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A Pleasant Surprise in Tel Aviv

A Pleasant Surprise in Tel Aviv

If you think that you know everything that there is to know about the Holy Land, then you better think again.  When people think of the country Israel, they usually associate it with the church, history and religion.  And consequently, they think that only pilgrims and religious folks manage to find themselves in there.  Well guess what, that is such a huge misconception because even though Israel does offer all those things, it also offers a lot more than that.  To begin with, Israel has a brimming nightlife that is full of parties, bars, drinking and tons of laughter.  There is this particular place in the Holy Land that is most known for that.  The place is Tel Aviv and slowly, the world is recognizing is as one of the hottest party spots in the world. 

So you are not convinced that so much wild parties can happen in Israel.  Then why don’t you book a ticket and experience it for yourself?  I assure you, you will not be disappointed at all.  In fact, you will have so many bars and bistros to choose from that you will have a hard time choosing where to go first.  Let me give you a rundown of some of the most popular bars in Tel Aviv and as a clear warning, that is just brushing the tip of the iceberg.  With more time to explore the place, you will discover that it is packed full of bars and party places like you never imagined before.

The Dancing Camel, Porter & Sons, MASH Sports Bar & Herlinger Bar are just a few of the many bars and clubs in Tel Aviv.  Each of them has a charm of its own but they do have a couple of things in common.  To begin with, they are all awesome party places.  Do you love to dance?  Then you can surely dance the night away in those popular bars in Tel Aviv.  Are you particular with your drinks?  Then surely the bartenders there can concoct something awesome and tasteful for you.    Do you want to party with the most fun bunch of people in the world?  Then you will be happy to know and pleasantly surprised that there are many of them in Tel Aviv.

Alenbi 40, Amiram Pub, Samuel 88, Anna Lulu and Ariks are again only just a few of the many bars, clubs and pubs in the city that is slowly being recognized as one of the hottest party spots in the globe.  If you are tired of your usual bars in America, then you will find the bars here perfect because not only do they serve superb drinks but they are also located in one of the most exotic and historical places in the world.  Don’t miss out the fun in Tel Aviv.  Pretty soon, tourists will surely be flocking the area for a taste of their wine, an experience of their wild parties and to just have good old fashioned fun.

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