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Review: Guinness Nitro Cold Brew Coffee

Guinness Nitro Cold Brew Beer

Monica Uhm May 18, 2021

Allow me to start with the punchline. Guinness + Cold Brew Coffee = Tiramisu. Any one of those categories are divisive in their appeal. You either love them or leave them. So you are now free to pass on this review, or decide on a nice reading corner to be immersed in a scene of divinity and perfection in a pint glass which is the Guinness Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Beer.

I need to further disclose that I am in camp of “love it” in all three categories.  I am deeply illogically (inexpertly) protective and a purist about Guinness (must be perfectly patiently poured), coffees (exceptional roast, meticulously brewed, served black), and tiramisu (impeccably balanced in flavors and texture).

The thought of a Guinness/Cold Brew mashup sent me into wildly bipolar reactions of excitement and apprehension. It could only be abysmal or phenomenal. Imagine my delight to then be enveloped in silky tiramisu notes with the first sip. I can no longer tread on this review without bias. This is delicious. You cannot convince me otherwise

Let me break it down.

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Arnoff considering $18.7M expansion as it chases work with beverage and cabinet makers

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British company seeks beverage enthusiast to get paid to test cocktails


May 18 (UPI) — A British beverage company is seeking an “official cocktail tester” to get paid more than $280 to spend a year drinking free cocktails.

The Liquor Lab, a company that offers mobile cocktail bars for events, announced it is seeking an “official cocktail tester” to spend a year sampling new alcoholic beverages and giving feedback.


The selected candidate will be paid $283 and will receive a year’s supply of free cocktails delivered to their door.

The position is open only to British residents over age 18.

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L.A. Rams Legend and Olympic Gold Medalist Ron Brown Joins R-3 Technologies, Inc. Advisory Board


Brown Brings Dedication and Innovation

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, May 18, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ -- R-Three Technologies, Inc. (OTC under symbol RRRT), the makers of premium food and drink supplements, along with James L. Robinson, President CEO are pleased to announce the appointment of Ron Brown to its Advisory Board. Mr. Brown, a legendary NFL Wide-Receiver and ’84 Olympic relay gold medalist is an entrepreneur who specializes in business development. His role at R-Three Technologies, Inc. will include expanding new market opportunities for Giddy Up Energy Drinks’ brand and the company’s growth initiatives while constructing strategic global alliances.

Ron Brown stated this after his appointment was finalized. “I’m extremely thrilled in joining R-Three Technologies, Inc.’s Advisory Board. Their management team and quality product lines are the right fit for our collective business backgrounds. Together we are enthusiastic in producing the best health and wellness products for the future.” After retiring from the NFL, Mr. Brown turned his talents towards business ventures where he is a major influencer and mentor in several organizations including Goals For Life, a program that provides training and strategies to at-risk youth to set goals for success. Mr. Brown is also involved in the NFL Retired Players Congress, where proceeds help NFL veterans and military veterans in need. He is a true team player and his ability to motivate people is second to none. It's no wonder he has been so successful in sport, business, and in giving back to the community. R-3 Technologies and Giddy Up are honored to have him on board the Advisory Board think tank. Ron Brown’s dedication and big-picture thinking have led him to success both on and off the field.

About Giddy Up Food and Beverage Products
Giddy Up Energy Products is a wholesale manufacturer engaged in the marketing and distribution of carbonated and non-carbonated energy drinks, shakes, energy bars, and related products and a nutritional supplement company focused on developing innovative, high-quality supplements and energy products. The company manufactures under strict GMP guidelines at GMP Certified and/or FDA registered facilities.

Instagram: @GiddyUp.Energy
Twitter: @GiddyEnergy
TikTok: @GiddyUpEnergyProducts
James L Robinson President COO
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Future Foods Enterprises, LLC - PAOW! announces National Distribution launch through Dot Foods partnership.

Future Foods Enterprises, LLC - PAOW!
Use PAOW! in any recipe that calls for protein. Cook it, grill it, fry it—any way you want for the consistency you prefer. For signature taste experiences limited only by your imagination.

"Rock the Food" with PAOW!, available through the Dot Expressway

Future Foods Enterprises, LLC - PAOW!

Use PAOW! in any recipe that calls for protein. Cook it, grill it, fry it—any way you want for the consistency you prefer. For signature taste experiences limited only by your imagination.

Rebel chefs rejoice! It's now easier than ever for operators and food distributors coast-to-coast to add the versatility of PAOW! to their menus.

Rebel chefs rejoice! It's now easier than ever for operators and food distributors nationwide to add the versatility of PAOW! to their menus. Kitchens coast-to-coast just got a lot HOTTER!”

— Chef Robyn Almodovar - PAOW! Celebrity Chef

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Buffalo Wild Wings Extends Buffalo Trace Single Barrel Program

Sports bar chain Buffalo Wild Wings has expanded its partnership Buffalo Trace Distillery to include a Single Barrel Select Bourbon at restaurants in more states. Buffalo Wild Wings began carrying Buffalo Trace Single Barrel Select Bourbon as a limited-time offer at its locations in Florida, Georgia, Colorado, Nevada and California in August 2020; Buffalo Private Reserve is now available in 16 states.

Buffalo Wild Wings customers in Arizona, Connecticut, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia can now enjoy the Buffalo Private Reserve. The bourbon’s caramel and dark fruit notes and oaky, sweet flavor pair well with the restaurant concept’s smoky sauces. Harlen Wheatley, Master Distiller at the Frankfort, KY-based Buffalo Trace, selected each barrel for the bourbon series.

Store pick, or restaurant pick, single barrels remain one of the hottest trends in whiskey, even as the pandemic made sampling barrels more difficult.  Woodford Reserve Master Distiller Chris Morris told Cheers earlier this year that even on-premise accounts have continued to purchase the single barrel selects from the company.

The post Buffalo Wild Wings Extends Buffalo Trace Single Barrel Program first appeared on Cheers.
Original author: Melissa Dowling

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Review: Oban Distillers Edition 2018 – Distilled 2004

Oban Distillers Edition 2018 - Distilled 2004

Christopher Null May 18, 2021

Yep, it’s a bit of a time warp today as we step back a bit to Oban’s 2018 Distillers Edition release, which we recently acquired, you know, 3 years too late. The good news for Oban fans — which, if you’re not, you should be — is that this expression still appears to be readily available, so you shouldn’t have much trouble tracking down a bottle should the mood strike you. This recipe doesn’t change from year to year, starting with the Oban 14 year old expression and unusually finished in Fino sherry casks for another 6 months. For comparison, check out Drew’s coverage of the 2019 Oban DE.

Nutty, with notes of honey, pastry dough, and a lemon peel note, this could easily be mistaken for a Speyside bottling (though it hails from the larger Highlands region of Scotland). A slight sharpness, driven by the sherry, is evident but engaging, giving the expression a sense that it’s higher in alcohol than it actually is.

The palate keeps the whole affair moving along as expected. The slight saltiness that’s emblematic of Oban isn’t really noticeable on the nose, but it pops on the palate, giving the nougat, walnuts, and some stone fruit a lip-smacking quality that resonates well into the finish. Classic, sweetened cereal notes endure as the finish approaches, and while it comes quickly, it isn’t unwelcome, the fade-out offering more of a seaside maritime note than one would expect. There’s nothing not to like here, though the back end is a bit sharper than you might otherwise expect — although that makes for a nice way to cap off a brighter, lighter meal, particularly one built around seafood.

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Seven tips to turnaround your food and beverage business post-lockdown

… to follow for food and beverage businesses will reflect a … non-cash incentive to low beverage, food and labour costs achieved … to achieve across sales, food, beverage and labour costs, and bottom … KPIs of sales, food, beverage, labour and all other expenses …

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Ole Smoky Mini Bottles

Ole Smoky Distillery now has five of their whiskey offerings available in mini 550-ml. bottles.

Those flavors are Salty Caramel Whiskey, Mango Habanero Whiskey, Peanut Butter Whiskey, Peach Whiskey and Salty Watermelon Whiskey.

The minis are now available across the U.S. in liquor stores, and anywhere consumers typically purchase spirits.

Ole Smoky’s Whiskey Line launched nationally in the fall of 2017, and has since expanded to 17 flavors.

“We are pleased to introduce new whiskey minis featuring our fan-favorites, including our number-one selling whiskey, Salty Caramel, followed closely by our most recent release, Peanut Butter Whiskey,” says Robert Hall, CEO, Ole Smoky Distillery. “These small bottles are perfect for traveling, gifting, trying a new flavor, or offering customers a one-shot bottle of our award-winning whiskey line.”

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Next Century Spirits Earns Double Gold and NC Distillery of the Year at New York International Spirits Competition


RALEIGH, NC, UNITED STATES, May 18, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ -- The New York International Spirits Competition (NYISC) awarded Raleigh-based technology and spirits company, Next Century Spirits, with a Best-In-Class/Double Gold medal for its Bear Fight American Single Malt Whiskey today. Next Century Spirits was also recognized as “North Carolina Distillery of the Year.” The competition was held virtually in New York where professional judges analyzed over 1,400 international spirit samples from 39 different countries. Bear Fight Whiskey was among one of only 20 selected entrants to achieve Double Gold in the competition, which requires a unanimous panel decision.

Recognition as “NC Distillery of the Year” was determined by measuring the strides in product quality and innovation that distilleries have made to create unique spirits in multiple categories. The NYISC judges acknowledged Next Century Spirits’ ability to make “ready-to-sell booze for companies that do not have distilleries, blenderies, or bottling capabilities.” Judges of the NYISC blind taste the samples and represent various trades in the spirits industry, including master blenders, sommeliers, retail store buyers, restaurant beverage directors, hoteliers, distributors, and importers.

“Being awarded NC Distillery of the Year could not have come at a better time as we expand into global spirits markets with our technology-based approach,” said Scott Bolin, CEO of Next Century Spirits. “We are both humbled and proud for this team to be recognized for their innovation, passion, and boldness in creating exciting and high-quality products during a year of uncertainty with Covid-19.”

Double Gold Winner, Bear Fight Whiskey received “a warm welcome” from the NYISC as well as other tasting competitions. Additionally, Next Century Spirits “Age of Sail” Rum won a gold medal in its category. The company’s premium sherry-finished bourbon and flavored whiskey spirits entries also won accolades.

“Bear Fight American Single Malt Whiskey was a passion project for me. I took inspiration from traditional Scotch makers in their attention to detail and balance of flavor profiles through careful control of the maturation and finishing processes. We utilized first-fill sherry casks and peat-smoked American oak to create something nuanced that I believed sophisticated whiskey drinkers would appreciate.” said Nick Scarff, Master Blender of Next Century Spirits.

To see a complete list of the 2021 competition winners, visit the New York International Spirits Competition website. For information about Next Century Spirits, visit NextCenturySpirits.com. For media inquiries, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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DEME Brings Sustainable, Transparent, Delicious Offering To Medicinal Mushroom Functional Beverage Industry


DEME Medicinal Mushroom Drinking Chocolate is a delicious functional beverage crafted in Portland, Oregon using all organic ingredients and transparent ethical sourcing practices.

Coffee Expert Develops Blend of Decadent Cacao, Spices, and Top Quality Organic Medicinal Mushrooms to Boost Immunity, Mood, and Create New Daily Ritual

PORTLAND, OR, UNITED STATES, May 18, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Announcing the launch ofDEME, a new sustainably sourced medicinal mushroom drinking chocolate made in Portland, Oregon. DEME, a certified B-Corporation, fills a void in the fast-growing medicinal mushroom functional beverage market with a unique product that is transparent about exactly how many milligrams of mushroom extract are present and how they were grown.

DEME tastes like decadent hot chocolate with a dash of spice. It’s blended with the highest quality organic mushroom extracts to form a powerful defense against environmental threats and elevate mood.

"I've long enjoyed the unique health benefits of medicinal mushroom extracts, even growing and foraging my own mushrooms when I couldn't find an option that aligned with my ethical sourcing values,” says DEME Co-Founder Charlie Wicker, also Founder of Trailhead Coffee Roasters. “Building upon my experience in coffee and cacao, we were inspired to create DEME -- richly flavorful, thoughtfully sourced and carefully formulated to maximize the benefits of the incredible mushrooms it contains.”

“Every ingredient in DEME is certified organic and absolutely necessary to create this delicious drink that can lift your spirit, lower your stress, clarify your mind, boost your immunity, and support your longevity,” says DEME Co-Founder Austin Quattlebaum, marketing manager, mushroom forager and touring musician. “We’re humbled by the knowledge of these powerful medicinal plants, which have been cultivated by native peoples around the world throughout history."

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Edward Henry Company Takes Sales Training and CRM Adoption Out of The Dark Ages

The Newest in Sales Intelligence – Sales Control Plan Management

This system takes the guess work out of Selling. For decades selling was always referenced as an art, when it is really a science.”

— Edward Henry

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, May 18, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Specializing in professional sales training and consulting,Edward Henry Companyhas created the ultimate selling and management tool, Sales Control Plan Management. SCPM is a system that will change the direction of all sales managers and teams while maximizing their sales and management capabilities. This innovative, performance-based system provides managers with a CRM model which provides transparency and the metrics that will hold both the salespeople and customers accountable.

Selling can often become confusing and misguided through complex workflows, sales cycles and data. This is due to communication within the sales process being often reactive, and lacking transparency. “Sales staff do not always understand what management expects from them. So, how do we ensure the sales manager and staff training are all working on the same model,” asked Edward Henry, president of Edward Henry Company. “We need to identify the pain companies are having and address it. Reporting systems such as pipeline management from CRM are sales cycle driven and not sales process driven,” Edward added.

Sales managers spend valuable time on investigative administration which creates more sales waste than actual sales. Managers need to spend more time managing their team to achieve sales effectiveness and increase selling time. Managers and teams require a tool that provides them with the ability to save their time and resources. Sales Control Plan Management is that tool. By implementing this system, you will immediately reduce the sales waste that is created by investigating the sales stories and inaccurate data of deals that have gone cold or been lost. Managers will get a snapshot of each deal in its entirety and the system will direct alerts to the manager, salesperson and customer when losing engagement. The launch of SCPM comes at a time when all managers are looking for ways to improve their sales and adjust to the ongoing economic changes worldwide. Sales Control Plan is the ultimate selling solution.

Within Sales Control Plan Management are the Rules of Engagement. These are the unique portion of our selling process. In these rules, engagement can be controlled and managed. As a result, your team will be able to access all of their related data and interact comfortably with accuracy in their CRM instead of dreading and avoiding CRM data input. This is the newest in sales intelligence, creating the highest level of complete clarity in the entire sales process.

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Southern Glazer’s to distribute Kendall Jenner’s 818 tequila brand

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Barrell Craft Spirits Unveils Barrell Bourbon Batch 029

The Louisville-based independent bottler Barrell Craft Spirits has announced the releases of Barrell Bourbon Batch 029.

This is a blend of straight bourbon whiskeys, from barrels aged 6, 7, 9, 10, 14 and 16 years.

The base of Barrell Bourbon Batch 029 is an herbal and viscous mix of Indiana bourbons, the company reports. The blend then expanded with 6- and 7-year-old rye-grain Kentucky bourbon, chosen for its cinnamon spice note, plus floral 9- and 10-year-old wheated bourbon. Finally, a small amount of Tennessee bourbon aged 6, 14, and 16 years went into this blend for a fruity nose and a long, oxidative finish.Advertisement00:31 / 03:01

Like all of the company’s products, Barrell Bourbon Batch 029 is cask strength at 115.88 proof.

This bourbon exhibits an initial burst of fruit — pear and papaya — on the nose, according to distillery-provided tasting notes, followed by lime cordial on the palate. There’s an procession through rye-driven mulling spices and rich oaky lactones. Ultimately, Barrell Bourbon Batch 029 settles into an array of dessert notes, including treacle tart, milk chocolate and Boal madeira.

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The 2021 Spirits Growth Brands Awards — Celebrating Top-Selling Brands

The 2021 Spirits Growth Brands Awards from Cheers magazine recognizes the fastest-growing and top-selling spirits brands from the past year. These products dominated consumer interest and tapped into the leading beverage alcohol trends.

As always, our lists include the most innovative new brands, emerging stars, comeback stories and tried-and-true staples.

Altogether, these superstar spirits paint a picture of what defined the beverage alcohol category in the last year. Next week, we will post the 2021 Wine Growth Brands Awards winners.

Growth Brands Winners Adapt with Covid-19

All great brands must adapt at some point. Many of our winners successfully did so this last year in the face of the sudden Covid-19 crisis.

“We have adapted many existing programs to stay relevant during Covid-19,” says Lisa Hunter, U.S. brand director for Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey, Established Growth Brand winner. “For instance, Neighborhood Flavors used to be all about festivals and events, and this year we are switching it up to be a local mural campaign that still celebrates neighborhoods, but in a safe, socially distanced way.”

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Adrich integrates with Amazon smart reorders to expand benefits to consumers

Amazon Smart Replenishment


Amazon Smart Replenishment

Adrich Connected Ecommerce

CPG brands can now offer timely, smart replenishment of consumable goods on Amazon based on real-time usage data while engaging directly with consumers

Brand survival depends on real-time consumer engagement and predictive consumption analytics. Our partnership with Amazon will allow brands to take their e-commerce to the next level.”

— Adhithi Aji, CEO, and founder of Adrich

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Review: Tanduay Double Rum

Tanduay Double Rum

Christopher Null May 18, 2021

The Philippines-based Tanduay Rum is out with a new expression called Double Rum. It’s a blend of two rums, a “premium” rum that’s 16 years old and a “traditional” rum that’s 5 years old. These two rums are then blended (no proportion is offered) and aged for a further 2 years in once-used bourbon barrels.

The “distinctly Filipino” product is as effusive as its lower-end brethren, absolutely pouring on the fruit from the get-go. The nose is loaded to the gills with grilled pineapple, mango, and citrus notes, underpinned by a sweet molasses that is ever so slightly funky. Boldly burnt amber in color (caramel is not mentioned on the label, FYI) the palate pushes the fruit even further, taking that pineapple note and cooking it in butter and sugar until it is fully caramelized. Lots of vanilla, baking spice, some flambeed banana — all of this comes into bright focus as the finish develops, rich with brown sugar and a touch of maple syrup.

The sweetness is intense, but the complexity is on point, with more to explore at every turn. I topped up my glass more than once. Get some.

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Take Your Simple Off the Stove

It’s the little touches that separate the professional from the home bartender. Certainly, things like jigger technique and a flawless shake may be the most obvious, but in my mind, the fastest route to knowing if the person making your drinks is a pro is to ask them to make simple syrup. Most home bartenders, guided by countless bad recipes online, will reach for a saucepan. The person you really want to trust with your cocktails grabs a scale.

Simple syrup is just two ingredients—sugar and water—combined in equal parts by weight. This ratio creates a solution at the magical level 50 degrees Brix, meaning that 50 percent of the total weight is sugar. When building a cocktail with citrus like lime and lemon, which both measure 6 percent titratable acidity (a much more accurate measure of the flavor profile of a juice than pH, which is great for determining whether or not microorganisms will grow in a given juice but tells you very little about the taste on the palate), a 50 Brix syrup will balance either perfectly, leaving the finished drink neither too sweet nor too sour for the majority of drinkers. It’s why so many classic cocktail recipes in the sour family, like Daiquiris and Gimlets, follow that classic formula of two parts spirit to three-quarter parts each of citrus and simple.

Recipes should always start at that neutral position and move based on the goals of the drink and the wants and needs of the drinker. For example, I like Daiquiris that offer a big juicy flavor bomb with a high acid attack. Because I’m using a 50 Brix simple syrup, I know that adding an additional quarter-ounce of lime will get me there, because I know that my measurements are accurate. Cocktails are much more like baking than they are cooking—precision is the key to success and adding heat into the equation can put that precision in jeopardy.

Cooking simple syrup adds an extra variable to the mix—evaporation. As the syrup reaches a simmer or boil, water molecules are evaporating on the surface, leaving the syrup with a higher concentration of sugar. It may be negligible, but it’s a completely unnecessary step that only has potential to ruin your cocktails by leaving them too sweet without adjusting by taste on the fly. Sugar and water will dissolve easily at room temperature with only some stirring or shaking. Just combine them in equal parts on a scale in a sealable container like a Mason jar and shake until it’s dissolved. If you really need the syrup right now, then toss the sugar and water in a blender. It’s even faster than heating the water and guaranteed to not ruin your solution’s balance.

Of course, there are exceptions to every rule. For example, it can often be prudent to introduce heat for better flavor extraction when infusing spices, herbs, citrus peels, or any other fruit or vegetable in a syrup. In these cases, I’ll watch the mixture like a hawk, and cut the heat as soon as I see the first sign of a simmer. By doing so, you’ll avoid overextracting the spices, and for added intensity you can always let the mixture sit off the heat, tasting regularly, until it reaches the desired flavor.

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Australian alcohol-free brand Ovant comes to UK

A new Australian distillations company has launched a range of alcohol-free spirits combining the art of winemaking with the science of distilling.

The Ovant range is inspired by the vineyards and landscapes of Margaret River, Western Australia, where the company is based.

Created by Ovant co-founder Tom Streitberg and sommelier Christopher Bothwell, the spirits were designed with the goal of elevating the non-alcoholic drinking experience. 

They joined forces with Margaret River resident and winemaker Elizabeth Reed to help them develop the Ovant range and hone the spirits' flavour profiles.

The range launches with three releases: Grace, which has a taste profile with floral, citrus and spice notes and is designed to pair well with tonic; Verve, which is designed to mimic an aperitif with a herbal and spicy flavour profile; and Royal, which takes inspiration from dark spirits with a blend of sweet and smoky botanicals.

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Extremely Limited Double Gold Medal Bourbon, Approved by Whiskey Legend Jim Rutledge, is from Ten Exceptional Barrels

GEORGETOWN, KY (MAY 11, 2021) – A Bourbon treasure hunt is about to commence as Blue Run Spirits unveils its Spring release, which recently won Best in Class and a Double Gold Medal at the prestigious San Francisco World Spirits Competition. Blue Run 13.5-Year-Old Single Barrel Cask Strength Bourbon launches today as ten separate limited-edition bottlings from ten different barrels, each hand numbered to denote the proof, barrel number and bottling date, enticing whiskey sleuths to find the entire collection and whiskey enthusiasts around the country to discover their favorite flavor profile. Each bottle comes in a custom, handmade black lacquered wooden box, adding to the collectability.

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