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The Top Five Karaoke Bars in Toronto

The Top Five Karaoke Bars in Toronto

For those lacking social anxiety and packing a solid set of pipes, there's no more exhilarating activity than letting loose at a karaoke bar. For those living in Toronto, the city is thankfully replete with places where you can let your hair down and get in touch with your crooner. Whether you're singing Loretta Lynn or Ludacris, these karaoke destinations will make even the most timid patron feel like a rock star.

Downtown Echo Karaoke Box

This Chinatown hotspot, known for its happy hour specials, will delight karaoke newcomers and veterans alike with its private rooms, meaning you can belt your heart out without fear of scaring off the other patrons.

Bar + Karaoke Lounge

Centrally located on Yonge Street in the heart of the Ryerson neighborhood, this bar wins high marks for its wide selection of songs. Even better? Instead of lugging around an enormous book to browse the song selection, guests can check them out even before arriving via the bar's app.  

Freezone Karaoke

This Bloor Street haunt may not be the most high-tech karaoke bar, with its old school microphones and dated décor, but they offer up something you won't find anywhere else: tambourines in every room, to make even the karaoke novice feel like they're part of the band.


If karaoke isn't so much an afterthought, tacked onto the end of a night at other bars, rather than a destination in and of itself, then Ten23 is a perfect place to spend your evening. With an elegant and extensive menu and private rooms, Ten23 is a great choice for special occasions, be they birthdays or bachelor parties.

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