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Ruin Pubs - A Unique Drinking Experience

Ruin Pubs - A Unique Drinking Experience

I couldn’t leave Budapest without writing about an essential aspect of the local drinking culture, the city’s ruin pubs.

Over the last 15 years or so a number of pubs have opened in buildings that were due to be destroyed, such as tenement houses and abandoned factories. They were equipped with furnishings from old community centres, cinemas and flats to create a unique retro feeling.

It didn’t take long for these ruin pubs to become extremely popular amongst the city’s drinkers. However, they take a bit of work to keep track of as they will often move around or close for a few years then reopen in a new place.

Not only do they offer a great place to drink and meet like-minded people, but they also function as film clubs, theatres, host concerts and exhibitions and sometimes creative workshops as well.

A nice thing about them is that no two ruin pubs are the same. For instance, in ‘Szimpla Kert’ (Simple Garden) you can have a beer in a cannibalised old Trabant car. In ‘Instant’ you can get lost in the maze of the tenement house while in ‘Kertem’ (My Garden) you get a sense of what it would have been like in a socialist beer-garden in the 1980s.

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Best Beer Destinations This Year

Best Beer Destinations This Year

It is March, and you are already thinking about that summer holiday. If it is a good time you are looking for, why not culture yourself with a craft beer holiday. We’ve put together a quick guide to the best beer destinations you should consider this year. Take a look!

Dublin, Ireland

Never mind your usual golf trip to Ireland, it’s time to hit the pubs and experience Ireland’s famous drinking culture. Dublin is notorious for its pub culture and is unquestionably one of the best destinations to travel to enjoy a few pints. Guinness is Ireland’s most famous export and if you are visiting Dublin, we recommend you take a tour of the Guinness Storehouse and Brewery; you even get a free pint of the black stuff when you reach the gravity bar at the end of the tour. Dublin’s city streets are lined with traditional pubs that serve exclusive beers. Most famous is probably the Porterhouse in the city’s Temple Bar; they serve up nine of their very own exclusive beers. You should also include Dawson’s Lounge, the Long Hall, the Stag’s Head and Solas on your pub crawl, we’re sure you’ll find a few more establishments on your way too. Although Dublin pub prices average a bit higher than their European counterparts with pint prices averaging at €4.50, but hey, we say it’s okay when they taste so good.

Munich, Germany

If it’s beer you’re looking for, surely there’s nowhere better to go than Germany? Munich is home to the famous annual Oktoberfest event that attracts thousands of visitors every year. So, where are the best places to drink when vacating in Munich and what should you indulge in? Savour a classic Munich Helles pale lager in one of the city’s six main breweries. The world’s oldest brewery, Weihenstephan dates from the 11th century and should be on top of your must visit attractions. You should definitely experience the traditional beer garden traditions of the city. There are several locations that are ideal for summer drinking in the city including The Chinese Tower Beer Garden and The English Garden. This is the perfect place to hit up this summer, beer, beer, beer!

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Amsterdam is home to some of the world’s most famous beers including Heineken, Amstel and Grolsh. If that isn’t reason enough to be one of the best beering spots in Europe, than what is? You must pay a trip to the Cracked Kettle, it is a shop that stocks over 500 hundred types of beer, yes five hundred! If you’re want to relax, sit down and enjoy a few drinks, you have to visit Cafe Gollem, offering over 200 varieties. The price of a drink averages at three quid here; we give that the thumbs up.

There you go, your quick guide to the best beer destinations. Wherever you decide to go, we are confident that you will have a brilliant time. Cheers!

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Finding Great Bars in Dublin

Finding Great Bars in Dublin

If you are planning a holiday and looking for a great bar, you will be spoiled for choice in Ireland. Ireland is notorious for its drinking culture and there is nothing like sitting in a traditional pub drinking the black stuff, Guinness that is. Planning a holiday can be a stressful task, from booking flights, accommodation and annual holiday insurance, so you deserve to unwind and relax in a bar on arrival at your destination. If Dublin is your city of choice, I am sure that your expectations are high. Here’s a quick guide to finding great bars in Dublin.

Johnnie Foxes

Johnnie Foxes is famous for being Ireland’s highest pub. Steeped high in the Wicklow Mountains just outside Dublin city, it is the perfect place for a tourist to taste Irish tradition. Enjoy live traditional Irish music on Fridays and Saturdays and a dedicated Irish dancing show afterwards. To complement the great entertainment enjoy an array of traditional Irish dishes locally sourced. Since, the bar is located a bit outside of the city you may be worried about transportation. Fear not, there is a regular shuttle bus departing from the city centre for a low fee so you won’t have to worry about huge taxi fares coming to and from the pub.

Vintage Cocktail Club

The Vintage Cocktail Club located in Temple Bar is the perfect location for a quaint night out or a first date. Hidden away in a Temple Bar alleyway it can be difficult to find and this isn't accidental. Most nights you will need a reservation for admittance but its worth it once you walk in, to be welcomed to a bar that resembles somewhere in 1920s New York. Expect the highest quality service, the tastiest cocktails and the most comfortable, glamorous atmosphere in Dublin’s finest hidden gem.

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Are You A Fan Of Cocktails? Here Are The Top 5 Locations In the UK

Are You A Fan Of Cocktails? Here Are The Top 5 Locations In the UK

When it comes to glamorous night out drinks, you can’t beat a fancy cocktail – or four. Booze like Bond with a Martini in hand or opt for a Cosmopolitan like the Sex and the City ladies; there’s a cocktail recipe to suit every personality and the UK has some of the most fabulous cocktails bars to match. Here’s a look at 5 of the most popular and stylish cocktail venues across the country:

Dukes, London

Start with the bar said to have inspired the line ‘shaken, not stirred’ itself – Dukes of London. Dukes is an internationally renowned venue which is a favourite for Ian Fleming (the Author of James Bond). This sophisticated bar requires a smart-casual dress code; it’s thought to be the place to get the world’s best Martini and there are Martini master classes held here for those who want to learn how to make their own.

The Alchemist, Manchester

A resolute member of Manchester’s night scene, The Alchemist opened in 2010 and was soon established as a city highlight (in two locations: Hardman St and New York St). They use complex molecular drink-making techniques to provide astounding and unusual cocktails that will baffle and delight! Somewhere to go when you want a real treat and to try some of the country’s most exotic cocktail recipes.

Hausbar, Bristol

Bristol has some wonderful venues and for those who want cocktails in style, a visit to the Hausbar is a must. It brings a Berlin-esque class to the Bristol bar scene promising first class cocktails and exquisite service. If you’re looking for decadence and class, this is the place to be. Arguably not just one of the best cocktail bars in the UK but one of the best bars full stop.

The Raconteur, Edinburgh

This award winning Edinburgh bar comes in the form of a modern tavern designed to tell stories of the past. Mixing the traditional with the modern, it’s known for its wonderful cocktails and historic liquors. The cocktail menu rivals that of many a London bar and there boutique wine selection is a must-browse too.

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PUBlicity: Stand Out Over Other Bars and Pubs

PUBlicity: Stand Out Over Other Bars and Pubs

Owning and running a business is no easy task in itself, especially a bar.  However, owning and running a bar comes with the territory of a fast paced environment that requires constant attention. In the food and drink industry, your customers are your only source of revenue. In order to maximize the people who drink at your bar you need to make sure that your place is standing out over others, most importantly your competition. Below is a little advice on how to accomplish this tough task.

Get Involved in the Local Community

A great way to gain exposure and credibility is to get involved with the local community. A great way to do this is by catering or sponsoring events around town such as golf tournaments, fundraisers for nonprofits, trivia nights and other occasions that members of the community will attend. Doing this will help get your name out there to those who haven’t heard of you and it may even involve some sampling of your famous drinks.

Another great way to get involved is by hosting your own fundraisers or events at your bar. Again, this will help gain visibility of your place while at the same time giving people a chance to come in and get a taste of what you specialize in, while feeling involved in their community. By doing this, it gives people a reason to come to your local pub without much opportunity cost and to have a good time.

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3 Can't-Miss Bars & Pubs in Slough, England

3 Can't-Miss Bars & Pubs in Slough, England

The Pubs

The Red Cow

  • Address: 140 Albert St
  • Beer: Courage Director’s Bitter, Courage Best Bitter, Bombadier
  • Open ‘til: 11:00pm M-W; 11:30pm Th; midnight F&S; 10:30 Sundays

The Red Cow is the oldest pub in Slough, dating back to the mid-16th Century. Known for its warm atmosphere, the Red Cow holds nightly entertainment and events in both the inside bar area and the outside beer garden. The upstairs functions as a bed and breakfast.
The Wheatsheaf

  • Address: 15 Albert St
  • Beers: Fuller’s London Pride, Fuller’s ESB
  • Open ‘til: midnight M-Th; 1 F&S; 11 Sun

Also featuring a nice-sized (and covered) outside beer garden, The Wheatsheaf is a Fuller’s pub, owned by the Fuller's brewery and sharing ownership with several other top name establishments around Britain. As such, the Wheatsheaf offers traditional English pub appeal in combination with contemporary amenities and modern urban service standards.

The Ostrich Inn

  • Address: High Street, Colnbrook
  • Beers: Doom Bar, Hooky Bitter, TEA (Traditional English Ale)
  • Open ‘til: late

Talk about history – this pub originated in 1106. The third-oldest pub in all of Great Britain, The Ostrich Inn boasts some of the best, most authentic beer draught in the country, including hard cider. The menu is English at its finest from both sea and land. Affordable prices and its strategic location on the road to Heathrow make this a must stop.

Image credit: antony_mayfield

The Manor Hotel
This intimate and charming boutique hotel is actually in Datchet, just to the east of Slough. Overlooking the village green and the nearby Thames, it’s known for its first class guest service and fine attention to detail that only a boutique can offer. Afternoon tea features “a glass of bubbly.” Beat that, HoJo.

The Baylis House
This beautiful country home dates to 1696 and sits on four acres of landscaped ground. Converted to a hotel in 1936, after stints as a private home, a school, and an office building, the Baylis House boasts one of the finest Indian restaurants in all of the United Kingdom, complete with imported chefs.

The Upton Park Hotel
A hotel that strives for just the right balance of style and comfort, the Upton Park Hotel is a larger establishment with more of a corporate feel than rustic English charm. It is, however, a modern establishment with fine dining, a great bar and a beautiful interior.

Serviced Apartments
If you need to stay in Slough for a longer period of time, a serviced apartment will likely be more economical than a hotel. Serviced apartments are roomier, furnished and have handy amenities such as a kitchenette, private laundry, wifi and great business facilities and meeting rooms.

Windsor Castle
Surely this needs no introduction. The home of every English monarch since Henry I, Windsor Castle is the longest continuously occupied castle in Europe, in addition to being one of the largest royal homes in Europe. It is open to the public year round for tours, unless there is a national security concern.

The Thames Trail
This is a river tour that runs past historic sites in England, including Maidenhead Bridge, Eton College, Windsor Race Grounds and more. There are guided river tours, or you can travel the Thames Path on your own, allowing you to tour at your leisure.

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5 Pubs for Those who Love to Camp this Easter

5 Pubs for Those who Love to Camp this Easter
The White Horse
Red River Inn

Easter Bank holiday is here and plenty of people are readying themselves for 'getting away' during the four day break. Traditionally, Easter marks the beginning of the UK summer season and many tend to head off in their caravans or aim to pitch a tent and make the most of the first al fresco weekend of the year.

Some campsites offer fantastic facilities with many catering for the traveller who is partial to a tipple. With that in mind, here's five sites that offer great drinking establishments, either onsite or close by.

Woody's Bar and Diner (onsite)

Trevornik Holiday Park, Hollywell Bay, Cornwall, TR8 5PW

Trevornik Holiday Park is a five star campsite that caters for all the family. A short walk to a beautiful expanse of sandy beach (Hollywell Bay), here's where you'll be able to try your hand at surfing or just soak up some rays. There's also coarse fishing, golf and a fun park available.

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Britain's Five Oldest Pubs


Trying to prove which is Britain’s oldest pub is a little difficult – many have been in operation for hundreds of years as hostelries or breweries but have only been recognised as ‘pubs’ in modern times. Every county boasts a selection of remote and creaking taverns, many claiming to be ‘Britain’s Oldest Inn’. Unfortunately the self-bestowed authority that this brings is notoriously hard to prove, but there are several pubs of indisputable vintage.

1) Old Ferryboat, Holywell

One such pub is the whitewashed, thatched Old Ferryboat in Holywell, Cambridgeshire, which stands by the banks of the Great Ouse and lays claim to a foundation date of 560. This is improbable, as the events of the year 560 are poorly recorded due to the collapse of the Roman Empire and the gradual evolution of Anglo-Saxon England. Although there was probably a structure on this site, a more reliable date for the pub’s foundation is put at around 1100.

At this time England was under the rule of King Henry I, son of William the Conqueror, who faced opposition in the Cambridgeshire fens from Saxon resistance fighter called Hereward the Wake. The Old Ferryboat was rebuilt around 1400AD, and this is the most reliable indication of the age of the current structure, which is still venerable by any estimate.

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7 steps to open your own bar

7 steps to open your own bar

In today’s market, with the ever increasing popularity of spending nights out on the town, running a pub is as much an art as it is a business. If you don’t know what you are doing then it is easy to be overwhelmed early on. That is why we have created this simple seven step guide to opening and running a successful pub. If you believe your dreams of owning your own pub deserve to become a reality, then by reading this you have already taken your first step. 

Now without further ado:

Step One: Concept

I know you must be eager to start already, but those who rush in are sure to fail. The first thing you need to do is research. You can dream all you like, but if you don’t have a solid knowledge of the real pub world then you are going nowhere. You will need to know what has already been done, what is popular, the types of pub out there, themes, what has worked, and what has failed. Build a mind map of all these things and use it to form your own ideas. Don’t feel bad about taking someone else’s idea and improving on it, it’s a competitive market.

Step Two: Location and Premises

Now you have your idea and you’ve refined it a bit, it’s time to find your pub. Shop around for a good building, with a location that fits your ideas. For example if you want to run a pub for university students to come and blow their student loans on, you don’t want to put it in the middle of farmland. The most successful pubs can be found near the sea to bring in the tourists, near universities to bring in the students, or on the high street to get a more rounded clientele. These are strategic places to have a pub because it makes sense to have it there, if you were looking for a pub where would you look first?

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The Coffs Harbour Pub Crawl

Any visit to Coffs Harbour is a great time. The first-rate beaches, great climate and friendly people makes any time spent at Coffs Harbour memorable. Spending a night visiting the pubs is a great way to top off the day and cap the adventure.

I started at Green House Tavern with a Jug of Tooheys New. The jug is more than a liter, so bring a friend and enjoy. Tooheys is an Australian brew with a loyal following in New South Wales. The bar at the Green House Tavern has daily specials ranging from domestic beers to imports to Johnnie Walker mixes too wines. There is a little something on the menu for everyone’s tastes. Guests on Sunday afternoons can enjoy the Swingin’ Sundayz with swing dance music and specials. If you have the little ones along on let them enjoy the Sunday Funday activities that include face painting.

After an hour of great fun at the Green House we headed across town the Plantation Hotel arriving just in time for the daily 4 to 5 p.m. happy hour. Started with a Coopers Pale Ale from Coopers Brewery. A schooner at the Plantation Hotel happy hour is just $3.50. Music at the Plantation Hotel bar leans to rock and dance mixes and really keeps the party moving along.

The action never stops at Hoey Moey so there really isn’t a bad time to stop in for a drink. Sundays include crab racing with the preliminary heats getting under way at noon and the finals later in the day. Sunday’s also include live music. The Monday schedule includes trivia with free tickets and lots of fun. Some other great weekday events include the Beach Babe Bunnies on Thursday afternoons offering drink specials and joker poker along with some very nice looking bunnies, I mean ladies.

Stop in at the bar in the Coast Hotel and catch up on the world’s sporting events. Along with 12 beers on draft the Coast Hotel offers both indoor and outdoor seating and a complete line of food and beverages. Check out the seafood specials on Thursdays and the pasta Wednesdays. Most of the meal specials include a schooner of Tooheys New, a glass of house wine or a soft drink. 

The last stop on the pub tour of Coffs Harbour is The Coffs Hotel. While the hotel has a drive-thru package liquor store it is the main bar that is the most fun. Let your leprechaun out for a drink at the Shamrock Bar featuring at least three ales imported from Ireland as well as a number of very fine Australian brews. Enjoy the outdoors, and a beer, in the beer garden on the grounds. The Shamrock Bar offers live entertainment as well as a great atmosphere. The food served up in the bar comes from the Baron of Beef Bistro, also part of the hotel complex.
This has been a guest post from Skedaddle Car Hire, who have an excellent resource on what to do in Coffs Harbour with a car hire, so if you thought this beer-guzzling article was interesting, why not pour into their website and have a look around.

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Bottoms Up at New York City

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Bottoms Up at New York City

New York is not one of the most prominent cities in the world for nothing.  How many cities in the world has become the subject of a song that become popular worldwide?  Coined as the Big Apple, this city that is said to “never sleep” is the home of Broadway, some of the most popular fashion brands, the location of the most interesting intrigues and is probably the most well lit city in the world.  Of course, it is also known to be the place where some of the best bars in the world are.  I would not miss New York City for anything and so I flew there the first chance I got. 

My first night there, I was so overwhelmed by all the lights and the bar choices.  I had absolutely no idea where to go first.  And so I decided to refer to the best consultant when it comes to bars and fun – drinkedin.net.  Browsing at their bar list in New York, I immediately knew which ones I really want to see for myself.  After all, I’m more after quality than quantity of the New York City bars that I visit.

Since I am a fan of organic stuff, I decided to give alcoholic drinks that are made of only organic ingredients a try.  Because of that, my very first experience of a New York City bar was in Apotheke.  Unlike other bars that most probably order their drinks, the stuff in Apotheke really piqued my curiosity because everything they used for the drinks and cocktails were from their herb garden that was located on the rooftop of the bar.  How often do you get to try out organic beer?  Not very often I bet but it sure is available here in Apotheke.   

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