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Great Britain's Backyard Haven: The Rise of the Pub Shed

Great Britain's Backyard Haven: The Rise of the Pub Shed

The latest DIY craze coming out of the UK in the last few years is the pub shed. According to the British Beer & Pub Association (BBPA) in 2010 an average of 39 pubs were closing each week. That is just short of 2,000 in a year! With the number of pubs closing at a steady increase, it's no wonder that people have started building their own garden shed pubs for their enjoyment.

Pub sheds started out simple in design and have become quite impressive with their various installations and accessories.

The design and size of a shed depends on how many people you will want to entertain, how often you will use it (is it just for the warmer summer months or will it also be used in the colder parts of the year?) and your overall budget. This craze has become so popular that official competitions are held to determine a grand prize winner of the best pub shed.

To start, you will need an electrician to come to your home and you may also require running water depending on your demands. Running water is a nice addition to the pub shed, but you must also consider drainage if you decide to include water. An important initial purchase would also be a fridge for keeping your beers cold. If you're planning on throwing loud parties, you might want to insulate the walls so as not to disturb your neighbours. To fulfill all bar functions you will need many supplies. Some of these can be found on eBay, such as beer tins for wall décor, mirrors, beer taps, furniture and lighting. For strictly bar related items, you may be able to salvage used parts from closed pubs. If you really want the ultimate party scene, consider purchasing a juke box for your pub shed to get the party started, a big screen television, or a Nintendo Wii.

Many pub shed enthusiasts built their own bars from scratch, or you may want to purchase a bespoke heavy duty garden shed from a well known manufacturer. There are many shed companies out there, so take your time, read through all product reviews and make sure that you are happy with your decision before you buy your future pub shed!

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