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Drink All You Can at Rio De Janeiro

Drink All You Can in Rio De Janeiro

Beach, sun and sand – those are just some things that come into mind upon mention of Rio De Janeiro.  Of course, the fun does not stop there.  There is so much more to Rio De Janeiro than merely just soaking in the sun and getting a good tan.  If you are a party person who loves to dance the night away, mingle with new people and drink all you can, well, Rio is most definitely the perfect vacation spot for you.  Just imagine partying Brazilian style.  If you think you know how to party in your side of the United States, you are about to discover that there is so much more to partying, drinking and dancing than what you are actually used to. 

It’s the time for my annual vacation and I decided to try something different this time.  And so I decided to fly to South America and taste the wine and beer that they have there; dance to their local tunes and maybe meet a couple of party goers just like myself while there.  I was not disappointed.  It was a good thing that I didn’t go there blind because I did my homework before leaving and checked out the highly recommended bars there.  I found drinkedin.net most helpful.  Not only did the site have a complete list of the best bars there but it also has reviews so you know what to expect.

In my first night there in Rio De Janeiro, I hit the road and went to Bar d’Hotel.  It is one of the popular night clubs in the area and for a very good reason too.  The place was really beautiful in a Southern American way.  They had a singer with a wonderful voice that you won’t be able to help but dance along.  And of course, they served beers and wines that I have never heard of in my life.  Must be their local classics.  My first night in Rio was pretty hard to beat … or so I thought.

Just when I thought that last night’s partying and clubbing was the best of them all, I went to Al-Farabi and that bar is a pretty hardcore party place too.  Upon entering, you immediately know that you are in some South American / Brazilian bar and that’s really what gives the place its charm.  They also served some exotic alcoholic drinks and so I tried those that I wasn’t able to try the night before.  When the alcohol  kicked in, I found myself laughing, dancing and drinking the night away!

I went to Bar Das Quengas on my third night and it was slightly different from the first 2 bars that I visited primarily because it has a Parisian feel to it.  The music was intoxicating though and I found myself loving every minute of my stay there.

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