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Check the Bars of Thailand

Check the Bars of Thailand

Though Thailand has been traditionally famous for its beaches, temples, sub-tropical climate and smiling faces, it's increasingly becoming a popular destination for western visitors because of its nightlife. Thousands of bars have sprung up in cities like Bangkok, Pukhet and Pattaya with all kinds of joints from posh rooftop bars to girlie bars and downtown bars. Thailand has become a popular tourist destination just because of its bars.

Thailand is one place that's flooded with all kinds of bars from girlie bars where you will find seminude girls dancing on poles to more decent bars where you can take your girlfriend for an outing and people won't mistake her to be one of those "famous prostitutes of Bangkok". The bar scene in Thailand has seen numerous changes over the past couple of years both good and bad. The good news for beer lovers in Thailand is that bars have opened up at a very fast rate with areas in Bangkok and Phuket having bars almost every side you turn.

Another change, unusual to many is the increase in the alcohol buying age from 18 to 20. This means that you cannot access Thai bars unless you are 20 years or more. Tougher anti-smoking rules have also made smoking to be outlawed in Thai bars, both air conditioned and non-air conditioned bars. Some of the top bars and clubs in Thailand have also started asking for identification cards so it's important for you to call and find out if this will be a requirement for entry into your favorite bar. All in all, it is always a good idea to move around with a photocopy of your ID just in case it becomes necessary to produce it before entry and for identification incase anything bad happens.

On a positive note though, most of the high quality bars especially in Bangkok accept credit cards like VISA, MasterCard and American Express. However, most bars normally have a minimum spend. Check with your bar to see if your card is accepted. These changes on the bar scene have not slowed down the nightlife in Thailand in anyway. Bars have continued to operate normally and have continued to provide lots of entertainment to both locals and foreigners.

Thai bars are also popular for their live music and karaoke. The type of entertainment you'll get will depend on the type of bar with the smaller girlie bars having entertainment in the form of pole dancing by seminude girls. The larger, more organized and posh bars will bring in a couple of musicians on specific days to entertain their patrons. Bars are also turned into clubs past midnight with patrons dancing to loud music blaring from the speakers.

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