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Top 5 After Work Bars in NYC

Top 5 After Work Bars in NYC

There are few cities in America that work and play as hard as New York City. After a long day at the office, New Yorkers flood the streets of Manhattan seeking the perfect watering hole in which to decompress. No matter the neighborhood surrounding your place of work, there’s the perfect bar to sip your post-annual review worries away. Swing by these top picks after 5 PM for happy hour hangouts that make the rest of the workday seem like a minor detail.

1.) La Biblioteca, Midtown East – A tequila lover’s dream - La Biblioteca offers lockers, personalized library cards and Tuesday tastings where thirsty 9-5ers can sample varieties from across the world. This spot is especially popular after work when their happy hour specials feature $8 margaritas, $4 beers and two for $5 tacos. It’s the closest thing you’ll find to a paid vacation to Tulum within New York’s concrete jungle.

2.) The Dakota Bar, Upper West Side – The Dakota Bar’s upscale décor mixed with its hip Upper West Side attitude make it one of the best wine bars to unwind after a long day reviewing spending reports for that high maintenance insurance client. A relatively new venture from award-winning restaurateur Jennifer Klein, The Dakota bar features an impressive wine and cocktail list, in addition to an eclectic food menu featuring items like seasoned eggplant frites with a yogurt and pickle relish dipping sauce ($13) and Portabello napoleons with balsamic vinaigrette ($18). 

3.) The Tippler, Chelsea – Located below the beloved Chelsea Market, this underground bar is a dimly lit oasis of upscale cocktails and relaxation. Unlike the nearby Standard Biergarten which tends to attract a rowdier, bro-heavy crowd, The Tippler is full of calm Manhattan charm. The Tippler offers a welcome place to nosh on creative snacks like the mashed deviled egg toast with crispy prosciutto ($8) and funky cocktails like the playfully named Booty Collins ($12) featuring tart, fresh ingredients like vodka, green tea, passion fruit, lemon and cayenne. It’s the perfect pit-stop when shopping for unique items at the upstairs bazaar.

4.) ABV, East Harlem – A must for fans of international beers and rare wines, ABV located in the heart of Spanish Harlem, has a cozy vibe thanks to its glass façade, exposed brick walls, wooden floors and shared tables. Frequented by doctors and staff from the nearby Mt. Sinai hospital, ABV also offers a wide array of virgin drinks and tantalizing tastes including an airy and decadent Foie Gras Fluffernutter ($17) quite unlike anything else in the city.

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After Work Bars in Toronto

After Work Bars in Toronto

If you and your co-workers are looking for some low-key, casual and unexpected joints to grab some drinks in after work, there are a wealth of options around ever-developing Toronto. Thanks to new developments in College Park—like the Yonge at College Condominiums —there is now a healthy mix of laid-back, old-school bars and shiny, new modern hangouts. Regardless of your tastes and mood, there’s something to suit everyone in and around this up-and-coming district.

Spirit House

You might wear a suit and be all business during the day, but if you're hiding an indie side behind all that office attire, the stereo at Sprit House is definitely going to be your friend—as is the magnificent 'Happy Hour and a Half'. Tuesday through Friday, from 5:30pm until 7pm, there are $2 oysters on offer, as well as some very generous $7 doubles. What’s more, this super-hip little joint is where students from the Toronto Institute of Bartending get their training, so to say it's a well-stocked bar would be an understatement. These guys have every spirit you can think of and more.

A. C. Ranch Café

If you’re a Europhile, looking to catch a soccer game after work, this laid-back Little Italy bar and eatery has you covered, with televisions regularly tuned to sports channels (the World Cup is an especially good time to come here and soak up the atmosphere). The bar staff is very accommodating, there's free Wi-Fi for all you workaholics, and for those of you who aren’t in the mood to imbibe alcohol, there’s some fantastic espresso on offer too. This family-owned place has been open for 45 years now, which speaks volumes about the always-jovial atmosphere and built-in community spirit.


With $5 pints and an enormous, ever-rotating selection of fine taps and casks, BarVolo is a craft beer-lover’s dream. With a rustic décor, friendly clientele, knowledgeable staff and delectable menu of beautifully-prepared snacks, shared plates and meals, Bar Volo is the perfect place to unwind and fill up after a stressful day. Why not invite some friends and co-workers to hit the patio at this intimate bar and brewpub next time the sun is shining? None of them will be disappointed.


With 36 beers on tap and another 100 in cans or bottles, there’s an ale to suit everyone in this chic, but relaxed little bar—including a wealth of local microbrews. Mondays and Tuesdays are the best days to head in after work, thanks to the snack specials—you can get two pounds of mussels and a basket of frites to share, for just $9.95 on Monday, and Tuesday features $1 clams. A high-quality, but low-stress gem.

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The Five Best Places to Unwind After Work in Hayes Valley

The Five Best Places to Unwind After Work in Hayes Valley

San Francisco residents know that it takes hard work to make a name for yourself in this city of cultural innovators. Luckily for San Francisco's creative class, this city of dreamers is just as expert about unwinding as it is about logging long hours at the office. When you're looking to melt away the stresses of another hard day at work, look no further than Hayes Valley's eclectic mix of after-work haunts, where the drinks are plentiful and the office is little more than a distant memory.

The Mint

This iconic karaoke lounge is the best place in the city to belt your heart out with the new best friends you've just made at the bar. Open 365 days a year until 2 AM, the ever-growing crowd of regulars will find there's always a friendly face who knows your name — or at least, your song.

The Mad Dog in the Fog

If your idea of relaxation includes fried food, cold beers, and sports on the TV, the Mad Dog has you covered. Even teetotalers will fall in love with the endless camaraderie provided by the enthusiastic crowd at this rowdy bar, nestled in the shadows of the nearby 8 Octavia condos, where many of this bar's work-hard, play-hard types rest their heads at night. Bring your game face and your enthusiasm when you walk in the door — just make sure you also bring the love for the winning team, or the beers will be on you.

Club Waziema

With its killer happy hour specials and the tastiest Ethiopian food you'll find this side of the African continent, Club Waziema is a great place to decompress after a long day. Great for vegetarians and meat eaters alike, Club Waziema offers some of the best budget-friendly food and drink in the whole city.


After spending the day at a buttoned-up desk job, there's no better place to let loose than this charming dive. With cheap drinks, a wide variety of jukebox selections to choose from, and karaoke for those brave souls who dare, Dimples has all the heart you'd want in a neighborhood bar with none of the pretention.

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Top Five New After-Work Bars in Manhattan

Top Five New After-Work Bars in Manhattan

New York City can be a proverbial paradise for those who prove their mettle and pay their rent by putting in 16-hour days, but even the most diligent dog walkers and committed CEOs need a break once in a while. While some of us are working for the weekend, there are just as many who are working for that sweet moment at the end of the day when colleagues disappear, friends emerge, and the wine starts flowing. So shut down your computer, say goodbye to your boss, and let the stresses of the workday fade away at these lively new watering holes.

Grace 365: In a neighborhood besotted with bars whose clientele reads as distinctly fraternity-chic, Grace is a welcome addition. With an ample selection of wines, craft beers, and a hearty menu, Grace gets high marks for its relaxed, grown-up atmosphere — you won't find anything ending in "bomb" on the menu here.

Golden Cadillac: On the corner of 1st Street and 1st Avenue, there lies a cocktail bar from a bygone era, where necklines were low, hair was high, and wood paneling was the norm. If you're a sucker for a retro vibe, classic cocktails, and enough snacks to keep you around until closing, park yourself by the bar and let the good times roll.

The Dead Rabbit: The Financial District has long been a top destination for high-pressure office jobs and impressive apartments, but it's long had a dearth of bars that mix a good drink and don't pump insufferable club jams. This is where The Dead Rabbit comes in. With leather-upholstered stools, whimsical taxidermy, and a built-in store, this cozy house of spirits is a terrific pick, whether you're in the market for wine, cocktails, or camaraderie.

Attaboy: The Lower East Side may be rife with bars suited to every style, from dressy to dive, but there are few as unpretentious as Attaboy. Tucked away behind an unmarked door on Eldridge Street, this quaint cocktail bar offers up cozy booths, a clean, unimposing bar, and as eclectic a mix of patrons as you'll find anywhere. So whether you're coming to the bar in full work attire or keeping it weekend casual, you'll never feel out of place; just make sure to get there early — they've got a strict no reservations policy.

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