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7 Craft Beers as Mouthwatering as Halloween Candy

7 Craft Beers as Mouthwatering as Halloween Candy

Okay, so we’re all grown up now, and as we age, the holidays become more and more about the children. Christmas. Easter. Thanksgiving. It’s all about teaching them tradition, making them smile and believe in something larger than themselves. It’s about family, and about spending time together.

Thank goodness for Halloween. On the surface, this renegade holiday also seems to be for the kids, but I’ll tell you, costume parties only get better with age, and it’s the only day of the year when kids provide for their parents — those cute little ballerinas and spooky ghosts bringing home a week’s worth of loot. Is there a better tradition than “inspecting” the candy after the kids have gone to bed? You know, for razor blades and stuff.

(RECIPE: Beer-Soaked Grilled Cheese)

Seriously, though, one of my favorite parts of Halloween is receiving trick-or-treaters. It’s fun to see all the different costumes come to the door. And each year, we cook up something in a crock pot and hang out, drink some beers, eat some candy. Which got me thinking for this year — what if we drank beers that tasted like candy?

So I put together a list for my friends, beers we could find at the local bottle shop. Some fall under the category of rich and sweet like candy; the type you’d probably have just one of before moving on to something else. The others carry strong, smooth, savory flavor profiles, like chocolate cake, that satisfy the sweet tooth while maintaining drinkability. Depending on your palate, most might fall somewhere in between.

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7 Hot Halloween Happenings We Love

7 Hot Halloween Happenings We Love
Light Las Vegas Haunted Homecoming & Forbidden Ball - Halloween promotions
EP & LP Stranger Things Halloween Weekender - Halloween promotions
Lot 45 Bushwick Stranger Things theme party - Halloween promotions
Skybar at Mondrian Return to Gotham - Halloween promotions
V Wine Room Scary Delicious - Halloween promotions
The Headless Horseman NYC Halloween 2016 - Halloween promotions
Sons of Essex NYC Dia de los Muertos - Halloween promotions

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Halloween, to many, is more important than the other big fall and winter holidays. As such, it’s crucial that your Halloween, All Hallows’ Eve, All Saints’ Eve, or Dia de los Muertos (November 1 to 2) promotions go off without a hitch. There’s nothing scarier than putting time, labor, money and other resources into an event, only to open to your doors to a most terrifying vision: nobody in line.

To help you avoid such a horror, we present you with the following inspiring Halloween promotions. Cheers!

Haunted Homecoming & Forbidden Ball

When it comes to parties, Las Vegas nightclubs tend to go huge. Light located inside the Mandalay Bay will be celebrating Halloween for four days, starting on October 26 with Haunted Homecoming. DJ Mustard will provide the soundtrack, and he’ll do so on October 28 as well. J. Cole will be the host on October 29, and Disclosure will perform a special DJ set on Halloween itself. Of course, no promotion is complete without a catchy themed hashtag, and Light has certainly come up with a great one for Halloween: #Lightmare.

Stranger Things Halloween Weekender

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Delightful Alcoholic Drinks You Must Try This Holiday Season

Delightful Alcoholic Drinks You Must Try This Holiday Season

The holidays are here again, and with them come the party planning, recipe exchanges, and of course those fun beverages strictly for the grownups. Whether it's Halloween, Thanksgiving or New Year's Eve, there are an array of alcoholic drinks to make and enjoy. Here is a selection of delightful holiday drinks for you and your friends to try this year and to love every year that follows.

For Halloween

Getting ready to host a killer Halloween party? Don't rule out considering one of these perfectly themed Halloween drinks.

If you are in the mood for something a little morbid, consider raising the dead with a Clementine Corpse Reviver cocktail. Typically garnished with an orange swirl, consider including festive Halloween color liquors to add a bit more visual appeal.

The aptly named R.I.P. features a pumpkin spice flavoring that is just right for fall. Another cocktail option includes the Itsy Bitsy, which is garnished with a raspberry spider. Your Halloween evening wouldn't be complete without a sip of Witch's Brew, perfect for a late night horror movie fest.

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Best Cocktail Recipes for Halloween

Best Cocktail Recipes for Halloween

Halloween cocktails are always tasty. There is a huge demand for these cocktails from every corner of the world. A wide range of Halloween cocktail recipes have come to the world as a result of that. This article will let you know about some of those best cocktail recipes for Halloween.

Halloween Black Brew

Ingredients: ¾ ounce blue curacao, 1 ounce Malibu rum, ¾ ounce Chambord raspberry liquor, cranberry juice, ice and ½ ounce grenadine.

Directions: You need to use a hurricane glass to prepare this cocktail with less hassle. When you get the glass, you need to fill it with ice, Chambord, blue curacao, Malibu rum and grenadine. Then you need to fill the rest with cranberry and shake it for several minutes.

Vampire Blues

Ingredients: ½ ounce simple syrup, ½ ounce fresh lemon juice, ½ ounce East India Solera Sherry,  1.5 ounces old Weller 107 Bourbon, 1 teaspoon pumpkin butter, Cinnamon stick for garnish, 2 dashes Angostura bitters and ice.

Directions: Get a cocktail shaker and add bitters, pumpkin butter, simple syrup, lemon juice, sherry and bourbon to it. Then fill the rest with ice and shake well for few minutes. After that, stain it into an ice filled rocks glass. Finally you can garnish it with a cinnamon stick.

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