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Partying it Up in Tel Aviv!

Partying it Up in Tel Aviv!

You are probably wondering where in the world Tel Aviv is.  For people who are not that inclined to geography such as myself, Tel Aviv may as well be a mythical place.  Well guess what, the place actually exists and it can be found in the least expected place for people to party it up.  Tel Aviv is in the Holy Land of Israel.  While people think that those who live there do nothing but pray all day, here’s a good revelation about the place – people there party too just like you and I and boy, do they know how to bring down the house!

I was checking out Drinkedln online when I stumbled upon this unknown place called Tel Aviv.  It was said to be the nightlife spot in the Middle East.  Just like you, I was also very skeptical but then I decided to go there anyway.  After all, I’ve been going back and forth to New York for their wild parties.  I figured it is time to try something new.  So I bought a ticket to the Holy Land inclined to do some serious partying and that was exactly what I ended up doing while I was there!

As suggested by Drinkedln, I went to some of the best known bars in Tel Aviv.  My first stop was ProRock bar.  The people who went there were mostly Russian so I made a couple of friends while I was there.  I liked the fact that it was a small, intimate place.  I’m guessing that only about a hundred people can be accommodated there.  That made the atmosphere really great and of course, it was playing some hard rock music which for me is the perfect combination to drinking beer.

After getting a taste of Russia in ProRock, I decided to party in Tel Aviv the Irish way.  I visited this Irish Pub known as Molly Blooms and it was said to be the first of its kind in the place.  It was established in 2000 and I can tell that the business has nowhere else to go but up.  Their drinks alone are bound to attract customers to make sure that they come back again.  After all, who drinks harder alcoholic beverages than the Irish?  I was laughing and happy the entire time probably because of all the alcohol I had.

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