by train. From Bella Center, it is just a ten-minute ride by metro. Visitors can also peacefully walk their way out to Bella convention centre. Guest rooms are fully furnished to the satisfaction of the client with prices starting from DKK 495 as well as free Wi-Fi and complimentary tea and coffee. Besides, the hotel has a multipurpose conference centre for guests who would like to mix business and relaxation.

Nimb Bar

This classic bar is found at the Nimb Hotel in Copenhagen, Denmark. The cocktails are based on a menu that changes from time to time and therefore, you will never have the same cocktail twice. The bar is housed in a modern building that is designed after Moorish architecture. Within the bar, there are dramatic chandeliers, open fireplaces, and wooden floors that give the bar a very romantic environment. Ladies, don’t be surprised if he proposes to you here. Cocktails found here are simply classical to get you started on the real drink. You can choose to start with a Gin Fizz, but it is also advisable to consider some dinner in one of the four restaurants in the hotel.

Bar Rogue

Bar Rogue is in the famous funky five-star hotel known as Sankt Petri Hotel. This hotel is found in the heart of Copenhagen. Within this hotel, Bar Rogue stands out as it is well furnished in red walls decorated with black and white shots of jazz. There are occasional musicians who warm the climate of the bar while the resident DJ takes a break to sip a glass of water or two. The furniture here is classic with low-slung brown chairs and leather couches. Available is a range of drinks served honorably to the guests as tunes of jazz and ambient get them into the mood.

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Inventive Penalties for Your Pub Golf Course

Inventive Penalties for Your Pub Golf Course

Summary: Have you ever played Pub Golf? It is more a drinking game than a sporting event, and the rules dictate that the person who comes last pays with a forfeit. It isn’t as easy as it sounds, however, with penalties along the way to watch out for.

Pub golf is a drinking game with a difference. For some it is an ideal way to spice up a pub crawl while others take it all quite seriously. The rules vary from area to area. However, in short, the aim of the game is to complete a course - nine or eighteen ‘holes’ (pubs) - and stay below par when possible, just like the sporting game.

Each hole (pub) is numbered, and each has a par which dictates the number of gulps a drink must be finished in. The aim is to complete all challenges in each pub, still be standing, not get any penalties which mess up your score, and avoid embarrassing forfeits.

Penalties vary from game to game, but we’ve got some great examples for those who play the game “properly” and are determined to make it last the night. Each has a point penalty added, like gaining four points for not finishing a drink. You want to have as few points as possible by the end of the night to make sure that you avoid the forfeit.

  • Throwing up – it is very unfair of you to be ill, as this potentially gives you an advantage over other players. Expect a fierce point penalty if you can’t hold your drink in.
  • Spilling a drink is cheating at worst, or clumsy at best. There will be points added for this heinous crime and you will have your glass refilled anyway.
  • If you are in a pub which has been classed a water hazard you will not be allowed to go to the toilet. Breaking this rule will also gain you points. It stands to reason that no drinks are allowed to be taken to the loo under any circumstances as all drinks must be witnessed.
  • Not finishing a drink on or under par (i.e. not drinking a pint in five gulps) gets you another red pen on the score card.
  • Falling over on any of the holes – a definite rule breaker.
  • Taking part in karaoke (unless you sing something that is cheerful and from the 80s) will get your card marked.
  • Taking a long break during your drink (i.e. two gulps then a song and a dance then two sips more) does not count. Extra points for this.
  • Getting thrown out of a pub / bar or being refused a drink on your turn is not funny or clever, and will result in serious points being added.
  • Drinking so slowly that everyone else falls asleep at the bar watching you will definitely cause you to gain extra points!

How serious your penalties are depends on how seriously the game is being played. Of course, turning up on your night out in full pub golf fancy dress and with fun golf-related accessories will result in an automatic bonus which will start your night off well.

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New York's Best Underground Bars

New York's Best Underground Bars

As with many aspects of life, in the New York club scene it’s not what you know, but who you know. Word of mouth invites, a whisper between knowledgeable friends or a knock on a secret door is the only way to gain access to the coolest, trendiest underground bar scenes in the city. The exciting and fast paced nature of the New York scene is what gives it the edge, and here we give you the low-down on the ‘must visit’ spots usually reserved only for those in the know. We definitely recommend anyone enjoying holidays in New York to check out these bars.

The Submercer

A tiny utility entrance just past the entrance to SoHo's grand Mercer Hotel and a quick trip in a freight elevator to a big red door, will lead you into the heart of beautiful underground club The Submercer. Exposed brick walls, low ceilings and a generous selection of top shelf alcohol give the feel of a sophisticated basement party. An excellent place to people watch, particularly adventurous types can try out the red room (complete with red walls, red banquettes and a stripper pole).

La Esquina

The name translates as "The Corner" and has a strictly formal dresscode so dust off those cummerbunds. Don’t let the dingy feel exuding from the food stand on 114 Kenmare put you off – it detracts from a door around the corner which gives way to a magical underground space with an atmospheric restaurant at its centre. With candles on the walls and a gothic feel to everything, the sexy, sultry surroundings are almost enough of an allure – second only to the beautiful people that call La Esquina their regular haunt.

The Raines Law Room

On West 17th Street between 5th and 6th Avenues in the Flatiron District is a discreet black door at the bottom of some stairs. A simple ring on the doorbell and you’ll have access to a marvellous underground speakeasy type bar. Named after an 1896 state law prohibiting the sale of alcohol on the Sabbath, this bar is rich in turn of the century charm. With the style and seating based on train compartments, a sharp tug on a pull-chain will summon waiting staff to take your order. Order a whiskey based cocktail and marvel at the unique wallpaper.

The Vault At Pfaff's

On 643 Broadway Noho and located underground, this is a locals’ bar based on Charles Pfaff's original beer cellar. During the 1850s the bar has seen its fair share of legends pass through including Mark Twain and Walt Whitman. Blending little characteristic period touches with more contemporary flashes, the space is stylish but the quirks are many (for example the menus are on newspaper). Pfaff’s is the perfect place for handcrafted cocktails, world-class wines and delicious indulgent treats like truffle macaroni and cheese.

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Top Three Rooftop Patios Ideal for Grabbing a Drink in Vancouver

Top Three Rooftop Patios Ideal for Grabbing a Drink in Vancouver

Vancouver’s skyline, thanks to the meticulous city planning, is often ranked one of greatest in the world. To enjoy it properly, you should try one of the city’s most popular bars and restaurants that offer a well-deserved secluded place to enjoy your drink with friends in the centre of the city. There's no better place in Vancouver to grab an ice-cold beer or refreshing mojito than a rooftop patio overlooking the ocean, or a terrace in the centre of the city offering you and your friends a new angle on Vancouver — especially at night! These are the most amazing rooftop patios to enjoy amazing drinks after a long day this summer.

Joe Forte’s

This place is one of those downtown staples always buzzing with people. It's quite a challenge to get a reservation, but when you do, it's absolutely worth the wait. The place is mainly known for its marvellous seafood dishes — although it has so much more to offer when it comes to drinks. Joe Forte’s has managed to keep its old-school charm, and its waiting staff maintain the highest discipline. This is truly one of the places where the service earns a great tip every time. Plus the piano you can hear from the mezzanine creates an incredible atmosphere.

The best part of the whole experience is when you get to the roof and see the buildings around you and hear the rush of traffic in downtown Vancouver. The perfect moment for some quality drinks. Joe Forte’s award-winning wine list is one of the best in town, and they renew it every week, bringing in some truly exceptional pieces — highly recommended by Vancouver wine lovers.

LIFT Bar & Grill

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London's Best Vintage-Themed Bars

London's Best Vintage-Themed Bars

With the release of Baz Lurmann’s star-studded film adaptation of The Great Gatsby, the Roaring Twenties have burst back into the spotlight - although the decade has never really been all that far from our collective imagination. The era of flappers, Prohibition, and cool, sultry jazz has always possessed a stylish appeal - witness the popularity of television series such as Boardwalk Empire and Woody Allen’s recent film Midnight in Paris, both of which play up the romance of the period.

If you’d like to capture a bit of that glitzy, sophisticated elegance that defined the 20s, or indeed dip a toe into the atmosphere of any past era, it’s worth catching a coach to London and visiting one of the many cool vintage-style bars that have sprung up in quiet (and not-so-quiet) corners of the capital. Here are a few favourites to get you started on your bar-hopping trip through time:


For a drinking experience that’s as quirky as it is glamorous, try this petite but lively 1930s-inspired bar housed in a space that was formerly a men’s toilet. The moody lighting and retro burlesque décor lend a hint of classic film noir, but the bartenders are friendly and experienced in the preparation of both classic and signature blends. For those who wish to really sample a taste of times past, the bar also serves snuff – definitely a rarity on the modern bar scene. Drinks follow retro pricing (read: are cheaper) before 8pm, so get there early and grab a seat to watch the nightly live music and cabaret acts.


Purl combines the best of Prohibition-era style with a theatrical, experimental approach to its cocktails, which some would describe as weird and wacky but are certainly always entertaining. Each drink on the constantly evolving menu is served in unusual glassware (or other unique receptacles), often with an unexpected side dish and dramatic presentation that lends a touch of magic. Booking in advance is strongly recommended – the small, intimate space doesn’t allow for huge crowds but is a large part of this place’s slightly antiquarian speakeasy charm.

Evans & Peel Detective Agency

For fans of vintage detective stories, this atmospheric, secretive bar is a must-visit drinking spot. After entering through a discreet doorway, you must negotiate an intercom interrogation before passing through a secret passage in the bookcase and taking your place in the dimly lit, artfully down-at-heels space within. With exposed brick walls and drinks served in brown paper bags, it captures the gritty gumshoe theme perfectly and is a delight for anyone who’s ever imagined themselves as part of a 1920s gangster movie.

The Nightjar

This quietly luxurious cocktail bar – think dark woodwork, plush red seats and glittering fixtures - is an appropriately glam venue for live jazz and swing, but the real attraction here is its range of vintage and modern drinks. With a cocktail menu that includes interpretations of popular tipples from the Victorian, Prohibition and wartime eras, there’s plenty to tempt the adventurous tastebud. You can even sample a range of rare vintage spirits - mostly distilled in the early 20th century - for a proper taste of history.

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9 Things to Know About Playing Pool at a Bar

9 Things to Know About Playing Pool at a Bar

Playing pool at a bar is the best way to play pool because it makes your stay at the bar a fun experience and is also very exciting for both new and old pool players. Pool tables at bars operate on coins, so that means that anyone can play as long as they have some change in their pockets.

Those are the basic rules of bar pool, but to fully understand how to approach the game when you walk into your local watering hole, I have compiled a list of the things that you should know to get the most out of the experience.

1. Rules Depend on Where You Play

It's important that you know your setting, which means that you know how the bar works and how people play pool in the that area. The basic rules of 8-ball and 9-ball always apply, but there are some small differences that can make the game very different for someone accustomed to certain rules that make the game all the more fun specially in a bar where you have your favorite beer mug in hand.

Racking can also be different than you're used to. While it's typical to go stripes/solids/stripes/solids in a home game, this is not always the case in bars. Just make sure that the 8-ball is on the middle of the rack every game that you play in.

2. You Have to Call Your Shot

Your opponent should know what you're trying to do every time it is your turn to shoot. If the ball bounces around for a while and then happens to knock one of your balls in, the shot counts, but it is your opponent's turn because you didn't call that shot.

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