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What makes a fun bar?

What makes a fun bar?

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Today, the number of pubs, bars and other entertainment places is on the rise. The traditional bar would admit only members and usually it was a place to drink and get social. Many business deals too have been known to be closed in bars. The old style of setting up a bar changed and the clientele too. Over time, the traditional bar has changed into a completely different type of entertainment place and has to compete for clientele with other bars. So, what makes a fun bar, and how will a bar ensure that it is on the scene within local circles?

Pricing is important to attract clientele. Do not go too high and lose the majority of those who would visit your establishment. Do not go too low too and attract patrons from the lower ends of society. Getting the price right is crucial as it determines the social classes that will come to your place.


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Texas Can-You-Holdem': 4 Signature Drinks to Try In the Lonestar State

Texas Can-You-Holdem': 4 Signature Drinks to Try In the Lonestar State

Everyone knows Austin is the place to be in Texas, or for that matter, in all the world, when it comes to having a good time. The undisputed live music capital of the world has so many great bars, clubs, honkytonks, and saloons, it's impossible to choose one, or a even a handful, that stand hat and moustache above the rest. Locals and visitors all agree that Austin not only has the greatest music, but the best food and drink in the Southwest, and some of the most mouth-watering concoctions you will ever find are served up in the bars. Get yourself a designated driver, saddle up and try a few of the signature drinks that make any weekend in the Longhorn City a time worth remembering.

Tobacco Mule at Frank

Known for inventive hot dogs, this palace of cased meat offers food specialties like the Jackalope or the Sonoran Dog. Enjoy these with a long, tall, cold beer. Then try a libation that is just made for the adventurous Texan:

This Texas-sized drink has a kick like a Tennessee mule. A devilish concoction of tobacco-infused Maker’s Mark, mixed vigorously with Maine Root ginger beer, Key Lime juice, spanked mint, and Angostura bitters, this smokin’ pot of spirits is served in a generous 12 ounce quilted Mason jar on the rocks. Sip slowly and do not inhale.

Siamese Caipirinha at Mettle

Mettle is new to the East Austin scene, but this bistro has some taste-bud tingling menu items that will please anyone who loves refined food served imaginatively with a large helping of international influence. The drink menu is no less impressive. Try this fusion drink:

A Pacific Rim inspired signature drink that may make you think of volcanoes and tiki gods, this potion is a secret mixture containing Thai chili and basil infused Cachaca, swizzled with some fresh lime. They could have called this drink Fire on Ice. Try it out if you like a good kick.

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Great Britain's Backyard Haven: The Rise of the Pub Shed

Great Britain's Backyard Haven: The Rise of the Pub Shed

The latest DIY craze coming out of the UK in the last few years is the pub shed. According to the British Beer & Pub Association (BBPA) in 2010 an average of 39 pubs were closing each week. That is just short of 2,000 in a year! With the number of pubs closing at a steady increase, it's no wonder that people have started building their own garden shed pubs for their enjoyment.

Pub sheds started out simple in design and have become quite impressive with their various installations and accessories.

The design and size of a shed depends on how many people you will want to entertain, how often you will use it (is it just for the warmer summer months or will it also be used in the colder parts of the year?) and your overall budget. This craze has become so popular that official competitions are held to determine a grand prize winner of the best pub shed.

To start, you will need an electrician to come to your home and you may also require running water depending on your demands. Running water is a nice addition to the pub shed, but you must also consider drainage if you decide to include water. An important initial purchase would also be a fridge for keeping your beers cold. If you're planning on throwing loud parties, you might want to insulate the walls so as not to disturb your neighbours. To fulfill all bar functions you will need many supplies. Some of these can be found on eBay, such as beer tins for wall décor, mirrors, beer taps, furniture and lighting. For strictly bar related items, you may be able to salvage used parts from closed pubs. If you really want the ultimate party scene, consider purchasing a juke box for your pub shed to get the party started, a big screen television, or a Nintendo Wii.

Many pub shed enthusiasts built their own bars from scratch, or you may want to purchase a bespoke heavy duty garden shed from a well known manufacturer. There are many shed companies out there, so take your time, read through all product reviews and make sure that you are happy with your decision before you buy your future pub shed!

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East Village After Work Bars

East Village After Work Bars

Just a few decades ago, if you were looking for a bar on the East Village, you were probably just seeking a warm-up spot before you got to the punk rock show. These days, however, the East Village—while still attractive to artists and bohemians—has a plethora of restaurants and drinking holes to suit the most sophisticated tastes. Professionals and business folk are no longer out of place on the Lower East Side, so next time you’re looking for a cool place to grab an after-work drink, you might want to consider one of the following East Village joints.


Sleek, chic and like stepping into a minimalist Paris café, Elsa is a great choice for after-work drinks in the village—especially if you go during daylight hours so you can enjoy the full glory of the huge skylight. In addition to the attractive décor and amazing cheese plate, the main pull at Elsa is the exceptional cocktail menu, featuring 18 signatures and three classics—some of which are served in mason jars! We particularly recommend The Broken Mirror, which is an exquisite concoction of absinthe, dandelion and burdock bitters.

Grape and Grain

This adorable bar has the same feel as a rustic cottage—all heavy wood and bare brick walls—which somehow makes the craft beer and excellent wine selection all the more delicious. What’s more, the menu here is both extensive and delicious, exhibiting an eye for detail and appealing to all appetites, whether you just need a small plate of pickles and pretzels, or a hearty sandwich. If you are looking for something a little out of the ordinary, the chorizo, avocado and jalapeno pizza is a highlight.

William Barnacle Tavern

After a long day of work, when life leaves you feeling like you’ve triumphed over a journey on the high seas, there’s only one place to go: William Barnacle Tavern. You’ll probably feel an overwhelming urge—thanks to the sailor-favoring interior—to sing a sea shanty while you drink your ale and sample one of the savory crepes on offer, but this cozy pub will transport you from the hub-bub of New York City life to a simpler time. If you’re not a fan of lanterns and model ships on the way in, you probably will be by the time you leave, on account of how endearing everything about this bar is.

Blue Owl

The Blue Owl is a chic little basement lounge and bar, serving up an excellent range of olives, cheeses and charcuterie, as well as high-quality cocktails that are available for bargain prices during happy hour. Don’t leave without trying the Milkman’s Daughter: a refreshing combination of Maker’s Mark, peach bitters, peach nectar and sweet black tea, it’ll knock your socks off. The first time you go, the Blue Owl is a little tricky to find, but that just adds to this little bar’s allure.

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Finding Great Bars in Dublin

Finding Great Bars in Dublin

If you are planning a holiday and looking for a great bar, you will be spoiled for choice in Ireland. Ireland is notorious for its drinking culture and there is nothing like sitting in a traditional pub drinking the black stuff, Guinness that is. Planning a holiday can be a stressful task, from booking flights, accommodation and annual holiday insurance, so you deserve to unwind and relax in a bar on arrival at your destination. If Dublin is your city of choice, I am sure that your expectations are high. Here’s a quick guide to finding great bars in Dublin.

Johnnie Foxes

Johnnie Foxes is famous for being Ireland’s highest pub. Steeped high in the Wicklow Mountains just outside Dublin city, it is the perfect place for a tourist to taste Irish tradition. Enjoy live traditional Irish music on Fridays and Saturdays and a dedicated Irish dancing show afterwards. To complement the great entertainment enjoy an array of traditional Irish dishes locally sourced. Since, the bar is located a bit outside of the city you may be worried about transportation. Fear not, there is a regular shuttle bus departing from the city centre for a low fee so you won’t have to worry about huge taxi fares coming to and from the pub.

Vintage Cocktail Club

The Vintage Cocktail Club located in Temple Bar is the perfect location for a quaint night out or a first date. Hidden away in a Temple Bar alleyway it can be difficult to find and this isn't accidental. Most nights you will need a reservation for admittance but its worth it once you walk in, to be welcomed to a bar that resembles somewhere in 1920s New York. Expect the highest quality service, the tastiest cocktails and the most comfortable, glamorous atmosphere in Dublin’s finest hidden gem.

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PUBlicity: Stand Out Over Other Bars and Pubs

PUBlicity: Stand Out Over Other Bars and Pubs

Owning and running a business is no easy task in itself, especially a bar.  However, owning and running a bar comes with the territory of a fast paced environment that requires constant attention. In the food and drink industry, your customers are your only source of revenue. In order to maximize the people who drink at your bar you need to make sure that your place is standing out over others, most importantly your competition. Below is a little advice on how to accomplish this tough task.

Get Involved in the Local Community

A great way to gain exposure and credibility is to get involved with the local community. A great way to do this is by catering or sponsoring events around town such as golf tournaments, fundraisers for nonprofits, trivia nights and other occasions that members of the community will attend. Doing this will help get your name out there to those who haven’t heard of you and it may even involve some sampling of your famous drinks.

Another great way to get involved is by hosting your own fundraisers or events at your bar. Again, this will help gain visibility of your place while at the same time giving people a chance to come in and get a taste of what you specialize in, while feeling involved in their community. By doing this, it gives people a reason to come to your local pub without much opportunity cost and to have a good time.

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Best Whisky Bars in Toronto

Best Whisky Bars in Toronto

Toronto has a history very closely tied to whisky. A big part of Torontonians have their roots either in Scotland or Ireland, the motherlands of whisky. However, it’s not only Irish and Scotch brands that we can enjoy in many Torontonian whisky bars. Canadian whisky is featured prominently, and holds a well-deserved spot on their menus.

Canadian whisky boasts a fascinating history, especially when we look back to the rum-running days between Canada and the U.S. during prohibition. Hiram Walker’s distillery in Windsor, Ontario, directly across the Detroit River from Detroit, Michigan, easily served bootleggers. Nowadays, we can enjoy a glass of the finest whisky brands and celebrate this tradition in one of these amazing whisky bars in Toronto.

The Feathers Pub & Single Malt Bar

The Feathers has a great British vibe to it. The interior looks like it’s been teleported right from the middle of London — and not just the interior. If you have family in England, the menu will look very familiar. Although the meals here are mostly not very healthy, the management's obviously trying to balance out the menu with some of the items on their daily menu that can catch the eye of more vegetable-loving customers as well.

The bar is a whisky haven. With live music in the background and 400 single malts on the menu, the Feathers offers a very cozy atmosphere to enjoy your glass of premium whisky. The best-value whisky they have to offer is definitely their house Signatory bottling Islay Cask Strength. If you're a fan of the highest-quality whisky, you'll be very pleased with their menu as well. The owner of the bar is really doing a great job getting his hands on some very rare stuff you can’t come across that easily. If you're a hardcore whisky fan, you should check the Feathers' special whisky collection bottle openings.

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What's it like to run your own pub?

What's it like to run your own pub?

Many people dream of giving up the nine-to-five routine and running their own pub. The idea of being the focus of the community and acting as host for relaxed evenings, serving good food and ale to local patrons, can be a long-cherished ambition. But the reality is very different from the dream. Running a pub can be very hard work, but also very satisfying.

Hard Work

Long working hours is the first reality that potential landlords have to confront. Running a pub demands early starts to receive deliveries, organisation of time, good staff management all day, late service extending until 11pm, and finally stock-taking, book-keeping and cleaning until midnight. You should seriously consider whether you have the stamina to keep up with this lifestyle seven days a week before committing to buying a pub.

What Sort of Pub?

The next question is whether to consider leasehold, freehold, or tenancy. Choosing a pub can be great fun – different pubs in different areas can have vastly different characteristics. Urban pubs have to compete with supermarket drink prices, but can prove to be a very vibrant and stimulating environment. Rural pubs offer a smaller network of customers who can be very loyal, but they are vulnerable to diminishing returns unless passing trade from tourists can be secured.

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Best Bars in Chicago – Unique and Quirky Edition

Best Bars in Chicago – Unique and Quirky Edition

When it’s Friday night (or maybe even Tuesday; I won’t judge) and you’re looking to have a good time in Chicago, you can’t go wrong with any of the standard bars and clubs in the area—when you combine music, alcohol, and fun people, it’s hard not to have a good time wherever you may be.

But sometimes you just want to do something different. Sometimes you want to escape the same old Top 40 songs and play arcade games like you’re 10 years old again. Luckily, there are a number of places in Chicago that let you do just that.

Emporium Arcade Bar

Emporium has 20+ beers on tap, dozens of whiskeys, and 41 different arcade games all under one roof. Need I say more?

Tokens are 25 cents each and every game only costs one token. Stop by and relive the glory of your childhood years with the increased level of difficulty that only alcohol can provide.

Big Joe’s Pub

On the surface, Big Joe’s may just look like your average bar. And on most nights of the week, you might be right in making that assumption. But one night a week, Big Joe’s Pub hosts an event that you’ll want to be a part of at last once before you leave the city: turtle racing.

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13 of Technology’s Best Alcohol Resources Available!

13 of Technology’s Best Alcohol Resources Available!

DrinkedIn BarFinder

What is it? A bar/pub locator - it's a free mobile app available for iPhone/iPad and Android.

What does it do? Find bars near your location from the largest database of over 150,000 bars worldwide. Soon to include a database of close to 10,000 mixed drink recipes as a bonus!

How can I get it? This app is available on the Apple iTunes app-store and Google Play

BAC Alcohol Calculator

What is it? An iPhone App.

What does it do? A fun and interactive way of keeping track of how much you are drinking and its effects on you is by downloading this Blood-Alcohol Calculator. Simple to use and highly rated, this app uses gender, weight and consumption to generate a rough calculation.

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Top Lounge Bars in Dubai

Top Lounge Bars in Dubai

Dubai is one of the seven Emirates of United Arab Emirates. It is one of the most developed cities of the country. Over last couple of years, the city has developed amazingly. Dubai has got natural as well as man-made wonders. To explore and enjoy the city’s wonders, tourists from different parts of the countries visit Dubai. Therefore, the city has seen lots of tourists over the last couple of years. There are lots of things to do in Dubai and lot many places to visit as well in the city.

In Dubai, you can enjoy the nightlife of the city. With its various bars and nightclubs, the young crowd of not only the city but also of other cities and countries of the world enjoy the nightlife to a great extent. There are luxurious as well as affordable bars and nightclubs found in the city. Let’s look at some of the famous one:

Jetty Lounge: Jetty Lounge was opened in 2010. Since then, it has become one of the most favorite outdoor lounge bars of Dubai. Jetty has got whitewashed Arabian architecture, beautiful beach front location and minimalist outdoor terrace. It is one of the famous landmarks of Dubai. Most of the young people come here to enjoy the cocktails, wine and champagne.

Zuma: Zuma is not only located in Dubai but has also got its branches in London and Hong Kong. However, if you are on a visit to Dubai then you should go to the Japanese bar, shushi restaurant located in the heart of DIFC. Zuma offers best customer service and its Japanese cuisine, although it is relatively expensive, is outstanding and worth a visit.

360: It is the ultimate nightlife destination of Dubai. At the end of its pier, it has got the cylinder shaped space which offers panoramic views of the Dubai coastline, the famous Burj Khalifa and the spectacular sunsets of the Arabian Gulf.

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3 Can't-Miss Bars & Pubs in Slough, England

3 Can't-Miss Bars & Pubs in Slough, England

The Pubs

The Red Cow

  • Address: 140 Albert St
  • Beer: Courage Director’s Bitter, Courage Best Bitter, Bombadier
  • Open ‘til: 11:00pm M-W; 11:30pm Th; midnight F&S; 10:30 Sundays

The Red Cow is the oldest pub in Slough, dating back to the mid-16th Century. Known for its warm atmosphere, the Red Cow holds nightly entertainment and events in both the inside bar area and the outside beer garden. The upstairs functions as a bed and breakfast.
The Wheatsheaf

  • Address: 15 Albert St
  • Beers: Fuller’s London Pride, Fuller’s ESB
  • Open ‘til: midnight M-Th; 1 F&S; 11 Sun

Also featuring a nice-sized (and covered) outside beer garden, The Wheatsheaf is a Fuller’s pub, owned by the Fuller's brewery and sharing ownership with several other top name establishments around Britain. As such, the Wheatsheaf offers traditional English pub appeal in combination with contemporary amenities and modern urban service standards.

The Ostrich Inn

  • Address: High Street, Colnbrook
  • Beers: Doom Bar, Hooky Bitter, TEA (Traditional English Ale)
  • Open ‘til: late

Talk about history – this pub originated in 1106. The third-oldest pub in all of Great Britain, The Ostrich Inn boasts some of the best, most authentic beer draught in the country, including hard cider. The menu is English at its finest from both sea and land. Affordable prices and its strategic location on the road to Heathrow make this a must stop.

Image credit: antony_mayfield

The Manor Hotel
This intimate and charming boutique hotel is actually in Datchet, just to the east of Slough. Overlooking the village green and the nearby Thames, it’s known for its first class guest service and fine attention to detail that only a boutique can offer. Afternoon tea features “a glass of bubbly.” Beat that, HoJo.

The Baylis House
This beautiful country home dates to 1696 and sits on four acres of landscaped ground. Converted to a hotel in 1936, after stints as a private home, a school, and an office building, the Baylis House boasts one of the finest Indian restaurants in all of the United Kingdom, complete with imported chefs.

The Upton Park Hotel
A hotel that strives for just the right balance of style and comfort, the Upton Park Hotel is a larger establishment with more of a corporate feel than rustic English charm. It is, however, a modern establishment with fine dining, a great bar and a beautiful interior.

Serviced Apartments
If you need to stay in Slough for a longer period of time, a serviced apartment will likely be more economical than a hotel. Serviced apartments are roomier, furnished and have handy amenities such as a kitchenette, private laundry, wifi and great business facilities and meeting rooms.

Windsor Castle
Surely this needs no introduction. The home of every English monarch since Henry I, Windsor Castle is the longest continuously occupied castle in Europe, in addition to being one of the largest royal homes in Europe. It is open to the public year round for tours, unless there is a national security concern.

The Thames Trail
This is a river tour that runs past historic sites in England, including Maidenhead Bridge, Eton College, Windsor Race Grounds and more. There are guided river tours, or you can travel the Thames Path on your own, allowing you to tour at your leisure.

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5 Budget Bars in San Francisco

5 Budget Bars in San Francisco

If you look hard enough, you can escape the high living costs of San Francisco and ditch the places with prices which make your wallet ache in agony. There are hidden gems in the area which offer great deals on drink specials during happy hours. Here are a few bars in the city where you can booze up without digging deep into your savings. By Sohaib S.


Because of its location to the Financial District and Union Square, Dave’s pulls in businessmen who want to let out some stress during happy hours, local hipsters, wandering tourists and regulars. The venue is a single-room yet cozy, but is a sports bar at heart. The walls are lined with local team pride and flat-screen TV’s to enjoy the games. A Giants game while drinking a cheap beer and munching on affordable nachos or hotdogs makes a great night.

If you’re feeling extra generous, you can open a tab to give your friends a pleasant surprise—put their names on the board right behind the bar. When they arrive, they will be greeted with a frothy glass ready for the night ahead.

Barracuda Sushi

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Bars to Visit in Myrtle Beach

Bars to Visit in Myrtle Beach

As the weather warms up people may be starting to give some real thought to a spring get-away or their summer vacation. Millions of people visit Myrtle Beach and a vacation is a fantastic time to explore some of the best bars in the Grand Strand area that you might not otherwise know about.

Liberty Steakhouse and Brewery - This is part of a small chain of bars/restaurants in North Carolina and South Carolina that, in addition to brewing their own beers, also serves up great food. In Myrtle Beach, this bar is located at Broadway at the Beach and is a great place to visit for happy hour, especially during warmer weather months when they have bands performing outside under a canopy.

Dead Dog Saloon - This is a great bar located on the south end of Myrtle Beach in Murrells Inlet. They have amazing food as well as a fantastic view of the marsh. The bar suffered a fire in the spring of 2012 but has come back better than ever with an updated interior and a hugely expanded back deck and bar. The drinks and food here can be a bit pricey but it's honestly worth it to be able to enjoy the atmosphere. Plus, a benefit of heading down to Murrells Inlet is that there is a walkway along the marsh that allows you to travel from bar to bar easily AND you can carry your drink along the way.

Bumsteads - While most of these other bars take advantage of the beautiful views and weather Myrtle Beach has, Bumsteads is more your typical dive bar. Not much sunlight to be found there. But they have a fantastic beer selection, a menu that features giant, fresh sandwiches and bartenders that know their beers. They also have a happy hour menu that features some $3-$5 appetizers that are sure to satisfy your drinking munchies.

Mixx at Hotel Blue- Mixx is unique in Myrtle Beach because of the party atmosphere and the in-pool bar. It is the best place to go if you're trying to decide between spending a day in the pool and the bar. Here you can do both! They specialize in frozen, refreshing drinks but can make just about anything. And if you want to embrace the area idea of Sunday-Funday then make sure to check out Mixx on a Sunday afternoon for the Therapy Pool Party, with a DJ, contests and more.

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7 steps to open your own bar

7 steps to open your own bar

In today’s market, with the ever increasing popularity of spending nights out on the town, running a pub is as much an art as it is a business. If you don’t know what you are doing then it is easy to be overwhelmed early on. That is why we have created this simple seven step guide to opening and running a successful pub. If you believe your dreams of owning your own pub deserve to become a reality, then by reading this you have already taken your first step. 

Now without further ado:

Step One: Concept

I know you must be eager to start already, but those who rush in are sure to fail. The first thing you need to do is research. You can dream all you like, but if you don’t have a solid knowledge of the real pub world then you are going nowhere. You will need to know what has already been done, what is popular, the types of pub out there, themes, what has worked, and what has failed. Build a mind map of all these things and use it to form your own ideas. Don’t feel bad about taking someone else’s idea and improving on it, it’s a competitive market.

Step Two: Location and Premises

Now you have your idea and you’ve refined it a bit, it’s time to find your pub. Shop around for a good building, with a location that fits your ideas. For example if you want to run a pub for university students to come and blow their student loans on, you don’t want to put it in the middle of farmland. The most successful pubs can be found near the sea to bring in the tourists, near universities to bring in the students, or on the high street to get a more rounded clientele. These are strategic places to have a pub because it makes sense to have it there, if you were looking for a pub where would you look first?

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9 Top Bars in Europe

9 Top Bars in Europe
@ la quinta roof bar
Ibiza Sunset

We all know which is our favourite local pub or bar but where should you head when you go a little further afield? From Paris to Prague, Barcelona to London, here is a selection of some of Europe’s best for those who like to spread their wings every once in a while.

Candelaria, Paris: There are not many cities that can beat Paris and this bar makes going there even more appealing. Quality eats and excellent cocktails all served in a chic yet intimate environment. A great place to while away a Saturday night.

Ruby, Copenhagen: You’ll need a good drink in you if you head this far north in the winter and this would be the best place to do so. A beautiful townhouse converted into a bar on a number of levels, it has set the bar high for the region.

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Decking out the pub for Christmas

Decking out the pub for Christmas

If you haven't yet felt compelled to deck out your pub with Christmas decorations, then good for you! Recent reports would have you believe that the run up to Christmas is beginning earlier every year, as retailers and pubs attempt to draw customers in for a bit of shopping in late November and a swift pint mid-shop.

While some pubs though are clearly jumping the gun time-wise it's up to you to be the voice of reason and make a decision about when is the most realistic time to put your decorations up.

Whenever that time might be for you, you should do your best to make your establishment as warm, friendly and Christmassy as possible to get your audience in the festive spirit.

The following are just a few ideas about how you can make the most of your venue, from bar chairs to the dartboard, this Christmas.

1) A Christmas tree

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The best specialist bars in London

The best specialist bars in London

With approximately 7000 bars and public houses, London is a haven for drinking enthusiasts. With so many to choose from, though, it can be a daunting (and expensive!) task to unearth the hidden gems in the London bar scene.

To help you out and get you started, I've listed some of the very best specialist bars in London. For a bit of variety, I've picked one bar per specialty – so if I've missed one of your favourite London watering holes please add them to the list using the comments at the bottom…


London is full of very refined and sophisticated champagne bars – and tourists don’t have to travel very far to find one of the very best, seeing as it’s in St Pancras International Train Station! Searcys Champagne Bar is renowned as the longest champagne bar in Europe, and its modernist design, coupled with the stunning St Pancras architecture, makes for a truly memorable drinking experience.


If you’re into your whisky, then Albannach in Trafalgar Square is for you. Their Scotch whisky list is handily split into the different Scottish regions – which amounts to over 120 different whisky variations for you to try! They also offer very reasonably priced Whisky Flights, which can either come pre-determined or you can make your own flight using 5 whiskies of your own choosing.


If you like a certain atmosphere and lots of history with your wine, then you’ll love Gordon’s Wine bar (47 Villiers Street, WC2N 6NE) – which is situated so far underground you can hear the humming of underground trains as they pass by! Don’t let that put you off though, as the unique underground atmosphere, rich history (both Samuel Pepys and Rudyard Kipling were known to frequent Gordon’s) and unrivalled selection and knowledge of wine make this the perfect destination for wine connoisseurs.

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South African Nightlife: Bars in Johannesburg

South African Nightlife: Bars in Johannesburg

Johannesburg may have not started smoothly, but this capital of Gauteng is already getting ahead in the past years in terms of population and also in economics. Joburg is the largest metropolitan region in South Africa, and also happens to be the wealthiest city in the country. 

Although there is seriousness in the ambiance of Joburg that tells its tourists that economy is a prominent topic in there, they will be amazed to know that South Africa’s wealthiest city has a lot of extra-curricular activities to offer. Travelers will get to enjoy accommodations from exclusive clubs to the best restos and clubs and dance to the compelling beats thrown by city’s best live bands and DJ’s. 

Here is a list to help you narrow down your choices to some of the best spots to consider when going out at Joburg at night. Go over it and see what may float your boat.

Moyo Market Theatre 

56 Wolhuter St, Johannesburg 2113, South Africa
+27 11 838 1715 ‎ · markettheatre.co.za

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Dancing the Night Away in Rio De Janeiro

Dancing the Night Away in Rio De Janeiro

I was born to dance.  So I’m not a professional dancer but what I meant was I always want to be in the center of dance scenes.  That is probably why you will always see me in some bar during weekends.  I work, work, work from Monday to Friday but once the weekend strikes, I want my bottle of beer or my glass of wine (just as long as I have alcohol in my system to help me loosen up) and then I can finally do what I do best – dance.  Then again, going to the same bars over and over again can be boring and that is precisely why I found myself looking for the best bars in Rio De Janeiro during my vacation.  To be totally honest, I wasn’t there to tour the place.  That’s a nice aside but I went there for one main reason – to go bar hopping and dance to their local tunes.

So before I left my place, I made sure that I know the bars that I should not miss while I’m in Rio.  I did my research online and stumbled upon DrinkedIn.  The website was surprisingly very helpful.  It did not have a list of all the bars in Rio.  What it had was the list of all the BEST ones and those are the bars that I want to visit while I am there.  It’s great that there are reviews too so you know that you are getting the real deal about each bar.

Boteka Do Juca is one of the bar / restaurants that I was able to visit while I was there.  I decided to go a little early just so I can taste their dinner menu first before I go drinking and dancing the night away.  Their food was absolutely delicious!  They serve only exotic, true blue Brazilian cuisine.  I totally loved it!  After being so full and feeling so stuffed, I was ready to burn the calories and go dancing.  Of course, I needed alcohol in my system so I can dance the entire night and not feel self conscious.  I decided to order some of their exotic alcoholic drinks and I sure did not regret it.  It had a taste that is like no other alcoholic beverage that I’ve tried here.

Bar Do Juarez is another must see bar if you ever get the chance to go to Rio.  It has the traditional feel of a Brazilian bar and that is exactly what’s nice about it.  I didn’t want to party the way that I would in New York.  I wanted to party Rio De Janeiro style and that is exactly what I got in Bar Do Juarez.  They had signature alcoholic drinks which I tried too.  I know I’ll miss the taste once I go back to the US.

Bar Do Belmiro is yet another place that is a must see in Rio.  It’s this bar with a quaint exterior with more than enough room for you to drink, dance and merry. 

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