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Let’s Drink to Rio De Janeiro!

Let’s Drink to Rio De Janeiro!

Let’s Drink to Rio De Janeiro!

I am a party person.  In fact, I took it upon myself to go to a bar, club or grill wherever I visit.  One of the major factors I consider before I travel is how alive the place is at night.  Naturally, I am sure that you are not surprised that I was very excited and barely able to slip when I scheduled my trip to Rio De Janeiro.  That place is famous not just for its beaches but also for its nightlife that is brimming and alive.  Before I even left for Rio, I made sure that my schedule is all set particularly when it comes to the bars that I want to visit there.  After all, I don’t have an entire week so I really had to plan ahead.

A friend of mine suggested that I first go online and visit Drinkedln.  He said that it is a really great source of bar lists in all major party cities in the world and each bar also has a short description and some even have reviews of what those people who have been there have to say about it.  And so the day before I left, I decided to check out this Drinkedln website, clicked on Rio De Janeiro to check out the very long list of bars there.  With just a glance, I was immediately able to tell the bars that I really want to go to and those that I’d say are second priority.

Because I love partying by the water, my first stop was Bar e Champanheria Copacobana.  I don’t speak latin but the word “Copacobana” immediately made me warm up to the place.  The moment that I stepped into the bar, I was already sure that I will have an awesome evening.  Yes, the place allowed me to see the pristine water of Rio and it was so elegantly set up too.  It is not just one of those bars wherein you don’t want anything else but to feel drunk and giddy.  Here, you can actually stand still and really just appreciate everything that the place has to offer.

Now if you’re the type who really just enjoys a good drink, Real Chopp is the best place for you.  They serve beer (a lot of it!) at a very reasonable price.  I think that this is more of a guy’s place though.  If you are going to Rio with a bunch of your guy friends, I think that coming here is a good idea.  Don’t expect too much when it comes to ambience but their beer is really just super!

Alcoholic beverages when properly mixed really do go with everything.  Pizza Park is in fact one of the really nice places I visited while I was there.  Their food is superb.  Eat it with their mixed drinks and you are all set for an amazing evening.  If you enjoy good food with your drinks, you definitely would not want to miss out on Pizza Park.

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Dancing the Night Away in Rio De Janeiro

Dancing the Night Away in Rio De Janeiro

I was born to dance.  So I’m not a professional dancer but what I meant was I always want to be in the center of dance scenes.  That is probably why you will always see me in some bar during weekends.  I work, work, work from Monday to Friday but once the weekend strikes, I want my bottle of beer or my glass of wine (just as long as I have alcohol in my system to help me loosen up) and then I can finally do what I do best – dance.  Then again, going to the same bars over and over again can be boring and that is precisely why I found myself looking for the best bars in Rio De Janeiro during my vacation.  To be totally honest, I wasn’t there to tour the place.  That’s a nice aside but I went there for one main reason – to go bar hopping and dance to their local tunes.

So before I left my place, I made sure that I know the bars that I should not miss while I’m in Rio.  I did my research online and stumbled upon DrinkedIn.  The website was surprisingly very helpful.  It did not have a list of all the bars in Rio.  What it had was the list of all the BEST ones and those are the bars that I want to visit while I am there.  It’s great that there are reviews too so you know that you are getting the real deal about each bar.

Boteka Do Juca is one of the bar / restaurants that I was able to visit while I was there.  I decided to go a little early just so I can taste their dinner menu first before I go drinking and dancing the night away.  Their food was absolutely delicious!  They serve only exotic, true blue Brazilian cuisine.  I totally loved it!  After being so full and feeling so stuffed, I was ready to burn the calories and go dancing.  Of course, I needed alcohol in my system so I can dance the entire night and not feel self conscious.  I decided to order some of their exotic alcoholic drinks and I sure did not regret it.  It had a taste that is like no other alcoholic beverage that I’ve tried here.

Bar Do Juarez is another must see bar if you ever get the chance to go to Rio.  It has the traditional feel of a Brazilian bar and that is exactly what’s nice about it.  I didn’t want to party the way that I would in New York.  I wanted to party Rio De Janeiro style and that is exactly what I got in Bar Do Juarez.  They had signature alcoholic drinks which I tried too.  I know I’ll miss the taste once I go back to the US.

Bar Do Belmiro is yet another place that is a must see in Rio.  It’s this bar with a quaint exterior with more than enough room for you to drink, dance and merry. 

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