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Zane's New Drinking Jacket

Zane's New Drinking Jacket

Zane Lamprey, host of several traveling-drinking shows (including Three Sheets, Drinking Made Easy and Chug, which airs Monday nights at 7:30pm on the National Geographic Channel) has begun a campaign for an accessory no drinker should be without - the Drinking Jacket.

The Drinking Jacket is a hoodie that the Swiss Army would likely wear, while drinking. Which would be often, since we're not entirely sure what the Swiss Army does besides enjoy schnapps and use their knives for anything imaginable.  Incorporated into the Drinking Jacket is a bottle-opener zipper, a neoprene-lined koozie pocket, drinking mitts, a hidden flask pocket which holds the optional metal-detector-proof flask (for this innovation alone we've come up with 3,274 uses) and a sunglass holder (which may be the tipping point, since this author has lost several pairs of sunglasses when day-drinking has turned into night-drinking and outside-drinking has turned into inside-drinking).  It also has everything that you'd want in a hoodie, like deep pockets and a zipper cover (to keep the bottle-opener zipper from hitting you in the face).

Most appealing is that it just looks like a nice hoodie, and the incorporated gadgets are not readily visible.

The campaign ends 12/22/14 so visit thedrinkingjacket.com for more info!

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6 Super Cool Gadgets for the Manly Drinker

6 Super Cool Gadgets for the Manly Drinker

Men love to drink, and can you blame us? After a hard day at work, there’s nothing like unwinding with a nice cold one. And what better way to enjoy the weekend than with a few tasty adult beverages?

But the old way of drinking just doesn’t cut it anymore. Walking to the fridge to fish out of a beer every time you need a fresh one is so retro. Thankfully, alcohol and ingenuity go hand in hand. Some of us get our best ideas after a couple of drinks. That’s why it comes as no surprise that some insanely cool and innovative drinking gadgets have been invented over the years.

If you’re a guy who likes to drink, these are 6 gadgets you need to get in your life ASAP.

The Beer Holster

Image source: http://www.waycoolgadgets.com/beer-holster/

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