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Celebratory Drinks for Easter

Celebratory Drinks for Easter

Easter is just around the corner. It’s a time for celebration, worship and family. And after you go to church, chances are you’re going to be celebrating with food and drink. Easter is an especially popular day for brunch, so that means you might be doing a little day drinking. Hallelujah!

Keep It Light

When it comes to Easter drinks, you probably want to keep it on the light side since the day is usually spent at church and with family. Mimosas, beer and wine are always a simple and easy choice that won’t get you any funny looks from your in-laws. If you’re looking for an Easter themed cocktail, though, one suggestion is to try this fun Easter egg cocktail:

  • Easter Egg Cocktail: What you’ll need is blue curacao, white crème de cacao and some half and half. Over ice, pour one part blue curacao and one part white crème de cacao and then pour half and half on the top to taste and you’re good to go with this fun cocktail that resembles the appearance of an Easter egg.

Don’t forget the Mocktails

If you want to go the non-alcoholic route to keep things family friendly, there are a lot of fun mocktail recipes for the kids and even the adults. If you don’t want to make an elaborate drink, you can always add fun garnishes to make drinks seem more themed.

  • Peep Punch: One idea is to cut a slit in a peep marshmallow candy and put it on the rim of a glass for punch to make the kids’ drinks more festive.
  • Easter Egg Smoothies: Fruit smoothies are also a great option for kids. If you want to get really creative you can blend up the different types of fruits separately and then layer them in a glass to look like an Easter egg. Add ice into the mixture for each layer. For one layer use bananas and milk, for the next layer try pink and red berries like strawberries and raspberries, for the next layer you can do blueberries and yogurt and to top off the final layer mango. Make sure you serve them in clear glasses so people can see the different layers of their Easter egg smoothie.
  • Sparkling ‘Tails: Other non-alcoholic favorites include sparkling grape juice, sparkling apple juice or simply punch made with Sprite and a fruit punch and a few scoops of sherbet. This simple punch recipe can be made to taste, and is a very simple alternative to a fun, fruity and cold beverage for the kids and adults who are not drinking alcohol on Easter. 

Spring Cocktails

If you’re looking for other spring cocktails, a few favorites are a mint julep or any other drink with fresh mint such as a mojito. Unique garnishes for any spring cocktail can be very simple to make. A lemon or lime, when peeled in a unique way can spruce up any spring cocktail. Another fun idea for a clear beverage, such as a vodka Sprite, is to layer maraschino cherries throughout the ice cubes, to give your drink a unique, fun look.

When you celebrate Easter this year, make sure to hold up your cocktails or mocktails, join in with your friends and family, and enjoy the holiday with the ones you love and with great spirits.

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Delightful Alcoholic Drinks You Must Try This Holiday Season

Delightful Alcoholic Drinks You Must Try This Holiday Season

The holidays are here again, and with them come the party planning, recipe exchanges, and of course those fun beverages strictly for the grownups. Whether it's Halloween, Thanksgiving or New Year's Eve, there are an array of alcoholic drinks to make and enjoy. Here is a selection of delightful holiday drinks for you and your friends to try this year and to love every year that follows.

For Halloween

Getting ready to host a killer Halloween party? Don't rule out considering one of these perfectly themed Halloween drinks.

If you are in the mood for something a little morbid, consider raising the dead with a Clementine Corpse Reviver cocktail. Typically garnished with an orange swirl, consider including festive Halloween color liquors to add a bit more visual appeal.

The aptly named R.I.P. features a pumpkin spice flavoring that is just right for fall. Another cocktail option includes the Itsy Bitsy, which is garnished with a raspberry spider. Your Halloween evening wouldn't be complete without a sip of Witch's Brew, perfect for a late night horror movie fest.

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