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4 Ways to Save Money When Booking an Artist

4 Ways to Save Money When Booking an Artist

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As any nightclub operation knows, booking an artist is one of the more stressful parts of the job. Not only do you have to ensure that you get the kind of artist that people will pay money to see, but you also have to make sure the artist is kept happy throughout the process. You also have to take into account your own financial considerations; after all, the cost of the artist is usually one of the biggest – if not the biggest – costs of the night.

Cut Out the Middleman

If you’re unfamiliar with the booking process, you might be tempted to use a talent buyer, also known as a middle buyer, to help guide you through the steps of getting in touch with an artist’s representation and securing the artist for your venue. Unfortunately, those middle buyers come with a cost, and in most cases, the work they do isn’t necessarily worth the amount of money they’ll charge for doing it (usually 10% of the artist’s fee). From your standpoint, all a middle buyer does is add an additional layer of communication between you and the artist. Sure, they can save you time and hassle in some cases, but it’s not the route to go if you’re looking to save money.

Know How to Negotiate

You should also be willing to negotiate (and know how to effectively negotiate) the artist’s fee. Just because an artist quotes a particular fee doesn’t necessarily mean you should pay it, nor does it mean that they expect to receive it. Being willing to negotiate on their fee can save you a lot of up-front costs. As with any negotiation, though, you have to know when to push and when to ease off.

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Top 5 Toronto Bars to See Live Music

Top 5 Toronto Bars to See Live Music

When visiting Canada, you probably consider checking out things like a Maple Leaf hockey game, the world famous St. Lawrence Market or a restaurant with “claim to fame” Poutine. While those are all valid, and potentially tasty, options, were you aware that Toronto is considered one of the best places in the Western Hemisphere to experience live music? Popular acts like Feist, Drake and Broken Social Scene are some solid indicators that Toronto has a powerhouse music scene, but that’s really just scratching the surface.

Major arenas, famous music halls and high-end dance clubs are all accessible, but sometimes the best places to find live music are the underground, less known bars that only the locals know and love. Lucky for you, those are the people we decided to call.

The Dakota Tavern

Recently voted the “Best Blues Bar” in town, The Dakota Tavern features concerts and album release parties spanning a wide range of genres from artists both locally and out of town. Music lovers that also share a penchant for day drinking can check out their weekly Bluegrass Brunch which features live music, food and cocktails from 10 AM – 2 PM every Saturday and Sunday.

The Horse Shoe Tavern

Established in 1947 as a bar and live music venue originally named the “Country Roots N Rockabilly Music Tavern”, the 87-seat-saloon quickly grew into one of Toronto’s most legendary spots to see live music. During the 60s, The Horse Shoe Tavern morphed into a closer version of what it’s known for today, hosting both independent and established acts like The Rolling Stones, Etta James and the Talking Heads. Nowadays you can catch acts like up and coming rockers the Allah-Lahs, or alternative mainstays The Hold Steady, tearing up concert floor which can hold around 400 enthusiastic fans (beware of flying arms).

Resevoir Lounge

If jazz and swing float your boat, then you absolutely must make a pit stop at the Resevoir Lounge during your tour of Toronto music hotspots. Four nights a week and once on weekends, this swinging venue hosts the city’s top house bands. Stop in and enjoy homemade tapas, pizzas and signature cocktails, all of which have helped make Resevoir Lounge one of the most sought after nightclubs in the city. Staff and regulars claim that Prince came in one night and drank Chablis through a straw. I believe it.

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