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The Top Five Spots for Hops in Maryland: Igniting the Craft Beer Lovers’ Passion

The Top Five Spots for Hops in Maryland: Igniting the Craft Beer Lovers’ Passion

For anyone who might have doubted, the love of the craft beer is a growing trend that’s absolutely here to stay. While wine connoisseurs and knowledgeable foodies sniff and waft and pick and swirl, craft beer enthusiasts just love to chug!

Finding a rare new pale ale or a boldly brewed full bodied craft beer is an exciting endeavor, and if you have developed a thirst for all things craft on draft, it’s time to find the perfect sipping location. Below is an overview of bars, pubs, distributors and events specializing in craft beer in Maryland.

Gilly’s Craft Beer & Fine Wine

Rockville’s enormous beer and deli distribution store is a top craft beer supplier and a one-stop shop for all of your party needs. Not only does Gilly’s cater to the craft beer lover in you, they also cater a wide variety of deliciously crafty sandwiches to get your party up and moving in style. If you’re not having a party this weekend, chances are Gilly’s is.

They host a wide assortment of engaging events such as Ladies Night and March Madness. With more than 50 crafts to choose from, Gilly’s is a craft beer lover’s haven. For those who haven’t been swept into the craft beer craze, check out Gilly’s elaborate selection of fine wines instead.

The Maryland Craft Beer Festival

The Brewers Association of Maryland is holding their annual Maryland Craft Beer Festival on May 31st in Downtown Frederick, Maryland. The infamous BAMbus will be making round trips to and from the festival so attendees won’t have to preoccupy themselves with finding a designated driver. For just $25, participants can taste test more than 150 locally brewed craft beers and return home with a gorgeous commemorative glass. The event will be a spectacle of delectable food, unique and tasty brews and family-friendly entertainment.

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