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Around the World in Signature Drinks

Around the World in Signature Drinks

No matter where we go, where we are, what we do, cocktails are definitely one way that has proved itself over and over which can calm us down and relax us. There are so many cocktails today, and each and every one of them is completely unique with its own story, driving us in its world and let us experience the excitement it brings. Now, with so many special tastes, how can we pass on that, that would be such a waste? In order to avoid that, you should try out different cocktails whenever you get a chance, not only you will enjoy, but you will also give yourself the opportunity to experience stuff you couldn't before, you will be able to "travel around the world" on completely different way. Trying out different cocktails is really exciting and it can open us new paths, new understandings and one more way to look at the country cocktail is coming from. Each cocktail with its taste is telling us something, just taste it, relax and the story will begin....

Brandy Crusta

This cocktail was created in 1840s/50s by Joseph Santini. If you ever happen to be in New Orleans, you should definitely try this cocktail, since it has magnificent taste, especially when you order it from its hometown. With this cocktail you will be able to experience the fascinating combination of tastes, just close your eyes and imagine how would sugar syrup, lemon juice, Angostura bitters, cognac and superfine sugar taste together, combined, served in champagne flute for the most exciting experience!

East India House

Another amazing cocktail, with a long history, had a few incarnations since Charles H Baker tried it out in Royal Bombay Yacht Club in year 1932. Today, you can get the best East India House cocktail in hotel in Delphi. Served in martini coupe, you will be able to experience the arousing taste of orange curacao, cognac, maraschino liqueur, Angostura bitters and pineapple syrup.


Cocktail, created after the work, during one night by bartender Brian Miller. He had combined few of his favourite brown spirits and one of the most popular drinks created by him was finished. This is certainly the incredible combination worth of trying, this is the taste of Hine H cognac, Buffalo Trace bourbon whiskey, Rittenhouse Rye 100 proof whiskey, Busnel VSOP Calvados, Angosture bitters, chocolate bitters and raw brown sugar syrup. You should definitely try this one in New York!

Cocktail Oz

If you ever happen to be in Chicago do not miss under any circumstances the opportunity to try out this cocktail. Lynn M House, the creator of this cocktail has seriously made the amazing thing by combining such the interesting ingredients: Pierre Ferrand Ambre cognac, plum wine, lemon juice and apple cider vinegar gastrique.

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Drinking Without Getting Drunk

Drinking Without Getting Drunk

Many people drink and enjoy the fact that it gets them drunk.  However some people would like to enjoy the act of drinking, but avoid the drunken feeling that comes with it.  While it is impossible to drink a large amount and not get drunk, it is possible to drink without getting drunk if done the correct way.

Practice Self Control

One of the most important things when drinking is learning how to practice self-control.  The reason people turn into alcoholics is because they cannot effectively set their limits.  Learn how much it takes for you to get drunk and then set your limit to below that.  A rudimentary way to determine how much it will take you to get drunk is to use a Blood Alcohol Level Chart which uses your weight to tell you the level of alcohol that would be in your system after a certain number of drinks.

It also helps to have people around you that will not pressure you into drinking.    If you have friends who will peer pressure you into drinking more, you will become drunk much faster.  Drink with friends who will respect your limits and your attempts at self-control

Eat Before and While Your Drink

Food is a good way to help avoid getting drunk.  When there is food in your stomach, it will help absorb any alcohol that you consume which means less will be absorbed directly into your blood stream.  Make sure to have a full meal before you think about drinking.  Having food in your stomach also means that if you do happen to get drunk and drink past your limit, you will be less likely to get sick.

If you are going out to a restaurant or bar that serves food make sure to get something to eat while you drink.  This will dilute the alcohols effects and leave you more sober.  If you are drunk already, eating will help make you less drunk and possibly every sober after a few hours of not drinking.

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After Work Drinks - Greenwich Village

After Work Drinks - Greenwich Village

At the end of a long, hard day at the office, who doesn’t want to sit back and relax with a delicious alcoholic beverage before dinner. Whether you’re with business colleagues, or friends from across town, we’ve found some prime spots in Greenwich Village to grab that essential after-work drink- before you head home. Here are five of our favorites.

Corkbuzz Wine Studio

Who’s the wine expert in your working life? We ask, because every office has one and it can make choosing an end-of-day venue for drinks a little tricky sometimes. Well, when only the best will do, try taking your vino enthusiast to Corkbuzz where he or she can engage with owner Laura, who also happens to be an extremely helpful master sommelier. The rest of you can indulge in some unusual but mouthwatering snacks (bone marrow and pigs ears included) or a chic cocktail (we’re particularly fond of the Van Gogh) in a distinctly un-pretentious environment.

Vol de Nuit

If wine isn’t really your thing and you’d rather grab a pint of craft ale for your post-work refresher, Vol de Nuit is a fantastic Belgian beer bar that has a patio for those of you who would prefer to drink outdoors before the sun goes down. Champagne and wine are available on the menu too, but it’s really all about the brews here—well, the brews and the exquisite fries, which come with a wide selection of condiment choices (the aioli garlic sauce is divine.)


The first Amélie wine bar opened in San Francisco’s chic Russian Hill neighborhood and was such a success with the after-work and young professional crowd, that the owners started one in Greenwich Village too. Cozy, classy and warm like the original, although it’s less than two years old, NYC’s Amélie already feels like an old friend—possibly due to the more than one hundred wines to choose from, and the plethora of artisanal cheeses and meats on offer. Between 5 and 7 p.m. you can get three glasses of wine for $10, as part of the “Flight” deal. We are definitely on board!

Formerly Crow’s

For an after-work crowd looking for something a little bit spicier than a straight-forward wine bar, there’s Formerly Crow’s—a long, dark tunnel of a place with bare brick walls, old décor and tattooed ladies serving up the drinks. It’s definitely the kind of place that will help you shake off a day at the office in five minutes flat—especially if you’re indulging in their truly exotic cocktails, including the Lundquistador (which contains jalapeno-infused tequila) and the cinnamon-infused Sazarac.

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