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What are the Essential Mixers for Cocktail Recipes?

When it comes to enjoying an alcoholic drink we naturally mix the alcohol with a non-alcoholic mixer to brighten up the taste and add flavor. Drinking neat whisky or vodka without its subsequent mixers does not bear thinking about. Tequila without lime juice or vodka without its orange juice or cola just reads unpalatable all over.

So which mixers are essential to add to your alcohol? Mixed drinks must always include fresh orange juice as this is a key addition to many cocktails. The screwdriver allows the consumer to add a little Vitamin C to your devilish cocktail. Screwdrivers are easy to make and are a very popular mixed drink favorite particularly when served with ice. Many prefer a dash of cranberry juice poured over the ice to give this highball drink a fruitier tone.

Another popular recipe for a highball favorite is the Bronx. Mainly consumed in the US market, a Bronx mixes fresh orange juice with your gin and Vermouth. A slice of orange is often added to this New England favourite cocktail. The ice is naturally the essential mixer to any cocktail, highball or mixed drink. Orange juice once more becomes an essential ingredient as a mixer to the popular cocktail, the Mimosa. A champagne-based drink with a little added sec and topped off with some orange juice and sometimes an orange slice for good measure and you have the simple and delightful lunch time favorite cocktail.

Grapefruit juice can be found in several cocktail drinks which make some of our mixed drinks taste sourer. The idea is take the sweetness off drinks like a Greyhound or a Blue Bayou. However one of our favorite cocktails using the grapefruit mixer is the Blushing Lady. Mix some Pomegranate juice (alcoholic liqueur variety) with your vodka and then add on grapefruit juice and top off with a slice of lemon. Next take a sip and you will see why they call it a Blushing Lady!

Grenadine is another essential mixer for mixed drinks as it goes so well as a sour mix for your cocktail or mixed drink. Fresh pomegranate juice is recommended rather than bought and used from the carton you purchased from the local supermarket. Add pomegranate juice to lemonade and a Woodford Reserve bourbon whiskey and you will have your perfect Belmont Stakes.

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The Proper Serving Glasses for Cocktails

If you’re about to throw a party where alcohol is involved, you may be considering what type of glassware you should be using to serve your mixed drinks. Try and realize that the type of glass you use is a lot like the fashion of your clothing. You wouldn’t wear sneakers to a nightclub, and you wouldn’t serve cocktails in the wrong type of glass. How you serve your drinks actually has a psychological appeal as to whether or not people want to drink them. To help you identify the right glasses for your next party, here’s a quick breakdown of three of the most popular serving glasses.

Highball Glasses

The biggest mistake people make is that they serve the usual mixed drink in a generic kitchenware glass. Your mixed drink glasses should always be tall and skinny. Consider a highball glass, or Collins glass when serving things like Screwdrivers, Jack and Cokes, or a Vodka Cranberry drink. The tall thin shape is highly distinctive from that of a kitchen glass, and is much more comfortable to grip for a longer amount of time.

Martini Glasses

Now that we’ve got the basic mixed drinks out of the way, keep in mind that you should never serve them in a martini glass. While they may be called cocktail glasses as well, martini glasses were made just for martinis. The strength of a martini is often stronger than that of the usual mixed drink, which gives the martini glass a naturally smaller shape, usually holding only 6 to 8 ounces per glass. These glasses were built for sipping a variety of martini recipes that can often contain twice as much alcohol as a mixed drink.

Shot Glass

Obviously, you’re not going to fit much in a shot glass, but the hard liquor itself. You can premix your liquor with a mixer if you want, but remember that each shot is only an ounce. Make a shot recipe taste like your mixed drink and you’ll have guests flying out the door. If you plan on serving shots on ice, consider a low tumbler glass which can usually hold a shot or two while keeping the liquor well chilled.

This has been the third in a series of blog articles for the basics of mixed drinks. We've already covered the absolute basic, important considerations of some of the basic liquors and proper serving glasses. In articles to come, I'll be writing about more advanced topics.

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Mixing Drinks: A Beginner's Guide

People have many reasons for learning how to mix drinks. For of all, many people find straight forms of any alcohol to be either too strong or not come in enough varieties. Also, mixing drinks allows you to control the strength of the drink, the sweetness or bitterness and a lot of other factors (including the look of the drink itself - presentation is very important).

Learning how to mix your own drinks is very simple if you follow simple steps and have the correct equipment. Of course, you'll need a good drink recipe and there are many mixed drink recipes available on DrinkedIn (9000 drink recipes). It's easy to impress your guests with fantastic mixed drinks.

A important factor of any mixed drink is to use the better brands of alcohol and avoid the cheaper varieties. There are many reasons for this as the core ingredients strongly effect the taste of the final drink. Also, the name brands often cost more for a good reason. But don't worry if you can't stock a complete bar and serve dozens of different drinks - just start with a few of your favorites and you'll be able to expand in time.

Terminology - mixing drinks has its own terminology and it's essential to learn a few terms:

  1. Blend - add the ingredients to a blender and mix thoroughly.
  2. Cocktail Shaker - It is usually made from stainless steel and has a top.  Add the ice and the mixed drink ingredients to the shaker and then shake. When complete, tip the shaker to fill the glass and serve. You'll find your cocktail shaker to be an essential tool in allowing drinks to be shaken properly without making a mess.
  3. Dash - A dash of something means to add a small amount of your ingredient. In real measure, it is about a quarter of a teaspoon.
  4. To Strain - You will need a small strainer. The strainer will allow the liquid through, but hold the ice back in an easy way.
  5. Glassful - Obviously, that is means a full glass. In a future article, we'll talk about the correct glasses to serve in and their sizes.
  6. Stir - you can use a long spoon or an drink stirrer to get this effect. Some drink recipes will ask you to stir the ice in the drink and then remove the ice before serving.
  7. To Shake - This term means the ingredients of the drink are added to the shaker listed above and then shake the contents about five to seven times to mix properly.

Now find your favorite drink recipes from the thousands available on DrinkedIn. You can search by name or even by major ingredients (such as beer, coffee, liquors, etc). Once you find a good drink recipe to start, you'll be creating your fabulous drinks for your guests. Some of the better recipes are available for printing right from the actual DrinkedIn listings (including nutritional information).

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Bars in Jerusalem

The Must See Party Places in the Holy City

So you think that Jerusalem has nothing to offer but churches and historical places.  Well, why don’t you check it out yourself and watch with your mouth open the moment that you realize how extremely wrong you are.  Although Jerusalem does have an amazing past and is the city that most religious folks want to visit, it is also now attracting some of the wildest party people in the world.  That is not odd at all.  After all, Jerusalem is turning to be one of the must see party places in the world.  Just imagine having the time of your life in nowhere less than the Holy City.  Yup, that is perfectly possible.

Are you a heavy drinker and you are really after the alcoholic drinks selection?  Well, Jerusalem will surely satisfy your urges because it has a number of bars with a lot of alcoholic drinks selection.  Glen Bar is just one of them but it happens to be one of the most popular pubs in the city.  What’s great about it is that it does not just have a good selection of beer.  It carries other “spirits” too and thankfully, it is the type that you can enjoy drinking.

When it comes to awesome seafood selections, the Bar Kochba really is the place to beat.  One bite at their fish and dairy and you will not doubt its freshness.  The perks do not end there though.  It is located in a place where you will have an amazing view of the city.  Just imagine enjoying your favorite drink with a view of one of the most historical and controversial cities laid out before you.  That is indeed a sight to behold and something that most (if not all) bars can ever offer you.

The 911 bar is definitely among the most popular bars in Jerusalem.  Don’t worry, it is fairly safe there but the place is just so amazing and the food so tasty that you feel you’re having a heart attack because of the great time that you are having there.  The 911 bar is usually among the favorite of the tourists in Jerusalem because it carries a semblance of the bars that they are so used to visiting in the United States.  Still, the truth of the matter is that it is located in Jerusalem and that alone makes it exotic and charming in its own unique way.

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Bars in Chicago

Places to Party in the Windy City

Do you think that the Windy City has nothing to offer except an extremely cool weather, some snow on the pavement, occasional shopping and sometimes Broadway shows, you are extremely mistaken.  Chicago is in fact fast following the major cities such as New York when it comes to the party scene.  Yup, if you feel like partying it up in the Windy City, you will be pleasantly surprised that you have such a wide selection to the point that you will be confused on where to go first.  I assure you that one week is not enough to cover everything.  Then again, if you know where to go, then your entire Chicago experience will be very much worth your while.

If you want to know the best bars, clubs and bars in the Windy City, there is one website that you can surely trust.  When I visited a while back, I checked out Drinkedln and I sure was not disappointed.  I found out that the bars they recommended are indeed among the best in the city.  I had such a grand time because the party hot spots offered a good mix of the right crowd, alcoholic beverages I have not heard of and some heavy dancing which for me are the ingredients of a perfect party.

One of the clubs I visited while I was in Chicago was the Smuggler’s Cove.  The name of the place sure got me interested.  The name isn’t your typical bar in the United States and apparently, so was the entire place in general.  The moment that you entire the Smugglers Cove, you immediately know the feel and theme of the place.  Being there is just so fun and exciting. Match it with a good cold drink of alcohol and you are all set for the evening.

Do you want to veer away from meat and try to be a bit more healthy before your drinking spree?  That is perfectly possible in the Windy City.  Why not savor the unique vegetarian cuisine that Soul Vegetarian East has to offer?  The food is very flavorful and light to the stomach at the same time.  Of course, the night is still young after dinner and the last thing that you want to do is to head home.  Well, you will be pleasantly surprised that Soul Vegetarian East offers some of the best drinks that the Windy City has to offer.  Who would have guessed that vegetables and alcohol would go so well together?

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Find Out about the Best Bars Using Your iPhone

Find Out about the Best Bars Using Your iPhone

Traveling is always fun and of course, it is best to experience everything that the place has to offer.  That includes a good mix of things such as the history of the place, its culture, the best shopping spots and of course, the food and exotic drinks that is present there.  Confused on where to go first?  You don’t have to miss out on the best bars, clubs, grills and restaurants anymore.  All that you have to do is to go online and with one click, you will be able to make a quick but surefire decision on the best places to go to.  Simply visit Drinkedln and all your worries on where to go will be no more.

The best part about Drinkedln is that it really values the convenience of the people visiting it.  So now, you do not even have to be in a computer at home to figure it out.  You just have to check out your iPhone and all the information that you could already need is there.  After all, it does have an app for an iPhone user such as yourself.  Say goodbye to having to bear with going to bars hat are just not worth it.  With Drinkedln, you can never go wrong with your choices.

It does not matter if you are in a places as exotic and wild as Rio De Janeiro, as metropolitan as the New York City, as sophisticated as Chicago or as religious as Tel Aviv or Jerusalem.  Drinkedln has a wide list of grills, pubs, bars and clubs of all the major party spots in the world and those that will soon rise to be one of the best.  With 35 cities to choose from, you are bound to find out what the best party spots in that area.  And if you happen to have a spur of the moment urge to go clubbing, meet new people and do some drinking, again, all that you need is the Drinkedln app in your iPhone and then you are all set.

If you think that all Drinkedln offers is a list of the bars in the area, you are mistaken.  How will you find out which ones are worth going to that way?  With Drinkedln, the information is complete because aside from the bar list, it also has a short description of the bar which states the ambience, the food that they serve and their alcohol collection.  People are even free to write their honest to goodness reviews of those bars that they have already visited.  Feel free to write yours too!

So the next time you feel like going clubbing, drinking and dancing and you are unfamiliar with the place or simply can’t decide where to go to for the night, just visit Drinkedln either at home or using your iPhone and you are bound to make the best decision and have a grand time partying all night long.

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A Pleasant Surprise in Tel Aviv

A Pleasant Surprise in Tel Aviv

If you think that you know everything that there is to know about the Holy Land, then you better think again.  When people think of the country Israel, they usually associate it with the church, history and religion.  And consequently, they think that only pilgrims and religious folks manage to find themselves in there.  Well guess what, that is such a huge misconception because even though Israel does offer all those things, it also offers a lot more than that.  To begin with, Israel has a brimming nightlife that is full of parties, bars, drinking and tons of laughter.  There is this particular place in the Holy Land that is most known for that.  The place is Tel Aviv and slowly, the world is recognizing is as one of the hottest party spots in the world. 

So you are not convinced that so much wild parties can happen in Israel.  Then why don’t you book a ticket and experience it for yourself?  I assure you, you will not be disappointed at all.  In fact, you will have so many bars and bistros to choose from that you will have a hard time choosing where to go first.  Let me give you a rundown of some of the most popular bars in Tel Aviv and as a clear warning, that is just brushing the tip of the iceberg.  With more time to explore the place, you will discover that it is packed full of bars and party places like you never imagined before.

The Dancing Camel, Porter & Sons, MASH Sports Bar & Herlinger Bar are just a few of the many bars and clubs in Tel Aviv.  Each of them has a charm of its own but they do have a couple of things in common.  To begin with, they are all awesome party places.  Do you love to dance?  Then you can surely dance the night away in those popular bars in Tel Aviv.  Are you particular with your drinks?  Then surely the bartenders there can concoct something awesome and tasteful for you.    Do you want to party with the most fun bunch of people in the world?  Then you will be happy to know and pleasantly surprised that there are many of them in Tel Aviv.

Alenbi 40, Amiram Pub, Samuel 88, Anna Lulu and Ariks are again only just a few of the many bars, clubs and pubs in the city that is slowly being recognized as one of the hottest party spots in the globe.  If you are tired of your usual bars in America, then you will find the bars here perfect because not only do they serve superb drinks but they are also located in one of the most exotic and historical places in the world.  Don’t miss out the fun in Tel Aviv.  Pretty soon, tourists will surely be flocking the area for a taste of their wine, an experience of their wild parties and to just have good old fashioned fun.

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Tel Aviv Nightlife: What You Don’t Know about Israel

Tel Aviv: Bars, Clubs & Restaurants on the Beach

Sure, it is considered to be one of the most religious places in the world.  Of course pilgrims would go there for a retreat.  People visit the place for a closer encounter with their creator.  While all those things are true about Israel, there is something about it that a lot of people (even those who have visited it in the past) do not know.  Israel is actually turning to be one of the best party places.  Yes, New York, Paris and Rio De Janeiro often enter one’s mind when thinking of a good place to visit for some wild parties.  Well, from the looks of it, I am pretty certain that Israel will soon join the ranks.  It will be part of the top of mind when it comes to having fun and dancing the night away.  The particular place in Israel that is getting to be popular for that is called Tel Aviv and in the near future, it is going to be one of the hottest destinations for party people.

I was a bit skeptical when a friend invited me to go all the way to Israel.  In all honesty, I am not exactly the most religious person around.  She assured me that I will have a great time and the word “boring” will not even cross my mind while we’re there.  So I finally gave in to her prodding and was very pleased to tell her that she was right about the whole thing.  Not for a minute did I find myself getting bored.  In the morning, we explored amazing historical and religious places.  But at night, we would always find ourselves back in Tel Aviv partying the night away (even though we know that waking up early the next day would be such a challenge).  Tel Aviv was very much worth it especially for a party person such as myself.  It was full of bars that are very different from the usual places we visit in the US.

I thought that spending a week in Israel is more than I can bear.  When I was there, I found myself wanting to have more fun in the place.  Can you blame me?  It was loads of fun there especially with the presence of bars such as Porters & Sons, MASH Sports Bar, Norma Jean & Molly Blooms.  I wish I could visit the other bars but I was very happy with the drinks, music, crowd and the overall feel of the bars that I was able to visit.  It is modern but somehow you just cannot ignore the richness of the culture of the place while you are there. 

Some of the most memorable places is the Mike's Place.  Their alcoholic drinks are like nothing I have ever tasted before.  It was very exotic and although it took me a while to adjust to it, I totally loved the adventure. 

There are so many other bars I wanted to visit so the next time I go there, I am definitely checking out Drinkedln so that I will know the must-see bars in Tel Aviv.

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Nightlife at the Windy City

Nightlife at the Windy City

New York may be called “the city that doesn’t sleep” but that does not mean that there are no other places in the United States where there is an awesome nightlife.  Chicago may not be known that much for its parties, clubs, bars, pubs and grills but let me tell you, they have an amazing selection there not just in terms of number but the things that it has to offer.  When one thinks of a bar, they usually think of a place where they can drink and get wasted.  Let me warn you, if that is what you are after, then don’t bother going to the Windy City because it can give you so much more than that.  More than the alcohol and the intoxication that it offers, going clubbing and partying in Chicago, IL is more of an experiential thing because each bar and pub has a different look or feel and you would not want to miss out on it.

Do you need more convincing that Chicago has an awesome array of bars, clubs and pubs?  Well, let me tell you about some of the places that I was able to visit.  Believe me, that does not even cover a fourth of what the city has to offer.

The Map Room is one of the famous bars in Chicago that is known mostly for its beer.  In fact, they really take beer so seriously to the point that they offer so many kinds.  If you think that having a page full of beer choices in a menu is already a lot, well you better think again.  The Map Room in Chicago offers more than 200 brands that are unique.  That means that the brewing styles of the beers differ which gives it a very unique and distinct taste from the usual beers that you will find in your regular bar.

Do you prefer champagne over beer?  Don’t worry.  Chicago nightlife is not just for the beer drinkers.  Even champagne drinkers have a place there.  Pops for Champagne for instance is one of the most famous Champagne bars there and they offer more than 100 bottles of this amazing drink.  Whatever your taste is, there is surely a club, bar or pub in Chicago that will satisfy your craving.

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A Great New Place to Party in Israel

A Great New Place to Party in Israel

Are you sick of the usual party places?  Maybe you have been visiting the same places whenever you take a leave from work and go out of town.  Well guess what, you do not have to be stuck in the same old routine and get bored with your life.  You have the option to party hard and just the way you like it.  All you have to do is to step out of your comfort zone and gamble partying in some place that you have never seen before.  if you are worried of making the wrong choice, worry no more.  Now, there is a website that can help you choose and somewhat plan your party.  It is called Drinkedln and it is the most helpful free site where you will find a list of bars in a specific area as well as bar reviews.

So the next time that you feel like you’re going to end up in Rio De Janeiro, in New York or in Paris once again, just visit the site and find out what recommendations you can get from it.

Quite recently, I checked out Drinkedln as I was planning for my leave at work.  I wanted to try something different and was shocked to find out that there are so many new party places in the map and one of them can be found in a country where you expect such things the list – Israel.  The place is called Tel Aviv and the moment that I set foot on its soil, I knew immediately that this is going to be one experience that I will never forget.

Tel Aviv was dressed with so many bars.  There is Duplex, Dubnov 8 and Ego Bar and that is just 3 of the many that you will find just walking the streets.  Each bar has its own concept and theme and it is really up to you to decide what kind of drinks that you want and the type of people that you enjoy hanging out with.  What is so great about the bars in general is that they have exotic drinks that you will not find anywhere else.  Sure, the usual stuff is good and available but if you feel like being adventurous with you drinks, you have that option too.  Be careful though, there are drinks that are quite deceiving.  They may seem harmless but boy will it hit you later on and you will be dancing and laughing like you have never done before.

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Tel Aviv: Middle East’s Greatest Party Secret

Tel Aviv: Middle East’s Greatest Party Secret

I am no professional travel writer.  In fact, I haven’t really seen that many places.  However, when it comes to the best bars and parties, I am your man.  I am a certified party lover.  In all honestly, that is the main reason why I travel in the first place.  Well, I’ll let you in on a little secret.  When people think of clubs, alcohol, parties and dancing, they immediately think of the Big Apple or some places in exotic Brazil.  While that is true, there are bars in areas where we least expect it to be which are one of the best!  One of them is Tel Aviv and if you haven’t heard of the place yet, well, you better read closely and pay attention because you are missing half of your life.

As I said, Tel Aviv is located in a country where you don’t really expect people to be drinking and partying.  It is a place in Israel and for it alone, the Holy Land is already worth visiting.  Shocked?  I’m sure you are.  So was I when I discovered the Middle East’s greatest party secret.  While everyone thinks that Israel is filled only with religious people, I recently discovered that they know how to party too!  These are some of the bars that I was able to visit in Tel Aviv.  Believe me, there are so much more I wish I was able to visit but I lacked time.

Porters and Sons definitely made it on top of my must visit Tel Aviv bars.  That place was packed with more beers that I can actually drink (and I’m a heavy drinker).  Can you believe that they served 50 different beers with some brands that I have never even heard of in my life?  Aside from not having peanuts to go with it, I’d say that the place is perfect for those who really enjoy sharing good laughs and chats while drinking their bottle of beer.

I was also lucky enough to make it to MASH Sports Bar.  This is the first real bar in Tel Aviv and there is no way on earth that I would visit Israel without going there.  The place has been around since 1981 and that alone speaks a lot of its service, scrumptious menu and the quality of alcoholic beverages that they serve.  They have a good mix of both Israeli and foreigner customers and so I made a couple of friends while sipping my favorite drinks.  This is definitely a place to see in Tel Aviv.

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A Blast of a Weekend in Rio De Janeiro

A Blast of a Weekend in Rio De Janeiro

I have always wanted to go to Rio De Janeiro.  Aside from the awesome beaches, the tourist spots and the amazing people, I have been told that it is also one of the best party spots in South America.  Well, being the party person that I am, I took it upon myself to visit every party city in the world and Rio is definitely on top of my list.  Finally I got my chance a couple of days back and I just want to share with you some of the most awesome things I did and experienced while I was there.

When I fist set foot in Rio, I was already scouting for great party places.  You see, I’m a club and pub person.  I like dancing, meeting new people and of course, drinking exotic mixed drinks.  Well, it seemed to me that all the bars in Rio De Janeiro are packed full of those.  I was confused and needed help in making a decision on which bars to visit.  After all, my time there is limited.  And so I pulled out my ever trusty iPhone and visited the best website ever – Drinkedln.  When it comes to choosing which bar to go to, I always consult them first and recently, they now have an iPhone app which makes it even more convenient for me to check out what they have to say about a particular bar, grill or club.  Anyway, that was exactly what I did and I ended up in these 3 bars.

First, I visited Manuel e Juaquim.  I had a feeling that it is one of those privately owned (not corporately owned) places and I was right.  The owners were really there casually mingling with the people and even serving their orders!  It was an honest to goodness Rio De Janeiro bar.  Nothing felt American about it at all.  They served all sorts of beer for a very reasonable price to.  Cheers to an awesome night in Manuel e Juaquim (which in English means Manoel and Joaquim).

Adega Timao is yet another bar that I got to visit.  You see, I was really into the culture of Rio and so I tried avoiding the bars that looked too American.  There are lots of those back home.  Here, I intend to try all their exotic food and drinks and I also wanted to experience for myself how people from Rio De Janeiro party.  Well, I was right to choose Adega Timao just because it was very South American.  The people were in their colorful native costumes there.  It was an awesome night of drinks, fun and lots of photos!

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The Bar Experience in the Windy City

The Bar Experience in the Windy City

Sure, I’ve lived in the US my entire life but honestly, I never really bothered to see what it has to offer.  Normally, I would just stay home and go about my routine.  Then again, my friends pressured me to fly with them to the Windy City and with much prodding on their part, I finally agreed.  I thought that I would just feel homesick and bored.  What does Chicago have to offer that isn’t available right here at home?  Well, that was my mentality initially but it did not take long for me to realize how gravely mistaken I was.  To begin with, Chicago is far from dull and boring.  Its active nightlife alone says as much.

On my first night there, my friends dragged me to the Bluebird Chicago.  So I finally succumbed to the peer pressure, got dressed and went.  The Blue Bird Chicago was a very stylish bar.  In fact, it did not seem to me like the place where people just go to get drunk.  They really go there to savor the taste of the drink and to have good talks with the people there.  I immediately warmed up to the place and so I asked for the menu to order.  Quite honestly, the choices weren’t as diverse as it would have been in other clubs.  However, they are all of premium quality.  Every beverage sip in the Bluebird Chicago is an intoxicating experience in itself.

The next pub that I visited in my second evening in the Windy City is called the Hungry Brain.  Honestly, up to now, I still have no idea why it is called such but then, who cares?  The name is catchy and the place is awesome.  There is nothing tight about the ambience there.  In fact, it is so friendly that I immediately feel like I can be friends with everyone there from the moment that I enter.  So savor the moment and have a great drink with the people there.  The choices of wine, beers and whisky aren’t so bad either.  What can be better than sharing a good drink and good laugh with good friends?

I was also lucky enough to be able to visit this bar called Pops for Champagne.  This is not just your usual bar where people would go to drink, dance and be merry.  Pops for Champagne as the name suggests, is a champagne bar.  So maybe you’re thinking why in the world you should visit a bar that only serves champagne.  Well, if you worried about having limited choices, worry no more.  This champagne bar offers as much as 100 bottles of champagne.  If you want choices, that is definitely what this bar can give you.  So let’s toast to a great time in Pops for Champagne!

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Bottoms Up at New York City

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Bottoms Up at New York City

New York is not one of the most prominent cities in the world for nothing.  How many cities in the world has become the subject of a song that become popular worldwide?  Coined as the Big Apple, this city that is said to “never sleep” is the home of Broadway, some of the most popular fashion brands, the location of the most interesting intrigues and is probably the most well lit city in the world.  Of course, it is also known to be the place where some of the best bars in the world are.  I would not miss New York City for anything and so I flew there the first chance I got. 

My first night there, I was so overwhelmed by all the lights and the bar choices.  I had absolutely no idea where to go first.  And so I decided to refer to the best consultant when it comes to bars and fun – drinkedin.net.  Browsing at their bar list in New York, I immediately knew which ones I really want to see for myself.  After all, I’m more after quality than quantity of the New York City bars that I visit.

Since I am a fan of organic stuff, I decided to give alcoholic drinks that are made of only organic ingredients a try.  Because of that, my very first experience of a New York City bar was in Apotheke.  Unlike other bars that most probably order their drinks, the stuff in Apotheke really piqued my curiosity because everything they used for the drinks and cocktails were from their herb garden that was located on the rooftop of the bar.  How often do you get to try out organic beer?  Not very often I bet but it sure is available here in Apotheke.   

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The Best of Chicago Nightlife

The Best of Chicago Nightlife

So you think that you know all about the best parties and the best nightlife cities in the United States.  Well, perhaps you do but let me tell you, there is always something new to learn and experience.  If you are quite a party person like I am, then I suggest that you don’t just keep on going to the same place all the time.  Try different bars, check out what other clubs have to offer and never get stuck in one place.  You may be missing out on amazing experiences if you maintain that way of thinking.  So the next time that you feel like going clubbing, partying or drinking, check out Drinkedln first.  It is your best source for the most awesome parties, clubs and bars to visit.

New York and Rio De Janeiro – those cities are famous for their wild parties and nightlife.  Then again, there are other places too that may not be that known in that arena but have bars and clubs that are definitely worth visiting.  Among them is the Windy City.  That’s right, Chicago, IL is packed full of grills and parties that will ensure any visitor’s great time.

The Publican Restaurant and Bar Chicago is one of the classiest pubs in the Windy City.  Unlike other bars wherein people simply dance and get drunk, this one has an authentic English pub look to it with three-tiered cocktail tables scattered all over so that guests can mingle with a cool drink in their hand.  So yes, you definitely want to look your best in this bar and this is no place to go drinking beyond what you can handle.  The last thing that you want to happen to you in this pub is to lose your poise.  It is definitely one of the best bars that every visitor must see in the Windy City.

Now if you are really after the alcohol and the nice warm feeling that it gives, then the Gilt Bar Chicago is definitely the place for you.  When it comes to drinks and selection, this place will surely send your head spinning.  From beers, cocktails, wine, whiskeys, sodas, elixirs and practically all alcohol drinks that you can think of, the Gilt Bar Chicago will most definitely have it.  after all, they take their alcohol very seriously and so they make sure that they have every selection on stock.

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Dancing the Night Away in Rio De Janeiro

Dancing the Night Away in Rio De Janeiro

I was born to dance.  So I’m not a professional dancer but what I meant was I always want to be in the center of dance scenes.  That is probably why you will always see me in some bar during weekends.  I work, work, work from Monday to Friday but once the weekend strikes, I want my bottle of beer or my glass of wine (just as long as I have alcohol in my system to help me loosen up) and then I can finally do what I do best – dance.  Then again, going to the same bars over and over again can be boring and that is precisely why I found myself looking for the best bars in Rio De Janeiro during my vacation.  To be totally honest, I wasn’t there to tour the place.  That’s a nice aside but I went there for one main reason – to go bar hopping and dance to their local tunes.

So before I left my place, I made sure that I know the bars that I should not miss while I’m in Rio.  I did my research online and stumbled upon DrinkedIn.  The website was surprisingly very helpful.  It did not have a list of all the bars in Rio.  What it had was the list of all the BEST ones and those are the bars that I want to visit while I am there.  It’s great that there are reviews too so you know that you are getting the real deal about each bar.

Boteka Do Juca is one of the bar / restaurants that I was able to visit while I was there.  I decided to go a little early just so I can taste their dinner menu first before I go drinking and dancing the night away.  Their food was absolutely delicious!  They serve only exotic, true blue Brazilian cuisine.  I totally loved it!  After being so full and feeling so stuffed, I was ready to burn the calories and go dancing.  Of course, I needed alcohol in my system so I can dance the entire night and not feel self conscious.  I decided to order some of their exotic alcoholic drinks and I sure did not regret it.  It had a taste that is like no other alcoholic beverage that I’ve tried here.

Bar Do Juarez is another must see bar if you ever get the chance to go to Rio.  It has the traditional feel of a Brazilian bar and that is exactly what’s nice about it.  I didn’t want to party the way that I would in New York.  I wanted to party Rio De Janeiro style and that is exactly what I got in Bar Do Juarez.  They had signature alcoholic drinks which I tried too.  I know I’ll miss the taste once I go back to the US.

Bar Do Belmiro is yet another place that is a must see in Rio.  It’s this bar with a quaint exterior with more than enough room for you to drink, dance and merry. 

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Highly Recommended Chicago Bars

Highly Recommended Chicago Bars

I love Chicago.  Aside from the beauty of the city itself and the incredible weather of the Windy City, it is also an awesome party place.  Did you know that there are countless of bars, pubs, clubs, grills and taverns in Chicago?  In fact, the choices are so vast that it is really tough to narrow it down to the most highly recommended bars in Chicago.  Then again, although most of them are great, there are still those that simply stand out above the rest.  That is precisely why I did not just visit each bar blindly.  I did my research first and naturally, I went to the most trusted site when it comes to nightlife – Drinkedln.  As expected, it did not let me down.  So I am sharing some of the best bars that I went to in Chicago, IL.  Hopefully, you too will get to visit them soon.

The Publican Restaurant and Bar Chicago is definitely among my top picks.  Upon entering, you will immediately know that you made the right choice going there.  The moment that you step into the bar and restaurant, you will see a huge banquet table stand right smack at the center of the place.  It has eight pub style cocktail tables where guests can comfortably drink, mingle, and share some good laughs with the people there.  In fact, I can go as far as saying that it is probably the classiest bar that I have seen.  Going there was quite an experience and did I have loads and loads of fun!

Do you go to a bar primarily to drink?  Then there is no way on earth that the Gilt Bar Chicago will let you down.  When it comes to selection of alcoholic drinks, that is definitely the place to see.  From beers, to cocktails, wines to whiskeys, sodas to other potion like concoctions, this is the place to check out.  It is absolutely impossible for one to go there and try out all the drinks that they have to offer at once.  You may think that you are a mean drinking machine.  If that is the case, then try your luck here at the Gilt Bar Chicago.  Let’s see how long you will last with the many drinks that they have there.

Fountainhead Chicago is also among the best bars to check out for every visitor.  Why?  To begin with, their menu was said to be very “inventive”.  Sure, they serve your usual Cuervo, Long Island Iced Tea and the like but they also serve drinks that are originally theirs.  Are you looking for a distinct taste for your wine, beer, whiskey and other spirits?  Then this is definitely the place to go for the experimental drinker such as yourself.  Because they have local as well as regional distilleries, their choices are close to endless which will surely satisfy you. 

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Partying it Up in Tel Aviv!

Partying it Up in Tel Aviv!

You are probably wondering where in the world Tel Aviv is.  For people who are not that inclined to geography such as myself, Tel Aviv may as well be a mythical place.  Well guess what, the place actually exists and it can be found in the least expected place for people to party it up.  Tel Aviv is in the Holy Land of Israel.  While people think that those who live there do nothing but pray all day, here’s a good revelation about the place – people there party too just like you and I and boy, do they know how to bring down the house!

I was checking out Drinkedln online when I stumbled upon this unknown place called Tel Aviv.  It was said to be the nightlife spot in the Middle East.  Just like you, I was also very skeptical but then I decided to go there anyway.  After all, I’ve been going back and forth to New York for their wild parties.  I figured it is time to try something new.  So I bought a ticket to the Holy Land inclined to do some serious partying and that was exactly what I ended up doing while I was there!

As suggested by Drinkedln, I went to some of the best known bars in Tel Aviv.  My first stop was ProRock bar.  The people who went there were mostly Russian so I made a couple of friends while I was there.  I liked the fact that it was a small, intimate place.  I’m guessing that only about a hundred people can be accommodated there.  That made the atmosphere really great and of course, it was playing some hard rock music which for me is the perfect combination to drinking beer.

After getting a taste of Russia in ProRock, I decided to party in Tel Aviv the Irish way.  I visited this Irish Pub known as Molly Blooms and it was said to be the first of its kind in the place.  It was established in 2000 and I can tell that the business has nowhere else to go but up.  Their drinks alone are bound to attract customers to make sure that they come back again.  After all, who drinks harder alcoholic beverages than the Irish?  I was laughing and happy the entire time probably because of all the alcohol I had.

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Party Hard at New York City

Party Hard at New York City

I really felt my jaw drop when I went to New York City for the first time.  Living in America my whole life, I never realized how much I’ve been missing.  I thought that once you’ve seen one city, you’ve seen them all.  I arrived in NYC at night and seeing the lights before the plane touched down and I immediately knew how gravely mistaken I was.  New York City is unlike any other city that I have been to.  It was bright, it was intriguing and it was wide awake at 10PM and I knew that moment that the night was still young for the shimmering lights of the Big Apple.

I was so excited when I got to New York that I only left my bags and put on something nice when I got to my hotel.  I didn’t linger there very much.  After all, there was so much to be seen with so little time!  When I gazed at the window, I was planning how to visit each bar one by one.  Then again, I knew how impossible that was and so I went online real quick, visited drinkedin.net and checked out the top bars that are worth seeing in New York.

The 40/40 Club was on top of my list for the very reason that the name intrigued me.  Later on, I found out that it was based on 4 baseball players who set a world record in the sportI am a huge baseball fan and the moment that I entered the club, I immediately knew that I was in the right place.  The 40/40 Club was packed with baseball fans just like myself and soon enough, we were all drinking, talking and partying like we were the best of friends.  My first night in NYC was a blast!

Again, thanks to my addiction for sports, I made it to the Players Sports Restaurant and Lounge on my second evening in New York.  I intended to party hard and that was exactly what I did.  Players Sports Restaurant and Lounge was in Koreatown and that place looked really class and upscale.  They served not only the best drinks but also a fine menu of Korean – American food.  It was awesome!  I would have spent another evening there but I had so much to do with so little time.

Aside from baseball, I am also a football fan.  Naturally, the Football Factory at Legends really got my attention.  Nothing could be more fun than watching an exciting game of football along with other fans like yourself.  Considering how big their TV is and how clear the resolution is, that is the best place to watch football and have some of the best (and well priced) drinks in town. 

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Drink All You Can at Rio De Janeiro

Drink All You Can in Rio De Janeiro

Beach, sun and sand – those are just some things that come into mind upon mention of Rio De Janeiro.  Of course, the fun does not stop there.  There is so much more to Rio De Janeiro than merely just soaking in the sun and getting a good tan.  If you are a party person who loves to dance the night away, mingle with new people and drink all you can, well, Rio is most definitely the perfect vacation spot for you.  Just imagine partying Brazilian style.  If you think you know how to party in your side of the United States, you are about to discover that there is so much more to partying, drinking and dancing than what you are actually used to. 

It’s the time for my annual vacation and I decided to try something different this time.  And so I decided to fly to South America and taste the wine and beer that they have there; dance to their local tunes and maybe meet a couple of party goers just like myself while there.  I was not disappointed.  It was a good thing that I didn’t go there blind because I did my homework before leaving and checked out the highly recommended bars there.  I found drinkedin.net most helpful.  Not only did the site have a complete list of the best bars there but it also has reviews so you know what to expect.

In my first night there in Rio De Janeiro, I hit the road and went to Bar d’Hotel.  It is one of the popular night clubs in the area and for a very good reason too.  The place was really beautiful in a Southern American way.  They had a singer with a wonderful voice that you won’t be able to help but dance along.  And of course, they served beers and wines that I have never heard of in my life.  Must be their local classics.  My first night in Rio was pretty hard to beat … or so I thought.

Just when I thought that last night’s partying and clubbing was the best of them all, I went to Al-Farabi and that bar is a pretty hardcore party place too.  Upon entering, you immediately know that you are in some South American / Brazilian bar and that’s really what gives the place its charm.  They also served some exotic alcoholic drinks and so I tried those that I wasn’t able to try the night before.  When the alcohol  kicked in, I found myself laughing, dancing and drinking the night away!

I went to Bar Das Quengas on my third night and it was slightly different from the first 2 bars that I visited primarily because it has a Parisian feel to it.  The music was intoxicating though and I found myself loving every minute of my stay there.

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